Ministry of Culture Plan for Redoubling Cultural Industries during the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period

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Table of contents:


I Guiding ideology, development thoughts and main objectives

(1) Guiding ideology

(2) Development thoughts

(3) Main objectives

II Main tasks

(1) Fostering and expanding cultural market subjects

(2) Transforming cultural industry development methods

(3) Optimizing cultural industry distribution

(4) Strengthening cultural product creation and production guidance

(5) Expanding cultural consumption

(6) Moving cultural science and technology innovation forward

(7) Implementing major programme-driving strategies

(8) Completing financial input systems

(9) Strengthening talent support

(10) Promoting cultural industry “marching out”

III, Focus sectors

(1) Performing arts

(2) Entertainment

(3) Cartoons

(4) Games

(5) Cultural tourism

(6) Artworks

(7) Arts and Crafts

(8) Cultural Exhibitions

(9) Creative design

(10) Network culture

(11) Digital cultural services

IV, Guarantee measures

(1) Expanding government input strength

(2) Perfecting policy law and regulation systems

(3) Deepening cultural structure reform

(4) Standardizing cultural market order

(5) Strengthening industrial public services

(6) Strengthening organizational implementation


The cultural industries are an important channel for satisfying the people’s diversified spiritual culture needs under the circumstances of a Socialist market economy, are an important carrier for stimulating the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, are a burgeoning sunrise industry having a guiding function, strategic function and pillar function for the national economy, are the main force for promoting Chinese culture to march out, and are an important point of support for promoting strategic readjustment of economic structures and an important rallying point for transforming economic development methods.

During the “11th Five Year Plan” period, the popular masses’ cultural consumption was dynamic, social forces’ investment into the cultural industries ruse enthusiastically, cultural products and services were enriched and diversified, sectors such as performance, entertainment, artworks, cultural tourism, cartoons and games, network culture, etc., developed vigorously, cultural industry added value growth speed was higher than GDP growth during the same period by far, prominently displaying its huge capacity to grow up into a backbone industry for the national economy.

But it should also be noticed that, at present, our country’s cultural industry development level is still not high, vitality and creativity are not yet strong, regional distribution is not fully rational, policy systems are still not perfect, and there is still a considerable distance with the requirements of being a backbone industry in the national economy. In order to completely implement the spirit of the 5th and 6th Plenums of the 17th Party Congress, promote the cultural industries to become a backbone industry in the national economy, accelerate the construction of a strong Socialist culture country, according to the “Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Decision Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform”, the “Outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Outline of the Cultural Reform and Development Plan during the National “12th Five Year Plan” Period”, the “Ministry of Culture Plan for Redoubling Cultural Industries during the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period” is hereby formulated.

I, Guiding ideology, development thinking and main objectives

(1) Guiding ideology

With Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, persisting in the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture, completely putting social interest first, strengthening cultural content guidance and construction, striving to realize the integration of social interest and economic interest, taking reform, innovation, and science and technological progress as drivers, strengthening the development vitality of the cultural industries, transforming the development methods of the cultural industries, fully giving rein to the vigorous function of the cultural industries in stimulating economic and social development, promoting the construction of the Socialist cure value system, disseminating advanced culture and raising national cultural soft power.

(2) Development thinking

Abiding by objective cultural development rules, adapting to the inherent demands of the Socialist market economy, persisting in the line of thought of double drive and flying with two wings of cultural undertakings and cultural enterprises, grasping public interest-type cultural undertakings with one hand, and grasping commercial cultural industries with one hand, realizing the mutual stimulation and joint development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries.

With structural adjustment as main strand, implementing a major programme driving strategy, planning and starting a batch of major projects and major programmes with a demonstrating function, basic function, strategic function and driving function, raising industrial scale and comprehensive quality, accelerating industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading.

Giving rein to the vigorous function of markets in cultural resource allocation, strengthening government policy guidance and public service capacity, forging five large service platforms for policy support, public service, investment and finance, trade cooperation and talent training, providing desirable policy environments and market environments, creating an atmosphere for development, promoting industrial grouping, fostering market subjects.

