Month: September 2009

Cultural Industries Promotion Plan

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The 17th Party Congress has clearly put forward that it is necessary to vigorously develop public interest cultural undertakings, energetically develop cultural industries, set off all ethnicities’ cultural creation vitality, to more consciously and more actively promote great cultural development and great cultural flourishing. In order to implement the central spirit, simultaneously with attaching importance to developing public interest cultural undertakings, accelerating the promotion of the cultural industries, fully giving free rein to cultural industries’ important function in structural readjustment, expanding of internal demand, increasing employment, promoting development, integrating the present new circumstances dealing with the international financial crisis and the urgent need to reform and develop the cultural sphere, this Plan is formulated. Read the rest of this entry »


Cultural Industry Investment Guidance Catalogue

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I, Definition of investment subjects

The “Ministry of Culture Cultural Industry Investment Guidance Catalogue” (hereafter named “Guidance Catalogue”) only applies to domestic investment subjects. Foreign investing subjects investments in the cultural entities shall be implemented according to the “Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue”

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Radio and Television Advertising Broadcast Management Rules

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SARFT Decree No. 61

Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to standardize radio and television advertising broadcasting order, stimulate the healthy development of the radio and television advertising sector, and guarantee citizens’ lawful rights and interest, according to laws and administrative regulations such as the “Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Radio and Television Management Regulations”, etc., these Rules are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »

Ministry of Culture Guiding Opinions Concerning Accelerating Cultural Industry Development

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WCF No.[2009]36

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture halls (bureaus), Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Culture Bureau, State Cultural Relics Bureau, all work units directly subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, all culture offices (groups) in embassies and consulates abroad:

In order to deeply implement the scientific development view, according to the “State 11th Five-Year Plan Period Culture Development Planning Programme” and the “Cultural Industry Promotion Plan”, and in order to accelerate cultural industry development, the following opinions are put forward. Read the rest of this entry »