Guiding Opinion on Further Stimulating Press and Publications Industry Development

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GAPPPD No. (2010)1

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publication bureaus, Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publication Bureau, Liberation Army’s General Political Department Propaganda Department Press and Publication Bureau, all departments and directly subordinate work units of Administration organs, all social organizations managed by the Administration:

In order to deepen the implementation of the scientific development view, implement the State “Cultural Industries Promotion Plan”, in accordance with the transformation of economic development methods and adjustment of the economic system put forward by the Central Committee, the need to raise economic development quality and productivity, fully develop important functions of the press and publications industry such as the consolidation of the public opinion position, transmit Chinese culture, foster ethnic spirits, raise the quality of the citizens, stimulate economic growth, stimulate social progress, strengthen comprehensive national power, etc., the development of the press and publication industry must be further stimulated, and the following opinions are put forward.

I press and publication industry development situation and opportunities

(1) Since reform and development, the press and publication industry has developed rapidly. Especially since the 16th Party Congress, the pp system reform has seen substantial breakthroughs and major progress, market subjects have progressively taken shape, industry scale has speedily expanded, the industrial structure becomes more reasonable every day, international competitiveness strengthens incessantly, the press and publication industry is a sunrise sector with high scientific and technological content, low consumption of natural resources, little environmental pollution, a broad sphere of involvement, long industry chains, low inputs, high outputs and good development potential, and has already become an important constituent part of the national industry, a new growth point of industrial development and a focal point of industrial restructuring and readjustment, and displays an ever more important position and function in the larger picture of the overall composition of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the comprehensive construction of a well-off society strategy.

(2) At present, our country’s press and publication industry is still in the beginning stages of development, the basis is relatively weak, the scale is relatively small, its power relatively weak, and its competitive power not strong. This mainly shows in: an industrial structure trending towards uniformity, the degree of concentration is low, the disposition of resources is not incompletely reasonable, market departments and regions are separated, resources are scattered and regional barriers are still grave, the transition from traditional business opinions to new business opinions is slow, the innovative power of enterprises is insufficient, the unfavourable foreign trade balance is still relatively large, talented personnel and team building and operational management levels etc., are not yet suited for press and publication industry development needs. It is necessary to assiduously walk a sustainable development road conform the cultural construction rules and the needs of the construction of a socialist spiritual society, adapted to the system of a socialist market economy, optimizing structures, relatively speedily, with well-rounded social benefit and economic benefit, incessantly raising the quality of the complete industry, through grasping development.

(3) The press and publication industry development is now in a period or important strategic opportunities, and possesses good conditions for achieving great developments at a new historical beginning. The 17th Party Congress promoted the strategic plan for great socialist culture development and flourishing, and has put forward new and higher requirements to press and publication industry development; The whole arrangement of socialism with Chinese characteristics undertakings developing “four as one”, has shown the important position of the press and publication industry; the people’s living level incessantly goes up, cultural consumption grows rapidly, new socialist rural culture is constructed, expanding the space for press and publication industry development; the smooth progress of the press and publications system, the implementation of the “Cultural Industries Promotion Plan”, has provided intrinsic impetus to press and publication industry development. The swift development of new high technologies, especially communication technologies, has provided favourable conditions and a broad prospect for press and publication industry innovation in business thinking and realizing strategic industry reform; the incessant perfection of the capital market has provided opportunities for press and publications enterprises; China’s daily increasing international position as well as the incessantly growing influence of Chinese culture, have created conditions for press and publication industry “walking out”; all levels’ party committees’ and governments’ high attention has provided strong thought guarantees and organization guarantees for press and publication industry development.

II, Guiding thoughts, principal requirements and main goals of promoting press and publication industry development

(4) The guiding thoughts of promoting press and publication industry development are: taking Deng Xiaoping theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implement a scientific view of development, raising high the banner of centring on the big picture, serving the people, reforming and innovation, continuously guiding thought, persisting in reform and opening up, stimulating scientific development, promoting social harmony, taking development as the first task from beginning to end, establishing a new press and publications development view, break through in strategic focal points, make clear the main directions of attack, deal concurrently with the present and the long term, endeavour to transform development methods, endeavour to stimulate industrial innovation, enlarge subjects, strengthen business, realistically liberate and develop press and publications production power, forcefully stimulate the press and publications industry to develop both well and quickly.

