Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Decision Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform

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The 6th Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has completely analyzed the situation and tasks, and is of the opinion that summarizing the rich practice and precious experience of our country’s cultural reform and development, researching the deployment of deepening cultural structural reform, promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, further arousing a new high tide of Socialist cultural construction, has a major and profound significance for seizing complete construction of the new victory of constructing a moderately well-off society, initiating a new dimension for Socialist undertakings with Chinese characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Plenum has made the following Decision.

I, Fully understanding the importance and urgency of promoting cultural reform and development, even more awarely and even more actively promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture

Culture is the blood circulation of the nation, it is the spiritual garden of the people. In the course of our county’s five thousand years of civilization and development, the people of all ethnicities have closely united, constantly strived to improve, jointly produced long-standing and well-established, wide-ranging and profound Chinese culture, providing powerful spiritual strength for the development and growth of the Chinese nation, and making indelible and important contributions to the cultural progress of mankind.

Since the day of its founding, the Chinese Communist Party has been a faithful inheritant and banner-bearer of outstanding Chinese traditional culture, and has been a vigorous leader and developer of advanced Chinese culture. Our Party has hitherto given very high regard to using culture to eagerly look towards advanced directions, concentrating forces for struggle, uniting and leading all ethnicities of the entire country to incessantly promote the Party’s and people’s undertakings to develop forward with the new awakening of though culture, the new results of theoretical creation and the new achievements of cultural construction, cultural work has had an irreplaceable major function throughout all historical periods of revolution, construction and reform.

Since reform and opening-up, and especially since the 16th Party Congress, our Party has continuously put cultural construction in an important strategic position in the greater picture of Party and State work, persisted in grasping material civilization and spiritual civilization with both hands, implementing the integration of ruling the country according to law and ruling the country according to virtue, promoting the joint development of cultural undertakings and cultural enterprises, moving forward cultural construction to incessantly obtain new achievements, and has marched the path of developing culture for Socialism with Chinese characteristics. We persist in liberating thoughts, seeking truth from facts, going with the times, incessantly moving forward the Sinicization, updating and popularizing Marxism with Chinese characteristics, and have shaped and developed a Socialist theoretical system with Chinese characteristics, which provided scientific and theoretical guidance for starting and expanding the road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, establishing and perfecting a Socialist system  with Chinese characteristics; persisting in moving forward the construction of a Socialist core value system, using Sinicized Marxism’s newest results to arm the entire Party and educate the People, using the common ideals of Socialism with Chinese characteristics to concentrate forces, using the ethnic spirit with patriotism at the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core to inspire the fighting spirit, using the Socialist view of honour and shame to eagerly look for the prevailing custom, has consolidated the common ideological and moral basis for united struggle of the entire Party and  all ethnicities in the entire country; persisting in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism and the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, carrying on the creative spirit of the broad popular masses and cultural workers, promoting outstanding cultural products to emerge in large numbers, has enriched the people’s spiritual culture life; persisting in moving forward cultural structure reform, innovating cultural development concepts, liberating and developing cultural productive forces, promoting the complete flourishing of cultural undertakings and the healthy development of cultural enterprises, has substantially raised the people’s basic guarantee level of cultural rights and interests, and has substantially raised the position and function of culture in economic and social development; persisting in developing a multi-level and broad foreign culture exchange setup, learning from and absorbing advanced civilization results from humankind, implementing the cultural “marching out ” strategy, incessantly strengthening the international influence of Chinese culture, has demonstrated to the world that our the completely new image of country’s reform and opening up and the high-spirited and upward spiritual bearing of our country’s people. Our country’s cultural reform and development has clearly raised all ethnicities’ ideological and moral qualities and scientific cultural quality, has promoted people’s complete development, has clearly strengthened national cultural soft power, and has provided strong spiritual forces for persisting and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

At present, the world is at a time of large developments, large transformations and large adjustments, the world’s multipolarity and economic globalization are deepening and developing, science and technology change every day, all sorts of ideologies and cultures are exchanging, blending, mingling and confronting ever more frequently, culture’s position and function on comprehensive national strength and competition is ever clearer, safeguarding national cultural security duties are ever more formidable, the requirements of strengthening national cultural soft power and international influence of Chinese culture are ever more pressing. Contemporary China has entered a key period for completely constructing a moderately well-off society and a period of strategic opportunities for deepening reform and opening up, and accelerating the transformation of economic development methods, culture has become more and more of an important source for ethnic cohesion and creative power, has more and more become an important factor in comprehensive national strength and competition, has more and more become an important pillar for economic and social development, enriching spiritual cultural life has more and more become a fervent desire for our country’s People. Our country is still and will be for a long time in the primary stages of Socialism, the contradiction between the people’s daily increasing material cultural requirements and the backward social production is still the main social contradiction. For completely constructing a higher-level relatively well-off society extending to a population of over a billion, it is necessary to let the people live a thriving and plentiful material life, and it is also necessary to let people enjoy a healthy and rich cultural life. We must grasp and use well the important strategic opportunity moment in our country’s development, and at the same time as persisting in taking economic construction at the centre, consciously make cultural flourishing and development into an important content  for persisting in development being the hard principle, and development being the first important task for the Party in governing and rejuvenating the country, make it into a basic requirement for deepening the implementation of the scientific development view, further promoting cultural construction and economic construction, political construction, social construction as well as the coordinated development of organic civilization construction, even better satisfying the people’s spiritual requirements, enriching the people’s spiritual world, strengthening the people’ spiritual strength, providing strong ideological guarantees, formidable spiritual drive, powerful public opinion support and desirable cultural conditions for continuing to liberate thoughts, persisting in reform and opening up, promoting scientific development and moving forward social harmony.

Broad and deep transformations are occurring in our country’s cultural area, there are already many beneficial conditions for promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of culture, but it is also op against a range of new situations and new problems. Our country’s cultural development is not yet completely adapted to economic and social development, and to the people’s daily increasing spiritual culture requirements, prominent contradictions and problems mainly are: some localities and work units insufficiently recognize the importance, necessity and urgency of cultural construction, the function of culture in promoting the raising of the entire nation’s civilization level must be urgently strengthened; in a number of areas, morals are defeated, sincerity is lacking, the view of life and value system of a number of members of society is distorted, using the socialist core value system to guide society’s thoughts is even more pressing, consolidating the entire Party’s, country’s and all ethnicities’ common ideology and morals of united struggle is a strenuous task; public opinion guidance capacity must be raised, network construction and management must be urgently strengthened and improved; there are insufficient influential excellent products and masterpieces, cultural product creation and production guidance strength must be enlarged; public culture service structures are incomplete, village and local cultural development is uneven; cultural industry scales are not large, structures are irrational, the problem of structures and mechanisms hindering cultural productive force development has not been completely solved; cultural “marching out” is still relatively weak, the international influence of Chinese culture must be further strengthened; cultural talent team construction must be urgently strengthened. For moving forward cultural reform and development, the resolution of these contradictions and problems must be firmly grasped.

