Opinions Concerning Accelerating and Stimulating Comprehensive Culture Market Law Enforcement Reform Work

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CPD No. [2009]25

I, Deeply understanding the importance of comprehensive culture market law enforcement

(1) Implementing comprehensive law enforcement is a concrete reflection of transforming government functions. Following the incessant perfection of the socialist market economy setup, administrative culture entities must strive to adapt to new circumstances, realistically transform government functions, realize a transformation from organizing culture to managing culture, a transformation from micro-management to macro-management, a transformation from mainly facing directly subordinate undertaking work units to facing the whole of society, reducing micro-level work, reducing administrative examination and approval, reducing direct intervention, and must through realizing comprehensive law enforcement, implement the general and specific Party culture and art policies, realize a separation of the policy formulation function and supervision functions, creating a desirable market environment for the healthy and orderly development of culture undertakings and culture industries.


(2) Realizing comprehensive law enforcement is an urgent need for strengthening market supervision and management. The speedy development of the cultural industries, and especially the exuberant springing up of Internet culture, has smashed the traditional limits between culture creation, production, reproduction, distribution and consumption, the problems in the culture market also often present characteristics crossing sector categories and crossing management departments. Supervision, management and law enforcement organs that used to be set up according to market classification, and old systems set up on the basis of establishing management step over different segments, are less and less able to adapt do the requirements of culture development. Therefore, law enforcement resources must be completely integrated, implementing uniform management and comprehensive law enforcement over the culture market, thereby thoroughly resolving problems in culture market management that have existed for a long time, such as unclear responsibilities, intersecting functions, overlapping law enforcement, etc., providing solid guarantees for the healthy and orderly development of the culture market.


(3) Implementing comprehensive law enforcement is a real requirement for raising law enforcement capacity. At present, the contradictions between onerous supervision and management responsibilities and weak law enforcement capacity, the modernization of the market and traditional supervision and management methods are still utterly prominent. In a number of regions and organs, have not been able to implement staff allocation for a long time, guarantees are lacking for fees and equipment, which has gravely restricted the raising of law enforcement capacity. Therefore, comprehensive law enforcement must be further stimulated, law enforcement forces must be integrated, supervision and management levels must be raised, and law enforcement capacity must be strengthened.

In short, integrating administrative resources, innovating supervision and management mechanisms and implementing unified comprehensive law enforcement over the culture market, are clear requirements of the Centre concerning government organ reform, and are also urgent needs for the incessant development of the culture market itself.


II, Completely implementing the spirit of the “Opinions”, accelerating and stimulating comprehensive law enforcement reform.

The rollout of the “Opinions” symbolizes that comprehensive culture market law enforcement reform has marched from the experimental stage to an overall start, acceleration and stimulation phase. According to the spirit of the “Opinions”, the Ministry of Culture has successively promulgated the “Notice Concerning Guiding Opinions for Strengthening Comprehensive Culture Market Law Enforcement”, the “Notice Concerning Strengthening Comprehensive Culture market Law Enforcement System Setup”, and the “Notice Concerning Uniform Comprehensive Culture Market Law Enforcement Documents”, which clarified the general objectives and work duties for comprehensive law enforcement, and which put forward concrete requirements for comprehensive law enforcement work construction, team construction, system construction as well as technological supervision and management system construction, etc.

(1) Strengthening organizational leadership over reform work. Whether or not comprehensive law enforcement reform work can be smoothly moved forward and reform tasks can be completed, hinges on leadership. All levels’ administrative culture entities and comprehensive law enforcement organs must make moving comprehensive law enforcement reform a “Chief Project”, for which a number one chief is responsible, and grasp doing well the following work tasks: first, timely reporting the spirit of this meeting and work requirements to main Party Committee and government responsible cadres; second, researching the formulation of concrete steps to implement the “Opinions”; third, clarifying concrete work that special organs undertake to move comprehensive law enforcement reform forward; fourth, under the direct guidance of the Party Committee propaganda entities, as soon as possible organizing reform mobilization meetings, fully mustering the vigour of all relevant work units and grass-roots entities, changing “making me change” into “I make change”; fifth, convening reform experience exchange meetings, timely popularizing model experiences and successful methods, bringing about that reform work is completely spread, and moved forward in its entirety.


(2) Accelerating drafting of reform implementation plans. Provincial level administrative culture entities must under the guidance of Party Committee propaganda entities, jointly with relevant entities, learn from the successful methods of regions that already completed reform, draft reform implementation plans, and submit them to Party Committees and governments for policy-making consideration. Implementation plans must integrate all localities’ culture market quantities, population scale and social and economic development levels, determine organs and staff allocation; must according to the requirements of laws, regulations and the “Opinions”, through the methods of authorizing and entrusting, determine comprehensive law enforcement organs’ dominant role in law enforcement; must according to the principles of shifting down the centre of gravity of law enforcement, reasonably divide and define the duties and competences of all levels’ comprehensive law enforcement organs, reduce law enforcement levels, implement localized management. In the process of drafting plans, it is necessary to persist in the principles of openness, fairness and justice, realistically implement and carry out the spirit of the “Opinions”.


(3) Strengthening coordination and cooperation with relevant entities. Comprehensive culture market law enforcement reform is a systemic project, and only by fully coordinating the relationships of all sides, can support of all sides be obtained, and reform force pools formed. All levels’ administrative culture entities, and especially provincial-level administrative culture entities, must first cooperate and coordinate with the staff allocation entities, and scientifically formulate “three quota” plans, and reasonably deploy administrative resources. Second, they must coordinate with finance entities, and bring comprehensive culture market law enforcement fees into the budget of the People’s Government of that level, expand financial input, guarantee law enforcement equipment, perfect law enforcement conditions. Third, they must coordinate with legal system entities, and determine comprehensive law enforcement organs’ law enforcement bases and competence scopes, and announce them according to the law.


