Ministry of Culture Notice Concerning Launching the “Safe Expo” Cultural Market Special Safeguard Operation

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CM Letter No. (2010)457

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal cultural halls (bureaus), Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps culture bureau, Beijing Municipality, Tianjin Municipality, Shanghai Municipality, Chongqing Municipality administrative cultural market enforcement teams:

In 2010, the Shanghai, China World Expo is another grand global meeting to be organized in our country after the Beijing Olympics. The World Expo continues for longer, the national and international participating groups are more, culture and art performance activities are more, tourists and visiting persons are more, raising even higher requirements for cultural market supervision work. General Secretary Hu Jintao has clearly pointed out: “Organization of the World Expo, is not only an important event for Shanghai, it is also an important event for the entire country; organizing the World Expo well, is not only the responsibility of Shanghai, it is also the responsibility of the entire country”. In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s instructions, establishing a safe cultural market, creating a desirable social and cultural environment for organizing well a “successful, splendid, unforgettable’ World Expo, the Ministry of Culture has decided to launch the “Safe World Expo” cultural market special safeguard operation within the scope of the entire country. Hereby, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, Guiding ideology

Persisting in implementing the general deployment of the Party Central Committee concerning safety protection work during the Shanghai Expo, taking “Safe World Expo, Wonderful Culture” as the main theme, centring on focal points such as safeguarding social and political stability, promoting mental and physical health of minors, protecting intellectual property rights, safeguarding national cultural safety, etc., concentrating on resolving prominent problems, appropriately dealing with sudden incidents, creating a desirable social and cultural environment for the successful organization of the Shanghai World Expo.

II, Work objectives

The general objectives of the “Safe Expo” Cultural Market Special Safeguard Operation are: through implementing the special safeguard operation, realistically achieving management responsibility is adequate, supervision steps are adequate, supervision results are clear, guaranteeing that no grave political problems appear in the cultural world, no major safety accidents appear, no hot topics closely followed by society are formed, promoting the health and flourishing of the cultural market.

III, Work focus points

1. Focal regions: Shanghai and surrounding regions such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc., especially the Yangtze river delta region and the surrounding focal cities, focal tourist provinces such as Beijing, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi, Yunnan, etc., and borderland ethnic minority regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc.

2. Focal areas: markets such as performance, entertainment, art products, audiovisuals, books and periodicals, etc., and network cultural markets such as Internet cafés, etc.

3. Focal period: Before and after major celebratory activities such as the World Expo opening ceremony, closing ceremony and the China National Pavilion day, etc.

IV, Work tasks

1. Strictly guard access passes

Strictly implement examination and approval procedures and examination standards, guarding the market access pass well. Especially regions such as Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, etc., must strengthen content examination over commercial performance programmes and commercial fine art exhibitions, prevent programmes or exhibition products containing prohibited content to enter the market; all localities must conduct content examination over culture, art and performance programmes and exhibited products displayed the World Expo, and strictly guard the pass.

2. Strictly investigating unlawful products

Before the World Expo opening ceremony, all localities and especially localities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Lanzhou, etc., must focus on screening out audiovisual product stores, bookstores, newspaper and periodical stands and electronic software markets, arrange large-scale song and dance entertainment localities’ karaoke song database, sternly investigate and prosecute all sorts of political-type illegal publications and other cultural products containing prohibited content.

During the period of the World Expo, all localities, and especially localities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou must expand supervision strengthen over commercial areas in which art products are concentrated, prevent the emergence of art products  and performance art violating national customs and habits, destroying social order and conscience; strengthen foreign-related performing art activity on-the-spot supervision, periodically conduct patrols or spot checks of temporary performance activities in venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, etc., prevent  the performing of programmes containing prohibited content and unlawful activities such as false singing and false performances. Implementing the deployment of “sweeping pornography and striking illegality” work, deeply punishing Internet and mobile telephone media obscenity, pornography and vulgar information, strictly attaching unlawful network music such as coarse songs, dog howling gangs, etc., and pornographic and vulgar network games.

