Press and Publications Sector “12th Five-Year Plan” Period Development Plan

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The “12th Five-Year Plan” period is a key period in completely constructing a relatively well-off society, and is an important period in deepening press and publications structural reform and accelerating the transformation of development methods. In order to realize that the press and publications sector develops both well and quickly, promote our country to stride forward in becoming a strong press and publications country, according to the “Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China” and the “State ’12th Five-Year Plan’ Period Cultural Structural Reform and Development Planning Outline”, this Plan is formulated.

I, The press and publications sector has achieved huge results in the “11th Five-Year Plan” period

During the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, the press and publications sector has, with the scientific development view as lead, completely persisted in the correct political orientation and public opinion orientation, liberated thoughts and openly forged ahead, deepened reform and accelerated development, and has explored and marched a new path of press and publications development with Chinese characteristics, and has initiated a new picture in press and publications sector reform and development.

(1) Service capacity has clearly strengthened

Persisting in revolving around the Centre and serving the larger picture, firmly grasping the progressive orientation of Socialist advanced culture, letting the construction of a Socialist core value system penetrate through all aspect of press and publications work, organizing the publication of excellent works and masterpieces with the newest theoretical achievements of the Sinicization of Marxism, and that carry forward the main melody, strengthening the construction of mainstream media and public opinion guidance capacity, sticking to the ideological battlefield position, disseminating the Party’s innovative theory, inheriting excellent Chinese culture, and guiding the ideological trends of the times, has provided important ideological guarantees, spiritual drovers and public opinion support for economic and social development. Revolving around serving the masses, improving people’s lives, focus publishing projects for great classic works, projects serving rural peasant book rooms, East Wind project supporting the development of the Xinjiang ethnic minority regions, reading projects raising civic quality of the whole people have been organizing and implemented, press and publications public service system frameworks have been basically established, which has made historical contributions to satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual culture requirements, and guaranteeing the popular masses’ basic cultural rights and interests.

(2) Industrial scale has risen quickly

Traditional publishing such as books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisuals, electronic publications, etc., has developed continuously, printing and reproduction has a powerful growth momentum, publications distribution displays a tendency of diversification. The press and publications industry has quickly integrated with modern science and technology, new business models such as digital publishing, digital printing, digital distribution, etc., have developed swiftly, the press and publications sector’s development space expands progressively, industrial scale has quickly expanded, industrial structures are incessantly optimized, industry chains become more perfect every day, and a complete industrial system with the publication, printing, reproduction, dissemination, foreign trade, etc., of media such as books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisuals, electronics, networks, mobile telephones, etc., at the core, including education, scientific research, copyright agency, material supply, international cooperation, etc., has been basically formed. In 2010, 3.38 million books and 7.17 billion copies were published in the entire nation; 9884 periodicals and 3.54 billion periodicals were published; 1939 newspapers and 50.02 billion copies were published; nationwide publications import and export business work units exported 10.475 million copies (boxes, discs, numbers) of books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products and electronic publications, the export value achieved 37.582 million Dollars, publications have already entered into more than 190 countries and regions around the world, newspaper distribution covers more than 80 countries and regions, the copyright export quantity to focus developed countries increased by 14 times in comparison with 2005. At present, our country’s newspaper publication scale, book publishing variety and publishing quantity are at number one in the world, electronic publications and network academic publications quantities are number two in the world, and the total production value of the printing sector is number three in the world. In 2010, the overalll press and publications sector production achieved 1.22 trillion Yuan, an increase of 350 billion Yuan. Production capacity and production quantities both display that our country has already become a large publications country worth of that name, he press and publications sector is not only a cultural battleground, it has also become the main force in the cultural industries and a new bright point in the growth of the national economy.

(3) Reform and opening up has been completely moved forward

The “11th Five-Year Plan” was a new historical phase in which press and publications structural reform obtained major prominence. Commercial book, audiovisual and electronic publishers’ transformations are basically complete, and a batch of publications media groups and newspaper, periodical, printing and distribution groups have been established. Post-production enterprises have become market subjects, competition capacity has clearly strengthened, financial investment channels have been incessantly expanded, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations across media, across sectors, across regions, across national boundaries and across ownership systems has made breakthrough development. The scope and scale of social capital entering into press and publications has incessantly expanded, and a structure with public ownership at the core, and jointly developing with many kinds of ownership is in the process of being shaped. “Marching out” models are being incessantly innovated, channels are broadened gradually, foreign trade structures are perfected more year by year, and both growth points of publications export and copyright export have been realized.

(4) Administrative management levels have been raised incessantly

Administrative press and publications departments have become even more complete, and have realized a separation between government and undertakings, a separation between government and enterprises, a separation between government and capital, and a distancing between management and organization, government functions have been transformed even more realistically. To further perfect press and publications laws and regulations, a batch of laws and regulations have been formulated and revised, and a batch of regulations and documents that are no longer applicable have been abolished. Copyright management work systems have been vigorously completed, the “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” has been deeply launched, infringement and piracy have been gravely attacked, and the intellectual property rights protection strength has been further expanded.

At the same time, problems and lacks still exist in press and publications sector development. Press and publications products and services still cannot fully satisfy the popular masses’ requirements, industrial concentration strength and industrial differentiation levels are relatively low, the problems of structural industrial and product contradictions and lagging science and technology innovations are relatively prominent, the task of remoulding market subjects is still huge, a unified market system has not yet been completely shaped, our country’s publishing media sector’s dissemination strength influence at the international level also still need to be further raised.

Box 1: The “11th Five-Year Plan” main objectives’ implementation situation

Plan objective Realization situation
Objective Unit 2005 2010 Annual average growth percentage 2010 Annual average growth percentage
Added value Billion Yuan 190 2660 7.0 350 13.0
Book publishing product variety Thousand titles 222 255 2.8 32.8 8.1
Total book publishing and printing quantities Billion copies (items) 6.47 7 1.6 7.17 2.1
Total book sheet publishing and printing quantities Billion sheets 49.33 60 4.0 60.61 4.2
Total newspaper publishing and printing quantities Billion copies 41.26 50 3.9 50.02 3.9
Total newspaper sheet publishing and printing quantities Billion sheets 161.31 2030 4.7 215.38 6.0
Total periodical publishing and printing quantities Billion numbers 2.76 3 1.7 3.54 5.1
Total periodical sheet publishing and printing quantities Billion sheets 12.53 14 2.2 20.01 9.8
Publications export quantities thousand copies, items, boxes, discs 8076 10113 4.6 1047.5 5.3
Copyright export product variety items 1517 3000 14.6 5691 30.3
Distribution network point quantity thousand 160 180 2.4 168 1.0
Average annual book variety use per million persons titles 170.1 192 2.4 244.6 7.5
Average annual book use quantity copies per person 4.9 5.3 1.4 5.35 1.6
Average annual periodical use quantity number per person 2.1 2.4 2.6 2.6 4.6
Newspaper copy use quantity per thousand persons copy per thousand persons 86.5 90 0.8 102.2 3.4
Newspaper dissemination rate copy per household 0.27 0.3 2.1 0.37 6.8

II, The development environment facing the press and publications sector during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period

Internationally, the changes in global economic and political structures caused unprecedented historical opportunities and challenges facing the press and publications sector.

