Cultural Industries Promotion Plan

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The 17th Party Congress has clearly put forward that it is necessary to vigorously develop public interest cultural undertakings, energetically develop cultural industries, set off all ethnicities’ cultural creation vitality, to more consciously and more actively promote great cultural development and great cultural flourishing. In order to implement the central spirit, simultaneously with attaching importance to developing public interest cultural undertakings, accelerating the promotion of the cultural industries, fully giving free rein to cultural industries’ important function in structural readjustment, expanding of internal demand, increasing employment, promoting development, integrating the present new circumstances dealing with the international financial crisis and the urgent need to reform and develop the cultural sphere, this Plan is formulated.

I, Accelerating the cultural industry promotion’s importance and urgency
The cultural industries are an important medium of making socialist culture flourish and develop under market conditions, are an important channel to satisfy the masses’ diverse, multi-level and many-faceted spiritual culture needs, and are also an important rallying point for promoting economic structural adjustment, and transforming the economic development method. Since the 16th Party Congress, the Party Central Committee, and the State Council have given high attention to developing the cultural industries, and have adopted a number of policy steps, to deeply move cultural system reform forward, accelerate and promote cultural industry development. State-owned commercial culture work units transferring into enterprises have obtained important progress, and has made a batch of cultural enterprises and enterprise groups having relatively strong power and competitiveness emerge, cultural industry scale is progressively expanded, the beginning of a cultural industry structure jointly developed with public ownership system as the centre, together with many kinds of ownership systems has been shaped. The pace of cultural industries “stepping out” has accelerated, cultural import and export trade deficits have progressively decreased, and our country’s cultural industry’s international competitiveness is strengthened incessantly. Generally speaking, our country’s cultural sector displays the desirable situation of being healthy, on the advance and developing prosperously, and is in the process of becoming an important engine of promoting the great development and great flourishing of socialist culture and a growth point for economic development.

At the same time it is necessary to notice that our country’s cultural industry development level is not yet high, its vitality is not yet strong, it is not yet adapted to the masses’ daily increasing spiritual needs, it is not yet adapted to the daily more perfect socialist market economy system, it is not yet adapted to the swift development and broad application of modern science and technology, it is not yet adapted to the circumstances of our country’s incessantly larger opening up to the outside world. At present, the bottom of the international financial crisis is not yet in view, which has large influence on cultural sector development, but difficulties and challenges contain new opportunities and advantageous conditions, culture has an opposing and adjusting function, facing economic decline, the cultural industries have the characteristic of being an exceptional case, this had brought about a critical juncture for creative cultural structures and mechanisms, enlarging and strengthening the cultural industries. It is necessary to grasp opportunities, and energetically promote the cultural sector, to contribute to “guaranteeing growth, enlarging internal demand, structural adjustment, spurring reform, benefiting people’s livelihood”.

II, Guiding ideology, basic principles and planning objectives
(1) Guiding ideology. Completely implementing the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, persisting in taking Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important though of the “Three Represents” as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, closely centring on all cultural industry development objectives and tasks determined in the “National ’11th Five-Year Plan’ Period Cultural Development Planning Scheme” and the present cultural structure reform focus, energetically fostering market subjects, accelerating development methods of transforming cultural industries, further liberating and developing cultural production power, realistically safeguarding our country’s cultural security, promoting cultural industry development to be both good and quick, making cultural industry fostering a growth point in the national economy.

(2) Basic principles. Persisting in putting social interest first, endeavouring to realize the unification of social interest and economic interest; persisting in taking structural reform and technological progress as impetus, strengthening the cultural industries’ development vitality, raising cultural creation ability; persisting in walking the road of cultural industry development with Chinese characteristics, studying and learning from excellent world cultures, vigorously promoting the flourishing and development of Chinese ethnic culture; persisting in taking restructuring as main thread, accelerating promotion of major projects and programmes, expanding industry scale, strengthening the cultural industries’ comprehensive power and competitiveness; persisting in domestic and foreign simultaneous development, vigorously opening up the domestic and international cultural markets, strengthening the influence of Chinese culture on the international level.

(3) Planning objectives. Completing commercial cultural work units’ system transformation into enterprises, further perfection of cultural market subjects, further strengthening of vitality, incessant expansion of cultural industry scale, promotion of giving more rein to the function and effect to economic and social development.
1, Further perfection of cultural market subjects. According to the principles of creating systems, transforming systems, facing the market and strengthening vitality, basically completing commercial cultural work units’ system transformation into enterprises, further perfecting cultural market subjects, further strengthening vitality.

