Month: April 2009

Copyright Administrative Punishment Implementation Rules

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The National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China Decree

No. 6

The “Copyright Administrative Punishment Implementation Rules”, were passed in the 1st department meeting of the National Copyright Administration on 21 April 2009, and will take effect on 15 June 2009 Read the rest of this entry »


Rules on the Punishment of Radio and Television Organ Violating Regulations (Trial)

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10 April 2009

GF No. [2009]30

Rules on the Punishment of Radio and Television Organ Violating Regulations (Trial)

Article 1: In order to further strengthen the management of radio stations, television stations, and radio and television stations (hereafter simply named radio and television broadcasting organs), standardize radio and television broadcasting order, stimulate the healthy development of the radio and television sector, according to the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, these Rules are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Strictly Handling Insult and Defamation Cases According to the Law.

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3 April 2009

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal public security offices and bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Public Security Bureau

Since many years, all levels’ public security organs have, according to the relevant provisions of the “Criminal Law” and the “Public Order Management Punishment Law”, inspected and prosecuted a batch of insult and defamation cases, and have contributed to the protection of the personal dignity and reputation of citizens, and safeguarding social public order. But, a small number of local public security organs have, in the process of handling insult and defamation cases, not been able to handle cases strictly and correctly according to the law, which led to the broad attention of news media and all walks of society, engendered a harmful social influence, and damaged the image and law enforcement credibility of public security organs. In order to handle insult and defamation cases strictly according to the law, standardize law enforcement activities, raise case-handling quality, and protect the lawful rights and interests of citizens, hereby, the following relevant issues are notified: Read the rest of this entry »