Month: February 2011

Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Television Drama Writing Quality Management

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On 18 February, SARFT circulated the “SARFT Notice Concerning Further Strengthening Television Drama Writing Quality Management” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, CCTV, the General Political and Propaganda Department Art Bureau and the China Education Television Channel, the Notice says that in recent years, television drama creation, production and broadcast have continuously flourished and developed, become universally liked by the popular masses, and broadly followed with interest by all walks of society, at the same time the problem of television drama writing quality had also gained more and more attention, the voices of relevant State entities and all walks of society that require further raising of television drama writing quality become louder and louder. Writing quality relates to the standardization and purity of national and ethnic language writing, relates to media images and correct guidance of the social masses, guaranteeing correct television drama language and writing use and raising television drama writing quality are important tasks for administrative radio and television entities, and are also basic social responsibilities for television drama broadcasting organs and production organs that they shall bear on their own initiative.

Consequently, in order to strengthen supervision and management over television drama writing quality, spur comprehensive television drama production quality to be further raised, the following is hereby required: Read the rest of this entry »


Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations

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Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China Decree

No. 51

The “Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations” were passed at the Ministry of Culture ministerial affairs meeting of 11 February 2011, are hereby promulgated, and take effect on 1 April 2011

Minister, Cai Wu

17 February 2011 Read the rest of this entry »

And again, a People’s Daily article about IP protection….

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The always interesting IP Dragon pointed to a recent article in the China Daily. This article claims that the establishment of new industry associations will help strengthen the drive to protect online IP. It then veers off course by stating how much websites have a licence to play video content, the requirements of that licence, and how much cases concerning Internet piracy had been handled. The article then claims that the government intensified supervision over major Internet enterprises, with the number of enterprises under supervision being more than 3.000. The logic than veers back to the original point about industry associations, saying how an association for audiovisual programmes on-line is currently undergoing the approval process with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It then finishes with the standard blurb about needing to protect copyright.  Read the rest of this entry »