(5) The principal requirements for stimulating press and publication industry development are: the necessity to persist in holding social benefit as the highest criterion, firmly grasp the advanced direction of socialist advanced culture; the necessity to persist in taking people as the basis, fully respecting the dominant role and creative spirit of the masses, incessantly satisfy the masses’ daily growing multi-level, diverse and many-sided spiritual culture needs; the necessity to persist in transforming development methods, optimizing industrial structure, further lowering press and publications enterprises’ production energy consumption and pollution discharge, raise press and publications development quality and benefit; the necessity to persist in breaking the closed patterns of separation of departments and regions, regional barriers, separation between town and counties, exert effort in constructing a unified and open, competitive and ordered, healthy and flourishing large market; the necessity to persist in opening up to the outside world, enlarge the power of “walking out”, incessantly raising the international dissemination power and influence of Chinese culture; the necessity to persist in developing with one hand and managing with one hand, and to create a healthy and orderly market environment for the press and publication industry; the necessity to persist in holding the Party’s leadership as basic guarantee, ensure that the Party manages public opinion, the Party manages cadres, the Party manages talented personnel, to accomplish respect for labour, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation, to develop the zeal, initiative and creativity of those working in press and publications to the largest limit.

(6) The main goals of stimulating press and publication industry development are: assiduously perfect all duties entrusted to press and publication industry development for the complete construction of a well-of society. A clear rise of press and publication production power, press and publication industry development speed higher than the development speed of GDP in the same period, progressively raise the proportion taken up in the national economy, do everything possible to, before the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, realize press and publication industry growth of quadruple the value of 2006. Basically complete press and publication industry restructuring, industry, product and enterprise structure should be even more rationalized, industrial area distribution and regional economy social development should be brought into line, press and publications products and service should be even more enriched, enterprises’ initiative in innovative power and the application level of high technology should be raised, shaping a batch of backbone press and publication enterprises utilizing self-developed intellectual property rights, famous brands as well as relatively strong international competitive power. Burgeoning industrial prosperity development, development level and speed of strategic burgeoning areas such as digital publication, network publication, mobile publication etc, should reach and advanced world level. Basic establishment of modern transmission systems for a unified and open, competitive and ordered, healthy and prospering modern publications market system and technological advancement, complete coverage, speedy transmission. Basic reversal of the press and publications products and services’ export deficit situation, substantially raise the international dissemination power and influence of Chinese culture.

III, the main duties of stimulating press and publication industry development.

(7) Developing the traditional publishing industry of paper media such as books, newspapers, and periodicals. Supporting press and publication enterprises in organizing planning and publishing even more excellent spiritual culture products close to reality, close to life, close to the masses, producing even more ideological, artistic, readable and well rounded originally created excellent works and masterpieces. Encouraging press and publication enterprises to innovate the form of paper media and reading matter, vigorously developing paper media bodies, audio books, raising traditional paper media publications’ attractiveness. Breaking publishing carriers’ limits, on many publication platforms engaging in deep development and processing of publications’ content, realizing one-time production, multimedia distribution. Supporting press and publication enterprises to vigorously adopt digital, network e.a. high technology and modern production methods, transform the traditional methods of creation, production and dissemination. Speed up the modern publishing industry transformation from mainly relying on paper media publication products to many kinds of media publication coexisting.

(8) Development of digital publications e.a. non-paper media strategic burgeoning publication sectors. Vigorously stimulating audiovisual products, electronic publications enterprises to transfer to digitalization and network. Vigorously developing strategic burgeoning press and publication attitudes such as digital publishing, network publishing, mobile publishing etc., characterized by digitalized content, digitalized production and digitalized transmission. Supporting press and publication enterprises to use the Internet as platform, to use forms such as writing and images, audio, video, etc., conducting comprehensive, three-dimensional and deep development uses for publications content resources. Supporting the technological development use and industrialization of press and publication media such as electronic paper, readers, etc., raising digital reading equipment quality, ease of use as well as level of copyright protection.

