Outline of the Cultural Reform and Development Plan during the National “12th Five Year Plan” Period

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The “12th Five-Year Plan” period is a key period for completely constructing a relatively well-off society, and is also a key stage in stimulating that culture develops both well and quickly. In order to deepen the implementation of the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, deepen cultural structural reform stimulate the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, further arouse a new high tide of Socialist culture construction, strive to construct a strong Socialist culture country, according to the “Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Decision Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform” and the “Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China”, this Outline is drafted.


Culture is the lifeblood of the nation, and is the spiritual home of the people. In the present world, the position and function of culture have become even more prominent, and it is increasingly becoming an important source for national cohesion and creativity, increasingly becoming an important factor in comprehensive national strength and competition, increasingly becoming an important pillar for economic and social development, and enriching spiritual culture life is increasingly becoming a fervent desire of the people of our country. Deepening cultural structural reform and promoting the grand flourishing and development of Socialist culture in this new historical starting point, relates to realizing the struggle objective of completely constructing a relatively well-off society, relates to persisting and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and relates to realizing the grand rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The “11th Five-Year Plan” was an innovation development period for our country’s cultural construction. All localities and all departments earnestly implemented Central policies and deployments, liberated thoughts, sought truth from facts, advanced with the times, reformed and innovated, promoting cultural development incessantly obtained new achievements, walking the development path of Socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. The theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics has been widely disseminated, the ideological basis for the united struggle by the entire Party, the entire country and the people of all ethnicities has been incessantly consolidated. The construction of the socialist core value system has been solidified and moved forward, the ideological and moral level of the whole society have been further raised. Cultural structural reform has obtained substantive progress, benefiting the shaping of the first stages of systems and mechanisms for cultural scientific development. Public cultural service system frameworks have been basically established, service capacity and levels have been clearly raised. Cultural industries have developed flourishingly, overall scope and strength has risen quickly. Cultural product creation and production is fully dynamic, excellent products are emerging incessantly, the market flourishes more every day. Cultural heritage protection strength expands incessantly, excellent traditional ethnic culture is carried forward further. The pace of culture marching out has accelerated, the international competitiveness and influence of Chinese culture has been clearly strengthened.

During the present and following period, our country’s development will still remain important strategic opportunity periods in which we will be able to develop our abilities to the fullest. Broad and deep reform is currently taking place in the cultural area, and there are many advantageous conditions for promoting the gig of culture, but it also faces a range of new circumstances and new problems. Our country’s economy continues to develop speedily, comprehensive national power is strengthened every day, establishing a solid material basis for cultural construction; the abundant achievements of the theory and practice of Socialism with Chinese characteristics has provided cultural construction with precious spiritual and cultural resources; the enthusiasm of the whole society in giving high regard to and participating in cultural construction rises every day, creating a desirable social atmosphere for cultural construction; the popular masses’ spiritual culture requirements grow swiftly, expanding the huge space for cultural development; our country’s international position and influences has clearly risen, providing an important juncture for Chinese culture to march out. Cultural reform and development is facing a rare historical opportunity. At the same time, the quality and level of our country’s cultural development is not yet high, the deployment and structuring of cultural construction is incompletely rational, the structural and mechanistic obstacles hindering cultural scientific development have not been completely eradicated yet. Facing the new situation of the popular masses’ spiritual culture needs quickly growing, our country’s cultural products, regardless of quantity or quality, cannot yet satisfy the popular masses’ many-faceted, multi-level and diversified spiritual culture needs well, the task of further liberating and developing cultural productive forces, and raising supply capacity cultural products and services has become even more pressing. Facing the new situation of accelerating transformation of the economic development method, and the deep readjustment of social structures, the task of promoting the rising of the entire nations’ civilization level, and giving rein to culture in lending trends, educating the people, serving society and promoting development has become even more pressing. Facing the new situation of the accelerated development of modern information technology and dissemination methods, the task of accelerating the construction of cultural innovation systems and moving cultural innovation forward has become even more pressing. Facing the new situation of the exchange, blending and confrontation of all sorts of ideology and culture at the global level becoming even more clear, and the fight having becoming more acute and complex, the task of strengthening our country’s comprehensive cultural strength and international influence, resisting the force of international hostile forces’ cultural infiltration and safeguarding national cultural security has become even more pressing. We must accurately grasp our country’s new economic and social development requirements, accurately grasp the new cultural development trends of the present era, accurately grasp the new expectations for spiritual culture life of the people of all ethnicities, firmly grasp the important strategic opportunity period for development, conform to the development requirements of the times, follow cultural development rules, accelerate cultural reform and innovation, do all we can to initiate a new dimension in Socialist cultural construction in the course of completely constructing a relatively well-off society and on the path of scientific development.

II, Strengthening the construction of a core Socialist value system

(1) Deeply moving study, research and propagation of the core Socialist value system with Chinese characteristics forward. Unremittingly using the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the entire Party, educate the people, promote study and practice of the scientific development view to be deeply and broadly expanded. Establishing ad perfecting theoretical study systems for Party members and cadres, richly expanding theoretical study channels to face the masses, solidly moving study-type Party organizations and study-type society forward. Closely integrating reform, openness and the reality of Socialist modernization construction, persisting in taking major real problems as the direction of the main attack, deeply researching the systemic, strategic and forward-looking problems relating to Party and State undertaking development, promoting a batch of theoretical research achievements having depth and having values, further promoting Marxism’s Sinicization, modernization and popularization. Revolving around deep ideological and theoretical problems and the problems of hot spots and difficult points in society, rolling out even more and even better popular theory works, deeply launching theoretical innovation achievement publicity activities for the grass-roots Party. Deeply implementing the theoretical research and construction project of Marxism, implementing the dissemination plans for the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, grasping well the transformation and application of research achievements, promoting the theoretical system of Socialism with Chinese characteristics to enter textbooks, enter classrooms and enter minds, strengthening scientific theory education’s function in guiding the masses.

(2) Making philosophy and social sciences flourish. Consolidating and developing Marxist theoretical learning, persisting in the integration of basic research and applied research, the integration of traditional learning and burgeoning learning, and interdisciplinary learning, forcefully moving forward innovation of learning systems, academic points of view and scientific research methods, constructing philosophy and social science having Chinese characteristics, Chinese styles and Chinese spirits, implementing philosophy and social science innovation projects, moving philosophy and social science innovation system construction forward, fully giving rein to the important function of philosophy and social science in understanding the world, inheriting civilization, innovating theory, advising and educating the people and serving society. Strengthening course and textbook construction, completely completing higher education philosophy and social science focus textbook editing plans, promoting the intersection and blending of social sciences and natural sciences, incessantly raising the overall level of theoretical research. Giving rein to the demonstration and guiding function of State philosophy and social science funds, rolling out a batch of research achievements having values and having a broad influence on society. In a planned way organizing the foreign translation of a batch of excellent philosophy and social science achievements. Integrating philosophy and social science research forces, constructing a batch of social sciences research bases and State focus laboratories, constructing a batch of think tanks having superior expertise, strengthening philosophy and social science informatization construction.