The entire Party must deeply understand that Socialist advanced culture is the banner of Marxist political party ideology and spirit, cultural construction is an important component part of the overall composition of undertakings under Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Without the vigorous guidance of culture, there is no great abundance in the people’s spiritual world, there is no full rein for the entire nation’s spiritual strength, and it is impossible for a country and a nation to stand towering above the forest of the people of the world. Material poverty is not Socialism, spiritual emptiness is also not Socialism. Without Socialist culture flourishing and developing, there is no Socialist modernization. Deepening cultural structure reform from a new historical starting point, promoting Socialist culture’ s grand development and grand flourishing, concerns the realization of the objective of struggle that is the complete construction of a moderately well-off society, concerns persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, concerns realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must correctly grasp our country’s new economic and social development requirements, correctly grasp the new cultural development tendencies of the present times, correctly grasp the new expectations of all ethnicities’ spiritual culture life, strengthen a sense of responsibility and a sense of urgency, liberate thoughts, transform concepts, seize the opportunity, ascend by using our strength, do all we can to initiate a new dimension for Socialist culture construction in completely constructing a moderately well-off society, and on the path of scientific development.

II, Persisting in the cultural development road of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, striving to construct a strong Socialist culture country

Persisting in the cultural development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, deepening cultural structure reform, promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, the spirit of the 17th Party Congress must be completely implemented, holding high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, taking Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, persisting in the forward direction of Socialist advanced culture, taking scientific development as the main core, taking constructing a Socialist core value system as basic task, taking satisfying the people’s spiritual culture requirements as starting point and stop-over point, taking reform and innovation as drivers, developing a Socialist culture catering to modernization, catering to the world and catering to the future, of the nation, of science and of the masses, training high-level cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence, raising the entire nation’s civilization level, strengthening the country’s cultural soft power, carrying forward Chinese culture, striving to construct a strong Socialist culture country.

Constructing a strong Socialist culture country, requires putting forth effort to impress promoting Socialist advanced culture even deeper into everyone’s mind, promoting the complete development of Socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, incessantly initiating a new situation of the entire nation’s cultural creative energy to continue to burst forth, social culture life to become even more rich and varied, the people’s basic cultural rights and interest to be guaranteed even better, the people’s ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality to completely be raised, constructing a common spiritual garden for the Chinese nation, making even greater contributions to the advance of humankind’s civilization.

According to the new requirements of the struggle objective of completely constructing a moderately well-off society, by the year 2020, the struggle objectives for cultural reform and development are: deeply moving forward the construction of a Socialist core value system, further carrying forward desirable ideology and moral winds, clearly raising the quality of citizens; enriching the cultural products suited for people’s requirements even further, incessantly having excellent products and masterpieces emerge in large numbers; cultural undertakings to completely flourish, basically establishing a public culture service structure  covering the entire society, striving to realize an equalization of basic public culture services; cultural enterprises to become a pillar sector in the national economy, overall strength and international competitiveness to clearly strengthen, completely shaping a cultural enterprise structure with public ownership as the mainstay, jointly developing with many kinds of ownership; culture management structures and cultural product production business mechanisms to brim with vitality and be rich in efficiency, further perfecting the cultural opening up structure of taking national culture as the mainstay, absorbing foreign beneficial culture and promoting Chinese culture to march towards the world; expanding high-quality cultural talent team development, giving even more force to talent guarantees for cultural flourishing and development. The entire Party and the entire country must jointly put forth effort to realize these objectives, incessantly raise the scientific level of cultural construction, lay a solid foundation for our country to construct and become a strong Socialist culture country.

In order to realize the above struggle objectives, the following important policies must be observed.

Persisting in taking Marxism as guidance, moving forward the Sinicization, modernization and popularization of Marxism, use the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm minds, guide practice, promote work, guarantee cultural reform and development to advance along the correct path.

Persisting in the forward orientation of advanced Socialist culture, persisting in serving the people and serving Socialism, persisting in letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, persisting in unifying inheriting and innovating, carrying forward the main melody, advocating diversification, arming the people with scientific theories, guiding the people with correct public opinion, moulding people with a noble spirit, inspiring people with excellent works, shaping the pursuit of a vigorous and upward spirit in the whole society and a healthy and civilized way of life.

Persisting in taking people as the basis, sticking close to reality, sticking close to life, sticking close to the masses, giving rein to the principal function of the people in cultural construction, persisting in developing culture for the people, developing culture with support of the people, and letting the people share development results, promoting the complete development of people, fostering Socialist citizens that have ideals, that have morals, that have culture and that have discipline.

Persisting in putting social interest first, persisting in unifying social interest and economic interest, abiding by cultural development rules, adapting to the requirements of Socialist market economy development, strengthening the construction of a culture legal system, grasping flourishing with one hand, grasping management with one hand, promoting cultural undertakings and cultural enterprises to completely coordinate sustainable development.

Persisting in reform and opening up, putting forth effort to move forward cultural structure and mechanism innovation, promoting development and flourishing with reform, incessantly liberating and developing culture productive forces, raising cultural openness levels, promoting Chinese culture to march towards the world, vigorously absorbing excellent civilization results from all countries, realistically safeguarding national cultural security.

III, Moving forward the construction of a Socialist core value system, consolidating the common ideological and moral bases for which the entire party and all ethnicities in the entire country struggle unitedly

The Socialist core value system is the spirit of rejuvenating the country, is the quintessence of advanced Socialist culture and decides the development orientation of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Education and guidance must be strengthened, social common understanding must be enhanced, methods and means must be innovated, systems and guarantees must be perfected, the construction of a Socialist core value system must be merged into the complete process of citizen education, spiritual civilization construction and Party construction, it must penetrate all areas of reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization construction, reflect in all aspects of spiritual and cultural product creation, production and dissemination, it must persist using the Socialist value system to guide social thought trends, in the entire party and the entire society, unified guidance and ideology, common ideals and convictions, strong spiritual forces and basic moral standards must be shaped.

(1) Persisting in the guiding position of Marxism. Marxism has deeply revealed the social development rules of humanity, steadfastly safeguarded and developed the basic rights and interests of the broad people, ad is a scientific theory guiding the people, promoting social progress and creating a happy life. It is necessary to unwaveringly persist in the basic principles of Marxism, closely integrate China’s reality, the characteristics of the times, the people’s desires, and use developing Marxism to guide new practices. Persisting in unremittingly use the theoretical structure of Socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the entire Party, educate the people, promote studying and practising the scientific development view to expand in depth and breadth, guiding Party members and cadres to deeply study and implement the Party’s basic theories, basic practice, basic programme, basic experience, study classic Marxist works, systematically to grasp Marxist positions, points of view and methods. Scientifically analyzing new changes in the global situation, the national situation and the Party situation, deeply researching and resolving new questions in reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization, incessantly deepening understanding of the Communist Party governance rules, Socialist construction rules, humankind’s social development rules, incessantly raising the successful experience of the Party guiding the people’s creation into theory, incessantly entrusting modern Chinese Marxism’s distinctive practice characteristics, national characteristics and characteristics of the times. Persisting in taking leadership ranks and leading cadres ass the focal point, taking high ideological and political attainments as the basis, taking constructing study-type Party organizations as the grasping hand, strongly moving forward the construction of a Marxist study-type party. Deeply promoting Marxist theory research and construction projects, implementing the popularization plan for the Socialist structure with Chinese characteristics, strengthening the construction of focal scientific structures and educational structures, promoting the Socialist structure with Chinese characteristics to enter textbooks  enter classrooms and enter minds, strengthening and improving schools’ ideological and political education.