Implementing diversified regional cultural industry development strategies, strengthening categorized guidance, giving rein to the superiority of each, striving to shape a cultural industry structure with the superiorities of “East, Middle and West” complementing each other, pulling each other and developing together. Encouraging Eastern regions to optimize industrial structures, and initiating cultural innovation, raising cultural qualities, and realizing leapfrogging development. Supporting Central regions to perfect industrial policies, expand cultural consumption, standardize market order and accelerate industrial rise. Guiding Western regions to give rein to their resource superiority, give prominence to regional characteristics, foster consumption markets and drive industrial development.

(3) Main objectives

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the average annual growth speed of cultural industries managed by the Ministry of culture to exceed 20%, so that 2015 at least doubles 2010, realizing redoubling. Cultural creation capacity to further rise, cultural products and services to become even more enriched, cultural industries to become important channels for satisfying the people’s diversified spiritual culture requirements, and raising the people’s life happiness indicators. Cultural industries’ strong points such as large job quantities and formal flexibility to be given full rain, making them become into one of the industries with clear effects in attracting jobs. Cultural consumption to preserve a state of quick growth, incessantly raising the proportion occupied by rural residents’ consumption, making it become an important component part of expanding national domestic demand.

II, Main tasks

With realizing leapfrogging development as main theme, with optimizing structural distribution and accelerating the transformation of development methods as main line, with fostering cultural enterprises, expanding cultural consumption, moving cultural science and technology innovation forward, and developing characteristic cultural industries as focus point, strengthening content guidance, implementing a major cultural industry programme driving strategy, completely raising cultural industry innovation capacity and core competitiveness, pushing out a batch of cultural products with healthy and upward content, that the masses are deeply fond of, with a higher marketshare, originally created in China, striving to satisfy the people’s diversified spiritual cultural requirements, promoting cultural industries to become a backbone industry in the national economy.

(1) Fostering and expanding market subjects

To accelerate the development of the cultural industries, State-owned or State controlled cultural enterprises must be supported and expanded unwaveringly, and all sorts of non-publicly owned cultural enterprises’ healthy development must be encouraged and guided unwaveringly, shaping a cultural industry structure with public ownership at the core, and jointly developing with many kinds of ownership, moulding and fostering cultural market subjects, raising cultural industry vitality and competitiveness, and stimulating the coordinated development of all kinds of cultural enterprises.

1. Fostering backbone cultural enterprises

With establishing modern enterprise systems as focus, accelerating moving commercial cultural work unit reform forward, accelerating company structure and shareholding structure reform, perfecting legal person administration structures, shaping asset organization methods and business management models conforming to the requirements of modern enterprise systems and reflecting the characteristics of cultural enterprises, fostering market subjects meeting requirements. Fostering a batch of State-owned and State-controlled large-scale cultural enterprises and enterprise groups with core competitiveness, giving rein to their leading functions in developing industries and making markets flourish. Within the State-permitted scope, guiding, supporting and standardizing no-publicly owned capital to enter the cultural industries, non-publicly owned cultural enterprises are to be treated equally with State-owned cultural enterprises in aspects such as financial support, programme examination, financial input, tax preferences, talent attraction, awards and honours, land use, etc., constructing market competition with fair participation, and a structure and legal environment with equal enjoyment of legal protection. Encouraging powerful cultural enterprises to realize interregional, intersectoral, inter-ownership systems and cross-media mergers and reorganizations with capital as link, shaping a batch of enterprises or enterprises groups with influence, brands and competitiveness, forging a batch of relatively strong “cultural aircraft carriers” with international competitiveness.

2. Supporting small and mid-size cultural enterprises

Supporting small and mid-size cultural enterprise development through many kinds of methods such as government procurement, credit support, strengthening services, etc., shaping bodies of small and mid-size enterprises rich in vitality. Simplifying establishment formalities, reducing entry barriers, supporting the development of individual creators, cultural work offices, people-run non-enterprise cultural organs and specialized cultural industry cooperatives. Encouraging all sorts of small and mid-size cultural enterprises to develop in the direction of “expertise, excellence, characteristics, novelty”, strengthening characteristic business, characteristic products and characteristic services. Fostering organs for cultural asset valuation, appraisal, auction, management, etc., forcefully developing cultural enterprises n performance management, ticket sales, exhibition planning, copyright agency, creative design, etc.

(2) Transforming cultural industry development methods

Promoting cultural industry structure adjustment, raising cultural production quality and efficiency, stimulating cultural industries to transform models and upgrade, raise cultural industry upscaling, intensification and expertise levels, accelerating the transformation from stressing increase of scale and quantitative expansion to stressing the internal raising of quality and efficiency.

