Notice Concerning Investigating and Prosecuting “Horror and Occult-Type” Audiovisual Products

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GAPPA No. (2008)189


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, Liberation Army General Political and Propaganda Department Press and Publications Bureau, all audiovisual publishing and production work units:

In 2007, the GAPP issued the “Notice Concerning Investigating and Prosecuting Horror-Type Publications such as “Death Note”, etc.” (GAPPB No. (2007)697), and concentratedly cleaned up a batch of “horror”-type publications with “Death Note” as focus points, obtaining interim results, ant gaining broad support in public opinion and society. Recently, a tendency of resurgence of “horror and occult-type” audiovisual publications has emerged, this sort of publications propagates harmful content such as horror, violence, mutilation, etc., gravely influencing the physical and mental health of minors. In order to control and eliminate the harmful social influence of this sort of audiovisual products, prevent that publications containing content such as horror, violence, mutilation, etc., enter into the market through regular publishing channels, protect the physical and mental health of minors, this Notice is issued.


I, What is known as “horror and occult-type” audiovisual products, refers to audiovisual products having different inhumans such as evil ghosts and spirits, heterogeneous monsters, etc., as image portrayals, having strange transcendent illusions, bizarre nightmares and deliriums as fabrication methods, having surrealistic plot details such as horror and frightening people, horror and gruesomeness, bizarre suspense as story themes, and having the pursuit of provoking a sense of fear and horror as objective.


II, All provincial-level press and publications bureaus after receiving this Notice must give this high regard. They must take the spirit of the 17th Party Congress as guidance, strengthen their consciousness of the larger picture and a sense of social responsibility, persist in the principle of putting social interest first, earnestly deploying this special clean-up campaign, standardize and guide the publishing activities of audiovisual publishing work units in their jurisdictions.


III, All provincial-level press and publications bureaus must on the basis of Article 26 Paragraph 7 and Article 27 of the “Publication Management Rules”, conduct a one-time earnest inspection of audiovisual products already published by audiovisual publishing work units in their jurisdictions in 2006 and 2007, and all those containing prohibited content, must be without exception be taken down, sealed up and retrieved, and punishment must be imposed according to Article 56 of the “Publications Management Regulations. Those having “horror and occult-type” content in the annual audiovisual publishing theme planning for 2008, must immediately cease production, cancel the title, and delete related content.


IV, All provincial-level press and publications bureaus must before 29 February 2008, report the written materials concerning investigating and prosecution circumstances and handling opinions to the GAPP. If audiovisual publishing work units publish horror or occult-type audiovisual products in violation of regulations, punishment shall be imposed according to the law.


It is hereby notified.


General Administration of Press and Publications

2 February 2008





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