Some Opinions concerning Accelerating Our Country’s Press and Publications Sector’s Marching Out (Extracts)

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In order to implement the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, implement the “Press and Publications Sector Development Plan for the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period” and the “Development Plan for the Press and Publications Sector’s Marching Out during the “12th Five Year Plan Period”, realistically raise our the international competitiveness, dissemination strength and influence of our country’s press and publications sector, promote the construction of a strong press and publications country, the following opinions to further promote the press and publications sector’s marching out are hereby put forward as follows:

Main objectives:

– Striving to achieve that by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, copyright export quantities break through the 7000 mark, and the import-export ratio has been lowered to 2:1, and striving to maintain that level; digital publishing product and service export value break through the 1 billion Dollar mark, and annual growth is 30% and higher; material export quantities break through 11.5 million volumes (items, boxes, discs), export values break through the 42 million Dollar mark; and the comprehensive printing services export scale reaches 100 billion Yuan.


– Striving to achieve that by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the press and publications sector marching out policy system is even more complete; press and publications enterprises foreign investment values clearly increase; a batch of famous brands with international influence is fostered; and a batch of key marching out enterprises with solid strength and international competitiveness is forged; a batch of foreign-oriented press and publications experts and talents are fostered; the basic international structure for marching out is complete; our country’s press and publications sector’s international competitiveness, dissemination strength and influence have clearly strengthened.


Focus tasks

Strengthening the macro-level setup for marching out. With developed countries, and neighbouring countries or regions as focus points, with developing countries as the basis, with the overseas Chinese market as support, establishing a new marching out structure with broad coverage, prominent focus, and clear categories. Implementing diversified strategies, and adopting different marching out strategies and methods on the basis of the different cultural requirements of different countries and regions; implementing simultaneous development, encouraging publishing groups, specialist publishers and digital publishing enterprises and private enterprises to excavate their own distinctive superiority, and expand into different areas of the international market; implementing localization strategies, stressing the integration of factors such as overseas funding, technology, channels, talent, etc., launching and popularizing publishing products that are suited to the local reading and consumption habits; implementing strategies of using imports to drive exports, drawing on the financial superiority of international cooperative enterprises, driving publications’ marching out; implementing science and technology driving strategies, giving rein to the superiority of high and new technology platforms and channels, promoting publications to march out.


2. Accelerating the promotions of publications marching out. Realistically expanding copyright export quantities, further improving the balance of trade. Expanding copyright export strength concerning developed countries, neighbouring countries and regions, expanding copyright export to developing countries, further optimizing copyright export districting structures. At the same time as strengthening mainstream language copyright export, further strengthening lesser-used language copyright export, strengthening the copyright export of multilingual products, incessantly perfecting language structures for copyright export. Strengthening copyright export of literary, scientific, social science, entertainment life and other publications, expanding themes and product varieties in copyright export, optimizing copyright export content structuring. Strengthening copyright export of digital publishing products, incessantly improving copyright export shapes and structures. Improving cooperation methods, expanding cooperative publishing strength.


3. Accelerating the promotion of digital publishing products marching out. Encouraging and supporting news publishing enterprises to produce even more foreign-oriented digital publishing products. Implementing backbone driver strategies, promoting digital publishing focus enterprises and industrial bases to march out. Accelerating the research and development of digital and network publishing core technology, vigorously participating in international standardization matters, occupying the commanding heights in international competition. Building digital publishing marching out content platforms, accelerating the integration of traditional publishing enterprises’ content resources, giving rein to superiority of scale, expanding and enhancing the scope of cable publishing content added value services, strengthening content added value service capacity, completely raising out country’s digital publishing products’ core value and digital publishing enterprises’ international competitiveness.


4. Accelerating the promotion of material products marching out. Fully mustering the export vigour of enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems, making material product export quantities and values continue to increase, Implementing branding strategies, strengthening indigenous content innovation, focusing on rolling out a batch of brand products that carry forward the Socialist core value system, display the unique charm of Chinese culture, reflect the modern Chinese spiritual bearing and scholarly levels, and stick close to the cultural requirements and consumption habits of foreign audiences, forging a batch of internationally famous brands in focus areas such as mass books, specialist books, educational books, mass consumption-type periodicals, specialist periodicals, academic journals, etc. Enrich the product forms of material exports, expand the export strength of all sorts of products such as books, newspapers, periodicals, electronics, audiovisuals, etc., promoting press and publications products to enter into international mainstream sales networks, influencing foreign mainstream crowds.