(3) Strengthening ideological and moral construction. Solidly moving the construction of a Socialist core value system forward, deeply launching ideals and beliefs education marching the path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, forcefully carrying forward a national spirit with patriotism at the core and a spirit of the times with reform and innovation at the core, deeply launching propaganda and education on the Socialist view of honour and dishonour, vigorously exploring effective channels to use the Socialist core value system to guide social trends, shaping a social atmosphere fighting for justice against evil, that punishes evil and heralds the good. Formulating a Socialist core value system construction and implementation outline. Moving forward the citizen moral construction project, expanding all sorts of moral practice activities, strengthening social ethics, professional ethics, household virtue, individual moral character education, building morals and behavioural norms conform to the requirements of the Socialist spirit and suited to the Socialist market economy. Deeply launching Lei Feng activities, adopting steps to promote the normalization of study activities. Doing well ideological and political work going deep into details, carrying forward and practicing ideological concepts of labour being the most glorious and workers being the greatest across the whole of society, striving to build harmonious labour relations within every trade and every business. Deepening government style and sector style construction, launching special education and administration concerning prominent issues in the moral sphere. Extensively launching propaganda and education concerning situations, policies and the united progress of the nation. Strengthening care for the humanities, stressing a clear way for mentality, fostering a social mentality of self-respect and self confidence, rationality and gentleness, positivity and upwardness. Advocating moral cultivation and self-discipline, respecting the old and cherishing the young, diligent work and conducting oneself in a simple and unadorned manner, promoting the shaping of a social atmosphere of me for everyone and everyone for me. Strengthening the ideological and moral construction of minors and the ideological and political education of university students, cleansing social culture environments, stimulating the physical and mental health of minors, creating a space for minors to grow up healthily. Strengthening the construction of cultural activity venues for minors, creating even more cultural works that minors love to see and hear, that benefit knowledge and benefit morals, broadly launching all sorts of cultural sports activities facing minors. Forcefully carrying forward the Chinese nation’s excellent traditional culture, deeply excavating the ideological meaning of traditional Chinese festivals and major anniversaries, conducting ideological and moral education. Strengthening patriotic education base construction, vigorously developing red tourism. Deepening civilized city, civilized town and civilized work unit construction, integrating the present city selection programmes. Broadly launching spiritual civilization activities jointly built by soldiers and civilians, and police officers and civilians, moving forward activities “talking civilization, set a new style”. Putting sincerity and honesty construction in a prominent position, strengthening sincerity and honesty education, forcefully moving forward government affairs sincerity and honesty, commercial sincerity and honesty, social sincerity and honesty and judiciary credibility construction, grasping the establishment and completion of credit statement systems covering the whole society. Earnestly implementing the “Sixth Five Years” law dissemination plan, strengthening legal system propaganda and education, carrying forward the spirit of a Socialist rule of law. Deeply launching anti-corruption and pro-honesty education, forcefully strengthening honest and clean government culture construction, shaping a desirable social morality with cleanliness as honour and corruption as shame. Broadly launching volunteer service activities, establishing and perfecting social volunteer service systems. Forcefully developing social charity undertakings. Continuing to deeply research and refine the Socialist core value system.

III, Accelerating the building of public cultural service systems

(1) Building public cultural service systems. According to the requirements of the public good, the grass-roots, equality and convenience, taking public finance as support, taking public interest cultural work units as backbone, taking the entire people as service target, taking guaranteeing the popular masses’ basic cultural rights and interests such as watching television, listening to the radio, reading books and newspapers, conducting public cultural appreciation, participating in public cultural activities, etc., as main content, perfecting public cultural service systems covering town and country, with a reasonable structuring, sound functioning and efficient working. Promoting interdepartmental programmes and cooperation, coordinatedly planning and constructing grass-roots public culture service construction, persisting in equally stressing programme construction and operations management, realizing the integration of resources, joint building and joint enjoyment. Strengthening community public culture facility construction, bringing community cultural centre construction into town and country planning and construction, expanding investment channels. Perfecting public cultural service facilities facing women, minors, the elderly and the handicapped. Moving State public culture service system demonstration area construction forward. Formulating public culture service objective systems and effect assessment methods, clarifying service objectives and service norms, strengthening evaluation and assessment.

(2) Strengthening public cultural product and service provision. Strengthening the construction of public cultural service facilities such as cultural centres, musea, libraries, art galleries, science and technology buildings, memorial halls, workers’ cultural palaces, minors’ palaces, etc., and patriotic education bases, and perfecting free and open services to society. Encouraging other State-owned cultural work units, education organs, etc., to launch public service-type cultural activities, all sorts of public venues must provide convenience to mass-type cultural activities. Accelerating the application pace of modern technolgoy, raising the digitization and networking level of public cultural services. With the support of public libraries, schools’ electronic reading rooms, and community cultural centres, establishing and perfecting public service-type online venues for minors. Encouraging and supporting ethnic minority cultural product creation and production, raising the amount of translated excellent Chinese-language radio and television programmes, publications, etc., into ethnic languages, launching ethnic minority language book, newspaper and periodical donation activities. Broadening the scope of reading material for the blind, regions having conditions may establish electronic reading rooms for the blind with public libraries as support. Bringing the main public cultural product and service programmes and public interest-type cultural activities into regular public finance appropriation budgets. Adopting policy measures such as government procurement, programme subsidy, directed financial aid, lending discount, tax reduction, etc., to encourage all sorts of cultural enterprises to participate in public cultural services. Encouraging State investment, subsidies or cultural products over which it has copyright to be used for public cultural services free of charge.

