Press and Publications “Marching Out” Development Plan” for the “12th Five Year Plan” Period

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In order to implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress concerning foreign cultural exchange and strengthening the international dissemination strength and influence of Chinese culture, consolidate and expand the achievement of countering the pounding of the international financial crisis, implement the focus tasks of concerning “marching out” in the “Cultural Industries Promotion Plan” and integrate the implementation of the “Press and Publications Sector “12th Five Year Plan” Development Plan”, this Plan is hereby formulated.

I, The press and publications sector “marching out” situation

Since the “11th Five-Year Plan”, the Party Centre and State Council have powerfully implemented the “marching out strategy”, and promoted cultural “marching out”, which includes the press and publications sector. The General Administration of Press and Publications and corresponding Central work units have also rolled out a series of policy measures to support the press and publication sector to “march out”, the “marching out” policy system for the press and publications sector has been basically formed, enterprises’ “marching out” vigour surges higher every day, enterprises “marching out” increase incessantly, “marching out” models are incessantly innovated, channels are gradually diversified, foreign trade organs are progressively perfected, a batch of influential products have successfully entered international mainstream market, and press and publications products and services exports have both realized growth, the Chinese culture has been forcefully promoted to march towards the world.

(1) Our country’s press and publications sector’s “marching out” achievements during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period are clear

1. Copyright trade deficits are incessantly narrowed, and structures continue to be perfected. In comparison to the end of the “10th Five-Year Plan”, the total quantity of copyright export has grown by 275%, the copyright import and export balance has shrunk from 7.2:1 to 2.9:1. Within that, book copyright export structures for acting as copyright trade subjects are incessantly optimized, total export quantities to focus developed countries has speedily grown, and has grown 14 times since the end of the “10th Five-Year Plan” period.

2. Digital publishing product export shows a powerful momentum. During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, a batch of our country’s indigenously researched and developed network games have entered foreign markets, the export value of the year 2010 has broken through 200 million Dollars, periodical database’s overseas paid download income nears 10 million Dollars, electronic books’ overseas retail income has reached 50 million Yuan.

3. Press and publication material product export has continued to maintain growth. Despite the pounding of many kinds of factors such as the tide of digitalization, the financial crisis and the appreciation of the Renminbi, etc., material product export has still maintained steady growth in 2010, comparing with the end of the “10th Five Year Plan” period, export quantities have grown by nearly 30%, and the value has grown by 7%, the tendency of exported product variety being larger than imported product variety has been maintained. Within that, book export quantities have grown 36% and export value has grown 11% in comparison with the end of the “10th Five Year Plan” period. A batch of influential products has marched into international mainstream society.

4. Printing services export output value has increased year after years, and the surplus is clear. In 2009, our country’s printing services export income added up to approximately 51 billion Yuan, a growth of 75,86% in comparison with the end of the “10th Five Year Plan” period, and maintains a stable proportion of total printing industry output value of about 10%,

5. Press and publications enterprises ‘marching out” quantities have increased, and quality has risen. Through methods such as exclusive investment, joint venture and cooperation, the quantity and scale of periodicals, newspapers, publishing houses, plants and stores that Chinese enterprises have organized abroad incessantly expands. At present, there are more than 300 branch organs of all kinds operated abroad, and the quality has also clearly risen.

6. Press and publications “marching out” service platform functions are increasingly prominent. Copyright and material trade platforms, information service platforms as well as talent training platforms already constitute a powerful “marching out” platform support system. Domestic and international book fair platforms such as the Beijing International Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair, etc., have already become an important channel for copyright export and material export.

(2) Main problems still existing for the press and publications sector “marching out”

Generally speaking, the entire sector’s understanding of the importance of “marching out” still needs to be further deepened, enterprises “marching out” vigour still needs to be further fostered; a number of support policies have not been able to gain effective implementation, corresponding supplementary policies still need to be further perfected; there still is a trade deficit in copyright export, brands need to be further strengthened; digital publishing product export potential needs to be further excavated; material product export scale needs to be further expanded; printing services export digitalization and low-carbonization levels still need to be raised; “marching out” backbone enterprises’ international competitiveness and influence still need to be further strengthened.