– The chess-game of cultural soft power between countries made the position and function of the press and publications sector more prominent daily. Cultural soft has already become an important factor in strategic competition between countries. The press and publications sector is an important aspect of State cultural soft power, and has gotten an even more prominent function in aspects such as consolidating the public opinion battlefield, disseminating Chinese culture, strengthening comprehensive national strength, etc.

– The new changes in the global economic structure caused a reconstruction of the global press and publications sector structure. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, cultural industries’ position, function and proportion in Western developed countries’ economy and social development will continue to be raised, global-level mergers and reorganization trends are still continuously strengthened, market competition will inevitably further intensify, our country’s press and publications sector’s expansion, strengthening and participation in international competitive market environments will become even more complex.

– The new characteristics of globalized cultural competition require the press and publications sector to race to occupy the commanding heights in science and technology innovation and burgeoning industries. At present, the global press and publications sector is experiencing a new cycle of technological revolution. Following the complete dissemination of digital technology, information technology and network technology, new business models with digital publishing as representative have already become new strategic commanding heights in press and publications sector development, the competition of all countries in the areas of publishing technology, standard formulation and new business model fostering will become even more intense.

Domestically, the press and publications industry has already become a growth point for national economic development and an important rallying point for accelerating the transformation of economic development models, development will face new and even higher requirements.

Socialist modernization construction endows the press and publications industry with a new historical mission. The press and publications sector is an important component part of the comprehensive composition of Socialist undertakings with Chinese characteristics, and in the key period for completely constructing a relatively-well off society, the press and publications sector undertakes an important mission in constructing the Socialist core value system, strengthening the attractiveness and cohesion of Socialist ideology, moving the Sinicization, updating and popularization of Marxism forward, consolidating the public opinion battleground, inheriting Chinese culture and disseminating scientific knowledge.

– The large picture of accelerating the transformation of economic development methods and promoting the cultural industries to become a pillar industry in the national economy, requires the press and publications industry to accelerate development. The press and publications industry is a core industry and basic industry in the cultural industries. Accelerating the transformation of economic development methods, requires on one hand that the press and publications industry makes a contribution to the transformation of national economic development method; and on the other hand requires the press and publications industry to incessantly expand industrial scale, and accelerate industrial structural adjustment and upgrading, raising the proportion of the press and publications industry in the national economy.

– The popular masses’ daily increasing spiritual culture requirements has put forward even higher requirements to press and publications sector development. Following the incessant development of economy and society and the incessant rise of the people’s life levels, the popular masses’ spiritual culture requirements have presented new characteristics of diversification, multiple levels and multiple aspects., the popular masses’ eagerness for knowledge has become even more urgent than in any other time, the popular masses’ hope to participate in cultural creation has become even stronger than in any other time, this requires the press and publications sector to comply with the popular masses’ new expectations, and accelerate the development of press and publications undertakings and industries.

Within the industry, the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, is a key period for deepening press and publications sector reform, accelerating development and industry structure adjustment and upgrading.

– The press and publications system reform enters an attack period. Press and publications structure reform further faces the tasks of structural innovation, mechanism  transformation, facing the market and strengthening vitality, it will touch deep-layered contradictions and problems, and must have path-breaking progress in focus areas and key segments.

– The press and publications industry structure enters a strategic adjustment period. Following the daily increasing perfection of the market system, enterprise mergers are more dynamic every day, high and new technology changes every day, which will inevitably lead to interflow and reorganization of market factors such as talent, capital and resources in an even larger scope, and will inevitably bring a deep adjustment of press and publications industry structures.

– Press and publications sector transformation and upgrading enters a speeding-up period. Following the incessant rise of press and publications enterprises’ indigenous innovation capacity and high technology application levels, products and patterns are incessantly innovated, industrial blending incessantly deepens, and the development of digital publishing, digital printing, digital distribution and other new business models will further accelerate, which inevitably will promote the further acceleration of the pace of press and publications sector transformation and technology upgrading.

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, press and publications sector development will still remain in an important strategic opportunity period in which great developments are possible, and there are many beneficial conditions. The Centre put forward the promotion of the cultural industry to become a pillar industry in the national economy, which brought cultural industry development up to national strategy, and which provided rare historical opportunities for press and publications sector development; the popular masses’ speedily increasing spiritual culture requirements and the cultural consumption potential of 1.3 billion people have provided high market space for press and publications sector development; press and publications structural reform strength has moved forward, which provided strong drivers for press and publications sector development; the swift development of science and technology progress and especially information technology, has provided important support to press and publications sector development; the incessant expansion of State policy support strength, has provided powerful guarantees for press and publications sector development; the incessant perfection of financial support and capital markets, has provided beneficial conditions for press and publications sector development; the daily increase of China’s international position and the incessant “marching out” of Chinese culture has provided momentum for press and publications sector development; all levels’ ministries and commissions and governments high regard, has provided ideological guarantees and organizational guarantees for press and publications sector development.

III, Guiding ideology and basic requirements of press and publications sector development during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period

(1) Guiding ideology

With Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, raising high the banner, revolving around the larger picture, serving the people, reforming and innovating, with scientific development at the core, with transforming economic development methods as main thread, and with deepening reform as driver, striving to guarantee the basic cultural rights and interests of the popular masses, striving to arouse the vitality of market subjects, striving to adjust industrial structures, striving to raise the indigenous development capacity of the sector, striving to strengthen the dissemination strength and influence of Chinese culture, forcefully carry forward the desirable traditions of Chinese culture, laying down the basis for realizing the objective of a strong press and publications country.

(2) Basic requirements

– Persisting in the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture. Closely grasping the correct public opinion orientation, carrying the main melody forward, persisting in the three sticking close, completely letting the Socialist core value system penetrate through all aspects of press and publications life, putting social interest first, realizing the organic integration of social interest and economic interest, fully giving rein to the function of press and publications in guiding society, educating the people and promoting development, strengthening the nation’s cohesion and creativity.

– Persisting in accelerating development. With scientific development at the core, deepening press and publications structural reform, using the methods of reform to resolve problems in development, using the achievements  of reform to inspect the effects of reform, realistically liberating and developing press and publications development productive strength, promoting that the press and publications sector develops both well and quickly.

– Persisting in taking people at the core. With serving the people as basic purpose, with satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual culture requirements and stimulating the people’s complete development as basic objective, satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual cultural life needs, promoting development in respecting the main position of the popular masses and realizing the popular masses’ basic interest.

– Persisting complete coordination. Making complete coordination and sustainability into the basic requirement for promoting press and publications sector development, grasping public interest press and publications undertakings with one hand, and commercial press and publications industries with one hand, developing public interest-type undertakings and commercial industries jointly, strengthening cooperation, stimulating unions, promoting press and publications sector structure and composition to become even more optimized, making speed, quality and efficiency even more coordinated, sustainable development capacity to become further strengthened.

– Persisting in comprehensive planning. Making comprehensive planning into a basic method of promoting press and publications sector development, correctly dealing with the major relationships such as press and publications construction and economic and social development, social interest and economic interest, carrying the main melody forward and advocating diversification, ethnic culture and culture coming from outside, stimulating flourishing and strengthening management, giving rein to governmental function and mustering all social strength, public ownership at the core and joint development with many kinds of ownership.

– Persisting in science and technology innovation. Making science and technology innovation into a main pillar for promoting press and publications sector development, raising indigenous innovation capacity, promoting industrial technology innovation, promoting dissemination method innovation, promoting the development of burgeoning business models, promoting the modernization and transformation of the traditional publishing sector.