(3) Accelerating the unified development of town and country culture. Expanding rural cultural services quantities, reducing the difference of cultural development between town and country, with rural, Central and Western regions as focal points, strengthening county-level cultural centres and libraries, integrated township cultural station and village cultural room construction, deeply implementing focus cultural project benefiting the people such as television reaching all villages, cultural information resource sharing, rural film screening and rural household book rooms, etc., expanding coverage, eliminating blind sports, raising standards, perfecting service, improving management. Forcefully moving peasant sports and fitness projects forward. Expanding support and assistance strength for cultural service network construction in old revolutionary regions, ethnic regions, border regions and poor regions. Guiding enterprises and communities to vigorously launch public interest-type cultural activities facing peasants and rural workers, as soon as possible bringing peasants and rural workers into urban public cultural service systems, striving to enrich the spiritual life needs of peasants and rural workers. Establishing joint mechanisms where cities pull at the countryside, reasonably distributing town and country culture resources, encouraging cities to conduct cultural assistance to the countryside, making support to rural cultural construction into a basic objective for constructing civilized cities. Encouraging cultural work units to provide mobile services and network services facing the countryside, promoting media to organize rural versions and rural channels and frequencies, doing well distribution and donation work of the main Party newspapers and Party periodicals in the countryside and the grass-roots. Supporting cultural enterprises to strengthen grass roots and rural cultural network point constructions in the chain method, promoting cinema chains and performance theatre chains to extend into cities and counties, supporting performance troupes to perform deep into the grass roots and the countryside.

(4) Broadly launching mass-type cultural activities. With community culture, enterprise culture, town culture and school culture as carriers, vigorously establishing public interest-type cultural activity platforms, relying on major holiday activities and ethnic or folk culture resources, organizing the development of cultural activities that the masses love to participate in and that are convenient to participate in. Deeply launching people-wide reading and people-wide exercise activities, promoting the normalization of activities such as cultural science, technology and hygiene to “go down all three into the countryside”, science education, culture and sports, law and hygiene to “enter all four into communities”, “bringing joy down to the grass-roots”, etc. Supporting the masses to organize cultural groups according to the law, meticulously fostering cultural carriers and cultural patterns rooted in the masses and serving the masses. Encouraging literature and art workers, art academy students and personalities from all walks of life that are enthusiastic for public cultural undertakings to launch volunteer cultural services.

IV, Accelerating development of the cultural industries

(1) Building modern cultural industry systems. Building modern cultural industry systems with rational structuring, complete categories, high technology content, rich in innovation and strong in competitiveness, promoting leapfrogging development in the cultural industries, making them become a new economic growth point, an important support point for the strategic readjustment of the economic structure, and important rallying point for transforming economic development methods, and provides an important pillar for promoting scientific development. Accelerating the transformation of cultural industry development methods, stimulating the transformation from extensive modes to intensive modes and qualitative and efficient modes, strengthening overall cultural industry strength and competitiveness. Implementing a batch of major programmes, moving forward cultural industry structure readjustment, developing and expanding traditional cultural industries such as the publishing sector, film and television production, printing, advertising, performance, entertainment, exhibitions, etc., accelerating the development of burgeoning cultural industries such as cultural innovation, digital publishing, mobile multimedia, cartoons and games, etc. Fostering backbone enterprises, supporting small and mid-size enterprises, perfecting cultural industry labour division and cooperation systems. Encouraging mergers and reorganizations of strong cultural enterprises across regions, across sectors and across ownership systems, promoting cultural resources and essential production factors to be appropriately concentrated in superior enterprises, fostering strategic investors in the cultural area. Planning and constructing cultural pioneering and innovation parks, each with distinguishing features, supporting small and mid-size enterprise development. Optimizing cultural industry distribution giving rein to the respective superiority of the Eastern, Central and Western regions, strengthening cultural industry base planning and construction, standardizing and constructing a batch of nationwide cultural industry demonstration areas, developing cultural industry groups, raising cultural industry upscaling, intensification, and specialization levels. Expanding support strength into industries having indigenous intellectual property rights, which carry forward excellent national culture, forging famous brands. Excavating city cultural resources, developing characteristic cultural industries, constructing characteristic cultural cities. Giving rein to the demonstration function of the capital as a cultural centre for the entire nation. Promoting cultural industries to develop together with industries such as tourism, sports, information, logistics, construction, etc., raising product value, expanding material products’ and modern service sectors’ added value and cultural content.

(2) Shaping a cultural industry structure with public ownership at the core, jointly developing with many kinds of ownership. Fostering a batch of State-owned or State-controlled large-scale cultural enterprises or enterprise groups having core competitiveness, giving rein to their guiding function in developing industry and letting the markets flourish. Within the State-permitted scope, guiding social capital to invest in cultural industries in many ways, participate in State-owned commercial culture work units transforming into enterprises, participate in major cultural industry programme implementation and cultural industry park construction, giving support in aspects such as investment approval, credit and lending, land use, tax benefits, stock markets and finances, distribution of bonds, foreign trade and applying for special funding, etc., creating a structure and legal system environment with fair participation in market competition, and equal benefit of legal protection. Strengthening and improving service and management concerning non-publicly owned cultural enterprises, guiding them to implement their social responsibilities of their own accord. Establishing and completing cultural industry financial input systems, encouraging and guiding cultural enterprises to face the capital market for funding, stimulating the link-up of financial capital, social capital and cultural resources. Promoting cultural enterprises with mature conditions to go to the stock market for funding, encouraging companies that are already publicly traded to expand and strengthen through mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

(3) Moving cultural science and technology innovation forward. Giving rein to the mutually stimulating function of culture, and science and technology, deeply implementing the driving strategy of science and technology, strengthening indigenous innovation capacity. Grasping a batch of systemic and strategic major science and technology questions, researching and developing a batch of core technologies, key technologies and general technologies having indigenous intellectual property rights, accelerating the development of the cultural equipment manufacturing sector, using advanced technology to support cultural equipment, software, systems development and indigenous development, accelerating the transformation of science and technology innovation achievements, raising our country’s technological equipment level in areas such as publishing, printing, communication, film and television, performance, networking, cartoons and games, etc, strengthening the core competitiveness of the cultural industries. Relying on State high and new technology parks, State sustainable development experiment regions, etc. to establish State-level cultural and science and technology integration demonstration bases, bringing major cultural science and technology programmes into corresponding State science and technology development plans and programmes. Completing a cultural science and technology innovation system with enterprises at the core, the market as guidance, integrating industry, learning and research, fostering a batch of cultural science and technology enterprises with clear characteristics and strong innovation capacity, supporting strategic alliance and public service platform constructions for industry, learning and research. Researching and developing the formulation of cultural industry technology standards, accelerating the establishment of cultural product and service quality management systems. Implementing cultural digitization construction projects, transforming and raising traditional cultural industries, fostering and developing burgeoning cultural industries. Supporting electronic and information industry to research and develop all sorts of electronic equipment, software and terminal products used in content production and transmission, supporting cultural industry development.