(3) The necessity and urgency of accelerating press and publications sector “marching out”

Accelerating the press and publications sector “marching out” is a necessary requirement for raising our country’s cultural soft power and strengthening the international competitiveness and influence of Chinese culture; it is an important channel for developing national public diplomacy ad stimulating the understanding and identification of international society with China; it is an important move in deepening cultural structural reform, forging a strong press and publications country, and promoting the cultural industries to become a pillar industry in the national economy; it is a necessary means for the press and publications sector to readjust industrial structures and transform development methods; and it is real need for vigorously utilizing “two sorts of resources and two market”, and raising enterprise anti-risk capacity. The whole sector certainly must further deepen their understanding of the importance of the press and publications sector “marching out” during the “12th Five Year Plan” period, and must further strengthen their consciousness of the opportune moment and a mentality of concern, realistically adopt all kinds of effective measures, to forcefully promote the press and publications sector “marching out” with a spirit of the time waiting for no-one.

II, Guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives for promoting our country’s press and publications sector “marching out”

(1) Guiding ideology

With Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, raising the banner high, revolving around the larger picture, comprehensively planning the two markets and two sorts of resources in domestic and international markets, comprehensively planning press and publications foreign exchange and foreign trade, comprehensively expanding export scale and adjusting export structures, focusing on prominent issues, strengthening steps, realistically accelerating the pace of press and publications sector “marching out”, incessantly expanding the international competitiveness and influence of Chinese culture.

(2) Basic principles

Persisting in the principles of giving first place to social interests, and the integration of social interests and economic interests; persisting in an operating structure with the government in the lead, enterprises at the core and marketized operations; persisting in a programme-driven operating structure with policy support, and platform support; persisting in scientific diving, incessantly raising the science and technology content of the press and publications sector “marching out”, persisting in diverse and simultaneous development, encouraging enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems to vigorously participate; persisting in “driving exports with imports”, strengthening the macro-level adjustment of press and publication product import and export; persisting in a strategy of diversity, according to the different cultural requirements of different countries and regions, adopting different policies and methods, persisting in taking people at the core, to the largest extent giving rain to the vigour, initiative and creativity of press and publications workers.

(3) Main objectives

Striving to achieve that by the end of the “12th Five Year Plan”, press and publications sector “marching out” policy systems are even more complete; copyright export quantities to break through 7000 items, the balance between import and export to drop to 2:1; digital publication product and service export value annual average growth to be 32%, and export value to break through 1 billion Dollars by the end of the “12th Five Year Plan” period; material export quantities and values to maintain continuous growth; export quantities to break through 11,5 million volumes (copies, boxes, discs), export value to break through 42 million Dollars; printing service export scale adding up to 100 billion Yuan; press and publications enterprises’ overseas investment value to clearly increase; fostering a batch of famous brands with international influence; forging six to seven “marching out” key enterprises with solid power and international competitiveness; fostering a batch of foreign-oriented high-level press and publications expert talents; distributing and mapping layouts in about 30 countries in a planned way, basically shaping a new structure of press and publications “marching out” with broad coverage, prominent focus and clear hierarchy, our country’s press and publications sector’s international competitiveness and influence to clearly strengthen.

III, Focus tasks

(1) Forcefully promoting copyright “marching out”

Realistically expanding copyright export quantities, further improving import-export balances; optimizing export structures, expanding copyright export strength towards developed countries, neighbouring countries and the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, expanding copyright exports to developing countries; perfecting language structures, with Europe, America and neighbouring countries and regions as focus point, simultaneously dealing with other countries and regions; optimizing content structures, strengthening copyright export of publications in literature, science and technology, academia, etc., raising copyright export quality; improving forms and structures, strengthening digital publications product copyright export; improving cooperation methods, expanding cooperative publishing strength.

(2) Forcefully promoting digital publication product “marching out”

Implementing backbone driver strategies, expanding strength to support digital publication focus enterprises and industrial bases “marching out”; on the basis of encouraging all sorts of digital publication products to “march out”, focusing on supporting digital products such as cartoons, network games, periodical databases, electronic books, etc., to enter international markets; integrating traditional publishing enterprises’’ digital publishing product resources, raising their international negotiation capacity.

(3) Forcefully promoting material product “marching out”

Fully mustering the vigour of enterprises in all sorts of ownership, making material product export quantities and values maintain continued growth; implementing brand strategies, strengthening indigenous content innovation, focusing on rolling out a batch of brand products that carry forward the Socialist core value system, display the unique charm of Chinese culture, reflect the spiritual bearing and academic level of modern China, and that stick close to the cultural requirements and consumption habits of foreign audiences; enriching material export product forms, expanding the export strength of publication products such as books, newspapers, periodicals, electronics, audiovisuals, etc., promoting press and publications products to enter into international mainstream retail networks, influencing foreign mainstream crowds.

