Some Opinions Concerning Supporting Our Country’s Cartoon Industry Development

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus), all directly subordinate work units of this Ministry:

In order to implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress concerning promoting the great development and great flourishing of socialist culture, implement the “Outline of the National “11th Five Year Plan” Period Cultural Development Plan” and the Party Central Committee and State Council “Some Opinions Concerning Further Strengthening and Improving Moral and Thought Construction of Minors” (ND No. [2004]8) according to the spirit of the State Council Secretariat Transmission of the Ministry of Finance, etc., “Notice Concerning Some Opinions to Promote Our Country’s Cartoon Industry Development” (NDC No. [2006]32) and the provisions of the State Council Secretariat “Notice Concerning Printing and Issuing the Ministry Of Culture’s Main Duties, Internal Structuring and Personnel Appointment” (NDC No. [2008]79), according to the general work deployment of the interministerial joint conference on supporting cartoon industry development, the Ministry of Culture hereby puts forward the following Opinions for supporting our country’s originally-created cartoon sector development.

I, Basic situation and guiding ideology

(1) In recent years, our country’s cartoon industry has developed quickly, domestic cartoon product amounts have substantially increased, quality has somewhat gone up, a batch of cartoon enterprises and cartoon brands have burst into the limelight, the pace of Chinese cartoons “marching out” has accelerated. At the same time, our country’s cartoon industry’s development status quo is not yet adapted to the popular masses’ incessantly increasing spiritual culture requirements, is not adapted to the vigorous market requirements, and in aspects such as creative capacity, talent training, technological development, industry chain integration, intellectual property rights protection etc., must still be raised, the objective to realize an ascent into the ranks of large and strong world cartoon countries in five to ten years time is a heavy responsible for a long road ahead.

(2) Carrying forward socialist core values, persisting in the correct orientation of cartoon culture and cartoon industry development. From the height of constructing a socialist advanced culture, harmonious culture and strengthening the construction of minors’ ideology and virtue, fully understanding the importance of developing our country’s creative cartoon industry under new circumstances. Strengthening creation, fostering excellent products, initiating and supporting cartoons to walk the way of integrating ethnic style and the special characteristics of the times, persisting in walking the industrial development road of integrating technological innovation with market development, substantially raising amount and quality of cartoon products created in our country, forging cartoon images and cartoon brands having indigenous intellectual property rights.

(3) Deeply implementing the scientific development view, realizing complete coordination and sustainable development of the cartoon industry. Following market principles, giving rein to the basic function of the market in resource allocation, reasonably guiding social capital, perfecting cartoon industry chains. Starting from reality, exploring many sorts of profit models, constructing our own endogenous mechanisms for virtuous development. Planning in a coordinated fashion, breaking through on focus points, integrating resources, organically integrating cartoon industry development and regional characteristics, avoiding blind development and disorderly competition. Vigorously innovating mechanisms, improving management, striving to eliminate structural, mechanism and systemic obstacles influencing cartoon industry development, shaping a development phase with political guidance and market leadership and a uniform, open, competitive and orderly market structure.

II, Supporting ethnic creation, perfecting industry chains

(4) Implementing the domestic cartoon promotion project. Taking focusing on supporting originally-created product creation and production as beginning, giving rein to the leverage function of financial capital, encouraging enterprise creation in all sorts of ownership systems, promoting and disseminating cartoon products sticking close to reality, sticking close to life and sticking close to the masses, full of the Chinese cultural spirit and bearing China’s excellent cultural tradition, containing a create amount of characteristics of the time. First, selecting State originally-created cartoon prizes, awarding originally-created cartoon products with healthy content, strong artistry, high innovation, that are loved by the public; second, supporting originally-created cartoon products, every year assessing and selecting some excellent originally created cartoons, network cartoons and mobile telephone cartoon work and cartoon stage plays to conduct focus support; third, supporting creative personnel of originally-created cartoons, every year supporting some cartoon, network cartoon, mobile cartoon and cartoon stage play writers; four, promoting originally-created cartoon works, in many ways and methods recommending excellent originally-created cartoon works to society and especially to minors. Striving to strengthen domestic cartoon creation and production capacity, deriving product development and design capacity, fostering a batch of cartoon enterprising having strong vitality and expertise and cartoon images and cartoon brands having Chinese style and international influence.

(5) Constructing mutually supporting cartoon industry chains. Cartoon industry chains mainly include links such as cartoons (books, magazines), cartoon films (films, television, audiovisual programmes), stage plays, network cartoons, mobile telephone cartoons, etc. Cartoon creation is the basis of the industry, film and television cartoon is the body of the industry, cartoon stage plays are the extension and promotion of the industry, network cartoons and mobile telephone cartoons are the industry’s vanguard. Besides, there are also derived products related to cartoon images such as costumes, toys, writing materials, electronic games, etc. Completely grasping the inner links of all cartoon industry segments, taking cartoon images as core, structuring indigenous mechanisms of self-virtuous development for the industry.

