SARFT Notice Concerning Reaffirming Prohibition of Production and Screening of Pornographic Films

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On 29 December, SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice Concerning Reaffirming Prohibition of Production and Screening of Pornographic Films” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, and all film production work units, the notice says, that since recently, a part of the film production work units and Internet audiovisual programme service work units have, in pursuit of economic benefit, on the domestic and foreign film markets and the Internet, in violation of laws and regulations, produced and broadcasted a number of films containing pornographic content, generating extremely large danger to broad youth audiences. In order to further purify the silver screen and video channels, strengthen management over production and broadcast of pornographic films, guarantee the provision of a healthy and harmonious cultural environment for the broad people’s masses and especially for the youth audiences, promote the grand development and grand flourishing of culture, according to laws and regulations such as the “Film Management Regulations”, the “Film Script (Outline) Filing and Film Management Regulations” (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Decree No. 52), the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations” (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Decree No. 56), the “Notice Concerning Strengthening Internet Dissemination of Film and Television Drama Management”, etc., the following requirements are hereby notifies as follows:

I, It is necessary to energetically guide film production work units, Internet audiovisual programme service work units and film and television workers, further strengthen sense of social responsibility, incessantly strengthen guidance consciousness, responsibility consciousness, and law consciousness, firmly grasp correct orientation, strengthen content management, strive to raise film and television products’ thought and artistic quality, completely persist the principle of social interest first, two interests integrated with each other, strive to provide excellent healthy and useful, lovely to see and hear, rich and varied cultural products to the broad people’s masses and youth audiences.

II, It is necessary to further perfect management systems, strengthen content examination, earnestly implement and execute all management regulations. It is prohibited to produce and screen harmful film and television works displaying intermingled obscene or pornographic and vulgar and inferior content, exhibiting details such as promiscuity, rape, prostitution, visiting prostitutes, sexual activities, sexual perversion, etc., and male and female genitals, and other private parts, intermingled content such as filthy and vulgar lines, songs, background music and sound effects, it is prohibited to produce and disseminate second versions or content fragments not having passed through examination by SARFT examination bodies, it is prohibited to broadcast works not passed through examination or not revised according to the examination opinion in cinemas or television stations, it is also prohibited to disseminate these on the audiovisual market or through the Internet, it is prohibited to submit works and content fragments not having obtained a “Film Public Screening Permit” for international film festivals and or for participation in international market exhibitions or competitions.

III, It is necessary to further implement management duties, perfect market entry and withdrawal mechanisms, strengthen management steps, innovate management methods, and strengthen self-discipline and self-examination. Further determining the territorial management principle of “who manages, is responsible, who examines and approves, is responsible”, whenever discovering problems it is necessary to timely raise redress opinions, and deal with them according to the law. Law and regulations-violating work units violating the second provision of this Notice, will be punished according to the “Film Management Regulations”, and the distribution and screening of the film violating regulations will stop; where circumstances are grave or not rectified, the “Film Shooting Permit” of the “Film Shooting and Production Permit (Single Film)” will be revoked, and according to relevant provisions of the “Film Management Regulations”, their business permit will be modified, cancelled or revoked, and they cannot apply to engage in Internet audiovisual programme services for three years, their legal representatives or main persons in  charge may not engage in corresponding film sector work for five years; all film producing personnel intentionally participating in obscene or pornographic film production are prohibited without exception from participating in any kind of film and television award activities; where circumstances are grave or not rectified, they will be given disciplinary measures; in case of impenitence, creating harmful social influence, the State film and television examination organ may refuse accepting for examination all the films in which they participated in the production of, without exception.

IV, It is necessary to strengthen sector self-discipline, all film and television work units, audiovisual programme service work units and sector associations must vigorously guide the broad film and television workers, establish correct views of life, world views and value systems, establish socialist views of glory and dishonour, persisting in the Eight Virtues and Eight Disgraces, on their own initiative resist vulgar tendencies, and walk the path of becoming a great person in virtues and art.

All levels’ radio, film and television bureaus must earnestly communicate and implement the above requirements, give high regard to and realistically take responsibility for strengthening management. All film production work units, all audiovisual programme service work units and broad film and television workers must strengthen study and self-discipline, and strive to create a healthy and harmonious film and television development environment, make the proper effort to make a new high wave of socialist culture construction spring up.

All provincial (regional, municipal) radio, film and television bureaus are requested to, after receipt of this notice, speedily pass on the spirit of this document to all sorts of film and television production work units, Internet audiovisual service work units and all levels’ television stations within their jurisdictions.



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