(4) Strengthening examination and guidance over reform work. All levels’ administrative culture entities, and especially provincial-level administrative culture entities, must first, under the unified leadership of local Party Committees and governments, under the guidance of the Culture Structural Reform Work Leading Small Group Office, unite with related organs such as staff allocation, finances, legal system, radio and television, press and publications, etc., to organize supervision work groups, and develop supervision guidance. Second, they must strictly according to the requirements of the “Opinions”, formulate concrete supervision guidance rules, make detailed steps and uniform standards, and raise the focalization of supervision guidance. Third, problems arising in supervision and guidance wok, must be dealt with on the basis of category, and effectively resolved.


III, Realistically implementing duties of guiding comprehensive culture market law enforcement, striving to start a new dimension for culture market supervision and management work.

All levels’ aces and comprehensive law enforcement organs must according to their duties and competences, realistically implement and guide comprehensive culture market law enforcement duties, completely strengthen culture market supervision and management. It is necessary to according to the requirements of “unified leadership, unified coordination, unified law enforcement”, establish a set of coordinated and orderly comprehensive law enforcement operation mechanisms, perfect a unified, high-efficiency culture market supervision and management setup, forge a specialized, standardized and informatized comprehensive law enforcement team, incessantly move forward the legalization, scientizing and standardizing of comprehensive law enforcement work.

(1)  Establishing coordinated and orderly comprehensive culture market law enforcement operating mechanisms.

First, establishing organizational guarantee mechanisms. It is necessary to regularly report comprehensive law enforcement work trends to the Culture Market Management Work Leading Small Group, strive to obtain that local Party Committees and governments attach great importance to this and support this strongly. Progressively perfecting organizational guarantee structures suited to comprehensive law enforcement organ personnel allocation, duties and competences, providing necessary law enforcement funds and equipment for comprehensive law enforcement work, perfecting law enforcement conditions and remuneration.

Second, establishing coordination and cooperation mechanisms. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationships between Party Committee propaganda entities, sector controlling authorities, corresponding management entities and comprehensive coordination entities. Perfecting long-term work mechanisms for information reporting, joint conferences, regional cooperation, linking administrative law enforcement and the criminal judiciary, etc., guaranteeing that law enforcement powers obtain full integration.

Third, establishing supervision restriction mechanisms. It is necessary to continue to move forward administrative law enforcement responsibility systems, reasonably divide functions, clarify and define duties, implement management by objectives, strengthen administrative supervision and social supervision over law enforcement work. Linked with this, establishing scientific and reasonable result management, appraisal and assessment, and award and reward systems, bringing about the beneficial development of comprehensive law enforcement teams.


(2) Perfecting unified and high-efficiency culture market supervision structures.

First, establishing and completing legal and regulatory systems. Completely combing out present culture market laws and regulations, and according to the requirement of unified and comprehensive law enforcement, conducting legislation, revision and abolition work, fully achieving the effective linking of relevant laws and regulations.

Second, establishing and completing technological supervision and management structures. According to the principles of “overall planning, implementing in steps, nationwide networking, operation at different levels”, accelerating moving forward of nationwide culture market technological supervision and management platform construction. On this basis, progressively expanding the area, scope and functions of technological supervision and management, realizing the timely, dynamic and remote inspection and control of all culture market categories.

Third, establishing and completing social supervision structures. Perfecting the 12318 nationwide culture market reporting telephone system, as soon as possible realizing coverage of all regions and counties nationwide. Engaging “five seniors” personnel and social volunteers to assume the role of culture market volunteer supervising personnel, perfecting social supervision work mechanisms.


(3) Strengthening comprehensive culture market law enforcement teams’ specialization, standardization and informatization construction.

First, strengthening the specialization construction of comprehensive culture market law enforcement teams. It is necessary to formulate middle and long-term plans for local comprehensive law enforcement teams, clarify objectives, duties and steps on how to move forward comprehensive law enforcement team capacity construction, system construction, equipment construction, image construction and clean government construction. It is necessary to as soon as possible unify the law enforcement symbols, work clothing, law enforcement credentials of comprehensive culture market law enforcement teams nationwide, progressively raise comprehensive law enforcement teams’ specialization levels.

Second, strengthening comprehensive law enforcement teams’ basic construction. It is necessary to unify law enforcement symbols, law enforcement procedures and law enforcement documents. It is necessary to strengthen training work, in batches, by stages and by categories organize training classes, strive to use about three years, to conduct a complete training rotation once for nationwide comprehensive culture market law enforcement personnel, fostering a batch of specialist, composite and innovative professional backbones.

Third, strengthening comprehensive law enforcement teams’ informatization construction. It is necessary to establish comprehensive law enforcement databases, popularize comprehensive law enforcement business systems, accelerate comprehensive law enforcement electronic government services construction, fully utilize modern technology means, to progressively raise the informatization level of comprehensive law enforcement teams.


Comprehensive culture market law enforcement reform tasks are arduous, the mission is glorious. All levels’ administrative culture entities and comprehensive law enforcement organs must determinedly, according to the requirements of the “Opinions”, unrelentingly move forward comprehensive law enforcement reform, realistically take on the duties of safeguarding national cultural security and standardizing culture market order, strive to initiate a new dimension of culture market supervision and management work, making new and even larger contributions to stimulating the grand development and grand flourishing of culture.






























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