1. Encouraging collective development

Establishing about 10 State-level cultural industry demonstration areas with high starting points and economies of scale, that represent national levels and the development orientation of the future, and a batch of cultural industry demonstration bases with clear collective efficiency. Launching characteristic cultural industry demonstration area construction work, fostering about 100 characteristic cultural industry groups with clear characteristics and industry-leading prominence, and a batch of characteristic cultural industry towns in regions in which characteristic culture resources are richly available.

2. Stimulating industrial blending

Establishing and completing industrial blending and development systems and mechanisms, optimizing policy environments for industrial blending and development, stimulating culture to blend with sectors such as tourism, sports, information, logistics, industry, construction, exhibitions, commerce, leisure, etc., raising the cultural added value of the national economy. Supporting all kinds of enterprises to expand innovation and design input, raising the cultural content of textiles, light industry, packaging, etc., promoting creative designs to be extended to the production of home goods, home electronics, home textiles, home decorations, etc. Breaking through the boundaries between cultural industry categories, stimulating the formation of alliances between different cultural sectors, extending cultural industry chains.

3. Forging cultural brands

Strengthening brand consciousness, with State cultural industry demonstration bases as backing, fostering about 300 branded cultural enterprises. Launching influence evaluation activities of State cultural industry demonstration bases, encouraging demonstration bases to compete in first-class creation, expand influence and forge brands. Forging about 10 cultural exhibitions and festival activities with large social influence and high overall efficiency. Perfecting accreditation and protection mechanisms for traditional arts, crafts and skills, protecting the intellectual property rights of creations and designs. Establishing and completing brand authorization mechanisms, establishing cultural product brand retail and marketing platforms, expanding production and retail of excellent brand products

4. Strengthening and guiding regulation and control

Stressing guidance of regulation and control, preventing blind investment, and precipitous actions, promoting cultural industries to transform from a quantitative speed model to a qualitative efficiency model. Strengthening overall planning of cultural industry park and base distribution, persisting in naming and authentication standards, strictly controlling cultural industry park and base quality, strengthening cultural content, giving prominence to the superiority of each, raising development levels. Standardizing all sorts of cultural industry exhibition organization, preventing blind me-tooism, excess and overflow, causing waste of resources.

(3) Optimizing cultural industry distribution

Encouraging Eastern, Central and Western regions to establish cultural industry development focus points on the basis of resource endowments and functional orientation, giving rein to the superiority of each, relying on large cities and city groups to construct cultural industry belts, supporting small and mid-size cities and the countryside to develop characteristic cultural industry bodies, shaping a coordinated development structure for the cultural industries with regions, towns and the country.

1. Strengthening regional cultural industry distribution

Supporting the accelerated development in the Eastern regions of sectors such as cartoons and games, creative design, network culture, digital cultural services, etc., fostering science and technology-related cultural industry groups. Guiding Central and Western regions and the main functional regions with limited opening up to rely on local rich cultural resources, focusing on developing cultural sectors such as performance, cultural tourism, artworks, arts and crafts, festival exhibitions, etc., and marching a path of characteristic, differentiated and collective development. Integrating all special regional State planning, actively bringing cultural industry development into comprehensive regional development frameworks, accelerating the development of cultural industries with local characteristics.

2. Comprehensively planning town and country cultural industry development

Excavating urban cultural resources, developing characteristic cultural industries, establishing characteristic cultural cities. Supporting large cities and city groups to give rein to their superiority in technology, talent and capital concentration, accelerating the development of burgeoning cultural business models, shaping a batch of small and mid-size cities and city groups with international influence for cultural creation. Giving rein to the demonstration function of the capital as a cultural centre for the entire nation. Encouraging large cities and city groups to scientifically formulate functional and regional development plans, shaping spatial cultural industry distributions with each part having merit, rational division of labour, and prominent focus. Supporting small and mid-size cities to perfect cultural consumption base construction, utilizing characteristic cultural resources to forge industrial shining points. Encouraging resource-type cities to rationally utilize their idle and old factory buildings, discarded industrial facilities, etc., to develop cultural industry programmes for creative design, performance, exhibition, cultural tourism, etc. Encouraging the development of rural handicraft products, folk performances and rural cultural tourism, fostering and forging a batch of characteristic cultural industry towns and characteristic cultural industry villages, expanding rural employment, increasing rural income.