(2) Strengthening common ideals for Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the basic orientation of the present Chinese development and progress, and has concentrated and realized the basic rights and interests, and the common desires of the broadest people. It is necessary to deeply carry out education about ideals and beliefs, guide the cadres and masses to deeply understand the historical inevitability and superiority of Chinese Communist Party leadership and the system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, deeply understand the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics being the only way to realize Socialist modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and also being the only way to create a happy life for the people, consciously bring every person’s ideals into the common ideals of Socialism with Chinese characteristic, to the largest extent uniting and concentrating the broad people under the great banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Closely combining successful practices of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, integrating the ideological reality of cadres and the masses, countering hot and hard issues in society, coming up with convincing answers from integrating theory and practice, guiding cadres and the masses to make a clear distinction between right and wrong, understanding clarity and muddiness, forcefully resisting all sorts of wrong and degenerate ideological influences in major ideological and theoretical questions. Deeply carrying out situational policy education, national circumstances education, revolutionary tradition education, reform and opening up education, national defence education, organizing the study of recent and contemporary Chinese history, and especially the history of the Party’s guiding the people in conducting revolution, construction and reform, strengthening the confidence and conviction of the broad cadres and masses in Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

(3) Carrying forward the national spirit with patriotism at the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core. Patriotism is the deepest ideological tradition of the Chinese nation, and is most able to inspire the sons and daughters of China to unite and struggle; reform and innovation is the clearest characteristic of the times for contemporary China, and is most able to encourage the sons and daughters of China to forge ahead resolutely. It is necessary to broadly develop national spirit education, forcefully carry forward patriotic, collectivist and Socialist ideologies, strengthen national self-respect, self-confidence and self-pride, encourage people to make patriotic fervour become a real campaign in rejuvenating China, making ardently loving the motherland and contributing one’s full strength to construct the motherland into the greatest honour, making damaging the motherland’s interests and honour into the greatest disgrace. Broadly developing education about the spirit of the times, guiding cadres and the masses to completely maintain progress with the times, open up an innovative state of mind, to never be complacent, to never be fossilized, to never stagnate, using ideology to incessantly liberate and promote undertakings to continue to develop. Forcefully carrying forward all ideologies and spirits benefiting national strength and prosperity, national rejuvenation, people’s happiness and social harmony, forcefully carrying on a desirable spirit of working diligently in spite of difficulties, working honourably, and being diligent and thrifty. Strengthening national uniting progress and education, enhancing the identification with the great motherland and the Chinese nation, promoting all ethnicities to jointly and unitedly struggle, jointly flourish and develop. Strengthening the construction of patriotic education bases, using good red tourism resources, making them become an important classroom for carrying forward and fostering a national spirit and a spirit of the times.

(4) Establishing and practicing a Socialist view of honour and disgrace. The Socialist view of honour and disgrace has reflected the basic requirements of Socialist morality. It is necessary to deeply carry out propaganda and education concerning the Socialist view of honour and disgrace, carry forward traditional Chinese virtues, move forward the citizens’ morality construction project, strengthen education about social ethics, professional ethics, household ethics and individual ethics, select and commend exemplary moral persons, study and propagate advanced models, guide the people to strengthen their moral judgment powers and a moral sense of honour, consciously carry out legal obligations, social responsibilities and household responsibilities, shaping a desirable tendency in the whole society of knowing honour and disgrace, talking about righteousness, making contributions and promoting harmony. Deepening mass-type spiritual civilization construction activities, extensively developing volunteer services, expanding all sorts of moral practice activities, initiating moral standards of nationalism, respecting work, sincerity, friendliness, etc., shaping interpersonal relations of gender equality, respecting the old and cherishing the young, helping the poor and the needy, helping the weak and the disabled, giving precedence and being tolerant. Completely strengthening schools’ moral education structure construction, establishing closely coordinated education networks in schools, households and society, mobilizing all societal facets to jointly do well ideological and moral education work for minors. Deeply carrying out activities of studying Lei Feng, adopting steps to promote the normalization of study activities. Deepening government style, and teaching style construction, developing special education and administration for prominent problems in the moral sphere, determinedly resisting Mammonism, hedonism and extreme individualism, determinedly correcting unhealthy trends and evil practices of power abuse for personal gain, lying and cheating, forgetting integrity when tempted by gains, benefiting oneself at others’ expense. Putting sincerity construction in an prominent position, strongly moving forward construction of political sincerity, business sincerity, social sincerity and public trust in the judiciary, grasping the establishment and perfection of a credit system covering the entire society, enlarging punishment strength against activities of breaking promises, broadly shaping an atmosphere in the whole society of the honour of keeping promises and the disgrace of breaking promises. Strengthening legal system education and propaganda, carrying forward the spirit of the Socialist legal system, establish the concept of the Socialist rule of law, raising the entire people’s legal quality promoting everyone to study law, respect law, abide law and use law, safeguarding the law’s authority, and social fairness and justice. Strengthening concern for humanity and clearing the way for psychology, fostering a social mentality of self-esteem and self-confidence, rationality and moderation, vigorousness and upwardness. Carrying forward a scientific spirit, disseminating scientific knowledge, initiating a transformation of social traditions, and resisting feudal superstitions. Deeply carrying out anti-corruption and pro-honesty education, moving forward the construction of an honest and clean government culture.

IV, Completely implementing the orientation of the “two fors” and the “double hundred”, providing even better and even more spiritual nourishment for the people

Creating and producing even more excellent works having a clear conscience about history, having a clear conscience about the times, having a clear conscience of the people, is an important objective of cultural flourishing and development. The orientation of serving the people and serving socialism, and the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend must be completely implemented, based on developing advanced culture and constructing harmonious culture, arousing cultural creation and production vitality, raising cultural product quality, giving rein to the function of culture in guiding the fashions, educating the people, serving society and promoting development.

(1) Persisting in the correct creative orientation. The correct creative direction is a fundamentally important question in cultural creation and production, all progress in cultural creation and production originates from the people, is for the people and belongs to the people. The point of view that the people are creators of history must be firmly established, persisting in a creative orientation with the people at the centre, enthusiastically eulogizing the great practice of reform and opening up, and Socialist modernization construction, vividly displaying the people of our country’s enthusiastic and promising spirit and bearing, and creation of historical glorious achievements. It is necessary to guide  cultural workers to keep the sacred duty of serving the people and serving socialism firmly in mind, persist in correct cultural standpoints, earnestly approach and vigorously pursue the social effect of cultural products, carry forward the true, the good and the beautiful, denounce the false, the bad and the ugly, merge academic exploration and artistic creation into the undertaking of realizing the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation. Persisting in  carrying forward artistic democracy, artistic democracy, constructing a vigorous, healthy, broad and harmonious atmosphere, advocating different standpoints and schools of thought to fully discuss, advocating literary genres, themes, forms and means to fully develop, promoting vigorous innovation of concepts, content, style and schools. Letting innovation of spirits penetrate the whole process of cultural creation and production , carrying forward excellent national cultural traditions and the revolutionary cultural traditions shaped since the May 4th Movement, studying and learning from innovative and beneficial foreign cultural achievements, being tolerant and open-minded, learning widely from others’ strong points, strengthening the sense of the times and attractiveness of cultural products.