5. Accelerating the promotion of printing services to march out. Encouraging printing services export enterprises to expand into overseas printing business, expanding into international burgeoning markets. Supporting State demonstration printing enterprises to establish overseas printing basis. Supporting printing and reproduction enterprises to apply low-carbon science and technology, popularizing an image of environmental protection and green brands on international markets, attracting foreign commissions and clients. Encouraging printing enterprises to establish organs in contact with third parties abroad, to participate in international bidding.


6. Accelerating the promotion of press and publications enterprises and capital to march out. Integrating all sorts of resources to promote press and publications enterprises to do business and merge across regions, across sectors, across media and across ownership systems, putting forth effort to forge a batch of comprehensive transnational publishing media groups. Focusing on supporting a batch of foreign-oriented backbone enterprises, through methods such as exclusive investment, joint venture, cooperation, etc., establishing presses and stations abroad, organizing newspapers and periodicals, opening plants and stores. Encouraging press and publications enterprises meeting conditions to expand foreign investment and participate in international capital operation and international enterprise management through many kinds of methods such as public offering, shareholding, share controlling, etc. Guiding enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems to orderly go abroad for investment and cooperation, raising internationalized operations levels, guarding against and dissolving foreign investment risk.


7. Accelerating the investment of international sales networks for marching out. Vigorously implementing the strategy of “lending a boat to go to sea”, strengthening cooperation with global and regional large-scale chain bookstores, further expanding international mainstream sales channels. Vigorously utilizing overseas factors such as capital, talent, management experience, etc., to integrate and consolidate overseas Chinese language publications retail networks and channels, and further expand overseas markets. Expanding cross-border digital content resource delivery platforms, expanding export of digital publishing products. Vigorously expanding new publications sales channels such as network bookstores, etc.


8. Accelerating building talent systems for marching out. Through developing methods such as going abroad for training, selection and detachment for training, stimulating professional exchange and cooperation, etc., fostering internationalized press and publications talent for copyright protection, international publications trade, international publications cooperation and international press and publications translation and dissemination, etc., shaping press and publications talent systems for marching out. By the year 2015, the total quantity of internationalized press and publications talent to have reached 100.000 people.


Main measures

I, Effectively utilizing the present support policies

1. According to the “Provisional Rules on the Special Cultural Industry Development Fund Management”, with loan discounts, programme subsidy, supplementary State capital, result rewards, insurance premium subsidy and other support measures approved by the Ministry of Finance, giving support to press and publications enterprises, programmes, materials and corresponding services marching out.


2. According to the “Small and Mid-size Enterprise International Market Expansion Fund Management Rules”, giving financial support to enterprise programmes (programmes of small and mid-size enterprises meeting conditions that independently expand into international markets) and group programmes (programmes of enterprises, undertaking work units and social groups’ small and mid-size enterprises meeting conditions to expand into international markets). The main supported content includes foreign exhibitions, international market propaganda and popularization, international market research, enterprise training, foreign acquisition of technology and brands, etc. Giving preferential support to expansion activities into burgeoning international markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Central Asia, etc. Support funding may in principle not exceed 50% of the total amount required for the supported programme content, for small and mid-size enterprises from the Central and Western regions, as well as the North-East old industrial bases as well as expansion into burgeoning markets, this may be raised to 70%.


3. According to the “Special Propaganda and Culture Development Fund Management Rules”, giving financial aid to press and publications products and services export; giving support to press and publications focus marching out books and specialist academic works that are difficult to publish; rewarding excellent books marching out; giving financial support to publishing and printing enterprises marching out for equipment renewal, technology transformation, etc.