(4) Expanding cultural consumption. Increasing cultural consumption quantities, raising cultural consumption levels. Innovating business models, expanding mass culture consumption markets, opening up characteristic cultural consumption, expanding cultural service consumption, providing individualized and customized cultural products and services, fostering new cultural consumption growth points. Raising grass-roots cultural consumption levels, guiding cultural enterprises to invest in building even more cultural consumption venues adapted to the masses’ requirements, encouraging publication of books and periodicals suited to mass purchasing capacity, encouraging arranging of a certain number of low-priced showings or tickets in commercial performances and cinema screenings, encouraging network culture operators to open p even more low-priced businesses, localities with conditions must provide suitable subsidies for cultural consumption by masses in difficulty, peasants and rural workers. Vigorously developing cultural tourism, stimulating the integration of protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage with tourism, raising the cultural content of tourism, giving rein to the stimulating function of tourism in cultural consumption, supporting the construction of focus tourism regions such as Hainan, etc.

V, Accelerating cultural structure and mechanism reform and innovation

(1) Fostering cultural market subjects. With establishing modern enterprise systems as focus point, accelerating moving forward business-type cultural work unit reform, fostering market subjects meeting conditions. Completing ordinary State-owned culture and art buildings and troupes, non-current affairs newspapers and periodicals, and news websites’ transformation into enterprises, expanding reform achievements of publishing, distribution and film and television enterprises, accelerating enterprise stock-holding system reforms, perfecting legal system governance structures, shaping property organization forms and business management models conforming to the requirements of modern enterprise systems, reflecting the special characteristics of cultural enterprises. Promoting State-owned cultural enterprises to vigorously participate in market competition, consciously undertaking their social responsibility. Integrating reform, reorganization, transformation and innovative management, integrating deepening reform and readjustment of structures, and integrating resources, integrating the construction of modern enterprise systems and moving forward the separation of politics and enterprises and the transformation of government functions, under the guidance of the government, giving rein to the vigorous function of market mechanisms, fully giving rein to the control strength, influence and driving strength of cultural capital.

(2)Deepening cultural undertaking work unit reform. According to Stat classifications, moving forward the overall requirements of undertaking work unit reform, scientifically defining the nature and function of cultural undertaking work units, making their public interest nature prominent, strengthening service functions, strengthening development vitality, completely moving human affairs, income distribution and social guarantee system reform forward, clarifying service scopes, strengthening effect appraisal and assessment. State-initiated public interest-type cultural undertaking work units such as libraries, musea, cultural centres (stations), mass art centres, art galleries, etc., must innovate public culture service facilities and operation mechanisms, exploring the establishment of undertaking work unit legal person governance structures, attracting representative social personalities, expert personalities and the masses from the grass roots to participate in management. Deeply moving the distribution system reform of Party newspapers and Party periodicals, and radio and television station production and broadcast separation reform forward, further perfecting management and operation mechanisms, incessantly expanding the coverage and influence of mainstream media. Promoting ordinary undertaking work units such as current affairs-type newspaper and periodical offices, public interest publishers, culture and art theatres and troupes representing ethnic characteristics and national levels, etc., to implement enterprise-type management, strengthening their capacity to provide services facing the market and facing the masses.

(3) Completing modern cultural market systems. Accelerating the development of all kinds of cultural product and factor markets, breaking up the market situation of horizontal and vertical fragmentation, regional barriers, and the separation of town and country, building uniform, open, competitive and ordered modern cultural market systems, stimulating cultural products and factors to rationally circulate in a nationwide scope. Focusing on developing product markets for books and periodicals, electronic and audiovisual products, performances and entertainment, television dramas, cartoons and games, etc, further perfecting comprehensive trade platforms such as the China International Cultural Industry Exposition and Trade Fair. Developing modern circulation organization and circulation methods such as chain businesses, logistics and delivery, electronic commerce, etc., accelerating the construction of large-scale cultural circulation enterprises and cultural product logistics bases, building cultural product circulation networks with large cities at the centre, small and medium cities supplementing, linking up town and country. Accelerating fostering of factor markets such as property rights, copyright, technology, information, etc., organizing focus cultural property trade venues, standardizing cultural asset and art product trade. Completing cultural intermediary service organs such as managers ant brokers, valuation and appraisal, investment, insurance, guarantees, auctions, etc., guiding sector organizations to implement even better their function in coordinating, supervision, service and safeguarding rights.

(4) Innovating cultural management mechanisms. Deepening administrative culture management structural reform, accelerating the transformation of government functions, strengthening government’s readjustment, the market’s supervision, society’s management and public service functions, promoting the separation of government and enterprises, and the separation of government and undertakings, rationalizing the relationship between government and cultural enterprise and undertaking work units. Perfecting a State-owned cultural asset management systems integrating managing people, managing matters, managing property and managing orientations, persisting in the priority of social interest, striving to realize the integration of social interest and economic interest, establishing and perfecting State0owned cultural enterprise evaluation, monitoring and examination systems, strengthening State-owned cultural asset supervision and management, guaranteeing the maintenance of added value of State-owned assets. Exploring the establishment of management systems and work mechanisms adapted to the development of three-network integration businesses.

Completing comprehensive cultural market administrative law enforcement organs, promoting vice-provincial-level and lower cities to perfect comprehensive administrative cultural responsibility subjects. persisting in the system of being in charge and sponsoring, implementing the principles of who manages is responsible, and localized management, strictly implementing cultural asset, cultural enterprise and cultural product market access and exit policies, comprehensively using legal, administrative, economic, technological and other means to raise management  effectiveness. Deeply launching “Sweeping Pornography and Striking Illegality”, perfecting cultural market management, persisting in sweeping away degenerate cultural garbage poisoning people’s hearts and minds, realistically creating a market order guaranteeing national cultural security. Strengthening culture and corresponding industries’ statistical work, perfecting classification standards and statistical indicators, standardizing statistical methods, strengthening the scientific degree and comparability of statistical data.

VI, Strengthening cultural product creation and production guidance.

(1) Persisting in the correct creation orientation. Persisting in the creation orientation of having the people at the centre, enthusiastically eulogizing the great practice of reform and opening up, and the modernization and construction of Socialism, vividly displaying the spiritual bearing of the people’s enthusiasm and purpose, and the creation of glorious historical achievements. It is necessary to guide cultural workers to keep firmly in mind their sacred duty of serving the people and serving Socialism, persist in the correct cultural position, earnestly approach and positively pursue the social effect of cultural products, carry forward the true, the good and the beautiful, and denounce the false, the bad and the ugly, merging academic exploration and artistic creation into the undertaking of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Persisting in exalting academic democracy and artistic democracy, creating a positive and healthy, comfortable and harmonious atmosphere, advocating the full discussion between different points of view and schools of thought, advocating the full development of genres, themes, forms and methods, promoting the vigorous innovation of concepts, content, style and schools. Letting an innovative spirit penetrate the complete cultural innovation and production process, carrying forward excellent national cultural traditions and the revolutionary cultural traditions shaped since the May Fourth movement, studying and learning from foreign beneficial cultural innovation achievements, being tolerant and open-minded, widely learning from others’ strong points, strengthening cultural products’ zeitgeist and influence.

