Copyright Self-Discipline Declaration for the Internet Sector of China

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In order to safeguard the lawful rights of holders of copyright and related rights, stimulate the healthy development of the Internet industry, and safeguard the social public interest, we hereby represent the Internet sector in making the following self-declaration to society:

I, Internet enterprises shall bear their due social responsibility, earnestly abide by and propagate State copyright laws and corresponding policies, resist acts of infringement and piracy, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders, and safeguard the healthy development and order of the Internet industry.

II, Persist in the principle of obtaining authorization before using works, do not disseminate works in any way without having obtained authorization from the copyright holder.

III, Strengthen supervision and management over network users’ uploading works, point out to users that they may not upload other persons’ works, prevent other persons from using information networks and platforms of corresponding work units to carry out unlawful acts of copyright infringement.

IV, Vigorously adopt technological measures that conform to generally recognized sector standards, prevent the occurrence of infringing acts. Technical measures shall be adopted to prevent users from uploading works for which administrative copyright management departments issue a notification or that are listed in notifications to bodies implementing this declaration, for which permission has not been obtained and that may not be disseminated; technical measures shall be adopted to prevent users from uploading audiovisual works that are still in public screening, or being broadcast.

V, Where users violate service agreements, do not listen to admonitions and repeatedly carry out unlawful acts of disseminations, measures such as removing the corresponding information, cessation of service, etc., are to be adopted, and reports shall be sent to the relevant controlling department.

VI, Earnestly deal with notifications from copyright and related rights holders, guarantee that measures to delete or block corresponding information can be adopted within 24 hours according to the law.

VII, Vigorously develop and apply copyright authentication and recognition systems, provide convenient channels for copyright holders to recognize copyrights and authorizations.

VIII, Vigorously communicate with rights holders and corresponding sector associations, jointly research the establishment of convenient new mechanisms for the authorization and use of works in the information network environment, stimulate the lawful dissemination of works.

IX, Vigorously cooperate with the daily supervision and management activities of administrative copyright management departments, and administrative law enforcement and inspections, safeguard a good network copyright protection order.

X, Establish information sharing mechanisms in the Internet industry, cease malicious lawsuits and acts of improper competition, maintain the healthy development of the Internet industry.



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