Opinion Concerning Further Strengthening Comprehensive Satellite Television Channel Programme Management

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SARFT No. (2011)83


In recent years, comprehensive satellite television channels have incessantly innovated programme content, vigorously expanded programme forms, had have obtained heartening progress in aspects such as propagating the reform and development achievements of all localities, expanding broadcast coverage, strengthening audience viewing choice, etc. But in recent times, a part of comprehensive satellite television channels have displayed tendencies of excessive entertainmentization and vulgarization, damaging the image and credibility of radio and television media, the opinion of audiences is relatively large, and they react strongly. In order to further stimulate the healthy flourishing and development of radio and television, promote programme innovation and optimization, encourage high-level programme forms, raise the production level of radio and television programmes, even more effectively satisfy the broad popular masses, diverse, multi-level and high-level spiritual cultural requirements, hereby, the following opinion on further strengthening comprehensive satellite television channel programme management is put forward:


I, Persisting in the orientation of comprehensive satellite television channels. The orientation of comprehensive satellite television channels is that they are comprehensive channels with news and propaganda at the core. Local comprehensive satellite television channels’ main tasks are revolving around the Centre, serving the larger picture, propagate local achievements, display regional characteristics, reflect the social situation and popular will, guide social hot points, and disseminate mainstream values. Comprehensive satellite television channels must firmly establish a Marxist vie of news, persist in founding the station on orientation and founding the station on news, persisting in sticking close to reality, sticking close to life and sticking close to the masses, persist in unity, stability and encouragement, and taking positive propaganda as the core, closely revolving around the larger picture of Party and State work, as well as the work of local Party Committees and Government centres, taking propagating local reform and development and serving local popular masses as focus points, creating a healthy and upward, right and lively mainstream public opinion, raising the authoritativeness, credibility and influence of mainstream media.


II, Strengthening comprehensive satellite television channel news-type programme collection and processing capacity and broadcast quantity. Comprehensive satellite television channels must strive to raise news-type programme collection and processing capacity, implement inclined policies from all sides such as development plans, resource allocation, talent guarantees, broadcasting times, etc., clearly increase television news-type programme proportions, and clearly raise quality. They must organize news-type programme for the best time slots. Starting from 1 January 2012, all comprehensive satellite television channels ‘ news-type programmes may not be less than 2 hours from 6:00 until 24:00 every day, including the relay of the CCTV programme “News Broadcast”; from 18:00 – 23:30, there must be two or more self-organized news-type programmes, every news-type programme duration may not be less than 30 minutes, including special subject news programmes, news interview programmes, not including entertainment information programmes.


III, Expanding many programme category broadcast proportions, such as economy, culture, science education, children’s, documentaries, etc. At the same time as putting forth effort to organize news-type programmes well, comprehensive satellite television channels must adapt to the people’s multi-level and diversified spiritual culture requirements, raise the broadcast proportion of programme categories such as economy, culture, science, education, children’s, documentaries, etc, strengthen the education and service functions, improve programme category structures, strive to raise programme quality, through television programmes with correct orientation, rich knowledge, deep content, healthy styles, that stick close to life and are produced excellently, moulding people with education, inspiration and spiritual culture. All comprehensive satellite television channels at least organize one ideology and moral construction columns carrying forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nations and the core socialist value system. Television broadcast organs must earnestly research the new characteristics and new tendencies of the broad masses’ spiritual culture life, incessantly grasp the new changes and new rules of the masses’ aesthetic requirements, enrich and innovate programme themes, genres, styles and forms, strive to raise the ideological content, stylistic level and artistic quality of programmes, strengthen the attractiveness, contagiousness and influence of programmes.