(2) Rolling out even more excellent cultural works. Culture and art workers in all areas, literature, theatre, film, television, music, dance, fine arts, photography, calligraphy, quyi, acrobatics, as well as folk literature and art, mass literature and art, etc., must, vigorously throw themselves into cultural creation activities eulogizing the times and the people, and draw source materials and abstract themes from social life, create and produce excellent cultural works full of passion, with lively brushwork, graceful melodies and moving images, that unify ideology, artistry and enjoyability, that the people love to see and hear. Implementing excellent product strategies, organizing well the “One of Five Project”, major revolutionary and history theme creation projects, focus literature and artwork  support projects, and excellent children’s’ works creation projects, encouraging original creation and reality-themed creation, incessantly rolling out excellent literature and art products. Supporting  excellent art varieties representing national levels, having ethnic characteristics and local characteristics, vigorously developing new art forms. Encouraging all literature and art creation that benefits moulding sentiments, delighting body and mind, incorporating teaching into play, persisting in resisting vulgar tendencies.

(3) Establishing and completing cultural innovation mechanisms. Establishing and perfecting structures and mechanisms for cultural workers to deeply penetrate reality, deeply penetrate life and deeply penetrate the masses, fully mustering the positiveness and creativity of cultural workers, striving to create a desirable environment benefiting cultural innovation. Establishing cultural innovation mechanisms with cultural creation work units and individuals at the core, with excellent cultural works’ marketized exploitation as focal point, with perfect industrial chains and complete value chains as support, and with copyright protection as guarantee. Sharply reflecting the new frontiers of social practice, displaying the new changes of subjects and the new requirements of the masses, vigorously utilizing high and new technology methods to promote form innovation, giving birth to new literature and art varieties, strengthening the power of expression, influence and power of dissemination of cultural products.

(4) Perfecting cultural product appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms. Persisting taking abiding by the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture and the satisfaction of the popular masses as the highest standard for work appraisal, unifying mass appraisal, expert appraisal and market testing, shaping scientific appraisal standards. Establishing open, fair and just award mechanisms, reducing award types, improving award rules, raising their authoritativeness and credibility. Strengthening literature and art theory construction, fostering high-quality literature and art evaluation teams, launching positive and healthy literature and art criticism, deeply developing activities such as film criticism, theatre criticism, book criticism, music criticism, etc., in many forms, initiating mainstream value orientations, guiding the masses’ aesthetic appreciation, determinedly resisting vulgar tendencies, striving to cleanse the cultural market, earnestly ceasing a desirable environment for cultural development. Strengthening literature and art comment battlefield construction, supporting focus literature and art comment media. Expanding excellent cultural product popularization strength, utilizing resources such as mainstream media and public cultural venues, etc., to provide conditions for displaying, screening, broadcasting or exhibiting excellent works and masterpieces carrying forward mainstream values in aspects such as finance, channels, lay-out, space, etc. Establishing special art funds, supporting collection and recommendation of excellent cultural works, expanding intellectual property rights protection strength, vigorously launching copyright protection and corresponding services, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders.

VII, Strengthening dissemination system construction

(1) Strengthening important news media construction. Persisting in the Marxist news view, firmly grasping the correct orientation. With Party newspapers and Party periodicals, press agencies, radio and television stations at the core, integrating propaganda resources such as metropolitan-type media, network media, etc., adjusting and perfecting the distribution and structure of media, building a public opinion guidance structure with overall planning, clear responsibilities, mutually supporting functions, broad coverage, that is rich in efficiency, incessantly expanding mainstream public opinions, raising public opinion guidance’s timeliness, authoritativeness, credibility and influence. Establishing and completing mechanisms for self-discipline and disciplining others, guiding news media and media workers to adhere to social responsibility and professional morals, truly and accurately disseminating news information, consciously resisting wrong viewpoints, persisting in putting an end to false news. Deeply moving forward activities of “going to the grass roots, changing work styles, improving writing styles”, shaping long-term mechanisms. Moving forward focus media’s expansion of information collection and product marketing networks.

(2) Strengthening burgeoning media construction. Earnestly implementing the policies of positive use, scientific development, management according to the law and guaranteeing security, strengthening the construction of burgeoning media such as the Internet, etc., encouraging the support for State-owned assets to enter into burgeoning media, making strong focus news websites, shaping a batch of comprehensive websites and specialist websites having strong influence at home and abroad, giving rein to the constructive function of commercial websites, fostering a batch of network content production and service backbone enterprises. Forging a batch of network cultural products having Chinese style and reflecting the spirit of the era. Guiding network cultural development, implementing network content construction projects, promoting the dissemination of excellent traditional culture treasures and contemporary excellent cultural works, producing excellent works and masterpieces suited to dissemination on burgeoning media such as the Internet, mobile telephones, etc., encouraging netizens to create network culture works with a healthy style. Broadly launching civilized website establishment, promoting, civilized web operation and civilized web use, supervising and urging network operation and service enterprises to implement legal obligations and social responsibilities. Strengthening guidance and management over social media websites and instant communication tools, etc., standardizing online information dissemination order, fostering a civilized and rational network environment. Punishing activities of disseminating harmful information according to the law, deeply moving forward special campaigns to discipline network obscenity and vulgarity, and vulgar information, strictly attacking network illegality and crime. Expanding online personal information protection strength, establishing network security appraisal mechanisms, safeguarding the public interest and national information security. Strengthening foreign language website and overseas indigenized website construction, strengthening the capacity to display and disseminate Chinese culture to the outside world. Promoting the construction of a next-generation Internet, vigorously developing new technology and businesses corresponding to three-network integration.

(3) Strengthening cultural dissemination channel construction. Vigorously moving forward basic network infrastructure construction such as next-generation radio and television networks, next-generation mobile communication networks, broadband optical fibre networks, etc., moving three-network integration forward, innovating new business models, giving rein to the cultural dissemination function of all sorts of information network infrastructure, realizing linkups and integration, and orderly integration. Under the presupposition of guaranteeing broadcast security, radio and television broadcast organs and telecommunications enterprises may explore many kinds of joint venture and cooperative business models. Integrating nationwide cable television networks, basically realizing network integration and interoperability, interdepartmentally integrating cultural resources, products and services. Accelerating cinema chain construction, forcefully developing interregional-scope chains, characteristic chains and digital chains. Accelerating culture and art performance theatre chain construction, promoting chain business of performance venues in large and middle cities. Accelerating large-scale backbone enterprise publications’ integrated distribution across regions and rural selling network point construction, constructing a publications distribution network with large cities as the basis, middle and small cities as complementary, linking up town and country.

