State Council Opinions concerning Strengthening Rule of Law Government Construction

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(GF No. (2010)33)

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments, all State Council ministries and commissions, all directly subordinate organs;

In March 2003, the State Council issued the “Implementation Outline to Comprehensively Move Forward Administration According to the Law” (hereafter simply named “Outline”), which clearly put forward the struggle objective of constructing a rule of law government. In order to deeply implement the basic strategy of governing the country according to the law under new circumstances, completely move administration according to the law forward, and further strengthen rule of law government construction, hereby, the following opinions are put forward.

I, The importance, urgency and general requirements of strengthening rule of law government construction

1. The importance and urgency of strengthening rule of law government construction. Implementing the fundamental policy of governing the country according to the law, moving administration according to the law forward, and constructing rule of law government, are revolutionary changes from conception to method in our Party’s governing the country and running the administration, and have an epochal important significance. Since the “Outline” was implemented six years ago, all levels’ People’s Government have given high regard to administration according to the law work, strengthened leadership and relentlessly grasped implementation, rule of law government construction has gained important advances. At present, our country’s economic and social development has entered a new phase, the domestic and international environment has grown even more complex, and challenges have increased. The tasks of transforming economic development methods and adjusting economic structuring have become even more pressing and huge, the development imbalance between town and country, and between regions, the expansion and unfairness of the difference in income distribution, the profound adjustments in social structuring and interest structuring, the increase of social contradictions in a number of regions and some areas, the repeated occurrence of mass incidents, the fact that the phenomenon of corruption still easily and repeatedly occurs in a number of areas, the unfairness of law enforcement, the lack of or chaos in administrative activity and other problems are relatively prominent. Resolving these prominent problems requires further deepening of reform, strengthening of system construction, strengthening of supervision and restraint over administrative powers and functions, moving administration according to the law forward, and constructing rule of law government. All levels’ administrative organs and their leading cadres absolutely must correctly consider the new changes in our country’s economic and social environment, correctly grasp the new trends in reform, development and stability, timely respond to the new expectations of the popular masses, and realistically strengthen a sense of mission, a sense of urgency and a sense of responsibility towards the construction of rule of law government.

2. The general requirements for strengthening rule of law government construction. During the present and future periods, we must deeply implement the scientific development view, earnestly implement the basic strategy of governing the country according to the law, further expand the implementation strength of the “Outline”, make constructing rule of law government into a struggle objective, make structure and mechanism innovation concerning the whole picture of administration according to the law into breakthrough points, make strengthening the consciousness and capacity of leading cadres to administer according to the law, raising structural construction quality, standardizing administrative powers and functions, and guaranteeing the strict implementation of laws and regulations into a focus point, completely move administration according to the law forward, incessantly raise government credibility and enforcement strength, give rein to an even greater function in guaranteeing that the economy develops both well and rapidly, and societal harmony and stability.

II, Raising the consciousness and capacity for administration according to the law of administrative organs’ work personnel and especially leading cadres.

3. Give high regard to fostering the consciousness and capacity for administration according to the law of administrative organs’ work personnel. Administrative organs’ work personnel and especially leading cadres must take the lead in studying law, respecting law, abiding by the law and using the law, firmly establish a Socialist rule of law concept with governing the country according to the law, enforcing the law for the people, justice and fairness, serving the larger picture, and the leadership of the Party as basic content, conscientiously cultivate habits of handling matters according to the law, realistically raise the thinking of using the law and the capacity of legal methods to resolve prominent contradictions and issues in economic and social development. We must give high regard to promoting and employing excellent cadres with a strong sense of administration according to the law, who are good in using legal means to resolve problems, and promote development.

4. Promoting a system to inspect the situation of administration according to the law and survey legal knowledge. Cadres that are planned to take up leading duties in local People’s Governments and their departments must, before appointment, inspect their grasp of knowledge related to law and the situation of administration according to the law. Public servant recruitment examinations must stress surveying legal knowledge, legal knowledge examinations must also be organised for personnel that is planned to engage in administrative law enforcement, government legal system and other work.