(9) Developing the cartoon and game publication industry. Accelerating the development of nationalities’ cartoon publication industry, especially encouraging the publication of products such as network and electronic games, raising the development of nationalities’ cartoon and games quantity and quality. Encouraging and supporting excellent original cartoon and game works as well as their related personnel and work unit, energetically sustaining nationalities’ original cartoon and game products, training nationalities’ original cartoon and game leaders. Encouraging development translation into minority languages and publication work of excellent original cartoon and game products. Stimulating deep development and use of cartoon and game publishing resources, incessantly raising the added value of publication products.

(10) Developing the printing and duplication industries. Consolidating and expanding printing and duplication industries such as publications printing, packaging and mounted printed matter printing, other printed matter printing and duplication of read-only optical discs, recordable optical disc production, etc. Enlarging printing and duplication industry restructuring strength, promoting printing and duplication industry upgrade and change. Encouraging printing and duplication enterprises to vigorously adopt digital and network technology transform production processes and existing equipment. Implementing digital printing and printed digitalization projects, stimulating development of quick, responsive, high-efficiency, individualized digital printing. Stimulating printing industries to transform from a purely processing service type to a modern service type raising added information value. Supporting a new generation of high-capacity optical disc development and industrialization. Encouraging printing enterprises upstream and downstream to jointly explore research, development and function of new materials and technologies such as paper recycling, etc., energetically developing green printing. It is necessary to utilize methods such as protecting the environment, technological standards, industrial and financial policies, etc., towards high-energy consumption and high waste backward capacities, and determinedly eliminate them.

(11) Developing the press and publications circulation and logistics industries. Strengthening large-scale modern press and publications circulation organization construction characterized by cross-regional chain business, informatization management and modern logistics, focus on fostering a batch of national and regional modern press and publications circulation enterprises and enterprise group breaking through in business and radiating strength. Vigorously supporting construction of rural press and publications markets and chain network points, establishing press and publication industry circulation networks having large cities as centre and completed by middle and small cities, and linking up town and country. Constructing publications circulation information platforms, unifying information standards, connecting communication channels within the press and publication industries, integrating distribution channels, raising circulation efficiency. Stimulating new network transaction technology, forging national unified network transaction platforms. Encouraging press and publications circulation and logistics enterprises to develop electronic business, stimulating integration of the goods network and the Internet. Encouraging press and publication logistics enterprises to raise third-party logistics services.

IV, Main steps in promoting press and publication industry development

(12) Deepening press and publication industry structural reform, forging conform market subjects and backbone enterprises. According to the Central Committee’s requirements and deployment concerning cultural structural reform and the “General Administration of Press and Publications Guiding Opinion Concerning Further Stimulation of Press and Publications Structural Reform”, vigorously stimulating commercial press and publications work unit transformation and reform, establishing and completing structures governed by legal persons, implementing share-holding system reform, training conform market subjects. Combining deepening reform with restructuring of systems, accelerating enterprise merger and reorganization and resource integration, encouraging press and publications resources advanced integration in areas such as education, science and technology, hygiene, finance and economics, culture, etc., encouraging relatively strong local press and publications enterprises to advance resource integration, shape a batch of regionally integrated groups and professional discipline groups with correct guidance, professional excellence, abundant strength, standardized management, high-efficiency functioning and core competitive power. Encouraging and supporting press and publications backbone enterprises in crossing media, crossing sector, crossing regions, crossing borders and crossing ownership systems, within three to five years, focusing on training six to seven domestic first-class, internationally known large scale press and publication enterprises with assets exceeding 10 billion and sales exceeding 10 billion, diligently forging international press and publication groups having international competitive power. At the same time, vigorously fostering a batch of modern “specialized, essential, special, new” press and publications enterprises walking a content-related path. Encouraging press and publication enterprises with ripe conditions to go on the financial market .