VIII, Strengthening cultural heritage protection, inheritance and use

(1) Raising tangible cultural heritage protection levels. Completing cultural relic investigation, registration, recording and accreditation systems, launching mobile cultural relic investigation, editing State precious cultural relic catalogues. Strengthening the protection and safeguarding, inspection, maintenance and management structure construction for world cultural heritage, large heritage sites and cultural relic protection work units, launching adjustment and protection for cultural heritage such as industrial heritage, pre-Yuan wooden buildings, local buildings, cultural routes, cultural landscapes, etc., strengthening protection for archaeology and cultural relic protection during construction, expanding protection strength for collections of cultural relics and underwater cultural relics, raising science and technology innovation capacity. Strengthening research and research propaganda concerning the origins of the Chinese civilization, vigorously applying high and new technology during excavations and research. Strengthening  protection construction for famous historical and cultural cities, towns and villages, editing protection plans, perfecting basic facilities, improving the housing conditions and housing environment for the masses. Strengthening cultural relic market legal and regulatory system construction, establishing cultural relic authentication entry and qualifications management systems, guiding the standardization of folk collections. Strengthening cultural relic security guarding facilities, raising the security guard capacity for cultural relics.

(2) Strengthening intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance. Completing intangible cultural heritage dissemination and recording systems, and representative inheritor accreditation systems, editing intangible cultural heritage scatter diagram collections, perfecting intangible cultural heritage cataloguing and protection systems, formulating intangible cultural heritage project classification and protection standards and plans. Implementing emergency protection for endangered programmes and old or weak representative inheritors, implementing production-type protection of intangible cultural heritage programmes having certain market prospects, implementing comprehensive protection for intangible cultural heritage collection areas. Expanding protection strength for intangible cultural heritage in the Western regions and for ethnic minorities. Comprehensively planning State-level cultural ecology protection region construction. Constructing intangible cultural heritage protection and utilization facilities, incessantly raising the scientization level of intangible cultural heritage protection.

(3) Expanding cultural heritage inheritance and use channels. Correctly dealing with the relationships between protection and use, inheritance and development, stimulating cultural heritage resources to be inherited and developed sustainably in integration with industries and markets. Encouraging all localities to vigorously develop tourism and corresponding industries relying on cultural heritage, developing characteristic cultural services, forging characteristic ethnic cultural activity brands. Promoting exploitation and use of cultural heritage information resources and digital resources, raising the display level and dissemination capacity of Chinese civilization. Encouraging the conducting of integrated exploitation and use of industrial heritage, cultural landscapes and archaeological sites and parks. Strengthening cultural heritage protection propaganda, deeply implementing national universal language and writing laws, forcefully popularizing and standardizing the use of national universal language and writing, protecting the language and writing of all ethnicities according to the law, promoting the close integration of cultural heritage education and citizenship education. Deeply excavating the cultural content of ethnic traditional holidays, broadly launching education and dissemination activities for excellent traditional culture, inheriting excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

IX, Strengthening foreign cultural exchange and cooperation

(1) Strengthening foreign cultural exchange. Integrating resources such as social sciences, literature and art, news, radio and television, film, publishing, copyright, ethnicity, overseas Chinese affairs, sports, tourism etc., fully utilizing multilateral and bilateral mechanisms, launching branded activities such as national cultural years, Chinese cultural festivals, “Perceiving China”, etc., promoting Chinese Spring Festival culture, forging new cultural exchange brands such as “Welcoming the Spring Festival”, etc. Implementing foreign culture cooperation and aid, supporting and strengthening cultural exchange and cooperation in border regions with the surrounding countries and regions. Accelerating moving forward with the construction of overseas Chinese cultural centres and Confucius Institutes, shaping comprehensive platforms for both exhibition, learning through practice. Formulating marching out plans for our country’s excellent philosophical and social science achievements and outstanding talent. Encouraging all sorts of academic groups and artistic countries representing national levels to give rein to their constructive functions in corresponding international organizations, organizing foreign-related translation of excellent academic achievements and excellent cultural products. Building exchange mechanisms in the humanities, integrating governmental exchange and non-governmental exchange, giving rein to the function of non-public cultural enterprises and non-profit cultural organs in foreign cultural exchange, supporting overseas Chinese  to vigorously launch Sino-foreign humanities exchange. Establishing cultural exchange mechanisms facing foreign youth, establishing awards for contributions to the international dissemination of Chinese culture and awards for internationalized culture. Vigorously absorbing and learning from excellent foreign cultural achievements, persisting in giving first place to ourselves,  and letting things work for us, studying and learning from all beneficial experience benefiting strengthening our country’s Socialist culture construction, all positive achievements benefiting enriching our country’s and people’s cultural life, all business and management concepts and mechanisms benefiting the development of our country’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries.

(2) Promoting cultural product and service export. Implementing the culture marching out project, perfecting governmental policies supporting cultural products and services to march out, further supporting cultural export focus enterprises and focus programmes, perfecting the “Cultural Product and Service Export Guidance Catalogue”, fostering a batch of foreign-directed cultural enterprises and intermediary organs having international competitiveness, shaping a batch of strong cultural transnational enterprises and famous brands. Supporting cultural enterprises to launch cross-border services and international service sourcing, producing and creating cultural products oriented towards foreign demand. Expanding copyright trade, preserving the continuing quick growth of export of books, newspapers, periodicals, audiovisual products, electronic publications, etc., supporting export of films, television dramas, documentaries, cartoons, etc., expanding the scale of printing foreign trade and processing. Supporting excellent domestic films to enter into foreign mainstream cinema chains, domestic games to enter into international mainstream markets, digital publishing to expand into overseas markets, exploiting a batch of performing arts products that can perform outside of the borders or perform on tour for a long time, progressively transforming the situation of a grave trade deficit in cultural product import and export. Vigorously expanding cultural product and service export scope, promoting the expansion into international markets. Deeply excavating ethnic cultural resources, fully utilizing high and new technology means to raise our country’s cultural product display forms and quality, exploiting cultural products and services that are easy to accept for foreign audiences. Strengthening international cultural product and service trade platforms and international commercial network construction, organizing focus international exhibitions. Developing foreign cultural intermediary organs, fostering expert trading companies and agency companies, building complete and effective investment and information systems and cultural trade statistics and analysis systems. Vigorously participating in international cultural trade regulation formulation. Fully utilizing the superiority of the Hong Kong and Macau areas, in promoting cultural product and service export.