IV, Main objectives of press and publications sector development during the “12th Five-Year Plan”

By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, basically completing the development method transformation of the press and publications sector, vigorously developing burgeoning business models, with the development of strategic burgeoning industry areas such as digital publishing, etc., to reach global levels. Press and publication products and services to become even richer, public service capacity and levels to be further raised. Basically reversing the export deficit situation of press and publications products and services, substantially raising the international dissemination strength and influence of Chinese culture. Basically shaping and industrial structure with public ownership at the core, jointly developing with many kinds of ownership, and an open structure with national culture at the head, and jointly flourishing with attracting foreign beneficial culture. Basically establishing a uniform and open, competitive and orderly, healthy and flourishing modern publications market system, a press and publications public service system putting people firs, facing the grass-roots, for the benefit of the masses, and a modern dissemination system with advanced technology, fast transmission and broad coverage.

– Economic quantities. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, press and publications industry growth speed to attain 19.2%, by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, realizing an overall production output for the entire sector of 2.940 trillion Yuan, realizing an added value of 844 billion Yuan.

– Product scale. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, annual book publishing and printing quantities to reach 7.92 billion volumes (sheets); newspaper publishing and printing quantities to reach 55.23 billion copies; periodical publishing and printing quantities to reach 4.22 billion numbers. Publications export quantities to exceed 11.5 million volumes (copies, boxes, discs), copyright export variety quantities to reach 7000.

– Social contributions. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, realizing an annual book use of 5.8 volumes, periodical use of 3.1 numbers, annual use of newspapers per 1000 people reaching 100 copies, comprehensive citizen reading rates to reach 80%, average book, newspaper and periodical use quantities per person to reach 240 printed pages, publications distribution points per 1000 people to become 0.13, copyright registration quantities to become 700.000 items.

– Lowering energy consumption. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, the proportion of science and technology input in the sector’s added value to increase annually, work units energy consumption to decrease annually, green printing enterprises’ proportion of overall printing enterprises to exceed 30%.

BOX 2: main “12th Five-Year Plan” Period press and publications sector development targets

Target unit 2010 2015 annual growth%
Economic targets
Added value trillion Yuan 0.35 0.84 19.2
Total output trillion Yuan 1.22 2.94 19.2
Product variety quantity targets
Book publishing product variety 1000 titles 328 419 5.0
Book publishing and printing quantities billion volumes 7.17 7.92 2.0
Newspaper publishing and printing quantities billion copies 50.02 55.23 2.0
Periodical publishing and printing quantities 1000 numbers 354 422 3.6
Publications export quantities million volumes, copies, boxes, discs 10.475 11.565 2.0
Copyright export and cooperative publication product variety titles 5691 7000 4.2
Social service targets
Annual book use quantities per person volumes per person 5.3 5.8 1.5
Annual periodical use quantities per person numbers per person 2.6 3.1 3.1
Newspaper use quantities per 1000 persons copies per 1000 persons 91.7 100.6 1.9
Book, newspaper and periodical paper use quantity per person printed sheets per person 220.7 240.1 1.7
Publications distribution network point use quantity per 1000 persons points 0.125 0.132 1.0
Comprehensive citizen reading rates % 77.1 80.0 0.7
Copyright registration quantities items 506700 700766 6.7

V, focus tasks for press and publications sector development during the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period.

(1) Disseminating advanced Socialist culture, carrying forward the Socialist cure value system

Organizing and publishing the most recent theoretical achievements in the Sinicization of Marxism, closely integrating the realty of reform and opening up, and modernization construction, with major real problems as attention focus point, with deeply researching overall, strategic and forward-looking questions relating to Party and State cause development as main direction of attack, rolling out a batch of publishing programmes with depth and value; revolving around deep-level ideological and theoretical problems, and hot and difficult social problems, organizing the publication of excellent products and master pieces reflecting the Socialist theoretical system with Chinese characteristics and especially the scientific development view and the Socialist core value system, and even more and better popular theory reading, using the Socialist core value system to guide social ideological trends, raising the cultural content, character and morals of economic development and economic products, promoting the Sinicization, updating and popularization of Marxism. Raising the dissemination capacity and public opinion guidance capacity of newspapers and periodicals.

BOX 3: Socialist core value system construction projects

1 Chinese Communist Party Ideology and Theory Resource Database and Dissemination Project (2nd Phase)
Revolving around the objective of “orderly care, eternal preservation, efficient dissemination”, integrating the Party’s ideology and theory-type book, newspaper and periodical article materials, focusing on completing the digitization and database entry of 200000 books and 2 million newspaper and periodical articles on Party ideology and theory, as well as corresponding photos and audiovisual works. Launching the “Chinese Communist Party Ideology and Theory Lexicon”, completing the semantic annotations of  Marxist-Leninist works, leaders’ works, Party and State documents. Launching the construction of hand-held reading devices, satellite dissemination systems and short-run printing business, opening up foreign-language web pages, launching new service functions, expanding service areas, expanding the coverage of theory dissemination. Promoting the construction and linking up of nationwide town and country-level or higher Party and government organs’ and corresponding work units’ websites and the Chinese Communist Party Ideology and Theory Database website, striving to construct Party ideology and theory dissemination platforms with systematic content, standardized editing and advanced functions, and wit broad influence.

(2) Strengthening the production of excellent products and masterpieces, inheriting and carrying forward Chinese civilization

Forcefully promoting content innovation, focusing on grasping excellent product projects such as major State publishing projects, focus academic periodicals, etc., organizing and publishing even more excellent works and masterpieces having the spirit and characteristics of the times, rolling out even more  publications of all kinds representing the perpetual memories of the Chinese nation and even the perpetual memories of the world, creating Chinese stories, Chinese images, Chinese styles and Chinese spirits influencing world civilization. Promoting clean government cultural publishing work. Filly giving rein to the guiding function of the Chinese Publishing Government Fund and the State Publishing Fund, incessantly raising the quality and level of press and publications products. Strengthening propaganda and marketing of excellent press and publications products and masterpieces, deeply launching activities such as book criticism, etc.

BOX 4: Excellent press and publications product projects

1 Major State publishing projects
Focusing on grasping 100 major State publishing programmes in areas of Marxist-Leninist classics, economic and social development, philosophy and social sciences, etc., promoting the publication of publications carrying forward the spirit of the nation and the spirit of the times, and publications proposing a Socialist view of honour and disgrace or establishing correct world views, views of life, of values, promoting the publishing of clean government culture construction publications, rolling out a batch of excellent publication products inheriting history, serving the present and benefiting later generations.
2 State ancient book arrangement and publishing projects
Rolling out 300 State focus ancient book arrangement and publishing programmes, systematically arranging rare editions of Chinese ancient books that are lost or overseas, selecting excellent products for translation, and stimulating their publishing for “marching out”. Strengthening arrangement and publishing of science and technology classics such as mathematics, astronomy and the calendar system, rural medicine, ethnic minorities, etc., strengthening the arrangement and publishing of precious and rare social documents and records, unearthed documents, etc., strengthening the publishing of the achievements of ancient book digitalization, raising the application and utilization capacity of ancient book arrangement and publishing achievements.
3 State focus academic periodical construction projects
Establishing academic periodical scientific selection and fostering mechanisms, focusing on supporting the development of academic periodicals representing our country’s academic level, having international organization capacity and having desirable development prospects. Fostering 20 international first-rate academic level State focus academic periodicals, fostering a batch of influential excellent academic periodicals, promoting the rise our country’s academic periodicals’ comprehensive scientific level and international influence.
4 State academic thesis digitalization and dissemination platforms
Establishing digital academic periodicals covering the main academic areas, forging an academic thesis dissemination platform based on “cloud computing” technology, establishing many academic periodical work units’ on-line draft submission, peer review, publishing and distribution systems, encouraging interaction between traditional academic periodicals and digital academic periodicals, promoting the digitalization and transformation of academic periodical publishing, driving the development of industrialization, standardization and upscaling of original academic document and data publishing.