5. Establish long-lasting legal knowledge study and training mechanisms. Perfect law study systems for leading cadres at all levels’ administrative organs. We must, through studying law before government business meetings, legal lectures and other means, organize study of the Constitution, common legal knowledge and specialist legal knowledge related to the implementation of duties. All county-level or higher People’s Governments must organize at least two specialist discussion classes on administration according to the law for leading cadres every year. All levels’ administrative academies and public servant training organs must, when organizing training classes for civil servants in administrative organs, bring knowledge on administration according to the law into the education content. Regularly organize administrative law enforcement personnel’s participation in training on common legal knowledge, rotational training on specialized legal knowledge and special training on new laws and regulations, and make the training situation and study achievements into an assessment content and one of the bases for position promotion.

III, Strengthening and improving system construction

6. Giving prominence to governmental legislation focus points. We must, according to the requirements of benefiting the mustering of the popular masses’ vigour and creativity, arousing social vitality and competitiveness, liberating and developing productive forces, safeguarding justice and fairness, standardizing powers and functions, strengthening and improving government legislation and system construction. Focus on strengthening legislation concerning perfection of economic structures, improving the people’s livelihood and developing social undertakings, as well as in the area of government construction itself. Concerning legislative programmes that attract great attention from society, that are urgently needed in practice and for which conditions are correspondingly mature, we must make them into central focus points, concentrate forces to storm the fortifications, and roll them out as soon as possible.

7. Raise system construction quality. Government legislation must conform to economic and social development rules, fully reflect the desires of the people, strive to resolve widespread problems and profound contradictions in economic and social development, realistically strengthen the scientific nature and operability of the legal system. Strictly abide by statutory powers and procedures, perfect structures and mechanisms for the masses to participate in government legislation, guarantee that the opinions of the popular masses are fully expressed, and that reasonable appeals and lawful rights and interests are fully reflected. Apart from where secrets must be protected according to the law, opinions must be openly solicited from society concerning administration according to the law and regulation drafting, and the situation of opinion adoption should be fed back in a suitable manner. Establish and perfect expert consulting and argumentation systems, fully give rein to the function of experts and scholars in government legislation. Where legal, regulatory or rule drafts involve the functions of other departments, the opinion of corresponding departments must be fully heard; corresponding departments must earnestly research and according to requirement timely report opinions. Strengthen the guiding and coordinating function of government departments in government legislation, where a major clash of opinions is involved, and a consensus opinion cannot be reached, this must be timely reported to the same level’s People’s Government for resolution. Determinedly overcome departmental interest and local protection tendencies in the process of government legislation. Vigorously explore and launch government legislation cost effectiveness analyses, social risk appraisal and appraisal work of the post-implementation situation. Strengthen administrative regulation and rule interpretation work.

8. Strengthen arrangement of administrative regulations, rules and normative documents. Persist in merging the legislation of “new laws” and the revision of “old laws”. Administrative regulations, rules and normative documents that do not conform to economic or social development requirements, that are in conflict or inconsistent with higher-level laws, or that are mutually uncoordinated, must be timely revised or abolished. Establish regular arrangement systems for rules and normative documents, generally, regulations are to be re-arranged once every five years, normative documents are generally rearranged once every two years, the arrangement results must be published to society.

9. Complete normative document formulation procedures. All local levels’ administrative organs and all State Council departments must formulate normative documents strictly according to the law. All sorts of normative documents may not set up administrative permit, administrative punishment, administrative coercion and other measures, they may not unlawfully increase the duties of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. When formulating normative documents that engender a direct influence on the rights and obligations of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, opinions must be openly solicited, the legal system organ is to conduct an inspection of legality, and the government standing meeting or the departmental leading cadre meeting is to collectively discuss the decision; where opinions have not been openly solicited, no legality inspection has taken place, and it has not been collectively discussed, they may not be promulgated and implemented. County-level or higher local People’s Governments must progressively implement uniform registration, uniform numbering and uniform promulgation for normative documents of the same level’s government and their departments. Explore the establishment of effective time period systems for normative documents.

10. Strengthen filing and inspection of rules and normative documents. Strictly implement regulation and rule filing regulations and filing provisions concerning normative documents, strengthen filing inspection work, ensure that where there are rules, they must be filed, where there are mistakes, they must be corrected, realistically safeguard the uniformity of the legal system and the unblocked implementation of government decrees. We must focus on strengthening filing and inspection work of rules and normative documents with content that may unlawfully increase the obligations of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, or influence their lawful rights and interests, creates local or departmental protection, etc. establish filing, registration, promulgation, situation reporting, supervision and inspection system for normative documents, strengthen the informatization construction of filing work. We must earnestly and according to relevant regulations research and deal with, examination and suggestion put forward by citizens, legal persons and other organizations. We must timely report to the organ in charge to revoke unlawful rules and normative documents and report this to society. Filing supervisions organs must regularly publish catalogues of rules and normative documents that have been inspected and filed to society.