3. Strictly attacking intellectual property rights infringement and piracy

In coordination with the “26 April” World Intellectual Property Rights Day and propaganda week, organizing propaganda activities for the legal intellectual property rights protection system, unitedly launching green destruction activities of infringing and pirated publications, raising the intellectual property rights protection mentality of the public. Timely organizing overlapping inspection and joint law enforcement activities, expanding investigation and prosecution strength over products such as infringing and pirated audiovisual products, books and periodicals, network games, network music, cartoons, etc., persisting in cutting off storing, placing and selling infringing and pirated products in lawful commercial venues.

4. Strictly punishing Internet cafés violating regulations.

According to Ministry of Culture requirements, continuously expanding support strength over the Internet café market, according to the law, strictly and severely punish unlawful activities of admitting minors. Fully mobilizing Internet café professional associations, proprietors and volunteer supervising staff, collecting and arranging black Internet café information in their jurisdiction, unitedly hand it over to industry and commerce entities and information industry managing entities, supervising corresponding entities in determinedly punishing black Internet cafés according to the law.

5. Strictly preventing major accidents

Focusing on arranging examination of mass assembly cultural commercial venues such as  Internet cafés, cinemas and song and dance, recreation and entertainment venues, etc., searching for localities’ blind spots and loopholes existing in aspects such as commercial management, fire prevention and safety, etc., timely preventing and eliminating trending and tendency problems, preventing occurrence of major negligent safety accidents or mass incidents.

V, Work requirements

1. Strengthening organizational guidance. All localities must get a clear understanding of the situation, strengthen a sense of the complete picture and sense of responsibility, spare no effort to support and safeguard the World Expo. It is necessary to integrate local reality in formulating implementation plans, through methods such as organizing starting ceremonies, organizing law and regulation trainings, signing letters of responsibility, etc., broadly propagate and mobilize, implement the meaning, objectives, tasks and requirements of a “Safe World Expo” in all commercial venues and work units.

2. Strengthening law enforcement coordination. All localities especially provinces and municipalities such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang must take the special operation as a juncture, establish law enforcement coordination mechanisms, information and communication mechanisms, coordination and cooperation mechanisms. Shanghai must take the lead in implementing a “comprehensive Yangtze river delta region cultural market law enforcement zone cooperation project” (simply named “Yangtze delta project”), on this basis establish long-term work mechanisms for the “Yangtze delta project”. Strengthening regional law enforcement cooperation, integrating law enforcement resources, shaping a pool of supervision forces, raising supervision efficiency.

3. Strengthening information circulation. Administrative permit entities must circulate all examination and approval information with law enforcement organs, all regions must timely report law enforcement numbers and information upward. Major cases must be gradually reported upward within 24 hours, where there is concealment or delay of reporting, a report of criticism will be rendered. Progressively perfecting high-speed reaction mechanisms, anti-emergency early-warning mechanisms, safety guard mechanisms, organizing the launch of spot-checks or drills, investigating leaks and fixing deficiencies. The reporting telephone number 12318 and all law enforcement organs’ main persons in charge must maintain unimpeded mobile communication equipment around the clock.

4. Strengthening supervision over examination. It is necessary to, through methods such as clear examination and secret visits, overlapping examination, joint law enforcement, etc., strengthen supervision and guidance over the special operation. It is necessary to make “a Safe World Expo” into an important content of comprehensive law enforcement work in 2010 and of a safe cultural market construction, integrate it into annual evaluation systems, and with a focused goal, launch supervision work. For regions in which the operation makes successful progress, and market order is desirable, it is necessary to grant commendations and rewards; to regions where the order is completely chaotic, and problems are especially prominent, it is necessary to circulate criticism, special focus supervision or implement overtaking of management, until problems are properly resolved. The ministry of culture will organize examination groups to conduct focus area examination, and list a batch of published focus regions, supervise and manage a batch of major cases.

Starting from April 2010, law enforcement databases shall be changed to be reported up monthly, all provinces (regions, municipalities) are requested to report before the 10th of next month. All provinces (regions, municipalities) are requested to report the general operation summary (Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai on the phase progress situation) before 15 July to our Ministry’s cultural market department. According to work requirements, in the three provinces and cities of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, etc., the “Safe World Expo” cultural market special operation is lengthened to 31 October, please report the general summary report on the “Yangtze delta project” before 15 November.

It is hereby notified.

19 March 2010

































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