State Council Notice Concerning Issuing the “General Plan to Move Three-Network Integration Forward”

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GF No. (2010)5


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs:


Hereby, the “General Plan to Move Three-Network Integration Forward” (hereafter simply named General Plan) is issued to you, please earnestly implement it.


Moving forward three-network integration is a strategic plan of the Party Centre and the State Council, and is not only an important move in response to the international financial crisis in present and future periods, it is also an important task for fostering strategic burgeoning industries, and has important significance in simulating the development of the information industries, the cultural industries and social undertakings, raising the informatization level of the national economy and society, satisfying the popular masses’ daily diversifying production and life service needs, drawing domestic consumption, and shaping new economic growth points, all localities and all relevant entities must completely implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, take Deng Xiaoping theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implement the scientific development view, strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen coordination and cooperation, accelerate structural and mechanism reform, according to the objectives, tasks and policy measures determined in the “General Plan”, grasp the formulation of concrete implementation plans, and realistically grasp organization of implementation, guaranteeing the smooth conduct of three-network integration work.


21 January 2010

General Plan to Move Three-Network Integration Forward

According to the policies and plans of the Party Centre and the State Council concerning deepening reform in focus areas and the substantive progress made through vigorously moving forward three-network integration, in order to realistically accelerate and move forward three-network integration, further raise the informatization level of the national economy and society, promote the informatization of social management and public services, stimulate the development of the information industries, the cultural industries and social undertakings, satisfy the popular masses’ daily increasing material and cultural life needs, the following work plan is hereby formulated:


I, The importance of moving three-network integration forward.

Three-network integration refers to the fact that in the evolutionary process of telecommunications networks, radio and television networks and the Internet towards broadband telecommunications networks, digital television networks and next-generation Internet, their technological functioning tends to be similar, and the scope of business tends to be identical, networks are interconnected and resources are shared, which can provide many kinds of services such as voice and data services, radio and television, etc.,  to users. Three-network integration is a necessary trend in the development of modern information technology convergence, is an inherent need for further developing modern information industries and is a pressing need for the informatization of the national economy and society. Accelerating three-network integration is an important step in confronting the international financial crisis in the present and future periods, and is an important task in fostering strategic burgeoning industries, it benefits the speedy rise of national informatization levels, promoting information technology innovation and application, satisfying the popular masses’ daily diversifying production and life services needs, promoting domestic consumption, driving the development of corresponding industries and shaping new economic growth points; it benefits the even better participation in global information technology competition, racing to control the commanding heights of future information technology, and guaranteeing national network information security; it benefits innovation of propaganda methods, broadening the scope of propaganda and firmly grasping the battle positions in ideology and public opinion, stimulating the flourishing and prospering of Chinese culture and guaranteeing national cultural security.


The Party Centre and State Council give high regard to moving forward three-network integration work, and have brought three-network integration into national development strategy as an important task. In recent years, a number of cities’ radio and television stations and telecommunications enterprises have taken the lead in experimenting with launching network television, IPTV, mobile telephone television, mobile multimedia radio and television, cable television Internet access, etc., and have met with the welcome of the popular masses, this engendered positive economic interest and social interest, and has accumulated beneficial experiences for moving three-network integration forward in a larger scope and at higher levels. At present, our country already basically  possesses the technological conditions, network basis and market space for further developing three-network integration, accelerating moving three-network integration forward has already entered a key period. Policies for bidirectional access between radio and television, and telecommunications business remain to be perfected and implemented, reform of radio and television cable network operating organs transferring into enterprises has only just started, and market subjects operating uniformly nationwide have not yet been established, cable television digitization reform and telecommunications broadband network construction tasks are still very onerous, the problems of duplicate network construction and low application efficiency still await resolution, guaranteeing network information security and cultural management capacity under new circumstances still has to be raised. All localities and all relevant entities must realistically bring their thinking and action in line with the Central policies and plans, further strengthen their sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, gradually and in a planned way develop their work strongly, guaranteeing that three-network integration obtains substantive progress.


II, Guiding ideology and basic principles

(1) Guiding ideology.