(6)Supporting cartoon creation, tamping the industrial basis. Giving high regard to the basic function of cartoon in the cartoon industry chains. Strengthening guidance over cartoon creation, supporting the focus periodicals for cartoon creation and research, rewarding cartoon creators having outstanding contributions. Taking art galleries, cultural centres, community art centres and museums as backing, exhibiting and showing originally-created excellent cartoon products, promoting cartoon art education, strengthening market popularization.

(7) Developing cartoon stage plays. Encouraging art forms such as children’s’ plays, youth plays, etc., to extend in the direction of cartoonization and multimediatization. Fully giving rein to the function of State-owned culture and art performance troupes as the principal creative force, through subsidizing the number of performances, subsidizing performance of originally-created cartoon stage plays. The “State Stage Art Excellent Product Project” encourages cartoon stage play creation, forges even more excellent originally-created cartoon performance products, moulds classic images of cartoon performances with Chinese characteristics. Encouraging cartoon enterprises to enter into the performance market, supporting cartoon enterprises through methods such as share participation, share control or merger, etc., to participate in State-owned culture and art performance troupes to transfer into enterprises, realizing the repeated popularization and promotion of cartoon images and cartoon brands. According to the law, strengthening management and standardization of cartoon image role-playing games-type (cosplay) culture and art performance troupes and their performance activities

(8) Energetically developing network cartoons and mobile telephone cartoons. Utilizing high and new technology and innovative production methods. Energetically developing network cartoon and mobile telephone cartoon industries having digitalized production and network dissemination as main characteristics, fully utilizing digital, network, etc., core technologies and modern production methods, move traditional cartoon industry upgrade forward, extending industry chains. Encouraging business-type Internet culture work units to engage in network cartoon services and develop cartoon copyright agencies, forging cartoon websites to become an important platform for network cartoon industry development. Encouraging excellent network cartoon products with a high hit-rate and good market response to be extended to traditional channels. Vigorously guiding financial administration funding and social funding to support technological research, development and application relating to supporting network cartoons, promoting cartoon production, dissemination and consumption based on new technology and new platforms. Giving high regard to the mobile telephone cartoon industry’s development, handling well the Chinese originally-created mobile telephone cartoon contest, incessantly raising the quality and level of originally-created mobile telephone cartoons, and making it become a new growth point for our country’s cartoon industry development and a breakthrough point for our country’s cartoon industry’s international competitiveness.

III, Completing support systems, expanding platform construction

(9) Strengthening theoretical research. Vigorously giving rein to supporting the function of the interministerial joint conference expert committee on cartoon industry development, encouraging cartoon enterprises and relevant higher-education institutes and research organs to develop research into basic theories and major real questions of the cartoon industry. Integrating relevant resources, perfecting research structures, vigorously strive for State social science funding support, broadening the support area for theoretical research. The Ministry of Culture cultural “Innovation Award” expands award strength for cartoon theories and practical innovation. Announcing annual reports of China’s cartoon industry development, providing authoritative information.

(10) Raising personnel training levels, promoting cartoon talent professionalization. From the different levels of higher education, professional education, continuous education, basic education, etc., completely moving cartoon talent training forward. Giving rein to the Ministry of Culture’s superiority in art education and training resources, bringing cartoon talent training into State culture and art-type talent training plans, giving vigorous support in course types, degree setup (including Master and Ph.D. points) and teaching research funding. With the backing of high-level professional schools, energetically moving cartoon talent professional education forward. Fully mustering the vigour of enterprises, schools, sector associations, etc, developing cartoon talent training. Adding cartoon-area level examination majors to social art level examination. Grasping cartoon high-end talent training, handling well cartoon industry development high-level advanced study classes. Accelerating cartoon talent training standardization progress, formulating cartoon talent training standards, promoting cartoon talent professionalization.

(11) Fostering and promoting cartoon industry development platforms. Strengthening State cartoon industry base and regional-characteristic cartoon industry park construction guidance and management, straiten access standards, formulating appraisal mechanisms, avoiding resource waste, preventing overheating and overflowing. Fully giving rein to the presently-existing bases’ function in talent training, technology research, development and services, public technology platform support, key enterprise intensive development, small and middle enterprise incubation, international exchange and cooperation, etc. Handling well specialized exhibitions such as the China International Cartoons and Games Fair, setting up exhibition platforms for ethnic originally-created cartoon products to march towards the world. Strengthening planning and guidance over regional cartoon exhibitions and cartoon festival activities. Foreign-related and international cartoon exhibition exchange and competition activities must be reported to the Ministry of Culture according to relevant provisions.