4. According to the “Notice Concerning Some Fiscal Policy Questions Supporting Cultural Enterprises Development, giving value-added tax export rebate policies to enterprises exporting press and publications products such as books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products, electronic publications, etc. According to the “Some Policies Concerning Rewarding and Supporting Cultural Products and Services Exports”, not levying business tax on foreign income that enterprises obtained through providing cultural services abroad; exempting foreign income that enterprises obtained by providing translation work and conducting copyright transfer abroad from business tax; deducting income tax already paid abroad according to present relevant regulations.


5. According to the “Guiding Opinions Concerning Further Moving Forward Work Related to the State Cultural Export Focus Enterprises and Programme Catalogue”, supporting the export of press and publications products and services, etc., through many kinds of methods such as loan discounts, programme subsidy, rewards, insurance premium subsidy, etc.; supporting press and publications enterprises in market expansion activities such as foreign exhibition participation, propaganda dissemination, training and deliberation, foreign tendering, etc.; supporting focus press and publications products’ foreign translation production and publication activities. As soon as possible researching, establishing and completing copyright and other intangible property value appraisal systems, formulating intangible property value appraisal standards, establishing intangible property value appraisal intermediary organs and mortgage (pledge) registration and trade platforms. Further perfecting export credit insurance systems. According to the real situation of our country’s cultural export, adopting flexible insurance policies, optimizing insurance procedures, incessantly expanding support scale, providing quick and efficient services such as risk guarantee, capital facilitation, capital and credit appraisal, receivable payment management, etc., to press and publications enterprises.


6. According to the “Guiding Opinions concerning Financial Support of Cultural Export”, supporting export-type enterprises and programmes conforming to the conditions of the “Cultural Products and Services Export Guidance Catalogue”. Encouraging press and publications enterprises to vigorously utilize credit-type business products such as export credit provided by import and export banks that include press and publications products and services (including cartoons), international exhibition service facility construction loans, foreign investment loans, high and new technology product export vendor credit, etc., as well as intermediate professional products such as accounting, foreign exchange, trade capital, foreign guarantee, financial consulting, etc. Providing credit support to press and publications enterprises’ foreign investment programmes, and export vendor credit of cartoon products that fall under the scope of software products. Vigorously exploring compound guarantee methods such as shareholding, stockholding, bonds, stocking, warehouses, warranty, export tax rebate, receivable payment, intellectual property rights mortgage as well as specialist guarantee organs providing third party guarantees, etc., in order to raise press and publications enterprises’ funding guarantee capacity.


7. According to the “State Publishing Fund Subsidy Programme Management Rules” and the annual examination guidelines, giving subsidy to translation and publishing programmes of academic works researching Socialism with Chinese characteristics and Chinese classic culture and science achievements; giving subsidies to translation and publishing programmes reflecting our country’s reform and opening up, and modernization construction achievements, or displaying the look of modern China’s economic and social development and the look of the spirit of the people; giving subsidies to major publishing programmes displaying magnificent Chinese ethnic culture, promoting Chinese cultural classics, expanding Chinese culture’s international dissemination strength and influence.


8. According to the “Provisional Rules for the Special Ethnic Literature Publishing Fund, giving subsidies to marching out programmes for ethnic language and literature publications export and copyright export, giving subsidies to the translations of ethnic language publications.


9. According to the “Management Regulations for Domestic Organs’ Foreign Direct Investment Exchange Control”, encouraging press and publications enterprises to use their own foreign currency, domestic foreign currency loans or Renminbi exchanged into foreign currency conforming to regulations, or material and intangible assets or other foreign currency asset sources, etc., to conduct foreign direct investment. According to the “Guiding Opinions Concerning Further Moving Forward Work Related to State Culture Export Focus Enterprises and Programme Catalogue”, perfecting press and publications export foreign exchange management, accelerating enterprise export foreign exchange income accounting speed, improving export income cancellation after verification methods, simplifying export cancellation after verification methods.


10. According to the “Some Policies Concerning Encouraging and Supporting Cultural Product and Service Export”, encouraging and supporting press and publications enterprises in all sorts of ownership systems to launch, participate in or engage in press and publications product and service export business. Press and publications enterprises engaging in international copyright trade of books, periodicals, electronic or audiovisual products, etc., must vigorously expand export business, expand the proportion of export business in their total business volume, and must cut down on copyright import quantities and import targets to counter the grave import-export imbalance. Supporting publishing group companies and publishers having certain copyright export scale to establish specialized publications enterprises aimed at foreign book markets, corresponding publishing resources may be allocated after approval. Giving certain subsidies to focus export book and audiovisual product translation, and for renting booths to participate in foreign exhibitions


II, Further optimizing press and publications resource allocation

1. Supporting publishing media enterprises to establish and complete foreign language periodicals facing international markets, and allocating corresponding publishing resources.