(13) Applying high technology, stimulating press and publication industry development method transformation and restructuring. Accelerating the spread of high technology such as applied information technology, digital technology, etc., establishing press and publications technology innovation systems guided by policy, guaranteed by investment, with enterprises as the main part, supported by new platforms, guided by market demand. It is necessary to raise press and publication content innovation force and level through technology, enrich press and publication industry production methods and press and publications products outward appearance, expand press and publication dissemination channels. Focusing on supporting development and application of press and publication industry grasping technology such as spoken and written language technology, sound technology, graph and image technology, content collection and processing technology, knowledge organization and management technology, coordination and editing management technology, etc. Incessantly raising press and publications area technology content and equipment level, encouraging and supporting press and publications enterprises to apply high technology and advanced applied technology to transform traditional production methods and infrastructure equipment.

(14) Implementing major programme construction, spurring press and publication industry development. Through implementing a batch of major strategic, leading and driving press and publications programmes , accelerating and promoting industrial and product upgrading, raising enterprise and product market competitiveness. Grasping the juncture of the State increasing investment in press and publications undertakings, enlarging the strength of organizations implementing major public service projects, such as major State publication projects, the ethnic press and publications “East Wind Project”, rural family library projects, all-people reading projects and cultural environmental projects, etc., stimulating basic public service equalization, stimulating press and publication industry orderly and speedy development. Accelerating organization of implementation of important programmes such as State knowledge resource databases, State digital composite publication systems, digital copyright protection technology development projects, the China character database project, the State cartoon promotion project, digital newspaper business, State focus learning periodical construction projects, etc., strengthening press and publications enterprises’ international competitiveness.

(15) Establishing press and publications industry chains, industrial parks and industrial bases, developing industrial centralization superiority. Encouraging all localities in integrating local economic and social development plans, optimizing industrial collection environments, utilizing superior press and publications resources, breaking through with industrial features, raising industrial concentration and the level of specialization and cooperation, construct press and publication industry chains, industrial parks and industrial bases according to plan, stimulate industry zones’ coordinated development. Focus on developing industrial zones and bases for ethnic minorities’ language publishing, digital publishing, copyright creativity, etc., vigorously promote State-level industrial zones and bases construction. Encourage regions such as the southwest and northwest, etc., to develop a publishing industry group with distinctive boundaries and ethnic characteristics. Supporting construction of a belt of distinguished printing and duplication industry around the Pearl River Delta, the Changjiang Delta and the region around the Bohai, etc., vigorously develop the printing industry in the northeast, stimulate the development and rise of the central regions’ printing industry.

(16) Developing modern market systems, fully developing the fundamental function of the market in the distribution of resources. Breaking the market structure of separation between departments and regions, regional barriers and the gap between city and countryside, accelerating the formation of a unified and open press and publications market system. Abundantly utilizing national and regional property transaction systems, setting up a transaction platform for orderly and effective flow for needs such as press and publication capital, property, personnel, information, technology, etc. Fostering intermediary market organs such as copyright agents, publishing managers, etc., raising the marketization process of press and publication products and services. Vigorously forging development of communication platforms for press and publications industries, supporting de organization of development conferences such as the National Book Trade Exhibition. Under the condition of permission by State policies, fully utilizing multiple channels for enterprise financing such as distribution of enterprise bonds, attraction of domestic and foreign strategic investment, entering the capital market, etc. Launching strategic cooperation with State-owned banks and corresponding financial organs, accelerating establishment and development of middle and small press and publication enterprises credit guarantee systems, permitting investors to use estimated valuation of intangible assets such as intellectual property rights to issue capital to organize new press and publication enterprises, strive for a desirable financial environment for industrial development.

