CCP Ministry of Culture Party Organization Opinions concerning Strengthening and Improving Party Member Education and Training Work

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WDF No. [2009]10

All departments and bureaus, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, all directly subordinate work units:

In order to implement the “Nationwide Party Member Education and Training Work Plan 2009-2013” (ZBF No. (2009)23), foster and forge high-quality Party member teams, fully give rein to the vigorous function of the broad Party members in stimulating Socialist culture “Two large and One new” construction, hereby, the following opinions on strengthening and improving Ministry of Culture Party member education and training work are hereby put forward.

I, Fully understanding the importance of strengthening and improving Party member education and training work under new circumstances

Party member education and training work is a basic work in Party construction. Under new historical conditions, strengthening and improving Party member education and training work, and incessantly raising Party member quality, has an extremely important significance for constructing a study-type party, moving the construction of the Party’s governance capacity and the construction of its advanced nature forward, and for implementing the scientific development view and building a Socialist harmonious society.

The direct function of Party member education and training is to raise Party member team quality, the most basic thing is using the newest theoretical achievements of the Sinicization of Marxism to arm Party members, raise the political and theoretical accomplishment of the broad Party members, further clarify the political orientation, firm up ideals and convictions, and consciously struggle to completely implement the Party’s basic line and realize the Party’s historical mission. All levels’ Party organizations must give high regard to Party member education and training work, earnestly implement the relevant spirit of the Centre, and adopt effective measures to realistically strengthen and improve Party member education and training work.

II, Correctly grasping Party member education and training work objectives, tasks and content

(1) Work objectives

Party member education and training focus points are leading Party cadres and the responsible persons of Party organizations. Party Committees in organs directly subordinate to the ministry must bring education and training of the Party Committee, the Discipline Inspection Secretary (including directly subordinate Party branch secretaries and full-time Party affairs cadres into annual work plans and earnestly organize implementation. At the same time, Party Committees in organs directly subordinate to the Ministry and Party Committees in organs directly subordinate to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage must, on the basis of realistically strengthening regular education, take about three years of time to conduct a universal one-time training of on-the-job Party members

through education and draining, causing the ideals and convictions of Party leading cadres and the broad Party members to be further strengthened, a fine work style to be further cultivated, the capacity to study and practice to be further raised, the notion of discipline to be further strengthened, the vanguard model function to be given fuller rein, keep forging ahead, consolidate work, make new contributions to promote the construction of advanced Socialist culture

(2) Main tasks


On the basis of continuing to implement the “Opinions concerning Strengthening Regular Party Member Education”, issued by the CCP Central Committee Secretariat in 2006, on the basis of the real requirements of Party members in different categories, different levels and different positions, scientifically formulating plans, and realistically strengthening the focus and effectiveness of education and training.

1. Leading Party cadres. They must, according to the requirements of scientific governance, democratic governance and governance according to the law, with education to strengthen the Party’s governance capacity construction as focus point, strive to raise capacities for macro-level reflection, mastery of the larger picture and promoting the overall development of the cause. they must earnestly participate in central group theory study, and participate in double democratic life meetings. They must pioneer the implementation of group life meeting systems, pioneer participation in collective study in the Party branch to which they belong, and pioneer the writing of study and understanding articles. Party organization responsible persons give at least one Party lecture per year to Party members or one report of the situation.

2. On-the-job Party members. They must give rein to their vanguard model function through strengthening the Party member consciousness, further focus on entering into the Party ideologically, strengthen their understanding of policies and laws needed in the performance of their position and duties and professional ability education, raise real work capacity; strengthen ideological line and mass line education, raise their capacity to handle relationships of interest in all aspects; strengthen education on the scientific development view, and raise their overall development capacity.

3. Party affairs workers. They must fix eyes upon constructing a line of Party affairs worker teams with firm politics, a good work style, who are happy to contribute, who link up with the masses, who understand and are well acquainted with Party building work, incessantly strengthen the basic Party theory, basic knowledge and major strategy and ideology education, raise their capacity to complete all work deployed by higher-level organizations, and give rein to an important backbone function in uniting and leading the broad Party members to revolve around the Centre, and serve the larger picture.

4. Basic Party branch secretaries. They must, according to the requirements of constructing a line of grass0roots Party branch pioneer teams that have convictions, aim to contribute, are capable and have good behaviour, realistically grasp grass-roots Party branch secretary training, guarantee that Party branch secretaries annually participate in one collective training, of which the time generally is no less than 20 study hours. Organ Party Committees and grass-roots Party Committees must earnestly implement their duties, and perform directly-subordinate and grass-roots Party branch secretary training work well.

5. Retired cadres and Party members. They must, according to the general requirements of “political steadfastness, constant renewal of ideology, and eternal ideals”, incessantly strengthen self-cultivation of the Party spirit, constantly keep the Party’s purpose firmly in mind, firmly establish a consciousness of study, progress with the times and preserve their ideological concepts, not lose them; firmly establish a Socialist concept of glory and dishonour, vigorously support and participate in social public interest activities. Consciously maintain consistency with the Party Centre in terms of politics, organization and behaviour, always preserving the advanced nature of Communist Party members.