3. Fostering regional characteristic cultural industry groups

Excavating all localities’ characteristic cultural resources, through methods such as planning and guidance, policy support, models and demonstrations, etc., guiding the orderly collection of characteristic cultural industries, developing and expanding a batch of characteristic cultural industry bases with clear characteristics and high concentration. Encouraging all levels to vigorously develop tourism and related industries relying on cultural heritage, forging a batch of characteristic cultural products and services, fostering a batch of cultural industry groups with ethnic performance, cultural tourism, arts and crafts, etc, striving to move major projects such as the Tibet-Qiang-Yi cultural industry corridor, etc., forward, strengthening the collection strength, radiation and competitiveness of characteristic cultural industry groups.

(4) Strengthening cultural product creation and production guidance.

From beginning to end, persisting in the correct cultural product creation and production orientation, strengthening content guidance and construction, establishing cultural innovation mechanisms with cultural enterprises and individuals at the core, striving to create a desirable environment benefiting cultural innovation, incessantly perfecting cultural product appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms.

1. Persisting in the correct creation and production orientation

Persisting in the orientation of serving the people and serving Socialist, and the principle of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend, sticking close to reality, sticking close to life and sticking close to the masses, truly starting from the needs of the masses, inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditions of Chinese culture, absorbing and learning from global beneficial cultural achievements, striving to raise the content and quality of cultural products, rolling out even more excellent products and masterpieces that the masses are fond of, integrating artistry, ideology and enjoyability. Guiding the broad cultural industry workers and cultural enterprises to consciously practice the Socialist core value system, earnestly deal with and vigorously pursue the social effect of cultural products, carrying forward the true, the good and the beautiful, rejecting the false, the evil and the ugly, fully giving rein to the vigorous function of cultural industries in moving the construction of the Socialist core value system forward.

2. Encouraging cultural innovation

Letting a spirit of innovation penetrate through the entire process of cultural creation and production, integrating traditional elements with contemporary elements, and ethnic elements with global trends, strengthening the zeitgeist and attractions of cultural products, creating and producing even more excellent originally-created cultural products. Adopting many kinds of methods such as awards and honours, policy support, etc., to encourage cultural workers to go deep into life, create and produce works reflecting the spirit of the times, that are positive and upward, and rich in influence. Encouraging State cultural industry demonstration bases to incessantly promote cultural content and dissemination method innovation, raising product research and original creation capacity. Focusing on supporting originally-created cartoon product creation having clear ethnic characteristics and the traits of the times. Fully utilizing the special fund for cultural industry development and the State fund for culture and art, expanding support strength for cultural content innovation, guiding cultural product creation and production.

3. Perfecting appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms

Persisting in making abiding by the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture and satisfying the popular masses as the highest norms for appraising cultural products, uniting mass evaluation, expert evaluation and market examination, shaping scientific cultural product appraisal systems. Doing work for the China government culture and art award and cartoon award selection well, establishing open, fair and just award mechanisms, raising authoritativeness and credibility, guiding the development orientation of the Chinese cartoon industry. Expanding marketing strength for excellent cultural products, supporting the performance, screening, broadcast or exhibition of excellent works and masterpieces carrying forward mainstream values. Implementing the national cartoon excellent product project, supporting and encouraging the broadcast, performance, publication and exhibition, etc., of excellent originally-created cartoon products.

(5) Expanding cultural consumption

Making expanding cultural consumption into an important component part for expanding internal demand, establishing long-term mechanisms for expanding cultural consumption and demand, attracting consumers with high-quality and rich cultural products and services, strengthening cultural consumption quantities, raising cultural consumption levels, strengthening indigenous drivers for cultural industry development, satisfying the popular masses’ incessantly growing spiritual culture needs.

1. Fostering cultural consumption habits

Creating desirable cultural consumption environments and atmospheres, transforming town and country residents’ cultural consumption concepts, raising the consciousness and vigour of cultural consumption. Encouraging and implementing cultural consumption subsidy systems, guiding town and country residents’ cultural consumption, localities meeting conditions must provide appropriate subsidies for masses in dire straits and rural workers’ cultural consumption. Encouraging the arrangement or a certain number of low-value performances or tickers for commercial performances, encouraging network culture operators to launch even more low-price services. Giving rein to the market influence and drive or excellent cultural products, activating cultural consumption markets.