IV, Establishing scientific and complete programme appraisal systems. All radio and television broadcast organs must persist in putting social interest first, persist in the organic unification of social interest and economic interest, give high regard to the judgment and supervision of the social public over programmes and channels, establish scientific, objective and fair comprehensive programme appraisal systems. It is prohibited to make programme viewing rate lists, it is prohibited to merely on the basis of viewing rates institute a last-place elimination system, it is prohibited to merely on the basis of viewing rate lists evaluate broadcast organ and television programme quality, determinedly reversing the tendency of only looking at rates. It is necessary to strengthen positive guidance for programme creation and production. SARFT grants awards every year on the basis of the programme broadcast situation to  programmes as well as programme producers that are leading, models and innovative in aspects such as orientation, content, style, form, etc. Provincial level administrative radio and television management entities must also establish corresponding award systems.


V, Perfecting comprehensive satellite television channel programme broadcast management systems. From 1 January 2012, for programmes broadcast by comprehensive satellite television channels from 18:00 until 22:00, filing formalities must be carried out with SARFT and the provincial-level administrative radio and television management entity. Provincial-level administrative radio and television management entities must report the situation of programme names, categories, content, forms, duration, timing, etc. of programmes broadcast by their territorial comprehensive satellite television channels to SARFT for filing two months in advance. SARFT conducts filing management over reported programmes on the basis of factors such as reported times, content and orientation, rule-breaking and discipline, etc. Organizing of positive and healthy entertainment programmes is encouraged, quantitative controls are implemented over programme types that are duplicate in style, and excessively overflowing such as love, marriage and friend-making type, talent and skill competition shows, emotional story-type, game competition-type, comprehensive arts and entertainment-type, interview talk shows, reality shows, etc. Every evening from 19:30 until 22:00, the broadcast amount of the above programmes for comprehensive satellite television channels nationwide is controlled at 9 programmes or less, every comprehensive satellite television channel’s broadcast of the above programme categories is limited to not exceed two programmes per week. The broadcasting time of every comprehensive satellite television channel of the above programme categories is limited to not exceed 90 minutes between 19:30 and 22:00 daily. SARFT also will conduct structural control over similar programmes, to prevent programme categories’ excessive homogenization. Television drama broadcast between 9:30 and 22:00 by comprehensive satellite television channels nationwide must strictly implement the requirements of relevant SARFT documents concerning further standardizing comprehensive satellite television channel television drama editing and broadcast management, persist in the principle of unifying ideology, artistry and enjoyability, carrying forward the correct social wind, disseminate mainstream values, guide aesthetic tastes, prevent the emergence of trends of excessive entertainmentization and vulgarization.


VI, Establishing a filing system for import of foreign television programme formats. All comprehensive satellite television channels importing foreign television programme formats must report to the provincial-level administrative radio and television management entity for filing. All provincial-level administrative radio and television management entities must conduct earnest examination of foreign production organs’ backgrounds, programme scope, programme content, etc., and two months in advance report the situation of comprehensive satellite television channels importing foreign television programme formats in their administrative areas to SARFT for filing. Imported foreign television formats must observe relevant laws and regulations, be suited to the Chinese national circumstances, vulgar style and low content must be cut off. Prevent me-tooism, plagiarism, simply imitating foreign or other channels’ programme categories. SARFT will comprehensively control the amount, theme and content, category proportion, etc.,  of imported foreign television programme formats, prevent the concentration of imported programme formats in the same region, in the same category or with the same content.