(3) Perfecting press and publications public service systems, guaranteeing the basic cultural rights and interests of the popular masses

According to the requirements of the public interest, essence, equality and convenience, through expanding input, transforming mechanisms, strengthening vitality and improving service, accelerating and completing a press and publications public service system with the government in the lead, with public finance as support, with public interest work units as backbone, with major press and publications public service projects as carrier, and with broad participation of social forces, making the popular masses’ basic cultural rights and interests gain effective guarantees. Fully giving rein to the backbone function of public interest-type press and publications work units, vigorously mustering the vigour of press and publications enterprises, raising the production capacity and dissemination capacity of press and publications products and services, perfecting production and supply systems for press and publications public services, raising supply quantity and quality, focusing on supporting popular language publishing, “three rurals” publishing, publishing for the blind and publishing aimed at minors, labourers migrating into the cities and other special groups, building press and publications public service systems. With the Central and Western region countryside and ethnic and border regions as focal points, completely strengthening grass-roots press and publications service facility construction in agricultural and pastoral regions, schools, communities, factories, military companies, etc. building a press and publications public service network system covering town and country. Striving to raise press and publication public service digitalization and networking levels. Forcefully launching reading activities for all the people, guiding the entire society in shaping reading habits, raising the cultural quality of the entire population.

BOX 5: Press and publications public service construction projects

1 Rural family book room projects
By 2012, basically completing the task of rural family book rooms covering all administrative villages in the entire country. Progressively expanding the implementation scope of the rural family book room, construction community book rooms, staff book rooms, farming, forestry and grazing land book rooms, temple book rooms, army company book rooms etc., and progressively extending them to natural villages and households. Establishing publications renewal mechanisms, through many kinds of channels and in many kinds of ways, striving to renew a certain quantity of publications in already established book rooms, progressively raising rural family book room audiovisual product and electronic publications provision proportions. Perfecting delivery systems, launching digital rural family book room trial projects.
2 Town and country newspaper case (screen) projects
During the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, adopting models supported by governments, implemented by newspaper publishers (groups), with participation of social forces and marketized operation models, constructing 100000 newspaper reading cases and electronic reading screens in locations with concentrated human flows such as urban and rural stations, trading centres, markets, squares, etc. Posted and transmitted newspapers will be mainly Party newspapers, “three rural”-type newspapers, popular science-type newspapers, culture and life-type newspapers and health digest-type newspapers.
3 Press and publications East Wind projects
In regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet, etc., establishing folk language publishing bases. Deploying the necessary professional  premises and editing, printing and production facilities to a batch of ethnic language publishing work units, ethnic region Party newspapers and Party periodicals, focus folk language periodicals and work units mainly undertaking folk language printing tasks. Newly building and broadening a batch of country-level Xinhua Bookstore retail network points in ethnic regions, fostering a batch of mobile selling (delivery) book cars. Implementing programmes in aspects of free donation of publications, folk language new media construction, folk language publications “marching out”, ethnic region press and publications talent team construction and publications market supervision, etc.
4 Focus folk language publication translation projects
Subsidizing the publishing of publications that decipher ethnic religion, policy, law and regulation, enrich science and technology, on ethic professional education, youth education, excellent traditional ethnic culture, medicine and health care, literature and art, etc., annually subsidizing 1000 focus folk-language (including double-language with folk language and Mandarin) books, focusing on producing 500 folk-language audiovisual products. Subsidizing the folk-language translation of excellent Mandarin or foreign-language publications, annually translating 800 books and 500 audiovisual products
5 Braille publishing projects
Strengthening Braille publishing base construction, deploying Braille printing machines and Braille printing and production lines, realizing an annual production scale of 1600 Braille books and 700000 volumes. Exploiting Braille music scores, reference books, periodicals and digital audiobooks adapted to blind people’s cognitions, publishing focus books such as the “Encyclopaedia for the Blind”, etc. Constructing the China Braille Library (China Visual Impairment Cultural Consulting Service Centre). Establishing informatized support technology research and product development programmes adapted to the blind’s needs.
6 Projects on reading materials for all the people
Focusing on promoting children’s reading and minors’ reading, satisfying the reading needs of special groups, forcefully spreading digital reading, and disseminating the concept of reading, fostering reading habits in the entire population, and raising the entire population’s reading capacity. Focusing on launching children’s “reading starting lines” and reading support activities, promoting the construction of demonstration bases for reading for all the people. Strengthening reading research and guidance, progressively integrating all localities’ and all departments’ reading resources, establishing and completing organizations and organs for reading materials for all the people. Vigorously striving to construct a State reading fund, establishing State reading festivals, progressively establishing long-term mechanisms for the construction of projects on reading materials for all the people.
7 The China Publishing Museum Construction Programme
Collecting and displaying historical materials, classics and cultural relics of China’s printing sector, revealing the long history, glorious achievements and development process of China’s publishing sector; opening interactive experience regions, making visitors’ experience the long glamour and technological level of China’s printing culture first-hand; launching academic exchange, stimulating the research of China’s publishing culture, giving rein to the educational enlightenment and history inheriting functions of museums.

(4) Creating an excellent, large and strong press and publications industry, raising the press and publications industry’s comprehensive strength and competitiveness

Forcefully developing the “Five Large Industries”; with content innovation and digitalized transformation as focus points, accelerating resource integration, continuing the development of paper-medium traditional publishing industries such as books, newspapers, periodicals, etc.; with business model innovation and service innovation as focus points, accelerating the application of new technologies, forcefully developing strategic burgeoning publishing industries such as digital publishing, etc; with creation innovation as focus point, quickly raising the quantity and quality of domestically-produced cartoon publishing products, accelerating and developing the cartoon game publishing industry; with technology upgrades and a green environment as focus point, accelerating the spread of digitalized technology, persisting in developing the printing and reproduction industry; with regional integration as focus point, innovating publications dissemination methods and channels, vigorously developing press and publications’ circulation and logistics industries. Forging a batch of large-scale publishing media “aircraft carriers”, reorganizing a batch of large-scale printing and reproduction enterprises, organizing a batch of large-scale distribution and logistics groups. Encouraging the press and publications industry to mix and link up with other industries.