Completely implementing the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, with Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, starting from the basic interests of the broad popular masses, forcefully moving the bidirectional access of radio and television, and telecommunications business forward, accelerating network upgrading and reform, and information technology innovation, intensifying the fostering and establishment of market subjects meeting qualifications, building competitive industrial structures, strengthening the construction of a legal, regulatory and policy system, promoting innovation in structures and mechanisms, stimulating the coordinated development of information industries, cultural industries and social undertakings; strengthening and improving network and information management work, completing and perfecting cultural, public opinion and propaganda management systems, guaranteeing network information security and cultural security; strengthening overall planning, fixing eyes upon long-term development, following the tracks of international advanced technology, determining a rational, advanced and suitable technological path, steadily moving all aspects of work, such as network construction, professional application, industrial development, supervision and management, etc., forward, exploring the establishment of three-network integration models conforming to our country’s circumstances, marching the path of three-network integration with Chinese characteristics, incessantly plucking up the popular masses’ daily increasing material and cultural life needs, striving to raise life quality and levels, promoting that society and economy develop both well and quickly.


(2) Basic principles

1, Firm, confident, vigorous and safe. The significance of three-network integration is great, it is an imperative, there are basic conditions, and it must be unflinchingly moved forward, striving to obtain substantial results soon, but at the same time, difficulties that may be encountered must be fully reckoned with, having the courage to storm fortifications and overcome difficulties, accelerating structural and mechanism reform, meticulously doing all work matters well, vigorously and reliably organizing implementation.


2, Prominent focus, advance trial. With bidirectional access for radio and television, and telecommunication business, fostering market subjects meeting qualifications, and network upgrade and reform as focus points, according to the requirements of doing the easy first and the hard afterwards, advance trial, proceeding step by step and solid development, in a planned and gradual way moving three-network integration forward, guaranteeing that substantial progress is obtained.


3, Overall planning, resource sharing. Bringing telecommunications transmission and radio and television transmission network construction, upgrading and reform into the scope of national important information basic infrastructure construction, conducting overall planning and scientific expounding, strengthening policy support, realizing interoperability and resource sharing, raising network utilization ratios, avoiding duplicate construction.


4, Dividing into sectors for supervision, developing together. Controlling authorities for radio and television, and telecommunications, according to their respective division of work and responsibilities, implement sector supervision responsibilities concerning enterprises operating radio and television, and telecommunications businesses, respectively, and safeguard together the market environment ‘s fair competition and standardized order. Radio and television enterprises and telecommunication enterprises are encouraged to cooperate, complement each other’s superiority and realize joint development.


5, Strengthening management, guaranteeing security. Realistically strengthening the construction and management of propaganda media under three-network integration conditions, persisting in the correct propaganda and public opinion orientation, persisting in the unification of economic interest and social interest, stressing social interest, improving and perfecting information content supervision methods, unifying new technology operation and new technology management, raising supervision and management capacity, strengthening departmental coordination, guaranteeing network information security and cultural security.


III, Work objectives

(1) General objectives.

By the year 2015, realizing the converged development of telecommunications networks, radio and television networks and the Internet, letting new types of information products and services emerge incessantly in large numbers, substantially raising network usage rates, clearly strengthening science and technology innovation capacity, quickly raising the informatization level of the national economy and society, further strengthening network information security and cultural security guarantee capacity, further developing information industries, cultural industries and social undertakings, further letting Socialism flourish, letting the popular masses enjoy even more rich and varied information and cultural service that speed up the economy.


(2) Phase objectives

During the trial phase (2010-2012): with moving radio and television, and telecommunications business bidirectional access forward in stages as focus point, formulating trial plans for three-network integration trials, choosing localities meeting conditions to launch trials, incessantly expanding the breadth and scope of trials, accelerating the upgrading and improving of telecommunications networks, radio and television networks and the Internet. Accelerating the fostering of market subjects, building a State-level cable television network company, beginning to shape an industrial structure with appropriate competition; exploring the establishment of work mechanisms with clear division of labour, standardized behaviour, coordinated operation and high-efficiency cooperation, adjusting and perfecting management systems for network planning and construction, jointly constructing and sharing  basic infrastructure, business planning development, network information security and radio and television broadcasting security, the protection of users’ rights and interests, etc., basically shaping a policy system and mechanism system guaranteeing the standardized and orderly development of three-network integration.

Popularization phase (2013-2015): summarizing and popularizing the experience of the trials, completely moving three-network integration forward; obtaining path-breaking progress in indigenous innovation and technology research and developing, grasping a batch of core technologies, further raising the network carrying capacity of  broadband telecommunications networks, digital television networks and next-generation Internet; network information resources and cultural content products obtaining full use and exploitation, popularizing converged business application even more, basically shaping a network industry structure with appropriate competition; basically establishing mechanisms and structures suited to three-network integration, basically completing corresponding laws and regulations, basically shaping novel supervision and management systems with clear responsibilities, smooth coordination, scientific policies and high-efficiency management; incessantly perfecting network information security and cultural security supervision and management, clearly raising security guarantee capacity.