2, Further optimization of the cultural industry structure. Clearly strengthening focal sectors’ and programmes’ pulling function to culture, industries such as cultural creation, film and television production, publishing and distribution, printing and duplication, advertising, performing arts and entertainment, cultural exhibitions, digital content and cartoons, etc., gaining relatively quick development, obtaining important progress with capital as the link for moving cultural enterprises mergers and reorganization forward, striving to form a batch of backbone cultural enterprises and enterprise groups of which the operations cross sectors and regions, having relatively strong market competitiveness, of which the output value exceeds 10 billion.

3, Further raising cultural creation ability. Cultural systems and mechanisms creation obtaining substantial progress, clearly strengthening cultural industry development vitality, shaping the first stages of a cultural creation system with enterprises as the centre, the market as guidance, mutual integration of industry, learning and research, further raising cultural original creation ability, giving extensive application to digitalization and networked technology, clearly raising cultural enterprise equipment levels and technological content.

4, Further completing modern cultural market systems. Giving even more rein to the basic function of the market in cultural resource distribution, reasonably letting cultural products and essential production factors move, further development of town and county cultural markets, modern circulation organization and circulation forms to further become important functions in the cultural circulation area, incessant expansion of the cultural consumption area, clearly expanding the proportion of town and county resident in consumption patterns.

5, Further increasing cultural product and services export. Shaping the first stages of a batch of foreign-oriented backbone cultural enterprises and international famous brands, further expanding foreign-related cultural trade channels and networks, substantially enlarging cultural products and services export, clearly reducing the cultural trade deficit, becoming a focal growth point of our country’s services trade and export.

III, Focal duties
At present and in the coming period, it is necessary to strive to perform good work in the following eight aspects.

(1) Developing focal cultural industries. Taking industries such as cultural creation, film and television production, publication and distribution, printing and duplication, advertising, performance and entertainment, cultural exhibitions, digitalization content and cartoons, etc., as focal points, enlarging the level of support, completing industrial policy systems, realizing leapfrogging development. Cultural creative industries must emphasize development of industries such as cultural science and technology, music production, art creation, cartoons and gaming, etc., strengthening influence and driving force, hauling corresponding service sectors’ and manufacturing industries’ development. Film and television production must raise the production power of films, television dramas and television programmes, enlarge film and television production, distribution, screening and post-production development, satisfying many kinds of media and many kinds of termini’s requirements to digital film and television content. The publishing sector must promote industrial structure readjustment and upgrading, accelerate the digital publishing transformation from mainly depending on traditional paper medium publications to publications in many kinds of media. The publications distribution sector must vigorously develop interregional, intersectoral and inter-ownership system operation, shaping a number of large-scale distribution groups, raising overall strength and competitiveness. The printing and duplication centre must develop high-technology printing, colour printing, establishing a number of printing and duplication bases with each their characteristics and with advanced technology. The performing arts sector must accelerate the shaping of a batch of large-scale performing arts groups, strengthen performance network establishment. The cartoon sector must strive to forge internationalized cartoon images and brands that are deeply welcomed by the audience, shaping an important growth point for the cultural industries.

(2) Implementing a major programme spurring strategy. Taking cultural enterprises at the centre, enlarging the degree of policy support, fully mustering forces from all aspects of society, accelerating the establishment of a batch of major cultural industry programmes having major demonstration effects and industrial pulling function. Continuously promoting major cultural establishment programmes such as the domestic cartoon promotion project, the national digital film production base establishment project, multimedia databases and economic information platforms, the “China Character Library” project, the national “Intellectual Property Resources Database” publication project, etc. Choosing a batch of major programmes having implementation conditions to give support.

(3) Fostering backbone cultural enterprises. Striving to foster a batch of backbone cultural enterprises having strength and influence, strengthening our country’s cultural industry’s overall strength and international influence. Persisting in government guidance, market functioning, scientific planning, reasonable deployment, choosing a batch of culture enterprises or enterprise groups with good maturity and strong competitiveness from the cultural industries, enlarging the degree of policy support, promoting alliances or groupings across regions and across sectors, as quickly as possible expanding enterprise scale, raising the level of operation intensification, promoting resource integration and structural adjustment in the cultural area. Encouraging and guiding cultural enterprises meeting conditions to look towards the financial market for capital, fostering a batch of strategic investors in the cultural area, realizing low cost expansion, further enlarging and strengthening.