(12) Construction of cartoon industry public information service management platforms. Public information platforms include policy information announcements, industry statistics, expert committee work exchange, etc, public service platforms include creation and production of ethnic and folklore cartoon material databases, providing government services; public management platforms include cartoon enterprise accreditation on-line reporting and announcement systems, and are work platforms supporting project management of the cartoon industry development interministerial joint conference office.

(13) Moving international exchange and cooperation forward, supporting cartoon industry to “march out”. Encouraging governmental and popular foreign-related multilateral and bilateral exchange and cooperation, encouraging our country’s cartoon enterprises to participate in many methods such as joint ventures, cooperation, service and processing, etc., in international cooperation and international market competition. Energetically supporting originally-created cartoon product export, bringing excellent cartoon export enterprises into the “Cultural Product and Service Export Guidance Catalogue”. Encouraging and organizing cartoon enterprises to participate in international famous exhibitions, supporting our country’s cartoon industry in opening up foreign markets. Establishing domestic cartoon product export awards and special subsidy funds, promoting our country’s cartoon industry’s internationalization.

IV, Improving management service, optimizing development environments

(14) Strengthening market supervision, protecting cartoon intellectual property rights. Taking domestic originally-created cartoon images and cartoon brands and their related products as focus points, expanding intellectual property protection strength. Through daily supervision, management and specialized campaigns, strictly attacking unlawful cartoon business activities, protecting lawful business, standardizing market order, creating a market order with fair competition for cartoon industry development. Granting commendations and awards to work units and individuals having outstanding achievements in protecting cartoon intellectual property rights.

(15) Strengthening cartoon product content supervision, cleaning up market environments. According to the law, investigating and prosecuting cartoon products having unlawful content such as violence, sex, obscenity, harm to social and public morals and excellent ethnic tradition and culture, violations of ethnic customs and habits, etc. Strengthening content examination over imported cultural products such as cartoon-type artworks, cartoon stage plays and network cartoons, mobile telephone cartoons, etc. Orderly importing excellent cartoon products, enriching our country’s cartoon variety, categories, raiding the aesthetic sense and enjoyment capacity of the public, especially minors. According to the law, investigating and prosecuting imported cartoon products that did not undergo examination, persisting in resisting harmful culture to be disseminated through cartoon products, creating a healthy and orderly market environment for culture operations, creating a healthy and upward culture environment for minors.

(16) Guiding cartoon industry association construction. Giving rein to the function of all sorts of cartoon-type learning associations and sector associations, taking consultation, cooperation and coordination as basis, taking enterprises as the main subject, simultaneously dealing with scholarly matters and social matters, coordinating, enriching and creating, newly building cartoon industry associations, integrating administrative resources and industry resources, shaping force pools, giving rein to the function of industry association in communication with government, serving enterprises and sector self-regulation.

(17) Strengthening organization guidance and departmental cooperation. All levels’ administrative culture entities must make ideology uniform, raise understanding, strengthen guidance, according to the new “Three Fixed Quotas” planning, endowing administrative cultural entities’ duties, vigorously and actively developing work. Accurately grasping the cartoon industry development situation in their regions, completely implementing functions, earnestly implementing Document NDC No. [2006]32, formulating complete policy sets adapted to the local situation, striving for specialized funding guarantees, vigorously doing well work in cartoon industry planning, industry base and project construction, exhibition and exchange, market supervision, sector association guidance, etc. Effectively undertaking daily work supporting the cartoon industry development interministerial joint conference office, energetically strengthening office self-construction, raising general coordination capacity, closely cooperating with all entities, earnestly resolving local cartoon industry development problems, moving cartoon industry good and speedy development forward.

Document NDC No. [2008]79 grants the Ministry of Culture new duties in cartoon industry planning, industry bases and project construction, exhibition and exchange, market supervision, guidance of sector organizations, etc., the Ministry of Culture formulates concrete implementation measures that shall be announced elsewhere.

13 August 2008






















(十五)加强动漫产品内容监管,净化市场环境。依法查处存在暴力、色情、淫秽、危害社会公德和民族优秀传统文化、侵害民族风俗习惯等违法内容的动漫产品。加强对漫画类美术品、动漫舞台剧和网络动漫、手机动漫等进口文化产品的内容审查。有序引进优秀动漫产品,丰富我国动漫品种、门类,提高公众特别是青少年的审美情趣和欣赏能力。依法查处未经审查的进口动漫产品,坚决抵制不良文化通过动漫产品传播, 为动漫文化营造健康有序的市场环境,为青少年营造健康向上的文化环境。






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