Notice Concerning Launch of a Cultural Market Centralized Discipline Operation

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CMC No. (2009)1143

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus), Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Culture Bureau, Beijing Municipality, Shanghai Municipality, Chongqing Municipality and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Culture Market Administrative Law Enforcement Units:

This year, the New China has been established for 60 years, there are many major activities, and higher demands are raised on cultural market management work. At present, the cultural publications containing content prohibited by relevant State laws and regulations (hereafter named prohibited content) on the market have somewhat increased, the phenomenon of urban, suburb and countryside Internet cafes allowing minors unlawfully is relatively grave, illegal electronic games, cartoons, network games business activities are relatively exceptional, and gravely disorder cultural market procedures, and influence social harmony and stability. In order to realistically rectify and standardize cultural market order, to create a harmonious and stable social cultural environment for the 60 years of New China’s establishment, the Ministry of Culture has decided to launce a centralized discipline operation in the entire country from 1 July until 31 October. Now, relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, Work targets

The overall goals of the cultural market centralized discipline operation are: creation of a stable cultural market, stimulating social harmony and stability. The concrete content includes: 1, effectively contain cultural products having prohibited content from entering the cultural market; 2, effectively attack all sorts of illegal cultural business activity, and clean the cultural market further; 3, effectively prevent and lower hidden dangers, guarantee that no major safety negligence accidents occur; 4, effectively raise supervision level, establish a perfected cultural market long-term management system.

II, Work duties

1, Carry out deeply cleaning social cultural environment work. It is strictly prohibited to establish electronic gaming halls, dance and entertainment localities next to schools, it is forbidden to establish and Internet café within 200 metres of a primary or secondary school. During the centralized discipline operation, all levels’ administrative culture entity and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement organs must vigorously cooperate and coordinate with local entities such as comprehensive public security committees, civilization committees and public security, industry and commerce, information industry, education, Communist Youth League, etc. and organize the launch of special control of school periphery environments, strictly prevent  illegal and vulgar cultural products from entering cultural business localities in the school peripheries, to create a desirable cultural environment for minor’s healthy growing up.

2. Persistently attacking cultural products and services containing prohibited content. It is necessary to completely inspect performing, entertainment, audiovisual, books, newspapers and periodicals, art products, cinema, Internet cafe, network culture, etc. business work unit according to the deployment of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Culture, adopting local self-examination, county and city re-examination, provincial-level spot checking means, focusing on cleaning up cultural products such as audiovisual products, books, newspapers and periodicals, karaoke programmes, art products, etc., conduct well “sweeping pornography and striking illegality”, strictly prevent cultural products and services containing prohibited content to enter market circulation or be disseminated through the Internet. It is necessary to further strengthen foreign-related commercial performance content examination and market supervision, local administrative culture entities and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement organs must in cooperation with local public security entities conduct on-the spot supervision of all important performance activities, and severely attack unlawful performance activities such as false singing and false instrument performances as well as performance of prohibited content. Those suspected of a crime must be transferred to the public security entity for handling according to the law.

3. Completely launching special examination of recreation and entertainment localities. Recreation and entertainment business activities without licensing will be focused on, and unlawful business activities such as recreation and entertainment localities allowing minors outside of statutory State holidays in violation of regulations and using electronic coming machines to engage in gambling etc. All levels’ administrative culture entity and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement organs must, vigorously coordinate, and in coordination with entities such as industry and commerce, public security, etc. conduct a one-time complete cleaning, ban all sorts of recreation and entertainment localities without licence according to the law; enlarge the dynamic and frequency of recreation and entertainment venues, severely investigate and prosecute recreation and entertainment venues allowing minors in violation of regulations; vigorously assist public security entities to attack activities using electromagnet gaming machines to engage in gambling or covert gambling. To those recreation and entertainment venues engaging in unlawful business activities, it is necessary to keep up a high-pressure attack state from beginning to end.

4. Realistically strengthening Internet cafe market supervision. According to the demands of the “Notice Concerning Relevant Work on Further Purification of the Internet Cafe Market” jointly issued by the Ministry of Culture and five other entities, examination and supervision will be continuously enlarged, Internet cafes allowing minors will be severely attacked, especially those that do business outside of hours and accept minors behind locked doors and windows, exceptional problems on countryside villages and towns, and cities and suburbs Internet cafe accepting minors will be jointly and centralizedly resolved, the negative repercussions of problems of Internet cafes allowing minors during the summer holiday period will be prevented. According to the demands of entities such as the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Culture, etc., a complete “Black Internet Cafe” cleaning cooperation mechanism will be established, focusing on “Black Internet Cafes” in the countryside and suburban areas and the periphery of schools, examination and banning specialized discipline activities will be continuously launched, pretences and covert Internet cafe operation activities such as “information service desk”, “electronic competitions”, hotels, etc., will be severely attacked.