BOX 6: Focus points of press and publications industry development

1 Focus points of traditional press and publications industry development
Building three levels of focus publications publishing planning network systems at the national and provincial level, and in publishing work units, shaping long-term mechanisms for the production of excellent products, organizing the implementation of the “State Focus Book, Audiovisual and Electronic Publications’ Publishing Plan in the “12th Five-Year Plan” (2000 titles). Organizing the launch of the “One Hundred of Three” excellent originally-created product selection activity, accelerating the construction of State music industry bases, fostering 20 audiovisual brand enterprises with clear characteristics, core competitiveness and original creation capacity, driving the development of the audiovisual publishing sector. Strengthening the Centre’s main newspapers and periodicals, and academic periodicals’ sustainable development capacity and dissemination capacity. Shaping about 10 newspaper and periodical printing industry concentration centres with relatively strong radiation capacity. Forging about 10 large-scale State owned newspaper and periodical media groups operating across regions, across sectors and across media. Constructing branded academic journal groups with international influence in specialized discipline areas. Realizing 20 comprehensive daily newspapers of which the distribution quantity exceeds 1 million, and 30 mass service-type periodicals of which the distribution quantity exceeds 1 million. Halving the quantity of newspaper and periodical publishing work units nationwide, and lowering them below 5000. Halving the proportion that non-independent legal person newspaper and periodical editorial departments occupy in newspaper and periodical publishing work units, and lowering them below 30%.
2 Focus points of burgeoning press and publications industry development
By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, striving to realize that the total output value of digital publishing reaches 25% of the total output value of the press and publications industry, and that its overall scope is at advanced global levels. Shaping about 10 State digital publishing bases or State digital publishing industry parks with characteristics and an annual output exceeding 10 billion across the country, establishing 5-8 digital content delivery platforms with the capacity to integrate books, newspapers, periodicals and audiovisual or electronic publications, shaping about 20 digital publishing backbone enterprises with an annual main business income exceeding 1 billion Yuan, and that have international competitiveness.
3 Focus points for cartoon and game publishing industry development
Accelerating and developing ethnic cartoon industries, substantially raising the quality and quantity of domestically-produced cartoon products; forcefully supporting the exploitation of cartoon and game publishing products with mobile telephones as main dissemination channel and carriers; vigorously developing the ethnic network gaming industry, encouraging and supporting ethnic originally-created network cartoon product creation, research and development, expanding ethnic network culture development space.
4 Focus points for the printing and reproduction industry
With primary and secondary school textbooks, government procurement of products and packaging of foods and drugs as focus point, forcefully promoting the development of green printing, with digital printing and digitized workflows, CTP and digitalized management systems as focus point, spreading digitized technology across the entire sector, promoting our country’s transformation from a large printing country to a strong printing country to make major headway, striving to realize the strong country objective in the press and publications sector ahead of time. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, striving to become the second largest printing country worldwide; fostering a batch of excellent printing enterprises with international competitiveness; striving to achieve that the quantity of green printing enterprises occupies 30% of our country’s total printing enterprise quantity; and that digitalized printing output value exceeds 20% of our country’s total printing output value. On the basis of preserving the optical disc reproduction sector’s steady development, growing high-capacity high-definition optical disc production capacity by 500%, eliminating 40-50% of the low-capacity and low-definition optical disc production capacity. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, our country’s optical disc reproduction quantity to occupy 50% of global quantities,  and becoming an important global reproduction base.
5 Focus points for publications distribution industry development
Basically shaping a publications distribution and circulation network with chain operation, logistical delivery and electronic commerce as main characteristics, with large cities at the centre, complemented by small and mid-size cities, linking up town and country. Cross-regional development obtaining major breakthroughs, basically shaping a development structure with Southern and Northern Nationwide Xinhua Distribution Group and the Postal Newspaper and Periodical Distribution Group in the lead. Building 3-4 modern press and publications circulation enterprises radiating across the entire country, effectively lowering the logistical costs of the press and publications sector. Shaping 4-5 digital distribution and Internet distribution enterprises with high technological content, having indigenous intellectual property rights, and a retail value exceeding 100 million Yuan. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, striving to realize that publications distributions network points cover all villages and towns.

BOX 7: Press and publications industry promotion projects

1 Central State-owned large-scale publications media group company support projects
Integrating high-quality publishing resources in all Central departments and work units, constructing three to four Central State-owned large-scale publications media group companies.
2 “Prime mover” originally-created cartoon and ethnic network game publishing projects
Focusing on encouraging the creation and publication of 100 originally-created cartoon books, 40 originally-created cartoon periodicals, 60 originally-created digital cartoons and 100 originally-created gaming products per year, supporting 100 excellent originally-created cartoon and game talents (teams), supporting 50 domestically-produced cartoon game technology research and development focus programmes. Focusing on fostering a batch of originally-created cartoon periodicals with a monthly distribution rate exceeding 1 million volumes, rolling out a batch of domestically-produced large-scale network game excellent products having relatively strong influence and a certain number of excellent webpage game and mobile telephone game products, encouraging the publication of mobile telephone cartoon newspapers and mobile telephone cartoon magazines, as well as the construction of mobile telephone WAP websites.
3 Green printing and digitalized printing projects
Implementing digital printing and the two subordinate programmes of printing digitalization projects and green environment printing system construction, accelerating innovation and industrialization progress in printing technology, craft and management, realizing the indigenous exploitation and application of ink-jet digital printing technology progressively constructing and perfecting green printing environmental protection quality systems, giving rein to the guiding function of green printing and digital technology to the overall printing industry’s implementing of innovation drives and endogenous growth, driving industrial transformation and upgrading.
4 Nationwide publications logistics system construction programmes (including the Xinhua Bookstore “One Through Network”)
With all provincial-level Xinhua Bookstores as basis, accelerating the construction of nationwide State-owned large-scale distribution group construction. Implementing modern publications supply chain system demonstration projects, establishing and completing publications logistics standard systems, realizing the linking and interaction of upstream and downstream information systems; building open-style, comprehensive, multifunctional and integrated publications circulation information platforms, promoting the construction of networks in the publishing area. Promoting the integration of nationwide Xinhua Bookstore information platforms, selling venue platforms, logistics platforms as well as service and support platforms, etc., realizing the Xinhua Bookstore “One Through Network”.
5 Rural publications retail network point construction programmes
Spreading Xinhua Bookstore rural publications chain models, encouraging Xinhua Bookstores to rely on rural family book rooms, all sorts of convenience stores as well as individually-owned ships, to establish all sorts of publications distribution network points or consignment selling points, incessantly expanding main rural publications distribution channels, fostering rural publications retail markets. By 2015, striving to realized that “all cities have large book stores, all counties have bookshops, all townships have network points and all villages have book rooms”.

(5) Complying with tendencies of digitalization, informatization and networking, moving press and publications sector transformation and upgrading forward

Establishing press and publications science and technology innovation systems with policy as guidance, input as guarantee, enterprises at the core, innovation platforms as support, market requirements as guidance, that integrate industry, learning and research. Encouraging and supporting press and publications enterprises to exploit key technologies with indigenous intellectual property rights, developing digital publishing and other burgeoning technologies with content production digitalization, management process digitalization, product form digitalization, and dissemination channel digitalization as main characteristics, and with network publishing and mobile telephone publishing as main representative, promoting research, development and production of technologies and equipment for digital content processing, storage, transmission, reading, etc., developing electronic reading and audio reading, reforming and upgrading the traditional press and publications industry, raising press and publications enterprises’ equipment level and press and publications products’ science and technology content, realizing deep press and publications content resource integration. Strengthening public press and publications service programmes’ digitalization construction, accelerating major State digital publishing project construction and State digital publishing base construction. Further perfecting press and publications electronic government service systems.