2. Granting special support policies to non-public enterprises and Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises developing activities aimed at foreign language markets


3. For new science and technology-type Sino-foreign copyright cooperation periodicals, it must be guaranteed that no less than 10% of the original Chinese content of every number is reprinted by the foreign cooperating magazine; For Sino-foreign cooperative magazines extending approval, it must be guaranteed that no less than 15% per number for social sciences and no less than 10% per number for sciences of the original Chinese content is reprinted by the foreign cooperating magazine.


4. On the basis of the target of “copyright export quantity” originally contained in rules on publishing work unit level appraisal, at the same time expanding with the two marching out targets of press and publications product and service export income and the number of personnel engaging in international business expansion, and correspondingly expanding power balance.


5. Expanding marching out theme quality and variety in the national “12th Five-Year Plan” focus publications theme selection plans.


6. Over press and publications enterprises exceeding a trade deficit of 1:3 in copyright trade, focus control is implemented, and effective measures are adopted to make them improve their copyright trade structure.


7. Expanding appraisal content related to marching out in press and publications work unit high-level rank appraisal conditions.


8. Encouraging and supporting network publishing powerful work units meeting conditions to strive to expand into international markets, researching, developing and publishing digital and network publishing products adapted to international market requirements, that are able to produce a stable foreign flow rate; encouraging and supporting networks publishing work units meeting international online content added value market requirements to establish foreign service websites, striving to achieve that by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, a batch of focus network publishing service work units’ foreign income occupies more than 10% of the annual business value of the work unit.


9. Printing enterprises where annually contracted foreign printing processing business takes up more than 30% of main enterprise business, and where the annual foreign processing business volume is 20 million Dollars or more may be considered as national printing and reproduction model enterprises.


10. Strengthening quantitative assessment of publishing import and export business, annual export value increase range must be larger than the import value increase range, and import right limits will be imposed according to export achievements.



III, Forcefully implementing focus projects

1. The “Classic China” international publishing project. Adopting programme management methods to subsidize foreign-oriented excellent selected book topic translation, publication, and popularization, with methods such as copyright export and cooperative publishing, etc., realizing foreign publishing and distribution, raising the international influence of Chinese publications; encouraging excellent publications facing international markets, carrying forward the Socialist core value system, displaying the unique charm of Chinese culture, and reflecting modern China’s excellent bearing and academic levels.


2. China foreign book popularization plans. With translation fee subsidy methods, encouraging foreign publishing organs to translate and publish excellent Chinese books. Focusing on recommending works reflecting all aspects of China’s modern society such as politics, economics, culture, etc., and that benefit foreign readers to understand China, and disseminate Chinese culture; works reflecting national major research achievements in areas such as natural science, social science, etc.; works having accumulated cultural value such as introducing Chinese traditional culture, literature, art, etc.


3. China-created original network games foreign popularization plans. Organizing China excellent network game publishing enterprises to participate in international activities such as exhibitions, discussions, exchange, etc., raising policy and financial support, accelerating the pace of excellent originally-created network game copyright trade export, encouraging large-scale network game publishing enterprises to vigorously participate in international competition through methods such as copyright export, cooperative copyright, direct investment, etc., raising Chinese network game publishing enterprises and originally-created network game publications’ international competitiveness and influence.


4. Chinese publications international sales channel expansion projects. Strengthening cooperation with global and regional large-scale chain bookstores, expanding international mainstream sales channels; integrating and consolidating the present foreign Chinese-language publications sales channels; vigorously expanding publications retail channels such as important international network bookstores, etc. Building international solid retail networks, promoting even more excellent Chinese publications to march out towards the world.


