Notice Concerning Doing Well Film Distribution and Screening Work in the 2009 New Year and Spring Festival Period

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On 31 December, SARFT issued the “Notice Concerning Doing Well Film Distribution and Screening Work in the 2009 New Year and Spring Festival Period” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, cultural offices (bureaus), all film distribution companies, cinema chain companies, rural digital cinema chain companies, relevant film production work units, the China Film Group Company, Huaxia Film Distribution Company Limited, China Film Rural Digital Film Distribution, Administration Centre of Digital Film Content, the China Film Producer Association, the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, the China Municipal Cinema Development Association, all film channels and film printing plants, the Notice stated that, in 2008, under the guidance of the 17th Parry Congress and the 3rd Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, the entire nation’s film sector took the scientific development view as command, took overall film undertaking and industry development and flourishing as objective, and has obtained outstanding results making people’s eyes focus. In order to further enrich and actively expand the popular masses’ basic-level cultural life, give rein to the important function of film in promoting the harmonious society, spiritual civilization and the construction of a new countryside, construct a joyous and auspicious social atmosphere, the SARFT Film Department has decided to develop wide-spread, all sorts and forms of film screening activities nationwide in the 2009 New Year and Spring Festival period, in order to make the activity successful, the following is notified as follows:

I, Activity plan

(1) Rural regions

1, According to the requirements of CPD notifications, coordinating the “Three Rurals” activities in the New Year and Spring Festival period, extensively launching rural film activities.

2, Earnestly implementing the spirit of the “SARFT Notice Concerning Launching Screening Activities of Excellent Films Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up”, Document No. F. (2008)694, pushing the “contributory screening of excellent domestic films commemorating the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up” activities organized in rural areas nationwide to a new high, focusing on distributing and screening 50 recommended excellent domestic films suited to be watched by the broad rural audience.

3, Accelerating the provision schedule of more than 7000 rural digital film screening equipment sets purchased by the State, to be delivered and put in operation before the Spring Festival according to plan.

4, Energetically implementing rural film screening project screening number project subsidies, according to relevant SARFT and Ministry of Finance provisions, guaranteeing that they reach screening personnel around or about the Spring Festival.

5, The Film bureau taps into special funds to purchase 1000 film copies, focusing on supporting rural film screening in central areas where digital screening equipment is insufficient.

6, Developing the “giving the broad rural population 100.000 film screenings campaign”, the Film Bureau organizes in main peasant worker transportation points and work points,  100.000 free film screenings of the film “Peasant Workers”, provided free for peasant workers, with film tape or digital screening methods.

7, Localities meeting conditions are encouraged to organized public interest screenings or topical screenings on squares.


(2) Urban regions

1, In order to satisfy urban requirements, in the New Year period, distribution and screening activities of films such as “Mei Lanfang”, “Ye Wen”, etc., are to be continued, in the Spring Festival period, a batch of new domestic films greatly loved by the broad film audience will enter the market, striving for the double bumper harvest of social interest and economic interest.

2, According to the special characteristics of the film market in the holiday period, broadly launching all kinds of propaganda and promotional activities, encouraging low ticket price screenings.


(3) Film channels

1, All film channels in the New Year and Spring Festival period, choose happy and auspicious programmes suited for broadcast in the holiday period, extensively developing topical broadcast activities.

2, The SARFT film channel programme centre’s “Loving Films” column, launches a campaign giving films to the basic level  in selected provinces and cities nationwide.


II, Campaign requirements

1, Doing well New Year and Spring Festival period film screening work that is a large matter for satisfying the broad popular masses’ cultural life needs, all levels’ administrative film controlling entities must give this high regard, organize well film distribution and screening activities in their region, must strengthen supervision, examination and guidance, providing conditions for film screening activities, and coordinate with new media to expand film propaganda strength.

2, Relevant film production work units must fully give rein to the function of important film theatre schedules, vigorously take the initiative to negotiate film distribution matters with distribution and cinema chain companies, expand market popularization strength, must vigorously organize production units and creative personnel to take part in film propaganda, raise the influence of films, vigorously providing required materials for rural screening and ethnic language dubbing, making films engendering a desirable social interest and economic interest in the two holidays period.

3, All film distribution work units must firmly grasp doing well film copy supply and coordination work, timely provide film copies and propaganda materials satisfying market requirements; all cinema chain companies and distribution companies shall timely sign film buying and selling agreements with film copyright work units, order a satisfactory number of copies or digital hard drives, formulate propaganda, distribution, screening and promotion policies and plans. China Film New Rural Distribution Company and the Administration Centre of Digital Film Content must take the initiative to provide film information to rural digital cinema chain companies and screening teams, satisfying the rural film screening holiday requirements. All film printing work units must vigorously raise film copy printing quality, timely providing adequate excellent quality copies to the market.

4, All cinema chain companies and urban cinemas must fully utilize all sorts of promotion methods, attracting even larger audiences to walk into cinemas through preferential ticket prices and high-quality service. Cinema chain companies must vigorously organize film sources, arrange theatre schedules, serve cinemas; screening work units must take the initiative to strengthen communication with organizations such as Party and Government, administrative education entities and trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, etc., earnestly organize group screening. Rural digital cinema chain companies and screening teams must order sufficient programmes, guaranteeing the screening of the complete number of performances.

5, All ethnic language film dubbing work units must expand film dubbing strength, letting the broad ethnic minorities’ film public watch and enjoy films.

6, The Administration Centre of Digital Film Content must guarantee production and transmission of films, provide high-quality service to rural digital film screening, and establishing corresponding columns on the Centre’s website.

7, All film screening work units must strengthen a safety monitoring consciousness, strictly implement all safety management systems and safety operating rules, guaranteeing physical safety, property safety and screening safety.

8, All sector associations must vigorously give rein to their guidance and coordination functions, providing attentive service to their member work units, must strengthen market supervision and sector self-regulation, and association member work units must finish film propaganda and recommendation work.



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