(2) Flourishing and development of philosophy and social sciences. Persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, philosophy and social sciences must be forcefully developed, giving them even more rein in important functions of understanding the world, inheriting civilization, innovating theory, advising politics and educating people, and serving society. It is necessary to consolidate and develop Marxist theoretical science, persist in equally stressing basic research and applied research, equally stressing traditional learning, burgeoning learning, and interdisciplinary learning, integrating our country’s reality and the characteristics of the times, constructing philosophy and social science having Chinese characteristics, Chinese styles and impressive Chinese airs. Persisting in taking important problems in reality as the main direction of attack, strengthening research concerning comprehensive, strategic and farsighted questions, accelerating the transformations of achievements of philosophy and social science, even better serving economic and social development. Implementing innovative philosophy and social science projects, giving rein to the demonstration and guiding function of the State Philosophy and Social Science Fund, moving forward learning structures, learning points of view, scientific research method innovation, focusing on supporting research programmes based the practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, striving to push out outstanding achievements representing the national level, having global influence, that can stand the test of practice and history. Integrating philosophy and social science research forces, establishing a batch of social science research bases and State focus laboratories, establishing a batch of think tanks with superior expertise, strengthening philosophy and social science informatization construction.

(3) Strengthening and improving news and public opinion work. Correct public opinion guidance is the blessing of the Party and the people, wrong public opinion guidance is the misfortune of the Party and the people. It is necessary to persist in a Marxist news view, firmly grasp the correct orientation, persist in giving first place to uniting, stabilizing and encouraging, and positive propaganda , expanding mainstream public opinion, raising the timeliness and authoritativeness as well as credibility and influence of public opinion guidance, giving rein to the important function of propagating Party views, carrying forward a healthy social atmosphere, understanding social situations and the popular will, guiding social hot topics, clearing the way for public emotions, doing public opinion supervision well, guaranteeing the people’s right to information, right of participation, right of expression and right of supervision. With Party newspapers and Party magazines, news agencies, radio and television stations at the core, integrating propaganda resources such as metropolitan-type media, network media, etc., constructing a public opinion guidance structure that is planned and coordinated as a whole, with clear duties, complementing functioning, broad coverage and rich in efficiency. Strengthening and improving positive propaganda, strengthening the propaganda of the Socialist core value system, strengthening pubic sentiment analysis and discussion, strengthening guidance of social hot and hard problems, starting from the points the public follows with interest, scientifically disambiguating and explaining, effectively concentrating a common understanding. Doing the news reporting of prominent sudden incidents well perfecting news announcement systems, completing emergency response reporting and public opinion guidance mechanisms, raising time-effectiveness, and increasing transparency. Strengthening and improving public opinion supervision, promoting the resolution of problems in reality that the Party and government give high regard and to which the masses strongly react, safeguarding the people’s interest, tighten relationships between the Party and the masses, stimulating social harmony. News media and news workers must adhere to social responsibility and professional ethics, truly and correctly broadcast news information, consciously resist wrong points of view, and firmly stop false news.

(4) Rolling out even more excellent literature and art works. In all spheres of literature, theatre, film, television, music, dance, fine arts, photography, calligraphy, quyi, acrobatics as well as folk literature and art, mass literature and art, etc., literature and art workers must all vigorously throw themselves into the middle of literature and art creation activities eulogizing the times and the people, derive source materials, and abstract themes from social life, create and produce excellent literature and art works that unify ideology, artistry and enjoyability, that the people love to see and hear with abundant fervour, vivid brushwork, graceful melodies and moving images. Implementing excellent works strategies, organizing the “one of five” project, the major revolutionary and history theme creation project, the focus literature and art work support project and the excellent child work creation project well, encouraging original creation and implementing thematic creation, incessantly rolling out excellent literature and art works. Supporting excellent art varieties representing the national level, that have national characteristics and local characteristics, vigorously developing new art forms. Encouraging all literature and art creation that benefits moulding sentiments, pleases body and mind, which teaches entertainingly, resisting vulgar tendencies.

(5) Developing healthy and upward network culture. Strengthening online ideological and cultural battlefield construction is an urgent task in Socialist culture construction. It is necessary to earnestly implement and vigorously use, scientifically develop, and manage according to the law policies guaranteeing security, strengthen and improve network culture and management, strengthen online public opinion guidance, sing the online ideology and culture main melody. Implementing network construction projects, promoting excellent traditional cultural treasures and contemporary excellent cultural product network dissemination, producing excellent works and masterpieces suited to burgeoning media dissemination such as the Internet and mobile telephones, etc., encouraging netizens to create network cultural works with a healthy style. Supporting focus news websites in accelerating development, forging a batch of comprehensive websites and specialist websites having relatively strong influence at home and abroad, giving rein to the constructive function of main commercial websites, fostering a batch of network content production and service backbone enterprises. Developing new network technology and new business models, occupying the commanding heights of network information dissemination. Broadly developing civilized website construction, promoting civilized web business and civilized web use, supervising and urging network operators and service enterprises to implement legal duties and social responsibilities, not providing dissemination channels to harmful information. Strengthening network legal structure construction, accelerating the shaping of an Internet management system combining standardized laws and regulations, administrative supervision and management, sectoral self-regulation, technological guarantees, public supervision and social education. Strengthening guidance and management over social networks and instant communication tools, etc., standardizing online information dissemination procedures, cultivating a civilized and rational network environment. Punishing activities of disseminating harmful information according to the law, deeply moving forward the special campaign to clean up network obscenity and pornography and resist vulgar information, strictly strike network illegality and crime. Expanding online personal information protection strength, establishing network security appraisal mechanisms, safeguarding the public interest and national information security.

(6) Perfecting cultural product appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms. Persisting in taking abiding by the progressing orientation of advanced Socialist culture and satisfying the popular masses as the highest standard for appraising works, uniting mass appraisal, expert appraisal and market inspection, shaping scientific appraisal standards. It is necessary to establish open, fair and just award mechanisms, concisely evaluate award categories, improve award decision methods, and raise authoritativeness and credibility. Strengthening literature and art theory construction, fostering high-quality literature and art discussion teams, developing vigorous and healthy literature and art criticism, praising the excellent and demoting the inferior, eliminating the bad and exalting the good. Strengthening excellent cultural product popularization strength, using resources such as mainstream media, public cultural venues, etc., providing conditions in aspects such as funding, channels, lay-out, venues, etc., to display, exhibit, broadcast and show excellent products and masterpieces carrying forward mainstream values. Establishing special art funds, supporting collections and introducing excellent cultural works. Expanding intellectual property rights protection strengths, punishing infringing activities according to the law, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders.

V, Forcefully developing public interest-type cultural undertakings, guaranteeing the basic cultural rights and interests of the people.

Satisfying the people’s basic cultural requirements is the basic task of Socialist cultural construction. We must persist in governmental leadership, according to the requirements of public interests, the essence, impartiality and convenience, strengthen cultural infrastructure construction, perfect public cultural service networks, letting the masses broadly enjoy free or low-price basic public culture services.