2. Improving cultural consumption conditions

Developing culture and art performance venues, supporting construction and renovation of basic cultural infrastructure such as theatres, etc. Raising basic cultural consumption levels, guiding cultural enterprise investment to build even more cultural consumption venues adapted to the requirements of the masses. Supporting social forces to initiate all sorts of cultural facilities, encouraging organs, schools and the army to open their cultural facilities to society. Accelerating the construction of a nationwide culture ticket service network. Developing modern distribution organizations and distribution methods such as chain business, logistics and delivery, electronic commerce, etc., building a cultural product distribution network with large cities as centres, supplemented by small and mid-size cities, linking up town and country. Vigorously launching cultural consumption credit products, enlivening cultural consumption markets.

3. Stimulating cultural consumption upgrading

Expanding mass cultural consumption markets, launching characteristic culture consumption, providing individualized and diversified cultural products and services, fostering new cultural consumption growth points. Strengthening cultural market demand and consumption trend forecast and research, guiding cultural enterprises to launch cultural products and services that are marketable and in great demand. Excavating the cultural content of festivals and all kinds of holidays, raising and enriching their cultural content and form. Forcefully launching network cultural products suited for carriers such as the Internet, mobile terminals, etc., stimulating the consumption of digital cultural content such as cartoons and games, network music and entertainment, etc. Raising urban cultural consumption quality and level, stimulating residents to upgrade their consumption patterns. Strengthening the construction of rural culture network points, expanding rural cultural consumption.

(6) Moving cultural science and technology innovation forward

Science and technology innovation is an important engine for cultural development. It is necessary to give rein to the mutually stimulating functions of culture, science and technology, deeply implementing science and technology driver strategies, strengthening indigenous innovation capacity. Completing cultural technology innovation systems with enterprises at the core, the market as guidance, and integrated with industry, learning and research, fostering a batch of cultural science and technology enterprises with clear characteristics and strong innovation capacity, supporting the construction of strategic unions between industry, learning and research, and public service platforms.

1. Strengthening technological transformation of the traditional cultural industries

Stimulating raising the scientific and technological content of traditional cultural industries such as performance, entertainment, artworks, arts and crafts, cultural exhibition, creative design, etc., accelerating the renovation and renewal of basic infrastructure in sectors such as performance, entertainment, etc, encouraging the research and development of new types of digital entertainment, audio, lighting and stage technology and equipment having indigenous intellectual property rights. Stimulating the informatization, digitization and standardization of chain operation, cultural tourism, ticket sales, artwork business, etc. Supporting the transformation and application of modern technology achievements into the cultural industries, accelerating moving forward with innovation in aspects such as content, form, methods, means, etc., in the traditional cultural industries. Grasping the development opportunity for three-network integration, cloud computing, logistics networks, etc., raising the technological level of all sectors of the cultural industry.

2. Accelerating moving forward the development of burgeoning cultural industries

Promoting and rolling out corresponding policy measures, stimulating the accelerated development of burgeoning cultural business models in cartoons, games, network culture, digital culture, etc., incessantly raising contributions of burgeoning cultural industries in accelerating economic development method transformation. Focusing on strengthening the research and development of high and new technology closely integrated with cultural business models such as digital technology, digital content, network technology, etc., raising production capacity of multimedia and multi-terminal dissemination of cultural products. Expanding the online and mobile production and sale of network music, network cartoons, network artworks and network performances, etc. Encouraging network enterprises, IT enterprises and communications enterprises to participate in network cultural content product production and creation.

3. Giving rein to the supporting and leading function of science and technology programmes

Establishing and completing comprehensive coordination mechanisms, bringing major cultural science and technology programmes into related State science and technology development programmes and plans, strengthening the attack on strategic passes in core technology, key technology and general technology, realizing major technological breakthroughs and integrated innovation for the cultural industries. Deploying and implementing some major programmes in State science and technology support plans, in joint State action plans for the integration of culture with science and technology, State culture science and technology upgrading plans and Ministry of Culture Science and Technology innovation programme planning. Vigorously coordinating relevant departments, in the special cultural industry development fund, the high technology industry development programme fund and the science and technology-type small and mid-size enterprise innovation fund, strengthening support for research and development of key and core technologies having indigenous intellectual property rights, and stimulating the transformation of cultural enterprises’ technological applications and achievements.