5. Organization and launch of cartoon market specialized disciplining. Cartoon market content supervision will be strengthened, cartoon products containing prohibited content such as reactionary, sexual, obscene, gambling, violence, etc. will be severely attacked, cases of illegal import or infringing and pirated cartoon publications (books, newspapers, audiovisual products, electronic publications, etc.) will be seriously investigated, illegal cartoon performances and network cartoon business activities will be banned. The Ministry of Culture will promulgate a “Focal Cartoon Products Protection Directory”, to stress protection of domestically produced cartoon brands.

6. Enlarging cultural business venues’ safety inspection dynamic. All levels’ administrative culture entity and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement organs must vigorously coordinate with public security and fire fighting entities, to earnestly launch cultural business venue safety inspection, supervise business venues to implement all sorts of safety management systems, discover fire and safety hidden dangers, eliminate tendentious and trend-like problems. It is necessary to appropriately deal with sudden cultural market incidents, report them timely, deal with them timely, and with the largest margin lower influence and reduce damage, avoid forming of social hot spots.

III, work requirements.

1. Raise knowledge, strengthen organizational leadership. All localities must firmly establish territorial responsibility and territorial duty thought, realistically strengthen political acuteness, raise consciousness about the larger picture, and duty consciousness, strictly according to the unified deployment of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Culture, concentrate personnel, concentrate time intervals, focussedly organize and launch discipline operations. It is necessary to regularly analyze the market terrain, completely understand market trends, ensure that leadership is satisfactory, guarantee strength, move forward order, supervise effectively.

2. Detailed steps, implementing law enforcement duties. It is necessary to integrate the real local situation, detail work steps, formulate realistic and feasible operation schemes; it is necessary to strengthen local management, according to the principle of “the one managing is the one responsible”, make law enforcement responsibility of all  discipline duties clear one by one, to guarantee duties reach the job, and responsibility reaches the person.

3. Strengthening coordination and supervision, strive for work results. All localities must strengthen communication and coordination with corresponding entities, establish entities and local coordination mechanisms, through joint law enforcement concentrate and resolve cross-entity and cross-regional focal and problem points. Higher-level administrative culture entities and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement organs must strengthen supervision and inspection over discipline operations, through means such as open inspection and secret investigation, etc., completely grasp market trends, timely understand the disciplining progress situation, evaluate problems existing in the market, supervise disciplining implementation circumstances, strive for effective disciplining work.

The Ministry of Culture will at the right moment organize specialized supervision, conduct spot checks on all localities’ disciplining situation, the spot check results shall be an important basis for the yearly law enforcement assessments. Regions where operations are done perfunctorily and market order is chaotic, must be criticized; where there are grave consequences or loathsome influence on society, liability must be investigated according to the law.

4. Propagating widely, strengthening public opinion supervision. All localities must fully develop news media propaganda orientation functions, organize news media propaganda to conduct reporting concerning disciplining operations, concentrate and expose a batch of influential cultural market cases, effectively frighten those in unlawful business. It is necessary to fully develop the function of the cultural market reporting telephone line 12318, moving the broad masses to vigorously reflect problems or raise opinions, make effort to realize cultural market mass prevention and mass treatment.

5. Strictly record, raise emergency response capacity. All localities must establish and strictly implement a permanence system, to guarantee that the reporting telephone line 12318 can be reached on a 24-hour basis, permanence personnel and leading cadres must maintain unblocked communication. Those cases conforming to the conditions of the provisions of the “Cultural Market Major Case Management Rules”, must speedily be reported and appropriately dealt with.

During the period of centralized disciplining, provincial-level administrative culture entities or comprehensive law enforcement organs must according to the demands of the “Ministry of Culture Notice Concerning Further Perfecting the Periodical Reporting of Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Data System”, gather and report all law enforcement data monthly, and report the data of the previous month before the tenth of every month. After conclusion of the operation, please report data summarizing and gathering the complete operation before 10 November 2009, and send it to out Ministry’s Cultural Market Department.

F: 010-59881010;


It is hereby notified.

22 June 2009
























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