IV, Persist in scientific and democratic policymaking according to the law.

11. Standardize administrative policymaking procedures. Strengthen administrative policymaking procedure construction, complete major policymaking regulations, move forward the scientization, democratization and rule of law level of administrative policymaking. We must persist in starting from reality in everything, systematically and comprehensively grasp the real situation, deeply analyse the influence of policymaking on all areas, earnestly weigh pros, cons, merits and faults. We must make public participation, expert argumentation, risk appraisal, legality inspection and collective discussion and decisions into necessary procedures in major policymaking. Before making major policy decisions, we must broadly listen to and fully absorb opinions from all sides, the situation of adopting opinions and their reasons must be fed back in a suitable manner or published. Perfect major policymaking hearing systems, expand hearing scopes, standardize hearing procedures, persons participating in hearings must be broadly representative, hearing opinions must be major references in policymaking. Major policy decisions must be decided through collective discussion by government standing meetings or departmental leading cadre meetings. Major policy decision matters shall be submitted to legal system organs for a legality inspection before being discussed in meetings, without legality inspection or where inspection finds they do not conform to the law, they cannot be submitted for discussion or policy decisions at meetings.

12. Perfect administrative policymaking risk appraisal mechanisms. All major policy decisions, major programmes and other policymaking matters that relate to economic or social development and the direct interests of the popular masses, must be appraised for legality, reasonability, feasibility and controllability, the focus is to conduct a appraisal concerning social stability, environmental, economic and other risks. Establish and perfect risk appraisal work mechanisms integrating departmental argumentation, expert consulting, mass participation, and survey by special organs, conduct scientific surveys and comprehensive discussion of all sorts of risks that may be triggered by policymaking through public sentiment tracking, sampling, focus interviews, consultation meetings and other methods, determine risk levels and formulate corresponding reconciliation and management plans. We must make risk appraisal results into a major basis for policymaking, where no risk appraisal has been conducted, a policy decision may without exception not be made.

13. Strengthen follow-up, feedback and responsibility investigation for major policymaking. In the process of major policy decision execution, the policymaking organ must follow up the implementation situation, understand opinions and suggestions of the related interested parties and the social public concerning policy implementation through many channels, completely appraise policy implementation results, and decide whether or not to adjust or cease policy implementation on the basis of appraisal results Those violating policy provisions, where major policy  mistakes occur, or where major damage is created, responsibility must be investigated strictly according to the principle of who makes policy is responsible.

V, Strictly standardize fair and civilized law enforcement

14. Strictly implement duties according to the law. All levels’ administrative organs must consciously act within the scope of the Constitution and laws, and exercise their powers and implement their duties strictly according to statutory powers and procedures. They must comprehensively implement government functions, give even higher regard to social management and public service, and strive to guarantee and improve people’s livelihoods, realistically resolve employment, education, medicine, social security, security-type housing and other problems in areas that the popular masses are most concerned about. Expand administrative law enforcement strength, strictly investigate and prosecute unlawful cases in areas such as danger to safe production, food and drug security, natural resources, environmental protection, social order, etc., safeguard the public interest and economic and social procedure. Earnestly implement administrative licensing law, deepen administrative examination and approval system reform, further standardize and reduce administrative examination and approval, promote the transformation of government functions and innovation of management methods. Strive to raise government credibility, without a basis in law, regulations or rules, administrative organs may not make decisions influencing the rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, or increase their obligations; administrative organs that participate in civil activities must exercise their powers according to the law, implement their duties, and bear their responsibility.

15. Perfect administrative law enforcement systems and mechanisms. Continue to move forward administrative law enforcement mechanism reform, rationally determine law enforcement powers, clarify law enforcement responsibilities, move comprehensive law enforcement forward, reduce law enforcement hierarchy, raise the capacity of grass-roots law enforcement, realistically resolve the problems of many-headed law enforcement, multi-level law enforcement, law non-enforcement and chaotic law enforcement. Improve and innovate law enforcement methods, persist in merging management and service, integrating punishment and enlightenment, realize the unification of legal effect and social effect. Strengthen administrative law enforcement informatization construction, move forward online management of law enforcement processes, rise law enforcement efficiency and standardization levels. County-level or higher People’s Governments must establish corresponding mechanisms, stimulate administrative law enforcement departments to exchange information and share resources. Perfect mechanisms to have the financial administration guarantee law enforcement expenses, realistically resolve the problem of law enforcement expenses being linked to income from fines and confiscations.