4. Moving cultural science and technology innovation system construction forward

Promoting enterprises to become centres of innovation, perfecting a cultural technology innovation system with enterprises at the core, the market as guidance, and integration of industry, learning and research, accrediting about 20 demonstration enterprises integrating culture with science and technology, supporting the development of strategic unions between industry, learning and research. Relying on State high and new technology parks, modern service industrialization bases, State-level cultural industry demonstration parks and State cultural industry demonstration bases, establishing State-level demonstration bases integrating culture with science and technology, all having special characteristics. Relying on higher education, research institutes and key cultural science and technology enterprises, in areas such as performance, cultural resource digitization, cartoons and games, network culture, etc., establishing about 5 ministerial-level focus laboratories and project science and technology research centres. Supporting the establishment of a batch of demonstration-type cultural industry public technology platforms, granting financial support and awards to platforms with outstanding service functions.

(7) Implementing major programme driving strategies

Vigorously uniting relevant departments, implementing a batch of major project having a broad nature, a driving nature, a public nature, a basic nature and a demonstration nature, strengthening the government coordination, guidance and public service capacity, strengthening content guidance demonstration, stimulating industrial concentration, enterprise incubation and talent training, moving industry and product upgrading forward, raising the overall quality of the industry, strengthening the after-effects of industrial development.

BOX: Focus cultural industry projects

Characteristic cultural industry development projects: promoting characteristic culture cities and characteristic cultural industry demonstration area construction, guiding all localities in expanding support strength, suiting measures to local conditions, shaping a batch of bases, parks and cultural industry bodies having local characteristics, raising cultural industry upscaling, intensification and specialization development levels.
Literature and art performance theatre chain construction projects: breaking through regional boundaries and market fragmentation, reducing the costs for circulation of performances, promoting chain operation of main cities’ performance venues, realizing the upscaling, intensification and high and new technology application of the performance industry.
Cultural industry public platform construction projects: integrating and concentrating all sorts of resources, providing basic infrastructure, technological equipment, information resources and intermediary services that can be shared and commonly used, reducing cultural enterprise establishment and operational costs, shaping concentration and effects of scale.
State digital cultural industry innovation projects: choosing key and public technologies from digital cultural industries and conducting focus attacks, shaping a support system for core digital culture technology having indigenous intellectual property rights, establishing digital cultural industry major technology application and demonstration programmes, accelerating cultural enterprise’s digitization, networking and informatization progress.
Domestic cartoon vitalization projects: expanding support strength for originally-created cartoon and game products, supporting focus cartoon enterprise and cartoon industry park development, forcefully developing new media cartoons such as network cartoons, mobile telephone cartoons, etc. Guiding the development orientation of the cartoon and game industry through aspects such as technological research and development, talent training, cultural content, etc. Promoting the construction of the China Cartoon and Game City (Beijing) and the State Cartoon Industry Comprehensive Demonstration Park (Tianjin).
State cartoon industry public technology service platform construction: constructing a batch of State-level cartoon industry public technology service platforms, constructing cartoon technology equipment, public technology service support systems and sharing mechanisms in cartoon concentration areas, providing high-quality cartoon product production support to cartoon enterprises, promoting key technology research and development for indigenous innovation in the cartoon sphere.
Moving cultural industry investment system construction forward projects: fostering financial market subjects serving the cultural industries, accelerating the development and popularization of financial products and services, establishing facile cultural industry finance channels, implementing cultural industry finance talent training projects, moving cultural industry investment theory research forward, establishing public service platforms for cultural industry investment.
Cultural industry programme service projects: Continuing to enrich State cultural industry programme resource databases, expanding the quantity of transactions of our country’s cultural products, services and investment programmes, making them become comprehensive platforms for cultural industry information exchange, programme cooperation and product exchange, stimulating the facilitation of investment.
The Tibet-Qiang-Yi cultural industry corridor: Implementing a batch of cultural industry programmes having driving and demonstration functions in the Tibet-Qiang-Yi region, making ethnic cultural resources’ superiorities become economic superiorities, expanding ethnic region employment, stimulating the protection and rational use of cultural resources.

