Month: March 2008

Concerning the Situation of Dealing with Problems of Broadcasting Radio and Television Advertising in Violation of Regulations

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From 10 March until 17 March, the SARFT government web site received in total 32 complaints from netizens concerning all localities’ radio and television broadcasting organs and transmitting organs broadcasting advertising in violation of regulations. The main problems complained about by netizens are: Read the rest of this entry »


Notice Concerning Reaffirming Film Examination Standards

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On 3 March, SARFT issued the “Notice Concerning Film Examination Standards” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, all film production work units, the China Film Co-Production Company and the Film Channel Programme Centre, the Notice says that, in order to implement the important deployment of promoting the great development and flourishing of socialist culture as put forward by the 17th Party Congress, implement the spirit of the national radio, film and television bureau director conference and the national film work conference, completely persist in the orientation of the “Two Fors” and the “Double Hundred” policy, persist in the principle of “Three Close Tos”, persist in the correct creative orientation, completely place protecting the healthy upbringing of minors and social interest first, further make creation flourish, strengthen management, clean up the sliver screen, provide healthy, rich and varied spiritual nourishment for the broad popular masses, construct a film environment with even more harmony, that is even more “green”, SARFT has decided to reiterate the relevant provisions from the “Film Management Regulations” and the “Film Script (Outline) Filing and Movie Management Regulations” (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Decree No. 52, 22 May 2006), all entities and all work units must strictly implement them in links such as filing (project establishment), production, examination, public screening, etc. Read the rest of this entry »