16. Standardize administrative law enforcement actions. All levels’ administrative organs must strengthen a sense of procedure, and must strictly enforce the law according to procedure. Strengthen procedure system construction, make law enforcement processes more meticulous, clarify law enforcement segments and steps, guarantee procedural fairness. We must equally deal with relevant persons in administration, and treat similar situations equally. Administrative law enforcement organs’ methods and measures in dealing with unlawful activities must be suitable and appropriate, harm to the parties’ rights and interests must be avoided or reduced as much as possible. Establish criterion for administrative discretion powers, scientifically and reasonably make administrative discretion more detailed and quantities, perfect application rules, strictly standardize the exercise of discretion, avoid wilfulness in law enforcement. Complete administrative law enforcement adjustment rules, standardize evidence collection activities. Persist in civilized law enforcement, it is not permitted to treat parties roughly, it is not permitted to harm the human dignity and respect of the targets of law enforcement. Strengthen administrative law enforcement team construction, straiten administrative law enforcement personnel certification posting and qualification management system, ruthlessly grasp law enforcement discipline and professional morals education, completely raise law enforcement personnel quality. On the basis of the situation of law, regulation and rule legislation, revision and abolition, timely adjust and comb out administrative law enforcement bases, clarify law enforcement powers, organs, positions, personnel and responsibilities, and publish them to society. Fully utilize informatized means to launch law enforcement record review and inspection, quality assessment, satisfaction surveys and other work, strengthen law enforcement appraisal and assessment, appraisal and assessment results must be important bases to reward or punish law enforcement personnel, or promote them in position or rank. Strictly implement administrative law enforcement responsibility systems.

VI, Comprehensively move government affairs openness forward

17. Expand government information openness strength. Earnestly implement government information openness regulations, persist in making openness into a principle and non-openness into the exception, all government information not involving State secrets, commercial secrets or individual privacy must be opened up to society. Expand active openness strength, focus on moving forward government information openness in finance and budgeting, public resource allocation, major construction project approval and implementation, social and public undertaking construction and other areas. Governments’ complete income and expense accounts must be brought into budget management, all budgeting and implementation situations of public expenses, basic construction expenses, administrative expenses as well as governmental funding revenue and expenditure budgeting, as well as Central State-owned asset management budgeting, etc., must be open and transparent. Government information openness must be timely, correct and concrete. Where the popular masses apply to open up government information, a response must be granted according to the law within the provided timeframe, and the relevant service work must be done well. Establish and complete government information openness supervision and guarantee mechanisms, regularly conduct appraisal and assessment of government information openness work. Appropriately deal with the relationship between doing information openness well and preserving secrets according to the law, where secrets should be preserved according to the law, secret preservation work must be realistically done well.

18. Move open handling of affairs forward. We must make openness and transparency into basic systems for government work, and broaden the domain of open handling of affairs. All government departments that serve society must completely move forward systems for open handling of affairs, open up the basis, conditions, requirements, processes and results of handling affairs according to the law, and fully notify the relevant information concerning handling of affairs. We must standardize and supervise the open handling of affairs work of hospitals, schools, public transport, utilities and other public enterprise and undertaking work unit, focus on opening up positional duties, service commitments, expenditure programmes, work standards, discipline in handling affairs, supervision channels and other content, provide high-quality, high-efficiency and convenient service to the popular masses’ production and life.

19. Innovate government affairs openness methods. Further strengthen electronic government affairs functioning, fully utilize modern information technology, construct good Internet information service platforms and service network platforms that are convenient for the people, in order to convenience the masses in handling affairs through the Internet. We must integrate government affairs openness with reform of administrative examination and approval systems, move forward online electronic examination and approval, “one external window” and “one-stop shop” service. Standardize and develop all levels and all kinds of administrative service centres, we must as much as possible bring administrative management matters closely concerning enterprises and the popular masses into administrative service centres for handling, improve service quality, raise service efficiency, and reduce administrative costs.

