SARFT Circulates the Acts Gravely Violating Regulations of Chongqing Television Station’s “The First Heartbeat” Nationwide

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On 15 August, SARFT issued a circular to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps radio, film and television bureau, the three central stations and China Education Television, to criticise the acts gravely violating regulations in the selection activity “The First Heartbeat”, broadcast of which was organized by Chongqing Television.

The Circular points out, the selection-type television activity with mass participation, “The First Heartbeat” organized by Chongqing Television has gravely deviated from the aim of competition, hankering after making activities driving up amusement, and major errors have appeared in aspects such as choosing jury members, competition sequences, expressions by the jury, song content, plot management and broadcast supervision, etc., damaging the image of television media, engendering harmful social influence, with strong reactions from broad  audiences. The Chongqing municipal television bureau’s and Chongqing Television’s corresponding responsible persons’ and editing staff’s sense of responsibility is not strong, their guiding consciousness is weak, expert level deficient, their content checking riddled with oversights, leading to the occurrence of abovementioned problems, which are hereby criticized nationwide.

The Circular finds, the competition sequence design of “The First Heartbeat” is ugly and crude, the jury’s words, deeds and bearing are unmannered, its programme design lacks artistic level, content and artistic style is vulgar, the performed songs are philistine and vulgar. Chongqing Television does not take the least responsibility over live broadcasting, has not performed any effective handling of the utter disorder prevailing at the scene, appointed displays as they pleased, and have abandoned the responsibility of the broadcast organ. The Chongqing municipal radio, film and television bureau has not reported this situation to SARFT, to the detriment of management.

In order to strictly propagate discipline, SARFT decides:

I, Immediate halt of broadcasting the selection activity “The First Heartbeat”;

II, Chongqing municipal radio, film and television bureau and Chongqing Television must contrast tithe SARFT opinion concerning comprehensive arts and entertainment programme management and a number of management regulations concerning  mass-participation selection-type radio and television activities, and earnestly search for problems, realistically draw lessons, and make deep inspections;

III,  The programme planning, examining and checking, administrative management and corresponding staff will be dealt with severely.

The Circular requires, all levels’ administrative radio, film and television entities and broadcast organs must take this as a lesson, firmly establish political consciousness, a consciousness of the general situation and responsibility consciousness, take the initiative in observing political discipline and propaganda discipline, give high regards to the broadcast management of mass-participation selection-type activities. All levels’ administrative radio, film and television entities must take resisting vulgar tendencies as an important task to grasp in raiding governing capacity, realistically take their management responsibility, strictly implement corresponding SARFT provisions, persist in achieving strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions, scientific management, bold management, strict management, on their own initiative safeguard the regular order of selection-type radio and television activities in which the masses participate, persist in cutting off the repeated occurrence of this sort of problems. All administrative radio, film and television entities and broadcast organs are requested to conduct a one-time arrangement of the radio and television programmes in their jurisdiction, all those having vulgarity problems must be immediately corrected. All levels’ broadcast organs must earnestly implement propaganda management regulations, realistically strengthen education and management over editing and broadcasting personnel, implement all duties well, from programme planning to examination and checking, to construct a desirable television screen environment and public opinion environment.



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