BOX 8: Press and publications science and technology innovation projects

1 The Chinese Character Database Project
By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, completing the Chinese Character Database Project. Collecting Chinese character forms in presently existing historical documents and materials and ethnic minority character forms, establishing the encoding of the main characters and a database of all fonts and symbols. Focusing on researching and developing key technology for character encoding systems, input and output, storage and transmission as well as intercompatibility, etc. Realizing that the number of recorded Chinese character and ethnic minority character forms exceeds 500.000, and completing symbol encoding, realizing font style’s adaptation to digital publishing and printing, networking and digitalization.
2 The State Knowledge Resource Database Project (1st Phase)
Establishing a framework and application demonstration platforms for the State Knowledge Resource Database Project, systematically integrating all sorts of knowledge resources in all sorts of sectors and spheres, establishing analytical knowledge database bodies with scientific structuring, clear hierarchies, complete covering and high-level connections. The 1st project phase is the construction phase of the programme, its objective is to integrate the planning of the database framework, formulate corresponding standards and constructing application demonstration platforms. Establishing State publishing resource digital specimen databases, completing the digitalization and arrangement of publications such as the Great Encyclopaedia of China, old Chinese records, etc.
3 State digital reproduction and publication projects
Formulating a series of digital reproduction and publishing standards and norms, preparing, coordinating and collecting editing and screening platforms, comprehensive processing and production platforms, overall media resource management platforms, multi-channel issuing platforms, mutually serving and supporting platforms and corresponding public technology. In different categories and areas of publishing such as reference book publishing, educational publishing, science and technology publishing, newspaper and news publishing, medical periodical publishing as well as mass publishing, etc., launching application demonstrations, and spreading them across the entire sector.
4 Digital copyright protection technology research and development projects
Launching digital copyright protection research and development suited to digital publishing and having indigenous intellectual property rights, realizing key technologies and core breakthroughs, shaping comprehensive digital publishing copyright protection technology plans and digital copyright public management technology systems and spreading their application. Building environments for application and demonstration, building digital copyright protection comprehensive supervision, management and service platforms.
5 The Electronic Schoolbag Research and Development Project
Researching and developing electronic schoolbag projects relying on the network environment, jointly constructed from mobile terminal equipment, electronic education service platforms, resource processing and publishing support systems as well as educational digital content, where participants can conduct educational activities through using the terminal equipment. The first project phase starts electronic schoolbag research and development work and launches small-scale trials; the second phase conducts optimizing and adjustment ad well as dissemination in a part of the regions; the third phase comprises spreading work on a nationwide scale.
6 State digital publishing service management platform construction projects (including nationwide Party newspaper and new media information issuing platform programmes)
Drawing support from high and new technologies in reproduction and publishing, digital copyright protection, data storage and processing, semantic analysis, etc., launching the construction of open digital publishing resource concentration and service platforms, realizing digital content resource sharing, progressively making them into digital publications production and processing service centres, digital content delivery and trade centres and digital publishing content supervision and management centres.

(6) Comprehensively planning the two large international and domestic pictures, promoting the press and publications sector’s “marching out”

Vigorously utilizing both international and domestic markets, and two sorts of resources, forcefully promoting the press and publications sector’s “marching out”. Mapping out and distributing matters n a planned manner, striving to force a batch of large-scale media groups and logistics enterprises having international competitiveness, forging international copyright trade platforms having important influence, forging well-known publishing media brands having core competitiveness, clearly accelerating the pace of press and publications products, services, enterprises and capital “marching out”. Subsidizing the foreign-related translation of excellent publications, expanding copyright export and foreign publishing areas and scopes, raising copyright export quality. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period, realizing that the proportion of copyright import and export decreases to 2:1. Encouraging enterprises to produce even more foreign-oriented new-type press and publications products, preserving continuous publications export growth, by 2015, realizing a publications export value of 42 million Dollars. Focusing on supporting enterprises in expanding into overseas markets and enter international mainstream markets with digital publication products and services such as cartoons, network games, periodical databases, electronic books, etc., by the 2015 having digital publication product and service export value exceed 1 billion Dollar. Forcefully promoting printing service export, encouraging enterprises to undertake international high-end printing and processing business, by 2015 realizing that printing service export income reaches 100 billion Renminbi. Supporting enterprises having capacity to expand foreign investment, or initiate press and publications entities abroad through many kinds of methods, expanding press and publications business. Organizing well important international exhibitions such as the Beijing International Book Fair, etc., continuing to launch events in which China is the guest of honour at important international book fairs. Vigorously expanding publishing exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, fully utilizing the superiority of the Hong Kong and Macau regions, promoting press and publications product and service export.

BOX 9: Press and publications “marching out” projects

1 “Classical China” international publishing projects:
Adopting programme management methods to subsidize foreign-oriented excellent book topic translation, publishing and dissemination, with methods such as copyright export and publishing cooperation, realizing foreign-oriented publishing and distribution and entering foreign mainstream distribution channels, raising Chinese publications’ publishing levels and international competitiveness; encouraging export to developed countries, with mainstream social readers as targets, spreading our country’s excellent ideological culture, spiritual civilization as well as historical achievements to international markets.
2 China publications international retail channel expansion projects
Vigorously implementing the “borrowing a boat to go to sea” strategy, strengthening cooperation with global and regional large-scale bookstores, expanding international mainstream retail channels; integrating and consolidating existing overseas Chinese-language publications retail channels; vigorously expanding important international network bookstores and other burgeoning publications retail channels; thereby building solid international retail networks, and promoting even more excellent Chinese publications to march towards the world.
3 Focus press and publications enterprise foreign development support projects
Accelerating our country’s press and publications enterprises’ overseas development pace, providing support to our country’s focus press and publications enterprises in aspects such as product export, foreign organ establishment, foreign capital operation, etc. Focusing on supporting 20 foreign-oriented backbone enterprises, through methods such as exclusive investment, joint ventures and cooperation, establishing publishers and stations, organizing newspapers and periodicals, and opening plants and stores abroad, though many kinds of methods such as share-participation, share control, etc., expanding foreign investment, participating in international capital operation and international enterprise management; creating desirable environments and service platforms, encouraging and supporting enterprises in all sorts of ownership to expand press and publications product and service export business.
4 Taiwan Strait publishing exchange and cooperation projects
Forcefully moving Taiwan Straits press and publications exchange and cooperation forward, focusing on supporting the excavation and integration of Taiwan Straits publishing resources and cultural resources, perfecting Taiwan Straits professional exchange mechanisms, strengthening programme cooperation, jointly expanding overseas cultural markets and carrying forward Chinese culture.
5 The China International Book Exhibition Centre Construction Programme
With serving international publications trade and copyright trade as focus points, constructing international first rate large scale comprehensive exchange platforms, providing all sorts of services to participants from all countries, seeking new connection opportunities with publishers from all over the world.

(7) Strengthening market system construction, creating a desirable market order

Accelerating the construction of the publications market and factor markets such as the capital market, technology markets, information markets, etc., shaping uniform and open, competitive and orderly, and healthy and flourishing modern press and publications market systems. Accelerating moving press and publications sincerity and honesty system construction forward, establishing press and publications sector social credit systems’ basic frameworks and operational mechanisms, perfecting press and publications enterprise appraisal systems, standardizing market competition activities. Accelerating copyright protection strength, protecting originally created works, protecting the rights and interest of rights holders, protecting cultural innovation spirits. Deeply launching “sweeping pornography and striking illegality”, and attacking infringement, piracy and illegal publishing activities, disciplining the market environment. Fully giving rein to the government’s  management function, sector self-discipline functions and social supervision function, shaping desirable market environment order.