(3) Expanding cultural enterprise’s foreign investment and transnational business. Encouraging cultural enterprises having competitive superiority and operational management capacity to invest abroad, initiation cultural enterprises, operating cinemas, publishing houses, theatres, bookstores, newspapers and periodicals, radio stations and television stations, etc. Encouraging cultural enterprises engaging in areas with Chinese characteristics such as film works, publications, music and dance, xiqu and quyi, martial arts, acrobatics and performance exhibitions, to adopt many kinds of methods to open up overseas markets. Absorbing foreign capital to enter into cultural industry areas permitted by laws and regulations. Encouraging cultural work units to conduct programme cooperation with foreign powerful cultural organs, studying advanced production technology and management experiences.

X, Strengthening cultural talent team construction

(1) Training high-level leading personalities and high-quality cultural talent teams. Abiding by cultural development rules and talent growth rules, establishing and perfecting systems and mechanisms benefiting talent teams to healthily grow up and come to the fore, accelerating the building of a team of propaganda, id4ology and cultural workers with complete categories, rational structure, clear phases, and good quality. Continuing to implement the “One Batch of Four” talent fostering project and cultural distinguished artist project, establishing a chief expert system for major cultural programmes, fostering a batch of distinguished masters and ethnic cultural representative personalities loved by the people, that have international influence. Strengthening the construction of specialist cultural work teams and cultural entrepreneur teams, supporting and assisting excellent young and middle-age cultural talents to preside over major tasks, and head focus programmes, grasping the fostering of top-notch innovative talent that is good in blazing trails into new cultural areas, skilled specialist mastering modern communications technology, and comprehensive talents understanding business and skilled in management, and internationalized talent adapted to the needs of culture marching out. Perfecting corresponding policy measures, attracting foreign excellent cultural talent through many channels. Vigorously supporting high-level cultural talent to initiate cultural enterprises, perfecting the implementation of measures to have intellectual property rights act as capital purchase, implementing preferential policies to set up a business. Implementing State honour systems, grasping the establishment of a State-level cultural honorary title, commending cultural workers with distinguished achievements.

(2) Strengthening grass-roots cultural talent team construction. Formulating the implementation of grass-roots level cultural talent team construction planning, perfecting policy measures concerning organization and personnel allotments, study and training, remuneration and guarantees, etc., accepting excellent cultural talents to serve the grass-roots. Perfecting grass-roots excellent talent discovery and training mechanisms, completely matching town, country and neighbourhood Party Committee Propaganda Committee members, propaganda secretaries and full-time town and country comprehensive cultural station personnel , raising the scientization level of team construction. Vigorously moving forward university student “Rural Official” plans, encouraging them to go to the grass-roots to engage in propaganda and culture undertakings. establishing town, country and community public culture service posts, implementing recruitment directed at tertiary school graduates whose service period is finished to enter into the cultural department official examinations and corresponding specialist graduate students. Giving high regard to discovering and fostering able local cultural persons laying the foundations at the grass-roots, ethnic or folk cultural inheritors and especially representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage programmes, encouraging and supporting all sorts of cultural talents and cultural activity activists to emerge in large numbers from the masses, stimulating them to grow up healthily, giving rein to their positive function. Formulating support plans for grass-roots propaganda and culture talent teams in the Western regions, granting focus support to talent team construction in the Western regions, old revolutionary regions, ethnic regions, border regions and poor regions.

(3) Establishing and perfecting cultural talent training mechanisms. Establishing and completing classifications for propaganda and ideology culture talent training mechanisms and structures, formulating and implementing training plans for all kinds of talent. Innovating talent fostering models, implementing high-end and badly needed cultural talent training plans, setting up cultural talent lifelong learning platforms. Relying on Party schools, administrative study institutes, cadre study institutes, higher education institutes, professional institutes, fixed large-scale enterprises, giving rein to the function of civic organizations, strengthening cultural talent political accomplishment and moral quality education, launching on-the-job training, professional training, position training and skills training. Perfecting systems for talent to suspend their jobs for training, investigating and researching manifestations of local culture, observing and studying the country’s circumstances. Perfecting talent training and exploitation, appraisal and discovery, selection and appointment, mobility and deployment, encouragement and guarantee mechanisms, deepening job title revision and reform, creating beneficial mechanisms and environments for excellent talents to come to the fore and display their abilities. Giving high regard to discovering and training cultural talents from society. Equally treating non-publicly owned cultural work unit personnel in assessment and job titles, participation in training, applying for programmes, honours and rewards, bringing the into corresponding talent training projects. Establishing and perfecting professional qualification systems for the cultural area.

(4) Strengthening professional moral construction and work style construction. Guiding the broad cultural workers to strengthen self-cultivation, being examples of moral conduct, human dignity and integrity, striving to become producers and disseminators of excellent culture. Guiding cultural workers, and especially famous artists and celebrities to consciously practice the Socialist core value system, strengthening a sense of social responsibility, carrying forward a scientific spirit and professional morals, developing a trend of rigour and assiduity, concentration and intensive study, being indifferent towards fame and wealth, of self-respect and self-discipline, striving to pursue both airs of morality and artistry, determinedly resisting harmful tendencies of academic impropriety or vulgar appeals. Vigorously supporting cultural workers and especially distinguished culture artists, and middle-age and young backbones to penetrate into reality, penetrate into life and penetrate into the masses, honouring the people as masters, strengthening an understanding of the national circumstances, strengthening basic learning, enhancing the sentiment of the masses.

XI, Policy measures

(1) Government input and guarantee policies. Expanding governmental input strength, establishing and completing government input and guarantee mechanisms mated to the national strength and suited to the cultural needs of the popular masses. Guaranteeing that the growth rate of public financial input into cultural construction to is higher than  the growth rate of regular financial income, raising the proportion of cultural expenses in financial expenses. Strengthening public cultural service structure construction funding and expense guarantee input. With a focus on the countryside and the grass-roots, border and ethnic regions, and poor regions, giving priority to arrange cultural programmes involving the broad popular masses’ directly affected interests, focusing on the funds required for guaranteeing grass-roots public cultural organs’ regular operation and launching basic public cultural service activities, supporting public cultural organs’ technological transformation and equipment input. Guaranteeing public cultural facilities’ land use according to the law. Establishing rural cultural construction special funds at the central, provincial and city levels, guaranteeing a certain quantity of centrally transferred payment funds are used for town and village cultural construction. Transforming input methods, through methods such as government procurement of services, programme subsidy, using prizes to replace subsidy, etc., encouraging and guiding social forces to provide public cultural goods and services, stimulating cultural industry development. Establishing State cultural development bases, expanding relevant cultural funds and special funding scales, raising the proportion of all levels’ public interest lottery monies to be used in cultural undertakings. Increasing cultural heritage protection funding input. Supporting intergovernmental cultural exchange and Chinese culture to march out. Supporting strategic, pioneering and driving cultural industry programme construction, supporting cultural science and technology research and application, and raising cultural enterprises’ level of technological equipment.

