Month: August 2008

Notice Concerning Audiovisual Product Import Management Function Adjustment and Imported Audiovisual Product Content Examination Items

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GAPP No. [2008]1022

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publication bureaus, the Liberation Army General Political Propaganda Press and Publication Bureau, all audiovisual publication work units, production work units, duplication work units, distributing work units in the entire country:

According to relevant provisions of the “State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Printing and Distribution of the Provisions on the Main Duties, Internal Organization and Personnel Allotment of the General Administration of Press and Publication (National Copyright Administration” (SCS No. [2008]90), the duties of audiovisual product import management are transferred from the Ministry of Culture to the General Administration of Press and Publication. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

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Some Opinions Concerning Supporting Our Country’s Cartoon Industry Development

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus), all directly subordinate work units of this Ministry:

In order to implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress concerning promoting the great development and great flourishing of socialist culture, implement the “Outline of the National “11th Five Year Plan” Period Cultural Development Plan” and the Party Central Committee and State Council “Some Opinions Concerning Further Strengthening and Improving Moral and Thought Construction of Minors” (ND No. [2004]8) according to the spirit of the State Council Secretariat Transmission of the Ministry of Finance, etc., “Notice Concerning Some Opinions to Promote Our Country’s Cartoon Industry Development” (NDC No. [2006]32) and the provisions of the State Council Secretariat “Notice Concerning Printing and Issuing the Ministry Of Culture’s Main Duties, Internal Structuring and Personnel Appointment” (NDC No. [2008]79), according to the general work deployment of the interministerial joint conference on supporting cartoon industry development, the Ministry of Culture hereby puts forward the following Opinions for supporting our country’s originally-created cartoon sector development. Read the rest of this entry »