(1) Constructing public cultural service systems. Strengthening public cultural services is main channel for realizing the people’s basic cultural rights and interest. It is necessary to take public finances as support, take public interest-type cultural work units as backbone, take the whole people as service targets, take guaranteeing the popular masses’ basic cultural rights and interest such as watching television, listening to the radio, reading books and newspapers, conducting public culture appreciation, participating in public cultural activities, etc., as main content, perfect a public cultural service setup covering towns and villages, with a rational structure, complete functioning, and high practical efficiency. Bringing the main public culture products and service programmes, and public interest-type cultural activities into public finance’s regular appropriation budget. Adopting policy measures such as government procurement, programme subsidies, directed financial assistances, loans and discounts, tax deductions, etc., to encourage all sorts of cultural enterprises to participated in public cultural services. Encouraging State investment, financial aide or use cultural products over which the State holds copyright in public cultural services without charge. Strengthening the construction of public cultural service facilities such as cultural halls, musea, libraries, art galleries, science and technology halls, memorial halls, workers’ cultural palaces, children’s palaces, etc., and patriotic education and demonstration bases, and perfect their opening services free of charge to society, encouraging other State-owned culture work units and educational organs, etc., to develop public interest-type culture activities, all sorts of public venues must facilitate mass-type cultural activities. Planning coordinatedly and constructing basic-level public cultural service facilities, persisting in equally stressing programme construction and operational management, realizing integration of resources, joint sponsoring and joint enjoyment. Strengthening community public cultural facility construction, taking community cultural centre construction into town planning and design, expanding investment channels. Perfecting public cultural service facilities’ catering to women, minors, the elderly and the handicapped. Guiding and encouraging social forces to participate in public cultural services through methods such as initiating entities, financially aiding programmes, supporting activities and providing facilities.  Moving forward State public culture service system demonstration area construction. Formulating public cultural service targets and result assessment methods.

(2) Developing modern dissemination systems. In order to raise the radiation and influence of Socialist advanced culture, the construction of a modern dissemination system with advanced technology, fast transmission and broad coverage must be accelerated. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of Party newspapers and Party magazines, news agencies, radio and television stations, and important publishing houses, further perfect editing, distribution and broadcast systems, accelerate the digitalized transformation, expand effective coverage. Strengthening international broadcast capacity construction, forging international first-class media, raising the original creation rate, first broadcast rate and landing rate of news information. Establishing unified and jointly moving, safe and reliable State emergency response broadcast systems. Perfecting State digital library construction. Integrating cable television networks, founding State-level radio and television network companies. Moving forward the integration of the three networks of mobile communication, radio and television, and the Internet, constructing State new media integrated broadcast control platforms, innovating work patterns, giving rain to the cultural dissemination function of all sorts of information network facilities, realizing joining up and interflowing, and orderly operation.

(3) Constructing excellent traditional culture heritage systems. Excellent traditional culture concentrates the Chinese nation’s continuous spiritual quest for self-improvement and its unfading spiritual wealth, it is a profound basis for developing Socialist advanced culture, it is an important support for constructing a common spiritual garden for the Chinese nation. It is necessary to completely recognize the motherland’s traditional culture, absorb what is best, and remove its dregs, make the past serve the present, weed out the chaff to bring out the new, persist in equally stressing protection and use, popularization and carrying forward, strengthen excavation and explanation of excellent traditional culture ideology and values, safeguard the basic elements of national culture, making excellent traditional culture become a spiritual force heartening the people to proceed in the new times. Strengthening cultural classical book arrangement and publishing work, moving forward cultural classical book resource digitization. Strengthening major State cultural and natural heritage sites, focal cultural relic protection work units, famous historical culture cities and villages protection and construction, grasping well the protection and inheriting of intangible cultural heritage. Deeply excavating the cultural connotation of national traditional holidays, broadly developing excellent transitional cultural education popularization activities. Giving rein to the basic function of citizen education in inheriting and innovating culture, increasing excellent traditional culture course content, strengthen excellent traditional culture education and research base construction. Forcefully popularizing and standardizing the use of State universal language and characters, scientifically protecting all ethnicities’ language and characters. Making ethic minority culture undertakings flourish and develop, developing cultural protection work with ethnic minority characteristics, strengthening the dubbing, broadcast and publication of ethnic minority language Party newspapers and Party magazines, radio, film and television programmes, publications, etc. Strengthening cultural exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau, strengthening all sorts of cultural exchange with Taiwan, jointly carrying forward excellent Chinese traditional culture.

(4) Accelerating town culture’s integration and development. Increasing the total amount of rural cultural services, reducing cultural development differences between towns, are significant in moving forward the construction of a new Socialist countryside, and shaping an integrated economic and social development setup in towns. It is necessary to take the countryside and the Central and Western regions as focal points, strengthen construction of  county-level cultural halls and libraries, comprehensive village and town cultural stations, rural cultural rooms, deeply implement cultural projects benefiting the people such as the radio and television reaching all villages, cultural information resource sharing, rural film screening, rural facility book rooms, etc., expanding coverage, eliminating blind spots, raising standards, perfecting services, improving management. Expanding support and assistance strength for cultural service networks in old revolutionary regions, ethnic regions, border regions and poor regions. Deeply developing reading and fitness activities for all the people, promoting activities such as culture, technology and hygiene go “down to the countryside all three”, science and education, culture and sports, laws and hygiene to “enter into communities all four”, “bringing joy to the lowest level”, etc. to become regular practice. Guiding enterprises and communities to vigorously develop public interest-type cultural activities for peasants and workers, as quickly as possible bringing peasants and rural workers into city public culture service systems. Establishing jointly moving mechanisms of the city driving the villages, reasonably deploying town culture resources, encouraging cities to conduct cultural assistance to the countryside, making supporting rural culture construction into a basic target for constructing civilized cities. Encouraging cultural work units to provide mobile services and network point services catering to the countryside, promoting media to organize rural editions and rural channels and frequencies, making sure that the main Party newspaper and Party magazine rural and grass-roots distribution and free publishing work is done well. Supporting cultural enterprises to strengthen grass-roots level and rural cultural network point construction in the chain fashion, promoting cinema chains, performance venue chains to extend into cities and counties, supporting performance troupes to go down to the grass-roots level and the countryside to perform. The three levels of central, provincial and municipal establish special rural culture construction funds, guaranteeing that a certain amount of central transfer payment funds are used for town and rural culture construction.

VI, Accelerating development of the cultural industries, promoting the cultural industries to become a pillar industry in the national economy

Developing the cultural industries is an important channel for satisfying the people’s diverse spiritual culture requirements under Socialist market economy conditions. We must persist in the forward orientation of Socialist advanced culture, persist in putting social interest first, unifying social interest and economic interest, according to the requirements of complete coordination and sustainability, promoting the cultural industries’ leapfrogging development, making them become a new economic growth point, an important support point for strategic economic structure adjustment, an important target point for transforming economic development methods, provide important support for promoting scientific development.