(4) Accelerating cultural industry parks and bases establishment. Strengthening overall planning over cultural industry park and base deployment, persisting in standards, breaking through in characteristics, raising levels, promoting reasonable deployment of all sorts of resources and industrial job division. To industry parks and bases conforming to planning, granting support in aspects such as basic infrastructure, land use, fiscal administration, etc. Establishing a number of regional cultural product logistics centres radiating nationwide, establishing a batch of industry demonstration bases in cultural creation, film and television production, publication and distribution, printing and duplication, performing arts and entertainment, cartoons, etc., supporting and accelerating the development of cultural industry groups having regional and ethnic characteristics.

(5) Expanding industrial consumption. Incessantly adapting to the present new developments and new aesthetic requirements of town and country residents’ consumption patterns, innovating cultural products and services, raising cultural consumption consciousness, fostering new consumption hotspots. Strengthening original creation of original products, forging a batch of famous cultural brands having core competitiveness. Vigorously lowering costs, providing a rich and diverse range of spiritual culture products and services at reasonable prices. Developing service-related consumption integrated with culture such as education and training, fitness, travel, leisure, etc., spurring corresponding industrial development.

(6) Establishing a modern cultural market system. Establishing and perfecting a cultural products market and cultural element market in all categories, promoting the reasonable mobility of cultural products and production factors. Focusing on establishment of cultural transmission channels with quick transmission and broad coverage. Developing art and performance venue chains, promoting the chain operation of performance venues in main cities. Supporting cultural ticket service network establishment nationwide. Moving cable television network integration forward, encouraging regional integration an interregional operation if radio and television networks through methods such as mergers, grouping, etc. Moving forward interregional integration of cinema chains and digital cinema chains as well as establishment and transformation of digital cinemas. Supporting State-owned publishing and distribution enterprises to implement interregional mergers and grouping through financial ties. Encouraging non-public capital to enter in areas such as cultural innovation, television and film production, performing arts and entertainment, cartoons, etc. Supporting priority selection and use of cultural facilities and products with indigenous intellectual property rights and high product quality levels.

(7) Developing new cultural industry attitudes. Adopting high technology such as digital and network technology, etc, energetically promoting cultural industry upgrading. Supporting development mobile media radio and television, network radio and television, digital multimedia broadcast, mobile telephone radio and television, developing added value services such as mobile cultural information services, digital entertainment products, etc., providing content services for all sorts of convenient display terminals. Accelerating radio and television transmission and film screening digitalization projects. Vigorously moving forward the construction of next-generation radio and television network, giving rein to core technology development such as 3rd generation mobile communication networks, broadband optical connection networks, etc., accelerating key technological equipment transformation and renewal.

(8) Expanding foreign-related cultural trade. Implementing preferential State polices encouraging and supporting export of cultural products and services, giving support in aspects such as market opening, technological innovation, customs passage, etc. Formulating the “National Culture Export Focal Enterprises and Programmes Catalogue in 2009 – 2010”, shaping long-term mechanisms encouraging and supporting cultural product and service export. Focusing on supporting export of products and services having ethnic characteristics such as cultural art, exhibitions, films, television dramas, cartoons, network games, publications, ethnic music, dance and acrobatics, etc., grasping international commercial network establishment. Supporting cultural products such as cartoons, network games, electronic publications, etc., to enter international markets. Encouraging cultural enterprises to use many kinds of ways such as wholly-owned, joint venture, holding and share purchasing, to initiate cultural entities abroad, establishing cultural product commercial network points, realizing landing and operation. Organizing national focus supported cultural exhibitions, promoting cultural product and service export through the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, the China International Radio, Film and Television Fair, the Beijing International Book Fair, etc. Supporting cultural enterprises to participate in international large-scale exhibitions and cultural activities such as book fairs, film and television fairs, art festivals, etc.

IV, Policy steps
(1) Lowering entry thresholds. Implementing relevant state regulations concerning non-public capital and foreign capital entering the cultural industries, according to the different sorts of the cultural industries, through many channels such as wholly owned, joint venture and cooperation, vigorously absorbing social capital and foreign capital to enter in cultural industry spheres approved by policies, participating in State-owned cultural enterprises’ share holding system transformation, shaping a cultural industry setup with the public-owned systems as the main part, developing together with many kinds of ownership systems.