(17) Guiding and standardizing non-public assets’ orderly input into the press and publications industries, liberate and develop the production power of the burgeoning culture. According to the spirit of the “Central Committee, State Council Some Opinions Concerning Deepening Cultural System Reform” and the State’s “Cultural Industries Promotion Plan”, etc., encouraging, supporting and guiding non-public asses in many ways to enter areas permitted by policy. Encouraging and supporting non-public owned cultural enterprises to engage in business activities relevant to the press and publication industry, such as printing, distribution, etc. Guiding and standardizing non-public cultural enterprises established by household and private capital investments through means such as content supply, project coordination, act as one department of a State-owned publications enterprise, etc., and orderly participate in specialized book publishing activities such as science, finance, textbooks, music and art, children’s literature, etc. Encouraging and supporting non-public cultural enterprises to expand into the foreign press and publications market. Strengthening and improving service, diligently create a desirable policy environment and fair competition opportunities for the speedy and healthy development of non-public cultural enterprises

V, Stimulating the press and publications industry to “walk out”

(18) Enlarging support for the strength of press and publications products’ foreign trade, copyright export, cooperative publications. Supporting press and publication enterprises to integrate their own advantages and specialities, produce even more press and publications products suitable for foreign markets, and then entering overseas markets in different ways. Supporting press and publication enterprises to utilize advanced scientific results and innovative products, expanding dissemination channels, strengthening the influence of Chinese culture. Supporting press and publication enterprises to utilize export credit and financial products provided by financial organs, vigorously develop export and foreign trade professions. Grasp the implementation of work corresponding to State focal cultural export enterprises and projects. Continue to implement the “Classic China” international publications project, the planning of mutual Sino-foreign book translation , the “walking out” project of Chinese audiovisual products, the foreign stimulation for Chinese books plan.

(19) Supporting press and publications enterprises from all sorts of ownership systems to invest in initiating entities abroad. Supporting press and publication enterprises meeting requirements to set up publishing houses, offices and factories or stores abroad thought means such as new establishment, acquisition, cooperation, etc, realizing the landing and localization of press and publication enterprises. Granting support in aspects such as policy, resources, information, service, etc., to foreign investment conforming to the provisions of the State Catalogue for Export Guidance.

(20) Fully developing the function of international cooperation networks and platforms. Encouraging press and publication enterprises to cooperate with well-known international culture producers, managers, business and sale organs, establishing market business and sales networks and business and sales teams focusing on Europe and America, the surrounding countries and the regions Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, create new market business and sales means and methods. Supporting press and publication enterprises to participate in large-scale international exhibitions and cultural activities such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, forging international publishing and copyright transaction platform having important influence, such as the Beijing International Book Fair, etc., developing its vigorous function in foreign promotion of cultural products and services.

(21) Services provides to press and publication industry “walking out”. Establishing general “walking out” planning and strategic objectives, on the basis of publications and copyright “walking out”, realizing press and publication industry “walking out”, brand “walking out”, capital “walking out”. Establishing overseas publications promotion centres, implementing the translation personnel bank project. Strengthening the construction of information platforms, perfecting the publications import and export statistics system, finish the statistical analysis of press and publications products, services trade and focal enterprises, timely providing international publications market information to press and publication enterprises. Strengthening relevant State cultural market and policy environment research, help press and publication enterprises to expand into overseas markets.

VI, Policies and organizational guarantees for press and publication industry development

(22) Strengthening press and publication industry development planning work, raising macroeconomic regulation levels. Completely grasping domestic and foreign economic terrain transformation, wholly planning grasping of the ideological properties and industrial properties of the press and publication industry, at the same time as ensuring completion of all objectives and duties of the “Press and publications sector “10-1-5″ development plan”, scientifically organizing the press and publications sector “10-1-5-” development plan, bringing press and publication industry development into the State economic and societal development planning. Strengthening guidance over important industrial projects, establishing press and publication industry programme databases. Formulate and promulgate guiding catalogues for press and publication industry development and investment.

(23) Implementing all favourable policies stimulating press and publication industry development. Using a number of favourable State policies supporting cultural work unit transformation and cultural enterprise development well and fully, formulating and implementing complete sets of policies relevant to supporting press and publication industry development together with relevant departments, fully developing the guidance, encouragement and guarantee functions of policies towards press and publication industry development.

