SARFT Notice concerning Strengthening the Management of Internet Broadcast of Television Dramas

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On 28 December, SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice concerning Strengthening the Management of Internet Broadcast of Television Dramas” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureau and the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps radio, film and television bureau, the Notice states that presently, there are a number of television dramas suspected to be infringing and pirating, containing content violating social morels, that is pornographic and obscene and even endangers State security. In order to promote the great development and great flourishing of Socialist culture, construct a Socialist core values system, disseminate advanced Socialist culture, carry forward excellent traditional culture, according to relevant provisions of the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations, hereby, the following construction and management problems concerning Internet broadcast of television dramas (including domestic and foreign films, television dramas, cartoons as well as their corresponding audiovisual products, hereafter the same) are notified as follows:

I, Adapted to the requirements of Internet development, striving to raise television drama production and network provision capacity. All levels’ radio, film and television bureaus must vigorously guide and encourage film and television programme production organs to produce more television dramas with positive and healthy content suitable for Internet dissemination. Making positive and healthy network audiovisual programmes hold a guiding position, promoting and accelerating our country’s Internet audiovisual service industry’s construction and development.

II, Strengthening Internet dissemination of television drama management. It is necessary to abide by the special characteristics and rules of the Internet, according to the requirements of the construction of Socialist advanced culture, strengthening guidance, making duties explicit, implementing tasks, realistically strengthening Internet dissemination of television drama management, spurring development with management, spurring flourishing with development. Television dramas used for Internet dissemination, must conform to corresponding radio, film and television management regulations, obtain a “Film Public Screening Permit”, “Television Drama Distribution Permit” or “Television Cartoon Distribution Permit” issued by SARFT according to the law, and at the same time obtain network distribution authorization from the copyright holder. Theoretical or historical film and television programme used for Internet dissemination must obtain a “Theoretical or Historical Film or Television Programme Broadcast Permit” issued by SARFT. Domestic and foreign films not having obtained a “Film Public Screening Permit”, domestic and foreign television dramas not having obtained a “Television Drama Distribution Permit”, domestic and foreign cartoons not having obtained a “Television Cartoon Distribution Permit” and domestic and foreign theoretical or historical films and television programmes not having obtained a “Theoretical or Historical Film pr Television Programme Broadcast Permit” may without exception not be disseminated through the Internet.

III, Realistically expanding management strength, striving to purify the network environment. All levels’ radio, film and television bureaus must administer according to the law, scrupulously fulfil their duties, expand management strength, create a beneficial network environment for development and construction of the Internet audiovisual programme service industry. In the near future, the following work will be launched:

(1) Energetically launching propaganda for protection of minors’ lawful rights and interests, to resist network sexual programmes consciously. All localities must organize and guide all sorts of media, such as radio, film, newspapers, periodicals, the network, etc., expand propaganda strength concerning the social danger brought about by on-line broadcast of television dramas containing harmful content such as obscenity, pornography, etc., vigorously initiate a healthy and civilized network audiovisual culture, guide the masses and especially minors in resisting and staying far away from every kind of harmful audiovisual programme on their own initiative. Through many kinds of methods, conducting propaganda and explanation on corresponding radio, film and television regulations such as the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, “Film Management Regulations”, “internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations”, etc. educating audiovisual service business organs that they are prohibited to broadcast online television dramas containing content prohibited by Article 16 of the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations” such as reactionary and damaging, obscene and pornographic, violent and vulgar, infringing and piracy content, etc., educating netizens that it is necessary to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders in uploading television dramas, raising the law-compliance and law-abiding consciousness of the Internet industry, providing a healthy and civilized network activity space for the broad minors.

(2) Strengthening Internet site management, launching audiovisual services according to the law. All localities’ radio, film and television bureau must strengthen guidance, make responsibilities explicit, implement tasks, through many kind of methods transmit SARFT management requirements to websites in their jurisdiction, they must earnestly achieve that website legal person representatives and the telecommunications enterprises’ branch office persons in charge at all levels know very well and grasp corresponding management regulations and management requirements. All levels must organize strength, break through in focal points, do a one-time complete special on-the-ground examination of network audiovisual programme organs in their jurisdictions, focus on examining whether or not network audiovisual programme service organs’ on-line broadcasted television dramas conform to corresponding regulations, and whether or not the organ holds an “Information Network Dissemination of Audiovisual Programmes Permit”.

(3) Focusing on attacking activities of broadcasting of infringing and pirated television dramas, as well as those containing harmful content such as obscenity and pornography. All localities must expand control strength over network programme content, television dramas of which the content is discovered not to conform to regulations or touching upon infringement and piracy, must be immediately ordered to be removed. Where obscene and pornographic television dramas are broadcasted, according to the “Work Plan of the Special Campaign Attacking Network Obscenity and Pornography according to the Law”, it will be timely reported to the Public Security organs of that locality to organize tidying up; where it involves on-line illegality and criminality, the public security will file for handling according to statutory procedures. Concerning Internet audiovisual service business organs with slack internal programme management systems, and relatively large hidden safety dangers, where piracy and content-related problems appear regularly in broadcasted programmes, it is necessary to conduct focus rectification and improvement. Where circumstances are grave, and the impenitent do not rectify, it is necessary to, according to the requirements of the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations”, it is requested that the telecommunications management entities impose punishment according to the law.

All provincial radio, film and television bureaus are requested to report the circumstances of implementation and promotion timely to the SARFT social management department.



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