5. Focus press and publications enterprises’ foreign development support projects. Acceleration out country’s press and publications enterprises’ overseas development pace, providing support for focus press and publications enterprises’ product export, foreign organ establishment, foreign capital operation, etc. Focusing on supporting 20 foreign-oriented backbone enterprises, through methods such as single investment, cooperation, joint venture, etc., going abroad to establish presses and stations, organizing newspapers and periodicals, opening plants and stores, and opening websites; through many kinds of methods such as share participation, share control, etc., expanding foreign investment, participating in international capital operation and international enterprise management; encouraging and supporting enterprises of all sorts of ownership systems to expand press and publications product and service export business.


6. Sino-foreign mutual book translation plans. Expanding the implementation strength of the “Sino-Foreign Mutual Book Translation Plan”, signing bilateral publications exchange and cooperation agreements with 30 focus countries and regions, incessantly augmenting the “Sino-Foreign Mutually Translated Book” series, organizing “Sino-Foreign Mutually Translated Book” exhibitions and bilateral “Sino-Foreign Mutually Translated Book” publishing experience exchange meetings.


7. Border regions press and publications sector marching out support plans. Implementing border region press and publications sector marching out support plans, encouraging provinces (regions) such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, etc., to establish closer relationships with neighbouring countries, expanding our country’s press and publications product and services export to neighbouring countries.


VI, Perfecting exhibition platforms

1. Strengthening the effect of the Beijing International Book Fair. Through the operation of internationalized brands innovating display forms and methods, raising marketization levels, further letting the Beijing International Book Fair become an important platform for international book copyright trade and an important window to display Chinese culture.


2. Forging brands for important international book fair activities where China is the guest of honour. Drawing support from international book fair platforms to organize Chinese guest of honour activities. With respecting cultural diversity and stimulating global harmony as principles, vigorously mustering all sorts of resources to launch many kinds of exchange activities, incessantly expanding copyright trade, fully reflecting the affinity and inspiring nature of Chinese culture, making guest of honour activities become a most effective model for promoting China’s press and publications to march out, influence international public opinion and display the national image.


3. Supporting participation in important international publishing exhibitions. Forcefully supporting important international publishing exhibitions such as the press and publication equipment fair, ChinaJoy, the China International Printing Expo, etc. Granting support to press and publications enterprises to participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, the American Book Fair, the Bologna Book Fair, the American Electronic Entertainment Exhibition (E 3), GamesCom, etc., giving rewards to work units and individuals having outstanding achievements in realizing copyright export or material export in foreign important exhibitions.


4. Moving forward with a system to attract tendering for international book exhibition hosting rights. According to the rules of international book fair operation, with even better serving press and publications enterprises to march out, accelerating the improving and perfecting of international book fair hosting systems, strongly striving to run a system to attract tendering through participation and hosting rights of no less than 20 international book fairs within two years, and realizing the linking of participation and hosting rights with international operation principles.


5. Setting up trading platforms serving neighbouring countries. Vigorously building press and publications trading platforms with border provinces (regions) such as Xinjiang, Guangxi, Jilin, etc., to radiate into neighbouring countries, and strengthening cultural exchange with neighbouring countries.


V, Strengthening information services

1. Establishing and perfecting press and publications knowledge bases. Realizing the understanding of trends in the press and publications market situation of focus countries and regions; strengthening research concerning international cultural markets, main state cultural policies and international focus press and publications enterprises; strengthening research of marching out investment risks and safeguard methods. Establishing a “China publications international dissemination strength monitoring system”, to conduct monitoring of our country’s press and publications product’s retail situations in all foreign channels and markets, timely grasping international markets’ requirements of our country’s press and publications products.


2.Building information service platforms. Press and publications industry service organs must build a national-level marching out information service platforms in many languages with a translation talent database, copyright trade information database, focus programme database, Sino-foreign writer’s database; to provide comprehensive information services to enterprises on market supply and demand, copyright trade, policy consulting, legal services, translation services, etc.,


3. Perfecting statistical target systems. Bringing digital publishing product export, Sino-foreign cooperative publication products, exported copyright of writers and private planning enterprises, and non-public cultural enterprises’ products sold abroad, respectively into press and publications marching out statistical categories.


