Notice Concerning Strengthening Mass-Participation Selection-Type Radio and Television Activity Management

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In recent times, radio and television broadcasting organs have organized and broadcast large amounts of all kinds of mass-participation selection activities. The great majority of mass-participation selection-type activities can persist in the correct orientation grasp a healthy moral quality and have obtained relatively good consequences. But at the same time, the problems of there being excessively many mass-participation selection-type activities flooding in, some with vulgar content, and low moral quality, etc., also exist. According to the spirit of relevant Central instructions, in order to further strengthen management over this sort of programme, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I, All levels’ administrative radio, film and television entities and broadcasting organs must make mass-participation selection-type activities and especially national or interprovincial (regional, municipal) mass-participation selection-type activities into important content and strengthen management. It is necessary to persist in a political consciousness, a consciousness of the larger picture and a consciousness of responsibility, persist in correct public opinion guidance, persist in the principles of the “Three Sticking Closes”, strictly guard the programme examination and broadcast gates, it is necessary to create a desirable public opinion atmosphere for the convention of the 17th Party Congress.

II, All levels’ radio and television broadcast organs must, in line with the principle of fewer but better, strictly control the quantity of all sorts of mass-participation selection-type activities, realistically raise mass-participation selection-type activities quality, put societal interest first, prevent mass-participation selection-type activities to be made roughly or badly, and that they are sluggish and tedious. All sorts o mass-participation selection-type activities content, ranking, moral quality, etc., must be positive and upward, healthy and elegant, cheerful in body and mind, moulding noble sentiments, reflecting a correct world view, view of life and value system.

III, All sorts of activities contests, competitions, selections, award-giving, ranking, sports and other activities publishing name list, where prizes are won, that recruit from society, organize contestants to enter (including all sorts of expert personnel) and that are broadcast trough radio and television broadcasting organs, fall under the definition of mass-participation selection-type activities.

IV, Where Central People’s Radio, China International Radio, CCTV and China Educational Television organize mass-participation selection-type activities, they must report to SARFT for approval three months in advance.

V, All sorts of mass-participation selection-type activities participants must in principle be 18 years or higher of age.

VI, Radio and television broadcast organs organizing or broadcasting mass-participation selection-type activities must strictly implement SARFT requirements concerning mass-participation selection-type activities management, strictly guard the gates of participant selection, juries, guests of honour, hosts, live audience, etc., hairdos, accessories and apparel may not be low or appeal to vulgar tastes, must conform to the aesthetic sense of the masses; the contest system, criticism and hosts’ words and deeds cannot be as one pleases, low, or biased and narrow-minded, but must reflect a concern for fairness, impartiality, openness and the human matters of the times.

VII, Programmes relating to mass-participation selection-type activities must strictly avoid the appearance of vulgarity and low tastes, cannot pander to the mentality of seeking novelty or the anti-aesthetic thinking of minority audiences, may not speculate randomly, and avoid negative effects such as the pursuit of stars, profit, etc.

VIII, In all cases violating the above regulations and where problems of vulgarity appear in mass-participation selection-type activities, SARFT shall investigate the responsibility of the relevant radio and television organ and those organizing examination.



一、各级广播影视行政部门和播出机构要把群众参与的选拔类活动尤其是全国性或跨省(区、市)群众参与的选拔类活动作为重要节目内容加强管理。要坚持政治意识、大局意识和责任意识,坚持正确的舆论导向,坚持“ 三贴近”原则,严格把好节目的审查、播出关,要为党的十七大的召开营造良好的舆论氛围。








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