Notice Concerning Launching a Special Clean-Up Campaign against Audiovisual Products with “Vulgar Tendencies”

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General Administration of Press and Publications

GAPP No. [2007]1683

All provincial, autonomous regions and municipal Press and Publications Bureaus, Liberation Army General Political and Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau:

In 2007, the General Administration of Press and Publications has organized an audiovisual product special quality investigation for three months in connection with the “Publications Quality Management Year” work. During this examination it has been discovered that general audiovisual product quality has been progressively raised, there is no lack of excellent product masterpieces that are welcomed and approved by society. But it is still relatively grave that a number of audiovisual product content and packaging propagate vulgar phenomena, which mainly shows in: some audiovisual products are badly manufactured, vulgar content is knocked up, and selling points created; for some audiovisual products the cover of “sexual health” and “sexual education” is used for the purpose of unilaterally pandering to the market, with content lacking scientific nature, many covers adopt provocative propaganda writing or images, etc, and even vulgarize and debase audiovisual products that originally had healthy content, and marking it with expressions such as “absolutely sexual”, “not suitable for viewing under the age of 18”, etc., and printing half-naked images; some audiovisual products publish so-called “human body portraits” under the guise of “body art”, which in large quantities and repeatedly exhibit naked female bodies, content is exaggeratedly vulgar, and tastes are low-level. In order to further standardize audiovisual product publishing order, raise publishing quality, and choke the “vulgar tendencies” of audiovisual products, the General Administration of Press and Publication has decided to use the three months from the last third of December 2007 until the middle of March 2008, to conduct a one-time concentrated cleanup of audiovisual products with “vulgar tendencies” on a nationwide scope. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I, From 26 December 2007 until 15 January 2008, all audiovisual publishing and production work units must organize and conduct a one-time complete self-examination over the audiovisual products they already published or are producing at the moment. Of those falling under audiovisual products with “vulgar tendencies”, production, publication and sale must be ceased, and sealing up and retrieval must be conducted. When conducting self-examination, all audiovisual publishing work units must especially pay attention to examining audiovisual products published in cooperation, and must conduct a one-time complete examination of audiovisual products produced in cooperation from content to covering and packaging. All audiovisual publishing and production work units must report the self-examination results and steps to deal with these to the provincial-level press and publications bureau in written form before 15 January 2008.

II, From 16 until 31 January 2008, all provincial-level press and publication bureaus must organize and conduct a one-time complete examination over audiovisual products published by audiovisual publishing work units and production work units in their jurisdiction within the last two years. Where “vulgar” products are discovered, they must adopt further steps, and conduct deep examination over the audiovisual product’s “three examinations”, publishing number and reproduction entrustment letter use situation and sample submission situation, and must implement punishment for violating relevant publishing management regulations. All provincial-level press and publications bureaus must report written materials concerning the examination situation and handling opinions together with a sample of the “vulgar” audiovisual product before 31 January 2008 to the General Administration of Press and Publications Audiovisual Department.

III, From 1 January until 10 March 2008, the General Administration of Press and Publications organizes relevant personnel that conducts focus spot checks over a number of provinces (regions, municipalities), to further check the situation. Where problems of regulation violations are verified, punishment will be imposed on work units publishing or producing “vulgar” audiovisual products, depending on the gravity of the situation, to those audiovisual publishing and production work units reporting situations on their own initiative or adopting powerful measures, the General Administration of Press and Publications shall after examination and verification no longer impose punishment. The General Administration of Press and Publications shall report and criticize provincial-level press and publication bureaus that are weak in developing their work.

All audiovisual publishing work units and production work units must take the spirit of the 17th Party Congress as guidance, strengthen their understanding of the broader picture and a sense of social responsibility, and at the same time as coordinating to complete this special clean-up campaign, strive to produce and publish even more and even better excellent audiovisual products, incessantly raise product quality, creating a beneficial environment for minors to grow up healthily, making vigorous contributions to stimulate the great development and great flourishing of socialist culture.

It is hereby notified

General Administration of Press and Publications

25 December 2007














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