(1) Constructing modern cultural industry systems. In order to accelerate cultural industry development, modern cultural industry systems with a rational structure, complete in categories, high scientific and technological content, rich in creativity and with strong competitiveness must be constructed. It is necessary to implement a batch of major programmes in focal areas, move forward cultural industry restructuring, develop and expand traditional cultural industries such as publishing and distribution, television production, printing, advertising, performing arts, entertainment, exhibitions, etc, accelerate and develop burgeoning cultural industries such as cultural creativity, digital publishing, mobile multimedia, cartoon and games, etc.. Encouraging strong cultural enterprises to merge and reorganize across regions, across sectors and across ownership system, fostering strategic investors in the area of the cultural sphere. Optimizing cultural industry distribution, giving rein to the superiority of the Eastern, Central and Western regions, strengthening cultural industry base planning and construction, developing cultural industry collectives, raising cultural industries’ level of scale, intensification and specialization. Expanding support strength for industries having indigenous intellectual property rights, carrying forward excellent national culture, forging well-known brands. Excavating urban cultural resources, developing characteristic cultural industries, constructing characteristic cultural cities. Giving rein to the function of the capital as a demonstration centre for the entire country’s culture. Planning and constructing cultural pioneering and creation parks, each having special characteristics, supporting the development of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises. Promoting cultural industries to develop together with tourism, sports, information, logistics, building, etc., expanding corresponding industries’ cultural content, extending cultural industry chains, raising added value.

(2) Shaping a cultural industry setup with public ownership at the core, developing jointly with many kinds of ownership. In order to accelerate cultural industry development, State-owned or state-controlled cultural enterprises must be unwaveringly supported and expanded, non-publicly owned cultural enterprises must be unwaveringly encouraged and guided to develop healthily. It is necessary to foster a batch of State-owned or State-controlled large-scale cultural enterprises or enterprise groups with strong core competitiveness, and give rein to their main function in developing industries and making markets flourish. Within the State-permitted scope, guiding social capital to invest in cultural industries in many forms, participate in State-owned commercial cultural work units transferring into enterprises, participate in major cultural industry programme implementation and cultural industry park construction, granting support in aspects such as investment inspection and approval, credit and loans, land use, tax benefits, funding public offerings, distributing bonds, foreign trade and applications for special funds, constructing a structure and legal environment of fair participation in market competition, and equal protection of the law. Strengthening and improving service and management of non-publicly owned cultural enterprises, guiding them to consciously implement their social responsibilities.

(3) Moving forward cultural scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation is an important engine for cultural development. It is necessary to give rein to the mutually stimulating functions of culture, science and technology, deeply implement strategies spurring science and technology , and strengthen indigenous innovation capacity. Grasping a batch of major science and technology issues with a strategic and comprehensive nature, strengthening the tackling of core technology, key technology and general technology, supporting cultural equipment, software and systems research and manufacture and indigenous development with advanced technology, giving high regard to the formulation of corresponding technological standards, accelerating the circulation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, raising our country’s technological equipment level in areas such as publishing, printing, media, film and television, performance, networks, cartoons, etc, strengthening core competitiveness of the cultural industries. Relying on State high-technology parks, State sustainable development experimentation regions, etc., to establish State-level cultural and science and technology blending demonstration bases, bringing major cultural science and technology programmes into corresponding State science and technology development plans and programmes. Completing a culture science and technology innovation system with enterprises as the main part, the market as guidance, and mutual integration of industry, learning and research, fostering a batch of cultural science and technology enterprises with clear characteristics and strong innovative capacity, supporting strategic unions of industry, learning and research and public service platform construction.

(4) Expanding cultural consumption. Increasing cultural consumption amounts, raising cultural consumption levels is am endogenous driver for cultural industry development. It is necessary to innovate business models, expand mass culture consumption markets, develop characteristic culture consumption, expand cultural service consumption, and provide personalized and diversified cultural products and services, and foster new cultural consumption growth points. Raising basic cultural consumption levels, guiding cultural enterprises to invest in building even more cultural consumption venues adapted to the masses’ requirements, encouraging the publication of books and magazines suited to the masses’ purchasing power, encouraging the arrangement of a certain amount of low-price performances or tickets in commercial performance and film screening, encouraging network culture businesses to develop even more low-fee services, localities meeting conditions must provide suitable subsidies for cultural consumption by masses in difficulties, peasants and rural workers. Vigorously developing cultural tourism, promoting the integration of intangible cultural heritage protection and dissemination with tourism, giving rein to the promoting function of tourism in cultural consumption

VII, Further deepening reform and opening up, accelerating the structuring of systems and mechanisms beneficial to cultural flourishing and development.

Culture leading ahead of the atmosphere of the times, is the area most requiring innovation. The correct orientation must be firmly grasped, cultural structural reform must be accelerated and moved forward, a cultural management structure with Party Committees leading, government managing, sector self-regulation, and enterprises and undertakings doing business according to the law, and cultural product production business mechanisms full of vitality must be established, free rein must be given to the vigorous function of the market in cultural resource allocation, cultural marching out methods must be innovated, providing strong drivers for cultural flourishing and development.

(1) Deepening State-owned cultural work unit reform. Taking establishment of modern enterprise systems as focal points, accelerating and moving forward commercial culture work unit reform, fostering market subjects that are up to scratch. Scientifically defining cultural work units’ nature and function, differentiating treatment, classify guidance, proceeding step by step, progressively pushing on, moving forward the transformation into enterprises of common State-owned literature and art theatres and troupes, non-current news type periodical publishers and news websites, expanding reform achievements of publishing, distribution, and film and television enterprises, accelerating companies’ shareholding system reform, perfecting legal person administration structures, shaping property organization forms and business management models conforming to modern enterprise system requirements, reflecting the characteristics of culture enterprises. Innovating investment systems, supporting State-owned culture enterprises to cater to the financial market for funding, supporting them in attracting social capital to conduct shareholding reform. Fixing the eyes on prominent public interest attributes, strengthening service functions, strengthening development vitality, comprehensively moving forward cultural undertaking work units’ human resources, income allocation and social guarantee structure reform, clarifying service scopes, strengthening effect appraisal and assessment. Innovating public culture service equipment functioning mechanisms, bringing in representative social personages, professionals and the grass-roots masses to participate in management. Promoting Party newspapers and magazines, radio stations and television stations to further perfect management and operations mechanisms. Promoting undertaking work units such as common current affairs periodical publishers, public service-type publishers and literature and art theatres and troupes representing national characteristics and country standards etc., to implement enterprise-like management, strengthening their capacity to provide services catering to the market, and catering to the masses.

(2) Completing a modern cultural market system. In order to stimulate the rational flowing of cultural products and input factors within the range of the entire country, a unified, open and modern cultural market system with orderly competition must be established. It is necessary to focus on developing markets for products such as books and periodicals, electronic and audiovisual products, performance and entertainment, television dramas, cartoons and games, etc., further perfect comprehensive trading platforms such as the China International Cultural Industry Trade Fair, etc. Developing  modern circulation organizations and circulation methods such as chain businesses, logistics and shipping, electronic commerce, etc., accelerating the construction of large-scale cultural circulation enterprises and cultural product logistics bases, structuring a cultural product circulation network with large cities at the centre, small and middle-size cities correspondingly matching, linking up towns and counties. Accelerating the fostering of input factor markets such as property rights, copyright, technology, information, etc, organizing focus cultural property right exchanges, standardizing cultural resource and art product exchanges. Strengthening sector organization construction, completing intermediary organs.