VII, Strengthening administrative supervision and accountability

20. Consciously accept supervision. All levels’ People’s Governments and government departments must consciously accept supervision from People’s Congresses and their Standing Committees, the democratic supervision of Consultative Committees and the supervision that People’s Courts implement according to the law. Concerning hot issues that relate the larger picture for reform, development and stability, the popular masses’ own interests and widespread social concerns, county-level and higher People’s Governments must actively make special subject reports for the same level’s People’s Congress Standing Committee. Broaden mass supervision channels, guarantee the right of the popular masses to supervise government according to the law. Perfect mass report and complaint systems. Give high regard to public opinion supervision, support news media in conducting exposure of unlawful or improper administrative acts. Relevant administrative organs must earnestly investigate and verify complaints reported by the masses and problems reflected by news media, timely handle matters according to the law, and publish the handling results to society.

21. Strengthen intra-government hierarchical supervision and specialized supervision. Higher-level administrative organs must realistically strengthen supervision over lower-level administrative organs, and timely correct unlawful or improper administrative acts. Guarantee and support auditing, supervision and other departments in exercising independent supervision powers according to the law. Audit departments must strive to strengthen financial administration, special funding and budget implementation auditing, major investment programme auditing, financial auditing, economic responsibility auditing of leaders in State-owned enterprises and other work, and strengthen specialized auditing of social security funds, housing accumulation funds, poverty alleviation and disaster relief funds and other public funds. Supervision departments must completely carry out statutory duties, vigorously move forward administrative accountability and government result management supervision, strictly investigate the responsibility of personnel breaking the law or discipline, and supervise administrative organs’ clean government and honest government construction.

22. Straiten administrative accountability. Strictly implement the Administrative Supervision Law, the Civil Servant Law, the Administrative Organ Civil Servant Punishment Regulations and the Provisional Regulations concerning Implementing Party and Government Leading Cadre Accountability, persist in correcting mistakes whenever they occur, and pursuing accountability wherever necessary. Where major accidents due to negligence, incidents or grave unlawful administrative cases occur due to not implementing decrees, not implementing prohibitions, administration lacking in accomplishment, dereliction of duty or malpractice, unlawful acts, etc., the responsibility of the corresponding leaders up to the administrative chief must be strictly investigated according to the law and discipline, supervise and control administrative organs and their work personnel in implementing their powers and obligations strictly according to the law.

VIII, Reconciling social contradictions and disputes according to the law

23. Complete social contradiction and dispute mediation mechanisms. We must make administrative mediation into an important duty for all local levels’ People’s Government and relevant departments, establish administrative mediation work mechanisms where all local levels’ People’s Governments have general responsibility, government legal system organs take the lead, and all functional departments are subjects, and fully give rein to the function of administrative organs in reconciling administrative disputes and civil disputes. Perfect administrative mediation systems, scientifically define the scope for mediation, and standardize mediation procedures. Mediation must actively be conducted of civil disputes in areas such as resource exploitation, environmental pollution, public safety accidents and other areas, as well as disputes involving relatively many people, with a relatively large influence, that may influence social stability. Earnestly implement the People’s Mediation Law, vigorously guide, support and guarantee residents’ committees,  rural committees and other grass-roots organizations in launching people’s mediation work, Promote the establishment of united large mediation activities that link up administrative mediation with people’s mediation and judicial mediation, realize effective integration between all sorts of mediation subjects, shape mediation work force pools.

24. Strengthen administrative redress work. Fully give rein to the function of administrative redress in resolving contradictions and disputes, strive to dissolve administrative redress into preliminary stages and administrative procedures. Unblock redress application channels, simplify application methods, convenience the parties in putting forward applications. We must earnestly do interpretation and notification work well of matters that do not fall into the scope of redress according to the law. Strengthen supervision over redress acceptance activities, persist in correcting acts of not accepting redress applications for no proper reason. In handling redress cases, there must be deep investigation, the opinions of all sides must be fully heard, facts must be ascertained and right and wrong clearly distinguished. Stress utilizing mediation and reconciliation methods to resolve disputes, where mediation or reconciliation cannot bring agreement, a fair redress decision must be made timely according to the law, concerning unlawful or improper administrative acts, cancel those that should be cancelled, modify those that should be modified, confirm as unlawful those that should be confirmed as unlawful.. Administrative organs must strictly carry out administrative redress decisions, where there is refusal to implement redress decisions or implementation is delayed with no proper reason, the responsibility of the relevant personnel must be strictly investigated according to the law. Explore the development of corresponding concentrated administrative redress trial work, conduct administrative redress committee trials. Complete administrative redress organs, guarantee that redress cases are handled by 2 or more redress personnel according to the law. Establish and complete incentive mechanisms, funding and equipment guarantee mechanisms suited to the characteristics of redress work. Perfect link-up mechanisms for administrative redress with letters and petitions.