VI, Accelerating the fostering and development of intermediary organs

1. Fully giving rein to the function of existing sector associations, supporting sector associations to establish internal specialized marching out coordination and supervision departments, serving the requirements of enterprises marching out, strengthening self-regulation of enterprises marching out and safeguarding the interests of enterprises marching out.


2. Encouraging and supporting enterprises to establish press and publications product and service export stimulation organizations on a voluntary basis, expanding foreign propaganda, concentrating superiority to expand into foreign markets.


3. Encouraging social intermediary organizations such as investment stimulation organs, copyright agency organs, talent training organs, legal consultancy organs, exhibition service organs, etc., to strive to launch all sorts of business serving press and publications’ marching out.


VI, Expanding talent fostering strength

1. Press and publications talent training organs are responsible for personnel undertaking marching out work for the press and publications system, and conduct specialized training for the system according to the different forms of marching out.


2. Establishing marching out talent training bases in border provinces, raising the quality of press and publications enterprises’ businessmen, strengthening talent exchange with border regions.


3. Cooperating with large-scale international publishing media groups, launching long-term plans for joint training of international publishing trade talent. Annually, selecting 10 persons having obtained prominent achievements while working in relation to marching out such as copyright trade and material trade within the entire country to go abroad and conduct medium to long-term training; selecting 150 persons related to copyright trade to go abroad and conduct short-term training.


4. Stressing the attraction of foreign talents and talents “coming back from overseas”, focusing on giving rein to the function of foreign writers and translation talents.


VIII, Perfecting internal mechanisms

1. All press and publications groups and focus marching out publishing work units must establish and complete foreign cooperation organization structures, specially establish “international cooperation departments”, and allocate specialized personnel, to be specially responsible for marching out work.


2. Strengthening planning of work unit’s marching out plans, formulating realistic and feasible objectives.


3. A special support find for marching out must be established; steps must be adopted to expand marching out talent team training; marching out achievement appraisal mechanisms must be further perfected; coupling marching out achievements with individual year-end productivity evaluation, giving honours and rewards to groups and individuals having launched relatively prominent marching out business.


IX, Perfecting honouring and reward mechanisms

1. Making marching out achievements into an important appraisal content in award programmes in the press and publications sphere such as the China Publishing Government Award, the China Excellent Publication Award, the Tao Fen Publishing Award, the National Press and Publications System Advanced Group, Advanced Worker and Model Worker selection, etc., granting an annual circulation of praise to excellent publications, focus enterprises and advanced individuals marching out.


2. The State administrative press and publications management department will regularly convene marching out work conferences, and grant corresponding praise and encouragement to enterprises and individuals with prominent achievements in disseminating Chinese mainstream culture, to foreign cultural organs and enterprises vigorously importing our country’s copyrights, and to domestic and foreign media, intermediary organs and friendly personalities having made contributions to our country’s expansion into international markets.


3. Forcefully propagating and popularizing all regions, all work units and all departments’ model experiences and model cases in marching out aspects.


X, Strengthening organizational guidance

1. All localities’ administrative press and publications management departments must promote press and publication sector marching out to become a “chief leader” project, establish and complete foreign cooperation organs to be especially responsible for marching out work, strengthening personnel allocation, smoothen work mechanisms, and guarantee financial support. They must do guiding, coordination and management work related to marching out well, incessantly innovate work thinking, raise work levels, and provide powerful organizational guarantees for marching out.


2. All localities’ administrative press and publications management entities must integrate the realistic circumstances of their regions, and formulate marching out development plans for their regions’ press and publications sectors during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, roll out support realistic and feasible policies with clear objectives, strengthen coordination and cooperation with corresponding local departments, strive to create a desirable environment for their region’s press and publications sector to march out.

















































3.支持参加重要国际出版展会。大力扶持在中国举办的新闻出版装备展、ChinaJoy、中国国际全印展等重要国际出版展会。对新闻出版企业参加法兰克福书展、伦敦书展、美国书展、波洛尼亚书展、美国电子娱乐展览会(E3)、科隆游戏展(Games Com)等重要国际书展和国际数字出版产品展活动给予支持,对在境外重要展会上实现版权输出、实物出口成绩显著的单位和个人给予奖励。



























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