(3) Basic content

Party member education and training must, according to the requirements of the six tasks for Party construction put forward by the 17th Party Congress, deeply study and implement the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. This mainly includes:

Education on Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought, as well as basic theoretical education with the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics as main content;

Education on the scientific development view, building a Socialist harmonious society, a Socialist view of glory and dishonour and promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, arousing a new high tide of Socialist cultural construction and other major strategy and ideology education;

Education on the “Party Constitution” and the basic knowledge about the Party, as well as the Party line, principles and policies, the situation and tasks, and the current national condition;

Education on the Party’s purpose, the excellent traditions and work style of the Party, as well as nationalist, collectivist and Socialist ideology;

Education on Party disciplines, Party regulations and education on anti-corruption and pro-honesty, Socialist democracy and the legal system;

Education on social morals professional ethics and household virtue;

Education on opposing all sorts of heretical organizations, feudal superstitions, pornography, gambling, drugs and other evil social phenomena, disseminating scientific knowledge and civilized customs.

All levels’ Party organizations must closely integrate reality, and on the basis of the characteristics of Party members in different categories, different levels and different positions, in a planned, paced and focused manner, determine education and training content and focus points.

III, Further raising the real effect of raising Party member education and training work

(1) Basic requirements

1. Persisting in taking strengthening the Party spirit as the first task, letting ideal and conviction education and capacity construction penetrate from beginning to end. Unremittingly using the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics of arm Party members, and guide the Party members to link up with reality, and study for the purpose of application, unifying strengthening the Party spirit with raising capacity, completely preserving and developing the advanced nature of Communist Party members.

2. Persisting in taking people as the core, strengthening the focused nature and effectiveness of education and training. Respecting the dominant role of Party members, strengthening education and training within service, and reflecting service within education and training; arousing the initiative and vigour of Party members to participate in education and training, making the broad Party members be willing to study, let them study and understand matters, use them, and use them well.

3. Persisting in comprehensive planning, achieving the merger of regular education and concentrated training. Facing the entire body of Party members, giving prominence to focus points, adopting flexible and diverse methods to grasp regular education and concentrated training, satisfactorily implement the right that Party members enjoy to receive education and training and the duty of implementing study.

4. Persisting in reform and innovation, exploring the establishment of large-scale Party member education and training work mechanisms. Innovating training concepts, perfecting training content, improving training methods, integrating training resources, broadening training channels, making Party member education and training work develop in an upscaled, systemized and standardized orientation.

(2) Work measures.

1. Grasping concentrated training well. Concentrated training is an important channel to grasp Party member education and training, all Party organizations must, through organizing training classes, holding Party lectures, reporting meetings, topical activities and special subject deliberation and other forms, realistically grasp the concentrated education and training of Party members. First, formulating good training plans. It is necessary to, according to the requirements of Party members concerning education and training, formulate good training forms, content, objectives and requirements, strive to raise the quality and levels of Party member training. Second, guaranteeing the implementation of study time. It is necessary to, according to the requirements of the principle that “In Party and government organs, State-owned enterprise and undertaking work units (…) Party member and education (…) is organize at least once annually, the time generally may not be lower than 24 study hours”, comprehensively plan and rationally arrange matters. Third, expanding education coverage. On the basis of conducting organized training well, it is necessary to fully utilize information and network technology and other methods, to explore and practice channels and methods to bring mobile Party members into education and training.

2. Launching special subject training. All levels’ Party organizations must determine special subjects aimed at relatively widespread problems existing in that department’s or that work unit’s central work and tasks as well as Party teams, and launch corresponding special subject education and training activities.

3. Persisting in self-education. It is necessary to persist in mainly having self-education, fully giving rein to the dominant function of Party members in education and training, and implement self-improvement through self-study, self-analysis and self-rectification. All levels’ Party organizations must, at the same time as grasping concentrated training and special subject training, forcefully initiate Party members launching reading activities, to exchange study and understanding, strengthen self-study, and arouse the vigour and initiative of Party members in self-study.

IV, Clarifying tasks, implementing guarantee measures for Party member education and training work

(1) Strengthening organizational leadership. Human resources departments and Ministry-subordinate organ Party committees, under the leadership of the Ministry Party organization, are responsible for education and training work of leading Party cadres and Party members in organs directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture (State Administration of Cultural Heritage), and bring this into Party building work responsibility systems, list it in the important matters agenda, and realistically strengthen leadership.

(2) Clarifying work duties. Implementation of Party Committee organizational work unit Party member education and training, is the responsibility of the Party organization to which they are subordinate, is conducted at least once annually, and the duration is generally not lower than 20 study hours; leading Party cadre education and training work is the lead responsibility of human resources departments, and generally is not lower than 40 study hours annually, within this, Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Committee secretaries must both participate in leading cadre training, and also participate in organ Party Committee-organized special subject training.

(3) Expanding training bases. Strengthening training base construction, with the Central Cultural Management Institute as the basic base for Ministry of Culture-subordinate organ Party member education and training, vigorously expanding channels, excavating all work units’ Party members’ education and training work potential, exploring the establishment of network education and training bases.

(4) Guaranteeing training funding. According to the requirements of the Centre, Party member education funding must be brought into the financial budgets at all levels; undertaking work unit Party member education funding is listed as an administrative expense. All levels’ Party organizations must, at the same time as using preserved Party funds well, vigorously strive for the support from administrative leaders, and when professional training budgets are arranged, comprehensively plan the arrangement of Party member education and training funding, and guarantee that the requirements of the Centre are implemented


18 August 2009.












































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