4. Forcefully promoting printing services “marching out”

Encouraging printing services export enterprises to undertake all sorts of overseas printing and processing business of high-end publications, packaging or mounting printed products, digitalized publishing and printing and other printed products; supporting printing enterprises and digital technology providers to jointly launch digitalized printing and packaging process management systems, realizing the long-distance linking with foreign commissioning clients; supporting printing and reproduction enterprises to use low-carbon technology, popularizing an image of environmental protection and green brands at the international level, attracting foreign commissioning clients.

(5) Forcefully promoting press and publications enterprises’ “marching out”

Focusing on supporting a batch of foreign-oriented backbone enterprises, through methods such as exclusive investment, joint venture, cooperation, etc., establishing publishing houses and stations, organizing newspapers and periodicals, and opening plants and stores abroad; encouraging press and publications enterprises meeting conditions to expand foreign capital and participate in international capital organization and international enterprise management through many kinds of methods such as going on the market, share participation, share control, etc.; guiding all enterprises in all sorts of ownership to orderly go abroad for investment and cooperation, raising internationalized operation levels, keeping guard against and dissolving foreign investment risks; creating desirable environments, encouraging and supporting enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems to expand press and publications product and service export business, and enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems are permitted to engage in press and publications product and services export business permitted by State laws and regulations, and enjoy equal treatment.

(6) Forcefully expanding international retail networks for “marching out”

Vigorously implementing strategies of “lending a boat to go to see”, strengthening cooperation with global and regional large-scale chain bookstores, further expanding international mainstream retail channels; integrating and consolidating the present overseas Chinese language publication retail channels; vigorously expanding new types of publications retail channels such as network bookstores, etc.; forcefully implementing localization strategies, vigorously utilizing overseas factors such as finance, talent, management experience, etc., to expand into overseas markets.

(7) Forcefully building “marching out” talent systems

With fostering foreign-oriented business management talents, copyright trade talents, specialized technology talents and translation talents as focus point, building talent fostering systems for press and publications sector “marching out”.

(8) Forcefully optimizing “marching out” structures

Striving to establish new “marching out” structures with developed countries, and neighbouring countries and regions as focus point, with developing countries as basis, with overseas Chinese language markets as support, with broad coverage, prominent focus and a clear hierarchy.

IV, Policy measures

(1) Expanding financial input into “marching out”

Fully utilizing the Special State Fund for Cultural Industry Development, the Special State Support Fund for Focus Cultural Export Enterprises and Programmes, the State Publishing Fund and the Special Fund for Ethnic Language Publications to grant subsidies to press and publications enterprises conforming to conditions for interest accrued through bank loans for implementing focus “marching out” programmes; giving subsidies to press and publications enterprises meeting conditions for focus “marching out” programmes in which their own capital is the main investment; granting awards to focus “marching out” enterprises according to actual export achievements; granting appropriate subsidies for asset insurance and export credit insurance fees needed for focus “marching out” programmes; granting support to copyright export of focus publications; paying attention to relevant funding programmes utilizing corresponding funds such as Central foreign trade development funds, foreign aid funds as well as small and mid-size enterprise international market expansion funds, etc.

(2) Expanding “marching out” financial and fiscal support strength

Earnestly implementing corresponding financial and fiscal policies for State support of cultural enterprise development, encouraging press and publications enterprises meeting conditions to use relevant credit products such as subsidized loans well and sufficiently; encouraging press and publications exercises to strengthen cooperation with banks, and strive to even more flexibly serve “marching out” credit-giving models; encouraging press and publications enterprises and programmes listed in the State culture export focus enterprises and programmes catalogue to vigorously utilize export credit insurance services and insurance fee subsidies, effectively breaking up operational “marching out” risks; not levying business tax over foreign income obtained by press and publications enterprises by providing cultural services abroad, not levying business tax over enterprises’ providing translation services and conducting copyright transfer abroad, deducting income tax that is already paid abroad according to existing relevant regulations; coordinating with relevant departments to further simplify press and publications enterprises’ procedures related to publications export customs declaration, tax rebates, personnel going abroad, foreign exchange handling, etc.

