Notice Concerning Studying and Implementing the “Publishing Management Regulations” and “Audiovisual Product Management Regulations” revised by the State Council

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XCZ NO. [2011]82

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Press and Publications bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Press and Publications Bureau, the Liberation Army General Political Department Political Department Press and Publications Bureau, all Central and State organ Ministries and Commissions, all democratic parties, all people’s organization press and publications controlling departments, all directly subordinate work units, all subordinate social organization:

On 19 March 2011, the State Council promulgated the “State Council Decision concerning Revising the ‘Publishing Management Rules'” (Decree No. 594) and the “State Council Decision concerning Revising the ‘Audiovisual Product Management Regulations'” (Decree No. 595), which took effect on the day of implementation. In order to do study and implementation work of these two new Regulations well, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I, Fully understanding the importance of studying and implementing these two new Regulations

The “Publishing Management Regulations” and “Audiovisual Publishing Management Regulations” are important administrative regulations in our country’s press and publications management, the revision of these two Regulations is conducted in order to adapt to the requirements of completely moving forward press and publications sector reform, accelerating the development of new media business models and deepening government function transformation, and strengthening sector supervision and management, and is a large event in press and publications legal system construction. The newly-revised “Press and Publications Regulations” gave prominence to the spirit of press and publications development and press and publications work unit classification reform, and clarified the principle requirements and authorization provisions of new media and new business model management, further implemented the achievements of the “Administrative Permit Law” and administrative examination and approval reform, reformed the publishing and distribution system for primary and secondary school textbooks, substantiated the sphere of supported and encouraged focus publications, strengthened the supervision and management duties of administrative press and publications departments, and perfected supervision and management systems and legal responsibilities. The newly revised “Audiovisual Publications Management Regulations” adjusted the audiovisual product import and distribution system and supervision and management departments, clarified the duties of administrative press and publications departments, and simplified the procedural requirements of reproduction work units accepting entrustment for reproduction of audiovisual products. The revision of the two Regulations is of extremely important significance in strengthening press and publications reform and development, perfecting access and exit systems, standardizing publishing work units’ doing business according to the law and press and publication managements’ administering according to the law. All levels’ administrative press and publication departments must fully understand the importance of implementing these two new Regulations, adopt realistic and feasible steps, and soundly grasp study and implementation work.

II, Earnestly organizing the study and training work of these two new Regulations

All levels’ administrative press and publications departments and all publishing work units and their controlling and sponsoring departments must make studying these Regulations into an important content of the nationwide press and publications system’s “6th Five-Years” law dissemination, and launch study and training in a planned, phased and hierarchical manner, with methods such as training classes, symposia, question and answer sheets, etc. All levels’ administrative press and publications departments’ leaders and publishing and distribution work units’ main responsible persons must set the example in studying and set the example in participating in training; nationwide press and publications’ professional personnel must ensure that all have copies and earnestly study them, and correctly understand the importance of the Regulations, and the spirit of the articles, integrate them in their own professional work reality, and research corresponding management regulations. They must strictly do business according to the law through studying and firmly establishing a consciousness of obeying the law; all levels’ administrative press and publications departments’ law enforcement personnel must incessantly raise their understanding and capacity to administer according to the law, and realistically strengthen sector supervision and management levels.

III, Formulating and perfecting complementary rules and systems as soon as possible.

The GAPP already revised the “Publications Market Management Regulations”, “Audiovisual Product Import Management Rules” and “Management Rules on Subscription and Purchasing of Imported Publications” according to the two new Regulations, and will formulate or revise the management rules on primary and secondary textbook publishing and distribution, management rules on accepting publications donated by foreign organs or individuals, management rules on network publishing examination and approval, and other complementary rules on the basis of the provisions and authorization of the two new Regulations, and perfect the concrete handling requirements established by the two new Regulations on administrative permit matters. All localities must also grasp tidying up of existing local regulations, rules and normative documents on the basis of the provisions and authorizations of the two new Regulations, and must revise or abolish those not conforming to the two new Regulations as soon as possible.

IV, Realistically performing the implementation work of the two new Regulations

The two new regulations have many new requirements and new formulations concerning the duties of administrative press and publications departments, especially in aspects such as access and exit management, publications quality supervision and management, comprehensive appraisal, publishing professional personnel management, etc., and strengthened the duties of administrative press and publications departments. All levels’ administrative press and publications departments must earnestly comb through that organ or department’s situation on changing duties such as administrative permits, supervision and management, administrative punishment, etc., against the new Regulations, deeply research the new requirements put forward after the revision of the Regulations concerning daily work procedures, work conditions, etc., implement all work duties, and perfect detailed work procedures, strengthen coordination and cooperation and guarantee the smooth implementation of the new Regulations. All publishing work units’ sponsoring work units and their controlling organs must strengthen management over their subordinate publishing work units’ publishing activities according to the requirements of the new Regulations, and coordinate with administrative press and publications departments in supervising their subordinate publishing work units’ implementation of all management provisions.

All localities and all work units must integrate the implementation of the Regulations, conduct self-examination of the duty implementation situation within the scope of responsibility of each and the situation of administration according to the law, GAPP will adopt appropriate methods to conduct supervision and inspection.

General Administration of Press and Publications

29 March 2011






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