(3) Innovating cultural management structures. Deepening administrative cultural management system reform, accelerating the transformation of governmental functions, strengthening governmental regulation, market supervision, social management and public service functions, promoting separation of government and enterprises, and government and undertakings, rationalizing relations between governments and cultural enterprises and undertakings. Perfecting a State-owned cultural asset management system integrating people management, business management, asset management and orientation management. Completing comprehensive cultural market law enforcement organs, promoting cities of vice-provincial-level and lower to perfect comprehensive administrative cultural duty subjects. Accelerating culture legislation, formulating and perfecting laws and regulations in aspects such as public culture service guarantees, cultural industry vitalization, cultural market management, etc., raising the legalization level of cultural construction. Persisting in the system of management and sponsoring, implementing the principles of who manages is responsible, and localized management, strictly implementing cultural capital, cultural enterprise and cultural product market access and withdrawal policies, comprehensively utilizing legal, administrative, economic, technological and other measures to raise management efficiency. Deepening the development of “sweeping pornography and striking illegality”, perfecting cultural market management, determinedly wipe out degenerate cultural garbage that poisons peoples’ minds, realistically constructing a market order guaranteeing national cultural security.

(4) Perfecting policy guarantee mechanisms. Guaranteeing the increase scope of public finance input in cultural construction to be higher than regular financial income growth, raising the proportion of cultural expenditure in total financial expenditure. Broadening public finance coverage scope, perfecting input methods, strengthening capital management, raising capital use efficiency, guaranteeing public cultural service system construction and use. Implementing and perfecting cultural economic policies, supporting social organizations, organs and individuals to contribute to and initiate public cultural undertakings, guiding non-profit cultural organs to provide public cultural products and services. Expanding policy support strength to the cultural industries in aspects such as finances, taxation, banking, land use, etc, encouraging cultural enterprises and social capital to link up, implementing preferential taxation rates for cultural content creation and production, and intangible cultural heritage programme business. Establishing State culture development bases, expanding the scale of relevant cultural funds and special funds, raising the proportion of all levels’ lottery public welfare funds used for cultural undertakings. Continuing to complementing policies to implement cultural structural reform, extending support policies for State-owned cultural work units to transform into enterprises by another five years.

(5) Promoting Chinese culture to march towards the world. Developing foreign cultural exchange through many channels, in many forms and on many levels, broadening participation in the global civilization dialogue, stimulating mutual cultural learning, strengthening Chinese culture’s inspiration and influence on the entire world, jointly safeguarding the diversity of the world. Innovating foreign-related propaganda measures and means, strengthening international discourse power, appropriately responding to foreign concerns, enhancing understanding and knowledge of international society about our country’s basic conditions, value concepts, development roads, domestic and foreign policies, presenting an image of our country’s civilization, democracy, openness and progress. Implementing cultural marching out projects, perfecting policy measures to support cultural products and services to march out, supporting focus mainstream media to establish branch organs abroad, fostering a batch of outwardly-aimed cultural enterprises and intermediary organs having international competitiveness, perfecting support mechanisms in aspects such as dubbing, introduction, consulting, etc., opening up the international market. Strengthening the construction of Chinese cultural centres abroad and Confucius Centres, encouraging all sorts of artistic troupes and artistic organs representing the country’s level to give rein to a constructive function in corresponding international organizations, organizing foreign-related excellent translation learning achievements and excellent cultural products. Constructing exchange mechanisms in the humanities, integrating government exchange and civil exchange, giving rein to the function of non-publicly owned cultural enterprises and non-commercial cultural organs in foreign-related cultural exchange, supporting Chinese living abroad to vigorously develop Sino-foreign exchange in the humanities. Establishing cultural exchange mechanisms catering to foreign youths, establishing awards for contribution to the international dissemination of Chinese culture and award programmes for internationalized culture.

(6) Vigorously absorbing and leaning from excellent foreign cultural achievements. Persisting in giving first place to us, and bringing use to us, studying and learning from all beneficial experiences benefiting strengthening our country’s Socialist culture construction, all vigorous achievements benefiting enriching our country’s people’s cultural life, all business and management concepts and mechanisms benefiting the development of our country’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Strengthening intelligence, talent and technology import work in the cultural area. Absorbing foreign capital to enter into areas of the cultural industry permitted by law and regulations, guaranteeing the lawful rights and interests of investors. Encouraging cultural work units to conduct programme cooperation with strong foreign cultural organs, studying advanced production technology and management experiences. Encouraging foreign-invested enterprises to conduct cultural science and technology research and development in China, developing foreign-related service packages. Developing international cooperation in intellectual property rights protection.

VIII, Constructing vast cultural talent teams, providing strong talent support for the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture

For promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, talent is key. It is necessary to persist in respecting labour, respecting knowledge, respecting talent and respecting creation, deeply implementing strong talent country strategies, firmly establishing the thought that talent is the first resource, completely implementing the principle of the Party managing talents, accelerating training and bringing up cultural talent teams having both ability and integrity, that are resolute and innovative, with rational structures and a vast scope.

(1) Bringing up high-level commanders and high-quality cultural talent teams. High-level commanders and expert cultural workers are nucleus forces for constructing Socialist culture. It is necessary to continue to implement the “One Batch of Four” talent training project and cultural distinguished person project, establish major cultural programme chief expert systems, bringing up a batch of distinguished persons, great masters and folk culture representatives that are loved by the people and have international influence. Strengthening expert cultural work team and cultural enterprise house team construction, supporting and subsidizing excellent middle-age and young cultural talents to preside over major tasks and head focus programmes, grasping fostering of top-notch innovative talents that is good at expanding new cultural areas, expert talent grasping modern media technology, comprehensive talents understanding business and being good at management, and internationalized talents adapted to the requirements of culture marching out. Innovating talent-fostering models, implementing cultural talent training plans of high and low being in short supply, setting up cultural talent life-long learning platforms. Encouraging and supporting higher education institutes and secondary vocational schools to optimize specialized structures, jointly sponsoring training bases with cultural enterprises and undertaking work units. Perfecting talent training development, appraisal and perception, selection and appointment, and encouragement guarantee mechanisms, deepening job title examination reform, creating a beneficial structural environment for outstanding talent to come to the fore, and putting ability to good use. Giving high regard to discovering and training social cultural talents. Giving equal treatment to non-publicly owned culture work unit personnel in job title assessment, participating in training, applying for programmes, and commendations and awards. Perfecting corresponding policy steps, attracting foreign excellent cultural talents through many channels. Implementing State honouring systems, grasping the establishment of State-level cultural honour titles, commending and rewarding cultural workers with distinguished achievements.

(2) Strengthening basic cultural talent team construction. Basic cultural talent teams are the basic forces for cultural reform and development. It is necessary to formulate and implement basic cultural talent team construction plans, perfect policy measures in aspects such as organizational personnel allotment, study and training, remuneration guarantees, etc., attracting excellent cultural talents to serve the grass-roots level. Neatly distributing village, town and street Party committee propaganda committee members, propaganda workers and comprehensive full-time town culture station personnel. Establishing local and community public cultural service posts, implementing directed recruitment toward college graduates who have fulfilled their service period and who apply for the examination of cultural entity official, and corresponding specialized graduate students. Giving high regard to discovering and training native cultural able persons, ethnic and folk culture inheritors and especially representative inheritors for intangible cultural heritage programmes that lay the foundation at the grass-roots level, encouraging and supporting all sorts of cultural talents and cultural activity activists emerging in large numbers from the masses, promoting their healthy growing up, and give rein to their functions. Expanding cultural volunteer teams, encouraging specialized cultural workers and persons from all social walks of life to participate in grass-roots cultural construction and mass cultural activities, shaping grass-roots cultural work teams integrating specializations.