(2) Enlarging political input. All central and local levels’ People’s Governments must enlarge input into the cultural industries, through means such as lending and interest discount, programme subsidies, capital supplementing, etc., supporting national-level cultural industry base establishment, supporting cultural industry focal programmes and interregional integration, supporting State-owned or controlled cultural enterprise shareholding system reform, supporting research and development of new products and new technologies in the cultural area. Supporting a large quantity of cultural product and service export. Substantially enlarging the central financial administrations’ “Special Development Fund Supporting Cultural Industries” and special funds for cultural structural reform, incessantly enlarging support strength for cultural industry development and cultural structural reform.

(3) Implementing fiscal policies. Implementing the policies relevant to preferential taxation in the “State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Printing and Distribution of the Two Regulations on Commercial Cultural Undertaking Work Unit Transforming Into Enterprises in Cultural Structural Reform and Supporting Cultural Enterprise Development”, researching and determining the concrete scope of cultural industry supporting technology, enlarging fiscal support strength, supporting cultural industry development.

(4) Enlarging financial support. Encouraging the banking sector and financial organs to expand financial support strength to cultural enterprises. Vigorously initiating and encouraging guarantee and re-guarantee organs to powerfully develop lending guarantee professional assortment supporting cultural industry development and cultural enterprises “stepping out”. Supporting cultural enterprises meeting conditions to enter into the financial market on the main board or the establishment board, encouraging cultural enterprises already on the market to conduct mergers and acquisitions through financial methods such as public offering, private offering, etc., to speedily enlarge and strengthen. Supporting cultural enterprises meeting conditions to distribute enterprises bonds.

(5) Establishing Chinese cultural industry investment bases. According to relevant management rules, through central financial administration investment guidance, absorbing State-owned backbone cultural enterprise, large-scale State-owned enterprise and financial organ subscriptions. Funding to be managed through specialized organs, implementing market operation, through methods such as shareholding and investment, etc., promoting resource grouping and restructuring, promoting realization of the objectives of the State cultural development strategy.

V, Guaranteeing conditions
(1) Strengthening organizational guidance. All levels’ local People’s Governments must, according to the requirements of the scientific development view, realistically including implementation of the “Plan” into the important matters agenda, bringing the objectives and tasks put forward in the “Plan” into the general planning for economic and social development, establishing corresponding examination, appraisal and job responsibility systems, to act as important content for appraising local development levels, evaluating development quality and guiding cadre work achievements. Administrative culture controlling entities, under the coordination and guidance of Party Committee Propaganda Departments, concretely organize implementation, relevant entities shall closely cooperate, guaranteeing the implementation of all matters put forward in the “Plan”.

(2) Deepening cultural structural reform. Through deepening cultural structural reform, further liberating and developing cultural production strength, setting off the cultural creative vitality of the entire society. It is necessary to closely grasping this central link of transformation into enterprises and remoulding market subjects, accelerate the promotion of publications and distribution work units to transform into enterprises and merge and reorganize, accelerating film production, distribution and screening work units, and art venue groups to transfer into enterprises and reform structurally, grasping well the separate reform of Party newspapers and periodical distribution systems and radio and television programme broadcast. Energetically promoting administrative management system reform and government function transformation, establishing unified and high-efficiency comprehensive cultural market law enforcement organs.

(3) Fostering cultural industry talent. Continuously grasping the talent-fostering project of “one batch with four points” in the cultural system, striving to strengthen fostering of leading personnel and all sorts of specialized talent. Continuously arranging commercial management personnel training classes, fostering a batch of talents who know the principles of market economics well, and understand commerce and good management. Attracting excellent talents in areas such as economics, finance, science and technology, etc., to enter the cultural industry area. Stressing the attraction of foreign high-end talents in cultural creativity, research and development, management, etc., providing a strong and powerful talent guarantee for our country’s cultural industry development.

(4) Strengthening legislation work. Further completing the legal system, according to the law, strengthening standardized management of cultural industry development. Perfecting our country’s intellectual property rights protection system, strictly attacking all sorts of pirating and infringing activities, promoting the construction of State cultural creativity ability.



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