BOX 10: Press and publications market supervision and management projects

1 Nationwide “sweeping pornography and striking illegality” capacity upgrade programmes
Establishing a secret information network connecting “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” offices in all provinces (regions, municipalities) in the entire country as well as all member work units of the national “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work small group and systems such as internal “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work management platforms; establishing illegal publication databases, illegal publication on-line appraisal platforms, banned Internet content supervision and management platforms, real-time publications market supervision and control platforms; accelerating “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” team construction; accelerating “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” equipment guarantees, completely raising “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality” work levels and work efficiency.
2 National Copyright Supervision and Management Platform Construction Programme (2nd Phase)
Integrating all sorts of existing copyright registration platforms, perfecting copyright public service systems, establishing convenient, high efficiency and unimpeded daily administration and management channels, providing corresponding information on work registration, copyright permission and transfer registration, copyright authentication registration, copyright pledge registration, etc., to law enforcement departments, providing services for developing copyright industries and strengthening copyright law enforcement. Providing technology support for attacking all sorts of infringing and pirating activities, creating a desirable copyright order.
3 Press and publications monitoring system construction programmes
Integrating newspaper and periodical content resources, establishing content transmission networks covering nationwide newspaper and periodical publishing work units, shaping nationwide newspaper and periodical content database systems updated in real-time, completely constructing nationwide newspaper and periodical electronic specimen databases, through information technology means, realizing hierarchical monitoring of newspaper and periodical publishing content, realizing statistics, analysis, appraisal and guidance over the nationwide newspaper and periodical publishing situation, providing scientific and effective basic platforms for our country’s newspaper and periodical publishing administration and management.

VI, Main measures for promoting press and publications sector development during the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period.

(1) Persisting in reform and opening up

Further deepening press and publications structure reform, obtaining key breakthroughs in focus regions and key segments. Completely completing non-current affairs-type newspaper and periodical publishing work unit transformation work. Accelerating the moving forward of Party newspaper and Party periodical distribution structure reform, establishing and completing market distribution systems. Promoting press and publications enterprises to establish modern enterprise systems, perfecting legal person governance structures, forging large-scale press and publications media groups, raising enterprises’ core competitiveness. Expanding internal opening up, encouraging, guiding and standardizing social capital to enter into areas permitted by policies in many ways, creating a desirable policy environment and fair competition opportunities for non-publicly owned cultural enterprises’ continuous fast and healthy development. Expending foreign opening up, attracting strategic investors, expanding the foreign opening up strength of printing, retail, etc, strengthening copyright cooperation and cooperative publishing. Further deepening public interest-type press and publications work unit structural reform, perfecting undertaking work reform legal person governance structures, raising press and publications public service capacity and levels. Further deepening press and publications administrative management structure reform, accelerating government function transformation, innovating government management structures, mechanisms, methods and means, raising administrative efficiency.

(2) Accelerating structural adjustment

Further accelerating press and publication product structure, industrial structure, enterprise organization structure, ownership structure, spatial distribution structure and technological structure adjustment, establishing and perfecting press and publications industry systems, completely raising industrial levels and international competitiveness. Further accelerating moving traditional press and publications sector digitalization transformation forward, accelerating the development of strategic burgeoning press and publications industries such as digital publishing. Further fostering press and publications backbone enterprises, encouraging press and publications enterprises meeting conditions to operate and reorganize across regions, across sectors and across ownership systems, promoting press and publishing resources to be appropriately concentrated within superior enterprises. Supporting the development of “special” “excellent” “characteristic” and “new” modern press and publications enterprises. Further accelerating the construction of press and publications industry belts, industrial parks and industrial bases, continuing to promote press and publications industry concentrations and industrial belt construction such has the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Shore, etc., focusing on developing industrial parks and bases in digital publishing, copyright creation, printing and reproduction industries, etc., encouraging diversified and specialized development, stimulating the coordinated development of industrial areas, raising press and publications industry concentration. Further utilizing many sorts of channels for funding, promoting enterprises meeting conditions to go on the market, attracting social capital to participate in press and publications activities in an orderly manner.

(3) Accelerating the transformation of economic development methods

Further accelerating press and publications sector development to transform from mainly relying on capital expansion to mainly relying on science and technology progress, cultural innovation and raising the quality of workers, truly realizing that press and publications sector development methods transform from extensive modes to productive modes, from quantitative modes to qualitative modes, and from expansive modes to science and technology modes. Accelerating ideological concept innovation, structure and mechanism innovation, content shaping innovation, publishing form innovation, dissemination method innovation, industrial structure innovation, commercial model innovation and copyright service system innovation. Establishing creativity incentive mechanisms, with encouraging content innovation at the core, conducting State awarding and support of all sorts of creative works, creative talents, creative organs and creative industrial parks, striving to foster innovative subjects.

(4) Accelerating science and technology progress

Promoting science and technology innovation and science and technology achievement transformation, researching and developing a batch of vanguard technologies having indigenous intellectual property rights, with a strategic, guiding and driving nature, grasping a batch of basic technologies with a pillar function and guarantee function, focusing on supporting the research and development of content collection and processing technology, audio and image technology, cloud publishing technology, semantic analysis technology, digital display technology, digital printing technology and next-generation colour reading equipment, strengthening the exploitation and application of knowledge organization and management, as well as coordinated editing management technology, new types of printing, ink and material technology. Encouraging and supporting enterprises’ technology research, development and transformation. Accelerating the construction pace of press and publications sector standards, moving the formulation and dissemination work of standards corresponding to digital publishing forward, formulating and completing basic sector standards, researching and formulating core standards for new industry models, Moving green publishing strategy forward, proposing low-carbon production methods that protect the environment. Moving the environmental protection concept of “green publishing” forward in the entire sector, spreading high-efficiency and energy-saving technologies and product application. Forging “green” printing industries.

(5) Strengthening talent team construction

Establishing priority talent development strategies, with fostering all sorts of commanding personalities in press as publishing as objective, comprehensively planning and grasping the construction of talent teams with leading talents, business management talents, technology expert talents and especially composite talents and talents that the sector badly needs and urgently requires, bringing up a batch of famous writers, famous editors, famous journalists, sector technology experts, publishers and entrepreneurs. Focusing on developing press and publishing famous artist projects, leading talent projects, expert talent fostering and exploitation planning. With professional entry and job posting entry as grasping points, incessantly raising grass-roots talent team quality. Perfecting expert press and publications technology personnel professional qualification systems, establishing talent-training mechanisms in many kinds of ways. Brining non-publicly owned organ talent teams into sector talent construction systems. Innovating talent incentive mechanisms, completing talent selection mechanisms, completing talent circulation mechanism, shaping a systemic environment benefiting all sorts of talents to come to the fore.