IV, Main tasks

(1) Promoting bidirectional access of radio and television, and telecommunications business.

1, Clarifying the scope of bidirectional access business. Radio and television enterprises conforming to conditions may operate value-added telecommunications businesses, basic telecommunications businesses comparable to value-added telecommunications business management, and Internet access business, Internet data transmission value-added business and domestic IP telephone services provided through cable television networks.  Concentrated broadcast control matters for IPTV and mobile telephone television are the responsibility of radio and television departments, under the guidance of propaganda departments. State-owned telecommunications enterprises meeting conditions may, under the supervision and management of relevant entities, engage in radio and television programme production and creation, except for current affairs-type programmes, Internet audiovisual programme signal transmission, transmission services for current affairs-type audiovisual news programmes as well as public Internet audiovisual channel programme services, except for under the form of a radio station or television station, IPTV transmission services and mobile telephone television distribution services.

The Ministry of Information Industry and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television must, according to the above requirements, implement present policies and regulations, and issue corresponding telecommunications business permits and information network audiovisual channel programme service business permits to radio and television enterprises and telecommunications enterprises conforming to permit conditions.


2, Organizing the launch of three-network integration trials. Researching the formulation of three-network integration trial plans, choosing a batch of regions meeting conditions to conduct trials, clarifying the trial business categories, operational methods and complementary policies, guiding radio and television enterprises and telecommunications enterprises to develop corresponding business according to the trial business scope. Relevant entities must realistically and strongly coordinate and cooperate, jointly research and resolve major problems emerging during trials, and timely summarize experiences, expanding the scope of trials, progressively realizing the mutual integration of radio, television and telecommunications services in a nationwide scope. The provincial-level People’s Governments of the trial locations must earnestly complete the corresponding work.


Strengthening market supervision and management. Radio and television, and telecommunications departments must earnestly implement sector management responsibilities, and strengthen supervision and management over radio and television enterprises and telecommunications enterprises according to the principles of openness and transparency, fairness and impartiality, and non-discrimination, safeguarding a desirable sector order. Radio and television entities strengthen management over business planning, business access, operational supervision and management, content security, programme broadcast, safe broadcasting, service quality, public services, equipment linking, interoperability, etc., concerning enterprises engaging in radio and television business according to the requirements of radio and television management policies and regulations; telecommunications departments strengthen management over network interoperability, service quality, universal services, equipment linking, network information security, etc., concerning enterprises running telecommunications services, according to the requirements of telecommunications supervision and management policies and regulations.


(2) Strengthening network construction, transformation and overall planning.

Accelerating digital cable television network construction and integration. Completely moving cable television network digitization and interoperability, upgrading and reform, optimizing network resource allocation, raising  network business carrying capacity and support capacity for comprehensive services, establishing digital management systems and professional support systems conforming to the requirements of business operation, that are manageable, controllable and have security guarantee capacity.

Adapting to the requirements for three-network integration, according to the requirements of upscaling and industrializing network business, vigorously moving forward with the integration of the local cable television networks operating scattered over all localities, adopting many kinds of support policies, including government input and investment, fully utilizing market methods, through methods such as resource reorganization, share-holding reform, etc., researching and putting forward plans to establish a State-level cable television network company, acting as a market subject for cable television in three-network integration, and to be responsible for upgrading and reform of the cable television network nationwide, progressively realizing that the nationwide cable television network is planned uniformly, constructed uniformly, operated uniformly and managed uniformly. The State-level cable television company must vigorously promote the progress of three-network integration, vigorously participate in market competition, accelerate the development of many kinds of business, strive to provide convenient and fast, high-quality and economical radio and television programmes and comprehensive information services to the broad users.

2. Promoting telecommunications network broadband project construction. Accelerating broadband telecommunication networks, forcefully promoting urban optical cables to reach the users; suiting measures to local conditions, broadening rural area broadcast network coverage scope, completely raising network technology levels and business carrying capacity.

3. Strengthening overall planning, joint construction and sharing. Researching and formulating overall network plans and rules for joint construction and sharing. Vigorously moving network overall planning and resource sharing forward, fully utilizing presently-existing basic telecommunications infrastructure, fully giving rein to the superiority of all sorts of networks and transmission methods, avoiding duplicate construction, realizing high-efficiency usage of resources such as networks, etc. Network construction conforming to the requirements of overall planning, joint construction and sharing must be brought into development plans for towns and countries, land use planning and State investment planning.


(3) Strengthening network information security and cultural security supervision and management.