25. Do administrative lawsuit response work well. Perfect administrative lawsuit response systems, vigorously coordinate with the administrative trial activities of the People’s Courts, support the People’s Courts in independently exercising judgment powers according to the law. Administrative organs must vigorously respond to lawsuits according to the law in relation to administrative cases accepted by People’s Courts, and submit evidence, proof and other related materials of concrete administrative acts to People’s’ Courts according to regulations. Administrative organs’ responsible persons must actively appear in court to respond to lawsuits in major administrative litigation cases. Respect and consciously implement effective judgments and decisions of People’s Courts, treat the judicial suggestion of People’s Courts earnestly.

IX, Strengthen organizational leadership and supervise inspection

26. Complete and move forward leadership structures and mechanisms for administration according to the law. All local levels’ People’s Government and government departments must establish administration according to the law leading coordination mechanisms with main responsible persons in the lead, to uniformly lead the moving forward of administration according to the law work in those regions and departments. County-level and higher local People’s Government standing meetings must hear work reports on administration according to the law at least twice a year, timely resolve prominent issues existing in administration according to the law in their localities, research and deploy concrete tasks and measures to comprehensively move administration according to the law forward, and strengthen rule of law government construction. Strengthen supervision and guidance over moving forward administration according to the law work, supervise inspection and popular opinion propaganda, grant awards and commendations to work units and individuals with prominent achievements according to relevant State regulations, report those who are weak in their work for criticism. Strengthen work assessment on administration according to the law, scientifically define assessment standards and bring them into all local levels’ People’s Government objective assessment and achievement assessment appraisal structures, and make assessment results into an important content for comprehensively assessing and appraising government leading ranks and leading cadres.

27. Strengthen administrative chiefs’ responsibility in being the first responsible person for moving administration according to the law forward. All levels’ People’s Governments and their departments must put completely moving forward administration according to the law and strengthening rule of law government construction in a more prominent position. Administrative chiefs must bear general responsibility for administration according to the law work in their region or department, realistically bear leading responsibility, deploy administration according to the law tasks together with reform, development and stability tasks, implement them together and assess them together. County-level and higher local People’s Government must annually report the situation of moving forward administration according to the law according to the law to the same level’s Party Committee, People’s Congress Standing Committee and the People’s Government of one level higher, government departments must annually report the situation of moving administration according to the law forward to their level’s People’s Government and the People’s Government relevant department of one level higher.

28. Strengthen legal system organ and team construction. County-level and higher People’s Governments and their departments must fully give rein to the organizational coordination, supervision and guidance functions of legal system organs in moving forward administration according to the law and constructing rule of law government. Further strengthen legal system organ construction, ensure that legal system organ specifications, personnel allotment and the duties and responsibilities they undertake are mutually adapted. We must expand fostering, employment and exchange strength of legal cadres, give high regard to promoting legal system cadres with high political qualities, good legal accomplishment and strong work capacity. Government legal system organs and their work personnel must strive to raise their ability and level to do government legal system work well under new circumstances, and strive to be good givers of advice, assistants and consultants for government or department leaders in the area of administration according to the law.

29. Construct a desirable social atmosphere for studying law, respecting law and abiding by the law in society. All levels’ People’s Governments and their departments must adopt all sorts of  effective means to launch rule of law propaganda and education, meticulously organize and implement legal dissemination activities, and must especially strengthen propaganda about laws and regulations that closely relate to the popular masses’ production and lives, forcefully carry forward the spirit of Socialist rule of law, realistically strengthen citizens’ consciousness of safeguarding rights according to the law and consciously carrying out their duties, and strive to move rule of law society construction forward.

All regions and all departments must closely integrate the implementation of these Opinions with deeply implementing the “Outline” and the “State Council Decision concerning Strengthening City and Country Government Administration According to the Law” (GF No. (2008)17), formulate work plans for strengthening rule of law government construction in the coming period on the basis of the real situation, clarify work tasks, concrete measures, time limits for completion and responsibility subjects, determine annual work focus points, firmly move administration according to the law work forward, strive for incessant new achievements in rule of law government construction work,  and realize new breakthroughs.

State Council

10 October 2010












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