(24) Enlarge press and publication industry development input. Vigorously striving for all levels of financial administration support, using means such as interest discount, subsidies, rewards, etc., to support press and publication industry development. Using special financial administration finds, such as the special propagation of cultural development fund, , the State publication fund, the special people’s literature publications, the special rural library project fund, the special development fund supporting cartoon industry development, the special “walking out” find, etc., Strengthening financial administration fund management and use, raising fund use efficiency.

(25) Scientifically distribute press and publications resources. To press and publication enterprises developing cross-regions, to excellent press and publication industries, to regions with a large degree of reform and high development speed, granting priority distribution and policy incline concerning publications resources. According to the requirements of press and publication industry development, synthesizing distribution of publications resources such as books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products, electronic publications, network publications and mobile publications, resolving the problem of restrictions of industry development brought about by publication rights partitioning.

(26) Completing the fundamental work for press and publication industry development. Strengthening press and publications standardization work, firmly grasping press and publications standards system construction, especially grasping new standard system research and implementation of burgeoning business attitudes such as digital publication, etc. Strengthening publications informatization construction work, constructing functioning platforms and work systems beneficial to sectoral resource centralization management and effective integration, such as book numbers, bar codes, print classification and statistics, yearly data, etc. Further strengthening and improving press and publications statistics work, timely issuing press and publications statistics reports.

(27) Competing the regulatory system and legal institutions guaranteeing press and publication industry development. According to the present situation of the current press and publications structural reform and industrial reform, further promoting the revision of the “Publishing Management Regulations”, “Audiovisual Products Management Regulations”, accelerating the formulation of regulations and standardizing documents such as the “Rules on Chinese Standard Book Numbers Application Management”, “Rules on Internet Gaming Publication Service Management”, “Rules on Basic Management of Basic State Publication Industrial Bases”, etc. Concentrating on guaranteeing and promoting press and publications industrial development, earnestly researching the perfection of related legal systems such as the publications work units legal person system, the access and withdrawal system, the controlling authority system, the new media publication services system, etc.

(28) Improving and optimizing the press and publications market environment. Implementing the “State Intellectual Property Rights Strategy Programme”, enlarging copyright protection force, exploring the establishment of scientifically reasonable digital copyright licensing and application systems under new technology conditions. Deepening the protracted launching of the “Sweeping Pornography, Beating Illegal” struggle, enlarging enforcement power, putting forth efforts to perfect and optimize press and publications market order. Strengthening sector trust system establishment, launching sincerity propaganda education and professional ethics education throughout the entire sector, and realistically promoting sectoral self-regulation. Strengthening Party-style honest government establishment and anti-corruption work, letting the “sectoral style” construction penetrate through the entire process of press and publication industry development, build an industry development environment of “doing business according to the law, lawbreakers must be dealt with, fair trade and honesty and trustworthiness”.

(29) Strengthening press and publication industry development personnel guarantees. Taking training of all sorts of leading press and publications personnel as a goal, wholly planning the grasping of guiding personnel, business managing personnel, specialized technological personnel, especially construction of composite personnel teams, bringing up a batch of famous writers, famous editors, famous journalist, professional technological experts and publishers and entrepreneurs. Accelerating personnel training and team training, establishing special personnel training funds, using means such as short-term training, open job tenders, attracting from outside the sector, etc., training, attracting and concentrating excellent personnel. Completing specialized press and publications technological personnel professional qualifications systems, using professional access and job access as handhold, incessantly raising basic personnel and team quality. Bringing personnel of non-public cultural organs into the sectoral personnel construction system, vigorously training and fully developing their functions. Innovate personnel incentive systems, perfect personnel promotion systems, perfect personnel flow systems, shape a systemic environment beneficial for all sorts of personnel to come to the fore.

(30) Completing and perfecting press and publication industry development guidance systems and work systems on all levels. All levels’ administrative press and publication entities must strengthen the responsibility consciousness of stimulating press and publication industry development, make explicit press and publication industry development guiding organs and work groups, be responsible for guidance, coordination, implementation of press and publication industry development work, ensuring that all objective, steps and policies reach substation points. Vigorously striving for local Party Committees, governments to take seriously and support local press and publication industry development, continuing to launch “provincial strategic cooperation”, vigorously stimulating press and publication industry development.

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