Notice Concerning the Nationwide Television Drama Shooting Filing Announcement for March 2011

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On 29 March, SARFT issued the “SARFT Notice Concerning the Nationwide Television Drama Shooting Filing Announcement for March 2011” to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Radio, Film and Television Bureau, CCTV, the Liberation Army General Political and Propaganda Department Art Bureau and the China Education Television Station, the Notice states that, in March 2011, reports of 95 series and 2783 episodes of television dramas shot nationwide have been filed for announcement, and that for 66 series and 1961, announcement has been agreed to.

Dividing according to themes, contemporary themes: 33 series, 942 episodes, respectively occupying 50.0% and 48,04% of the total announced amount, among those: contemporary army themes: 1 series, 30 episodes, contemporary city themes: 25 series, 744 episodes, contemporary judicial themes: 4 series, 93 episodes, contemporary science fiction themes: 1 series, 35 episodes; other contemporary themes: 2 series, 40 episodes. Modern themes: 2 series, 55 episodes, respectively occupying 3,03% and 2,8% of the total announced amount, among those: modern army themes: 1 series, 30 episodes, other modern themes, 1 series, 25 episodes. Pre-modern themes: 28 series, 864 episodes, respectively occupying 42,42% and 44,06% of the total announced amount, among those, pre-modern city themes: 1 series, 25 episodes, pre-modern romance themes: 11 series, 332 episodes, pre-modern revolutionary themes: 15 series, 477 episodes, other pre-modern themes: 1 series, 30 episodes. Ancient themes: 3series, 100 episodes, respectively occupying 4,55% and 5,1% of the total announced amount. Among those, ancient palace themes: 2 series, 70 episodes, ancient martial art themes, 1 series, 30 episodes. Major revolutionary and history theme television dramas of which project establishment was approved: 2 series, 65 episodes. Of the programmes submitted this month, announcement was provisionally not granted because of problems relating to content or incomplete formalities to 29 series and 822 episodes.

In the recent few months, the general situation of reporting and filing of programmes nationwide is good, but we have also discovered some incorrect creation sprouting: individual supernatural dramas and time-travel dramas reported for filing, have compiled myths as they please, the plots are strange and bizarre, techniques are absurd, and they even play up feudal superstition, determinism, samsara and reincarnation, value orientations are ambiguous, and they lack a positive ideological sense. Against this, it is hoped that all production organ rectifies creation ideologies, they must carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and strive to raise the ideological and artistic quality of television dramas.

Furthermore, recently, the number of judicial dramas reported for filing has somewhat picked up. All production organs are prompted: SARFT management requirements concerning judicial drama production and broadcast since 2004, are continuously effective, all production organs must at the beginning of judicial drama creation, cautiously consider market  risks, and avoid blind project establishment and investment.

Obeying the Central spirit, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, all levels’ television station must vigorously prepare, strive to present a batch of excellent products vividly recreating a historical picture of China’s revolution, construction and reform and opening up, truly reflecting the process of all ethnicities’ peoples realizing the nation’s great rejuvenation and struggle  under the leadership of the Party, to present as a gift at the 90th anniversary of the Party’s founding.

Please inquire about the filed and announced drama list on the SARFT government website television drama electronic government platform announcement column.


按题材划分,当代题材33部、942集,分别占公示总数的50.0%和48.04%,其中 ,当代军旅题材1部30集,当代都市题材25部744集,当代涉案题材4部93集,当代科幻题材1部35集,当代其它题材2部40集。现代题材2部、55集,分别占公示总数的3.03%和2.8%,其中 ,现代军旅题材1部30集,现代其它题材1部25集。近代题材28部、864集,分别占公示总数的42.42%和44.06%,其中 ,近代都市题材1部25集,近代传奇题材11部332集,近代革命题材15部477集,近代其它题材1部30集。古代题材3部、100集,分别占公示总数的4.55%和5.1%,其中 ,古代宫廷题材2部70集,古代武打题材1部30集。批准立项的重大革命题材电视剧目2部、65集 。本月申报的剧目中,因内容或手续不全问题暂不予公示的剧目共29部、822集。

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