(2) Cultural economic policies. Conducting revision or extension of present economic policies supporting cultural structural reform and supporting cultural undertaking and cultural industry development. Further implementing preferential tax policies encouraging social organizations, organs and individuals to contribute to as well as initiate public service-type cultural undertakings, stimulating enterprises and NGOs to clearly add to cultural input. Expanding policy support strength in financial, fiscal, funding, land use and other aspects, implementing tax preferences for cultural content creation and production and intangible cultural heritage programme business. Continuing to collect cultural undertaking construction fees and State film development special funds. Implementing and perfecting development policies for financial support of cultural industry development, strengthening and improving financial services for cultural enterprises. Giving rein to the guiding function of cultural industry input funds, absorbing financial capital and other social capital into the cultural industries. Perfecting cultural market access policies, absorbing social capital investment into the cultural industries. Strengthening support for original work and training of innovative talent. Bringing cultural research and development into State science and technology innovation systems, formulating categories and scopes of cultural industry support technology, utilizing industrial policy to encourage cultural enterprise to integrate and apply high and new technology, supporting cultural equipment sectors to develop jointly with the cultural industries. Continuing to implement coordinating policies for cultural structural reform, again extending the implementation period of support policies for transforming State-owned cultural work units into enterprises for five years.

(3) Cultural trade stimulation policies. Expanding implementation strength of all existing preferential policies supporting foreign cultural trade, further perfecting related tax policies, supporting cultural enterprises to march out. Supporting cultural enterprises to expand their activities into foreign markets such as investment, bidding, sales, participating in exhibitions and propaganda, etc., providing customs convenience to cultural enterprises marching out. Granting policy convenience in aspects of account setup and financial remittance to cultural enterprises meeting conditions that develop overseas business. Strengthening intellectual property rights protection for cultural enterprises and cultural products in the segments of import and export, safeguarding the lawful rights and interest of rights holders.

(4) Copyright protection policies. Constructing public copyright service platforms and copyright trade platforms covering areas such as literature and art, radio, film and television, press and publications, etc., supporting copyright agency, copyright valuation, copyright mortgage registration and copyright capital investment activities, promoting the normalization of copyright trade. Strengthening the effective linkage of administrative copyright law enforcement and judicial protection, severely attacking all sorts of infringement and piracy activities, strengthening the copyright protection consciousness of the whole society. Developing industries related to copyright.

(5) Legal system guarantees. Establishing and completing cultural legal and regulatory systems, accelerating cultural legislation, formulating and perfecting laws and regulations in areas such as public cultural service guarantees, cultural industry promotion, cultural market management, etc. raising major policy measures for cultural construction into laws and regulations at the right time, strengthening local cultural legislation, raising the legalization level of cultural construction.

XII, Organizing implementation

All levels’ Party Committees and governments must, from the height of the overall picture and strategy, fully understand the important position and function of cultural construction, realistically putting cultural reform and development into an important position in overall work, bringing it into the important matters agenda, bringing it into the overall picture of economic and social development, making it an important content for appraising regional development levels, development quality and leading cadre work performance, promoting cultural construction to develop jointly with economic construction, political construction and social construction. Further strengthening political consciousness, a sense of the larger picture and a sense for responsibility, firmly grasping the initiative in cultural reform and development.

Persisting in and perfecting  a work system and work structures with unified Party Committee leadership, joint grasping and joint management by Party and government, coordination between propaganda entities and organizations, a division of labour and responsibilities of relevant entities, and vigorous participation of social forces, shaping strong pooled forces to move cultural reform forward. Restructuring cultural structural reform leading work small groups into cultural structural reform and development leading work small groups, realistically giving reins to their leading function in overall planning. Party Committee Propaganda Departments must strengthen coordination and leadership, relevant administrative culture management entities must formulate plans to implement this Outline as quickly as possible, and organize implementation after reporting them to the Central Cultural Structural Reform and Development Work Leading Small Group; the National Reform and Development Committee, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Taxation, etc., must formulate implementation rules implementing corresponding governmental input policies, accelerate the establishment of focus projects and programmes, implement financial input, funding guarantees and all policies, all relevant entities must according to the division of labour and responsibilities, give rein to the superiority of each, providing strong and powerful support for cultural reform and development.  Bringing cultural reform and development into the content of all levels’ Party school, administrative learning institute, cadre learning institute study and training. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments and the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps must integrate with the reality of their localities, and earnestly implement this Outline. All localities and all entities must strengthen analysis tracking the implementation situation of this Outline, and do mid-term evaluation well. Binding targets determined in this Outline are brought into comprehensive economic and social development appraisal and effect assessment systems.

During the organization of implementation, it is necessary to take the scientific development view as guidance, correctly grasp the important relations of cultural reform and development, stimulate culture to both develop well and quickly. It is necessary to correctly grasp the ideological nature and industrial nature of cultural products, correctly deal with the relationship between social interest and economic interest, put social interest in the first place from beginning to end, strive to realize the organic unification of social interest and economic interest. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationships of balancing development between the Eastern regions with the Central and Western regions, and between town and country, realistically expanding support strength for public cultural services in Central and Western regions and the broad countryside, stimulating the equalization of basic public cultural services. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationship between market flourishing and strengthening supervision and management, stressing management according to the law even more, comprehensively utilizing legal, economic, administrative, technological and other means to raise management effectiveness, guaranteeing the healthy and orderly development of culture. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationship between persisting in opening up to the outside world and safeguarding cultural security, shaping a structure for opening up to the outside world with national culture at the core, vigorously absorbing foreign beneficial culture. It is necessary to correctly deal with the relationship between strengthening management and creating a desirable environment for creation, further innovate management concepts, strengthen a service mentality, letting management live within service, establish and perfect structures and mechanisms beneficial for outstanding talents to grow up healthily and come to the fore, muster the vigour, initiative and creativity of the broad cultural workers to the larges possible extent. Creating a desirable atmosphere encouraging cultural creation in the whole society, providing an broad platform for the broad masses to become Socialist culture constructors, letting the creative force contained within the people be given full rein.






































































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