(6) Strengthening policy support and guidance

Expanding government input, striving that the State finance administration expands support strength for the State publishing fund, the rural book room project sustainable development fund, the ethnic language publishing special fund, the special “marching out” fund, etc. Striving to continue and expand State policies to the press and publications sector such as tax preference and trade support, etc., grasping policy implementation. Vigorously striving for the central and regional governments’ funding support for major programmes in the press and publications area, enlarging press and publications focus programme implementation strength, accelerating the pace of press and publications reform and development programme database construction, guiding and driving press and publications sector development. Formulating and announcing industrial development and investment guidance catalogues, perfecting and implementing funding input policies. Formulating and implementing policies shifting publishing resources towards focus publishing media enterprises and bases, preferring large-scale interregional backbone publishing media enterprises and State-level publishing industry bases in publishing resource allocation, encouraging making them large and strong. Perfecting laws, regulations and policy systems corresponding to copyright, supporting copyright agency, appraisal, pledge, investment, funding and other activities, supporting the construction of copyright service platforms. Researching press and publications asset management, labour allocation and other new problems occurring after transformation, arousing enterprises’ development vitality.

(7) Strengthening administration according to the law

Completing legal systems guaranteeing press and publications sector development, promoting press and publications law and regulation formulation and revision, completing publishing work unit legal person systems, controlling and sponsoring systems, new media publishing management and other regulatory systems. Raising the level of administration according to the law, moving the construction of a service-type government, rule of law government, responsible government and clean government forward. Establishing and completing mechanisms for press and publications enterprise entry, appraisal, evaluation, reward or punishment, exit, etc., and supervision and management mechanisms for assets, business, profit distributions, etc., improving undertaking work unit management methods and professional achievement appraisal and evaluation rules, standardizing the activities of undertaking and enterprise work units, strengthening work style construction. Formulating new book number approval, issue and management rule. Perfecting manuscript examination, popular feeling supervision, information communication and emergency management mechanisms, further standardizing newsgathering procedures and newspaper or periodical operating procedures. Strengthening and improving press and publications statistics work according to the law.

(8) Strengthening organizational guidance

Starting from the height of the larger picture, fully understanding the strategic position of the press and publications sector, realistically strengthening organizational guidance over planning and implementation work. The General Administration of Press and Publications is responsible for comprehensive planning, coordination and macro-level guidance of this Plan, formulating break-down implementation plans and major project implementation plans for all programme objectives’, establishing monitoring, appraisal and evaluation mechanisms for the Plan’s implementation situation, and strengthening supervision and examination. All levels’ administrative press and publications departments must strengthen the promotion of a sense of responsibility for press and publications sector development, vigorously strive for the leadership and support of Party Committees and governments for the press and publications industry, complete and perfect leading systems and work mechanisms, according to the objectives, tasks and measures in this Plan, determine “roadmaps” and formulate “timetables”, select responsible persons, conclude target guarantee agreements, and implement strict accountability mechanisms, guaranteeing that the press and publications sector “12th Five-Year Plan” Period planning quality and quantity are guaranteed and implemented on schedule.



专栏1  “十一五”规划主要指标实现情况
指标 单位 2005年 规划目标 实现情况
2010年 年均增长% 2010年 年均增长%
增加值 亿元 1900 2660 7.0 3500 13.0
图书出版品种数 万种 22.2 25.5 2.8 32.8 8.1
图书出版总印数 亿册(张) 64.7 70 1.6 71.7 2.1
图书出版总印张数 亿印张 493.3 600 4.0 606.1 4.2
报纸出版总印数 亿份 412.6 500 3.9 500.2 3.9


报纸出版总印张数 亿印张 1613.1 2030 4.7 2153.8 6.0
期刊出版总印数 亿册 27.6 30 1.7 35.4 5.1
期刊出版总印张数 亿印张 125.3 140 2.2 200.1 9.8
出版物出口数量 万册、份、盒、张 807.6 1011.3 4.6 1047.5 5.3
版权输出品种 1517 3000 14.6 5691 30.3
发行网点数量 万个 16.0 18 2.4 16.8 1.0
百万人均年拥有图书种数 170.1 192 2.4 244.6 7.5
人均年拥有图书数量 册/人 4.9 5.3 1.4 5.35 1.6
人均年拥有期刊数量 册/人 2.1 2.4 2.6 2.6 4.6
每千人拥有报纸份数 份/千人 86.5 90 0.8 102.2 3.4
报纸普及率 份/户 0.27 0.3 2.1 0.37 6.8


——经济总量。“十二五”时期, 新闻出版产业增长速度达到19.2%,到“十二五”期末实现全行业总产出29400亿元,实现增加值8440亿元。

专栏2  “十二五”时期新闻出版业发展主要指标
指    标 单位 2010年 2015年 年均增长(%)
    增加值 万亿元 0.35 0.84 19.2
    总产出 万亿元 1.22 2.94 19.2
    图书出版品种数 万种 32.8 41.9 5.0
    图书出版总印数 亿册 71.7 79.2 2.0
    报纸出版总印数 亿份 500.2 552.3 2.0
    期刊出版总印数 亿册 35.4 42.2 3.6
    出版物出口数量 万册、份、盒、张 1047.5 1156.5 2.0
    版权输出与合作出版品种 5691 7000 4.2
    人均年拥有图书数量 册/人 5.3 5.8 1.5
    人均年拥有期刊数量 册/人 2.6 3.1 3.1
    每千人拥有日报份数 份/千人 91.7 100.6 1.9
    人均书报刊用纸量 印张/人 220.7 240.1 1.7


0.125 0.132 1.0
    国民综合阅读率 % 77.1 80.0 0.7
    版权登记数量 506700 700766 6.7


专栏3  社会主义核心价值体系建设工程
 01  中国共产党思想理论资源数据库与传播工程(二期)



专栏4  新闻出版精品生产工程
 01  国家重大出版工程


 02  国家古籍整理出版工程


 03  国家重点学术期刊建设工程


 04  国家学术论文数字化发布平台



专栏5  新闻出版公共服务建设工程
 01  农家书屋工程


02  城乡阅报栏(屏)工程


03  新闻出版东风工程


 04  重点民文出版译制工程


05  盲文出版工程


06  全民阅读工程


07  中国出版博物馆建设项目



专栏6  新闻出版产业发展重点
01  传统出版产业发展重点


 02  新兴新闻出版产业发展重点


 03  动漫游戏出版产业发展重点


04  印刷复制产业发展重点


05  出版物发行产业发展重点


专栏7  新闻出版产业振兴工程
01  中央国有大型出版传媒集团公司扶持工程


02  “原动力”原创动漫及民族网游出版工程


03  绿色印刷和数字化印刷工程


 04  全国性出版物物流体系建设项目(含新华书店“一网通”)


05  农村出版物销售网点建设项目



专栏8  新闻出版科技创新工程
 01  中华字库工程



 02  国家知识资源数据库工程(一期)


 03  国家数字复合出版工程


 04  数字版权保护技术研发工程


 05  电子书包研发工程



 06  国家数字出版服务管理平台建设项目(包括全国党报新媒体信息发布平台项目)



专栏9  新闻出版“走出去”工程
 01 “经典中国”国际出版工程:


 02  中国出版物国际营销渠道拓展工程


03  重点新闻出版企业海外发展扶持工程


 04  两岸出版交流合作工程


05  中国国际图书展销中心建设项目




专栏10  新闻出版市场监管工程
 01  全国“扫黄打非”能力提升项目


 02  国家版权监管平台建设项目(二期)


 03  新闻报刊出版监测系统建设项目




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