(3) Strengthening professional moral construction and work style construction. Cultural workers must become producers and transmitters of excellent culture, must strengthen self-cultivation, and be examples of moral conduct and personal character integrity. It is necessary to guide the broad cultural workers, and especially famous artists and famous people to consciously practice the Socialist core value system, strengthen a sense of social responsibility, carry forward the spirit of science and professional ethics, develop the prevailing custom of rigorous and diligent study, concentrating on intensive study, being indifferent towards fame and wealth, having self-respect and self-discipline, striving to pursue both fragrances of morals and art, determinedly resist harmful tendencies such as improper learning and vulgar temperaments. Encouraging cultural workers and especially famous cultural artists and middle-age and young backbones to go deeply into the reality, go deeply into life, go deeply into the masses, honour the people as masters, strengthen an understanding of the national situation, strengthen grass-roots level learning, enhancing mass sentiments. Cultural workers must have mutual respect, equal exchanges and draw on other’s strengths to offset own weaknesses, jointly create a desirable atmosphere with clear winds and correct spirits, harmoniously and bravely advancing.

IX, Strengthening and improving the Party’s leadership over cultural work, raising the level of moving forward with the scientization of cultural reform and development

Strengthening and improving the Party’s leadership over cultural work is a basic guarantee for cultural reform and development, and is also an intrinsic requirement for strengthening the Party’s governance capacity construction and advanced construction. We must start from strategy and the overall picture, firmly grasp cultural development rules, complete and lead structures and mechanisms, improve work methods and means, strengthen leadership skill over cultural construction.

(1) Realistically bearing the political duties of moving forward cultural reform and development. All levels’ Party Committees and governments must bring cultural construction to an important position in the overall work, deeply research the new characteristics of ideology and propaganda culture work, timely research major issues in cultural reform and development, strengthen and improve ideology and political work, firmly grasp the initiative in ideological work, grasp the leading power in cultural reform and development. Bringing cultural construction into general planning for economic and social development, researching deployment, organizing implementation and stimulating inspection together with economic and social development. Bringing the effectiveness of cultural reform and development into scientific development assessment and appraisal systems, making it into and important basis for evaluating leadership ranks and leading cadre work achievements. Formulating a core Socialist value system construction implementation outline. Deeply developing Socialist core value system study and education in the entire Party, making the broad Party members and cadres become the model for practicing the core Socialist value system, and act as staunch believers in the promising ideal of Communism and the common ideals of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Deeply doing well intellectual work in the cultural area, fully respecting the creative work of intellectuals, being good at being friends with intellectuals, especially with influential representative persons, closely uniting the broad intellectuals in the circumference of the Party.

(2) Strengthening leadership ranks and Party organization construction in the cultural sphere. Persisting in the standards of using people combining ability and integrity, and putting morals first, choosing good and allocating strong leadership ranks at all levels in the cultural sphere, bringing cadres with staunch political positions, high ideology and theory levels, that know cultural work well and are good at mastering complex aspects in the ideological sphere up to leadership positions, making all levels’ leadership rank construction in the cultural sphere into strong leading groups. Strengthening ideological and political construction of leadership ranks, strengthening political acuteness and political differentiating capacity, build strong ideological defence lines, guaranteeing the correct orientation of the cultural battlefield. All levels’ leading cadres must give high regard to and realistically grasp cultural work, strengthen cultural theory study and cultural issue research, raise cultural accomplishments, strive to become connoisseurs and experts in leading cultural construction. Bringing cultural construction content into cadre training plans and all levels’ Party schools’, administrative institute’ and cadre institutes’ education setup. Integrating cultural work units’ characteristics to strengthen and innovate grass-roots Party work, giving rein to the leadership core and political core functions of Party organizations in cultural undertaking work units, State-owned and State-controlled cultural enterprises, giving high regard to the organization and construction of non-publicly owned economic groups and new social groups in the cultural area. Stressing developing Party members from outstanding talents, advanced youths and professional backbones in the cultural area. All Communist Party members at the cultural frontline must firmly establish Party notions and Party member mentalities, spread the Party character, focus on conduct, and be an example, creating advance, struggle and superiority in moving forward cultural reform and development, giving rein to the function of vanguard models.

(3) Completing common mechanisms to move forward cultural construction work. Promoting the grand flourishing and grand development of Socialist culture is the common task for the entire Party and society. It is necessary to establish and complete work systems and work structures under the unified leadership of Party committees, joint grasp and joint management by Party and government, with propaganda department organizing and coordinating, relevant entities dividing the work and being responsible and social forces vigorously participating, shaping strong joint forces for cultural construction. All departments and work units in the cultural are must consciously implement Central policy decision deployment, implement cultural reform and development objectives and tasks, and give rein to their function as principal force in cultural construction. Supporting the implementation function of People’s Congresses and Political Consultative Conferences, transferring all departments’ vigour, supporting democratic party and non-party members and people’s organizations to give rein to their function, jointly moving forward cultural reform and development. Promoting people’s organizations in the cultural area such as literary federations, writers’ associations, journalists’ associations, etc., to innovate management systems, organization methods and activity methods, implement well connection and coordination service functions, strengthening sector self-regulation, safeguarding the rights and interests of cultural workers according to the law. Completely implementing the Party’s basic policy concerning religious work, giving rein to the vigorous function of religious officials and the religious masses in stimulating cultural development and flourishing.

(4) Giving rein to the cultural creative vigour of the popular masses. The people are the source of the most profound forces for promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. It is necessary to firmly establish Marxist mass points of view, consciously implement the Party’s mass line, and provide a broad platform for the broad masses to become constructors of Socialist culture. Broadly developing mass-type cultural activities, raising construction levels of community culture, rural culture, enterprise culture, school culture, etc., guiding the masses in self-expression, self-education and self-service in cultural construction. Vigorously building public service-type cultural activity platforms, relying on major festivals, and ethnic and folklore cultural resources to organize and develop cultural activities that are delightful and convenient for the masses to participate in. Supporting the masses to initiate cultural troupes according to the law, meticulously fostering cultural carriers and cultural forms with roots in the masses and serving the masses. Timely summarizing vivid and lively cultural innovation experiences coming from the masses, spreading the masses’ excellent cultural achievements, creating a desirable atmosphere encouraging cultural creation in the entire society, letting the cultural creative vigour that is contained within the masses have full and free rein.

The disposition for cultural construction work in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese People’s Armed Police will be made by the Central Military Commission on the basis of the spirit of this Decision.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation comes inevitably in the wake of the prosperous flourishing of Chinese culture. The entire party must closely unite around the circumference of the Party Centre with comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, be imbued with the confidence to lead the people of all ethnicities in the entire country to conduct cultural creation persisting in and developing the great practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to struggle hard to make our country into a strong Socialist culture country!.





































































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