National Copyright Administration Decision Concerning Commending and Rewarding Meritorious Work Units and Individuals Investigating and Prosecuting Infringement and Piracy Cases in the Year 2008

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NCAC No. (2009)1

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal copyright bureaus, Liberation Army General Political Department Propaganda Department Copyright Bureau:

In 2008, all levels of administrative copyright management entities and corresponding law enforcement entities in the entire country, under the guidance of the spirit Party’s 17th Conference and the 17th Plenary Meeting, have deeply studied and practiced a scientific view of development, further enlarged the strength of copyright law enforcement, in succession launched specialized administration operations such as Olympic anti-piracy, attacking computer software pre-packing domain piracy, attacking network infringement and piracy, etc., from beginning to end preserved a high pressure situation on attacking infringement and piracy activities, safeguarded the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders, and constructed a desirable social environment for the successful organization of the Beijing Olympics, establishment of international-form intellectual property protection in our County, safeguarding of market order and stimulus of industrial development.

According to the provisions of the “Provisional Rules on Rewarding Reporting, Investigating and Punishing Infringement and Piracy Activities”, the National Copyright Administration has decided to commend and reward 173 meritorious work units, Ma Yue and 166 other meritorious individuals having made outstanding contributions to investigating and prosecuting infringement and piracy cases work.

It is hoped that the work units and individuals who obtain commendation and prizes cherish the honour, make persistent efforts, and obtain new achievements. It is hoped that the national copyright law enforcement entities and corresponding entities, the wide copyright enforcement personnel and corresponding law enforcement personnel,  take the meritorious work units and meritorious individuals who received commendations as a role model, hold high the banner of protecting intellectual property, develop enterprising, in step with the times, and creative work methods, perfect the work system, persist in the integration of special administration and daily supervision and management, with a desirable work style and high spirited outlook solidly move the investigation and prosecution of infringement and piracy cases forward, realistically raise our country’s copyright protection level, present the gif of outstanding work results to the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China.

National Copyright Administration

20 August 2009

(attached: name list)

2009 年 8 月 31 日 星期 一








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