VII, Strengthening all levels’ administrative radio and television management entities’ supervision and management responsibilities and broadcast organs’ gatekeeping responsibilities. According to the principles of “who is in charge is responsible” and “stratified management”, all levels’ administrative radio and television management entities must implement supervision and management responsibilities, establish and perfect supervision, examination, handling and award systems, make prevention work against the excessive entertainmentization and vulgarization tendencies in radio and television into an important basis for broadcast organ annual inspection, column and programme adjustment, system appraisal, professional achievement  reward and punishment. All levels’ administrative radio and television entities must according to all SARFT propaganda and management provisions , persist in accomplishing management according to laws and regulations, timely discovering problems, resolutely and severely deal with them. Relevant administrative radio and television entities and broadcast organs must, with consideration to their nature and extent of gravity, adopt measures such as criticism, ordering rectification, warning, adjusting broadcasting time, up until cessation of broadcast in cases of problems emerging in programmes in aspects such as political orientation, value orientation, style or theme, etc. SARFT will report administrative radio and television management entities that do not interfere or ignore programmes violating regulations or fail to examine or report situations of major violation of regulations to the entire nation for criticism. All broadcasting organs must implement a triple programme examination system, strictly keep the programme gate. Comprehensive satellite television channel programme management implements a broadcasting organ chief responsibility system. It is necessary to further strengthen SARFT and local listening and watching organ construction, provincial-level administrative radio and television management entities must all establish special listening and watching organs, and allocate specialist personnel, report timely on the listening and watching supervision results, and realistically undertake their supervision and management responsibilities. Listening and watching organs must focus on following up on examining the problem of excessive entertainmentization and vulgarization of radio and television programmes, pay attention to research new shoots of trends, tendencies and problems caused by new programme formats, timely discover, timely warn and timely correct them.


VIII, Realistically strengthening sector self-regulation and social supervision. Radio and television sector organizations must give rein to an important function in aspects of sector self-regulation. Administrative radio and television management entities must establish and publish complaint phones and mailboxes, timely accept opinions from all walks of society concerning problems of excessive entertainmentization or vulgarization, and timely deal with feedback. It is necessary to support radio and television sector organization to organize the establishment of “audience committees”, broadly hear the opinions and propositions from all walks of society on radio and television programmes, and shape effective social supervision mechanisms. All media are encouraged and supported to launch scientific, rational and healthy discussion on radio and television programmes. Deeply moving forward “Triple Study and Education Activities”, “Go to the Basis, Transform Work Style, Reform Cultural Trends” activities and radio and television propaganda and management regulation training. SARFT will respectively organize comprehensive satellite television channel chief inspector training classes and provincial=level listening and watching centre responsible person training classes. All levels’ administrative radio and television management entities and broadcast organs must also organize and launch other channels’ and listening and watching organs’ responsible persons, as well as education and training for programme examiners, producers and presenters.


All provincial-level administrative radio and television management entities must realistically implement administrative management responsibilities, earnestly implement all above provisions and requirements, complete comprehensive satellite television channel readjustment and daily supervision and management work.




2011年10月21日  广发〔2011〕83号












五、完善电视上星综合频道节目播出管理制度。自2012年1月1日起,电视上星综合频道18:00至22:00播出的电视节目,需向国家广电总局和省级广电行政管理部门履行备案手续。省级广电行政管理部门对属地电视上星综合频道新开播的电视节目需提前两个月将节目名称、类型、内容、形式、时段、时长等情况报国家广电总局备案。国家广电总局根据报备时间、内容导向、违规记录等因素对所报节目进行备案管理。鼓励办好积极健康的娱乐节目,对节目形态雷同、过多过滥的婚恋交友类、才艺竞秀类、情感故事类、游戏竞技类、综艺娱乐类、访谈脱口秀、真人秀等类型节目实行播出总量控制。每晚19:30—22:00,全国电视上星综合频道播出上述类型节目总数控制在9档以内,每个电视上星综合频道每周播出上述类型节目总数不超过2档。每个电视上星综合频道每天19:30—22:00播出的上述类型节目时长不超过90分钟。总局还将对类型相近的节目进行结构调控,防止节目类型过度同质化。全国电视上星综合频道 9:30—22:00播出的电视剧,要严格执行国家广电总局关于进一步规范电视上星综合频道电视剧编播管理的有关文件要求,坚持思想性、艺术性、观赏性相统一的原则,弘扬社会正气,传播主流价值,引导审美趣味,防止出现过度娱乐化和低俗倾向。








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