1. Implementing management responsibilities for network information security and cultural security management. Vigorously exploring effective channels for the Party to manage the media under the circumstances of three-network integration. According to the principles of localized management, who manages is responsible, who operates is responsible, who approves is responsible, and who operates networks manages the network, further completing network information security and cultural security management systems that realistically implement their security supervision and management responsibilities, guaranteeing network information security and cultural security.


2. Strengthening technological supervision and management system construction. Adapting to the requirements of three-network integration, comprehensively planning and constructing corresponding network information security and cultural security supervision and control systems, fully giving rein to the functions of the present State network information security supervision and control technology platform and the radio and television information and audiovisual programme supervision and management system, accelerating technological reform and technological progress, incessantly raising supervision and control capacity, providing technological support to guarantee network information security and cultural security.


(4) Realistically promoting industrial development.

1. Forcefully developing burgeoning industries. Encouraging radio and television, and telecommunications enterprises and other content services or added value services enterprises to fully utilize the beneficial conditions of three-network integration, forcefully innovate industrial models and market popularization models, promoting the application of business related to three-network integration such as mobile and multimedia radio and television, IPTV, mobile telephone television, digital television broadband surfing, etc., stimulating the speedy development of the cultural industries, information content industries, information services industries and other modern services industries.


2. Strengthening information technology product research and development, and production. Starting from our country’s reality, fixing eyes on long-term development, broadly attracting international advanced technology and experience, expanding strength to tackle scientific and technological problems, striving to capture a batch of core technologies needed for three-network integration, and bringing them up to global leading levels. Accelerating the research and development of  basic products needed for three-network integration such as integrated circuits, software and key components, etc., developing applied products such as bidirectional digital television, multimedia terminals, intelligent household equipment, etc., promoting the research, development and industrialization of broadband information technology products, promoting the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.


3, Accelerating the establishment of State standard systems conform to three-network integration. The Quality Testing and Supervision Bureau (National Standards Committee) strengthens the overall planning and research for State standards together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, fully considering the reality of sector application and the characteristics of technology paths, accelerating the formulation of State standards for networks, business and information services that are suited for three-network integration, establishing scientifically perfected technology standard systems. Accelerating moving forward the internationalization of technology standards with indigenous intellectual property rights. In the process of formulating standards, giving priority to guaranteeing network information security and cultural security.


V, Policy measures

(1) Strengthening organization and leadership. Establish a work coordination small group led by leading comrades from the State Council, with participation from departments such as the Central Propaganda Department, the State Council Information Office, the Development and Reform Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Finance, the State Asset Supervision and Administration Committee, the Quality Testing and Supervision Bureau, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, etc., that is responsible for research, coordination and resolving major problems related to three-network integration, strengthening leadership over trial work, doing overall network construction and development planning well, moving forward with the smooth progress of integrating the three networks. Organizing three-network integration expert small groups under the work coordination small group, to provide policy consultation for three-network integration.


(2) Strengthening policy support. Organizing and implementing major science and technology, and industrialization programmes, formulating corresponding industrial policies, supporting research, development and industrialization of general technology, key technology, basic technology and key software concerning three-network integration. Vigorously guiding the mutual integration of three-network integration with informatization project construction and corresponding sector application, forcefully developing information resources, encouraging content product innovation and business model innovation. Giving financial, finding, fiscal and other support to product development for three-network integration design, network construction, professional application and rural popularization, conform to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Bringing three-network integration-related products and business into government procurement scopes. Expanding financial input, strengthening technological reform, accelerating basic infrastructure construction such as networks, etc.


(3) Perfecting legal systems. Accelerating the establishment of a legal system adapted to the requirements of three-network integration. Formulating and perfecting laws and regulations for radio and television, and telecommunications sector management, tidying-up and revising corresponding documents and provisions, providing legal guarantees for radio and television organs engaging in telecommunications business and telecommunications enterprises engaging in radio and television business.


(4) Accelerating structure and mechanism reform. Vigorously exploring the establishment of supervision and management structures adapted to three-network integration requirements. Further implementing and deepening telecommunications structure reform steps , strengthening telecommunications supervision and management capacity construction, establishing and perfecting telecommunications supervision and management structures adapted to three-network integration. Accelerating cable television network integration and operational organs transforming into enterprises. Fostering the establishment of a market subject that uniformly operates the nationwide cable television network, establishing and perfecting radio and television supervision and management structures suited to three-network integration.


(5) Guaranteeing network information security and cultural security. Strengthening research of network information security and cultural security problems in a three-network integration environment, establishing and completing security guarantee work coordination mechanisms, perfecting security guarantee systems, raising security supervision and management capacity, effectively safeguarding network information security and cultural security.














(一) 总体目标。 








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