(3) Further optimizing “marching out” resource allocation

Granting preferential deployment and directed policies to enterprises realizing “marching out” at the publishing resource level; supporting publishing group companies and publishers having a certain copyright export scale to establish specialized publishing enterprises aimed at foreign book markets, and they may, after approval, be allocated with corresponding publishing resources; supporting the founding of completely foreign-oriented foreign language-type periodicals; giving focus guarantees to publishing programmes listed in the “marching out” focus project requiring publishing resources; deploying publishing resources towards completely foreign-oriented non-public enterprise trials having clear achievements in “marching out”.

(4) Forcefully implementing the “marching out” focus projects

Focusing on implementing the “Classical China” international publishing project, the China foreign book popularization plans, digital publication product “marching out” projects, China publications international retail channel expansion projects, focus press and publications enterprises overseas development support projects, border region press and publications sector “marching out” support project, cross-straits publishing exchange and cooperation programmes and other focus projects. Strengthening “marching out” subsidy programme in the ethnic minority press and publications “East Wind Project”; coordinating with the “Chinese Bridge” project, in European and American mainstream counties, neighbouring countries and regions with relatively high concentrations of overseas Chinese, focusing on popularizing teaching materials for Chinese as a foreign language.

(5) Strengthening “marching out” exhibition platforms

Striving to forge focus international copyright and material trade platforms such as the Beijing International Book Fair, Chinese guest of honour activities at important international book fairs, etc.; supporting press and publications enterprises to participate in international large-scale exhibitions and cultural activities such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, etc; carrying out international book exhibition hosting rights bidding systems; vigorously building press and publications trade platforms with Xinjiang, Tibet, Guangxi, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and other border regions at the centre.

(6) Strengthening “marching out” information services

With perfecting international press and publications consulting databases as focus point, strengthening research concerning international cultural market, important countries’ cultural policies and international focus press and publications enterprises, strengthening research concerning “marching out” investment risk and safeguard methods; with information sharing and joint interflow as focus points, building translation talent databases, copyright trade information databases, focus programme databases and Chinese and foreign writer databases, building State-level “marching out” information service platforms in many languages, providing comprehensive information services concerning market supply and demand, copyright trade, policy consulting, legal services, translation services, etc., to companies.

(7) Improving “marching out” statistical target systems

Bringing digital publication product export, Sino-foreign cooperative publication products, writers and privately-run planning enterprises’ exported copyright and non-public cultural enterprises’ products sold abroad respectively into press and publications “marching out” statistical categories.

(8) Accelerating fostering and developing “marching out” intermediary organs

Fully giving rein to the function of existing sector associations, encouraging and supporting enterprises to establish press and publications product and service export stimulation organizations on a voluntary basis, strengthening sector self-discipline, expanding foreign-related propaganda, safeguarding enterprises’ rights and interests, providing policy consultancy and information services, assisting enterprises in expanding into overseas markets; fully giving rein to the function of social intermediary organs such as investment stimulation organs, copyright agency organs, talent training organs, legal consulting organs, exhibition service organs, etc.

(9) Strengthening press and publications “marching out” talent training strength

Forcefully implementing “marching out” talent training plans, establishing “marching out” talent training bases, enriching training forms and training methods; stressing the training of leading personalities and all kinds of high-level specialized talents, stressing the attraction of foreign talents and talents “returning from overseas”, stressing giving rein to the function of foreign writers and translation talents; strengthening cooperation of press and publications system talents, establishing talent sharing mechanisms.

(10) Perfecting “marching out” propaganda awards and honour mechanisms

Timely organizing “marching out” summarizing honouring conferences, timely summarizing and popularizing the model experiences of all regions, all work units and all departments in “marching out” aspects; further expanding reward strength for award programmes related to “marching out” such as the Chinese Special Book Contribution Award, etc.; annually conducting focus “marching out” awarding and honouring excellent publications, focus export enterprises and work units and individuals with excellent copyright trade.

(11) Strengthening organizational leadership of “marching out” work

All levels’ administrative press and publications controlling authorities must strengthen a sense of responsibility for promoting the press and publication sector “marching out”, clarify the press and publications sector “marching out” leading organs and work teams, be responsible for leading and coordinating press and publications sector “marching out” work; vigorously striving for the regard and support of local Party committees and governments, strengthening coordination and communication between departments, and guaranteeing that all objectives, tasks and measures in this Plan are implemented satisfactorily








































































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