(8) Completing investment systems

Deeply implementing the “Guiding Opinions concerning Financial Support of Cultural Industry Promotion, Development and Flourishing”, establishing and completing diversified, multi-level and multi-channel cultural industry investment systems. Stimulating the complete linking of cultural industries and the financial sector, encouraging all sorts of financial organs to innovate financial products, improve and upgrade cultural industry financial services, guiding and encouraging social capital to enter the cultural industries.

1. Moving complete bank sector support for the cultural industries forward.

Encouraging bank-type financial organs to vigorously launch credit products suited to the cultural industries, consolidating and deepening Ministry-industry cooperation mechanisms, expanding cultural industry credit input. Innovating cultural industry credit models, creating credit and funding systems for entire industry chains in the cultural industries. Vigorously launching a complete set of financial services such as cultural industry asset trust, investment management, settling of payment, etc. Encouraging financial organs to vigorously launch cultural industry consumption finance business, raising the level of cultural consumption, expanding cultural consumption scale. Encouraging non-bank-type financial organs to comprehensively use many kinds of financial business and financial products to link up with cultural enterprises.

2. Giving rein to the function of capital markets

Utilizing multi-level capital markets, promoting excellent cultural enterprises to utilize open distribution of shares to go on the market for funding, expanding cultural enterprises’ direct funding scale. Strengthening fostering reserves and recommendation mechanisms for cultural industries to go on the market, shaping structure of moving forward cultural enterprises’ going on the market in phases with “stocking a batch, fostering a batch, reporting a batch and distributing a batch”, fostering 30 cultural enterprises traded on the market. Supporting State-owned cultural enterprises to attract social capital and conduct share-holding reform. Supporting cultural enterprises to attract funds through bond markets, guiding cultural enterprises’ scientific use of many kinds of derivative products such as options, futures, etc. Exploring trial work for management of stock transfer systems on behalf of cultural enterprises.

3. Stimulating cultural industry investment

Fully giving rain to the driving function of investment, encouraging and guiding all sorts of social capital to enter the cultural industries, fostering strategic investors in the cultural industry sphere. Within the scope permitted by the State, guiding social capital to invest in cultural industries in many ways, participate in the reform of State-owned commercial culture work units into enterprises, and participate in the implementation of major cultural industry programmes and the construction of cultural industry parks. Vigorously giving rein to the demonstration and guidance function of backbone investment organs such as the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund, etc., fostering investors for organs in the cultural industry sphere, encouraging risk investment funds, private equity funds, etc., to vigorously enter into burgeoning cultural business models.

4. Perfecting a set of cultural industry investment services

Promoting cultural industry insurance market construction, innovating cultural industry insurance products and service methods, summarizing and popularizing cultural industry trial dangers. Strengthening guidance to focus cultural asset transaction, according to the principle of “quantitative control, rational distribution, standardization according to the law, healthy order, guiding cultural asset trading organs’ healthy and orderly development. Exploring and perfecting systems for intangible cultural asset verification, assessment, pledge and transmission systems, providing specialized and comprehensive investment services to cultural enterprises. Exploring and innovating cultural industry guarantee methods, establishing multi-level cultural enterprise investment risk sharing and compensation mechanisms.

(9) Strengthening talent support

With fostering high-quality cultural industry business management talent as focus, establishing cultural industry talent education and training organs, perfecting on-the-job personnel training systems, encouraging higher education institutes to set up courses corresponding to the cultural industries, completely raising the comprehensive quality of cultural industry talent teams, providing strong talent support for cultural industry development.

1. Strengthening training and education

Establishing Chinese cultural industry research institutes, providing intelligence support to cultural industry development. Promoting cultural industry learning construction, incessantly expanding cultural industry talent teams in the form of formal education. Supporting the organization of high-level advanced research and study classes, EMBA classes, on-the-job training classes, incessantly raising the quality and level of cultural industry talent in non-formal education ways. Vigorously exploring cooperative training structures of government, higher education schools, institutes and enterprises, establishing a batch of cultural industry talent fostering bases and cultural industry pioneering parks and incubators, stimulating the unification of industry, learning and researchers. Through the method of “marching out, inviting in”, strengthening cooperation with the cultural industry world of all countries, fostering internationalized talent. Strengthening professional ethics construction and work style construction, strengthening and expanding cultural industry workers’ sense of social responsibility.

2. Perfecting talent policies

Through State focus talent project planning such as the famous cultural distinguished person project, fostering a batch of cultural entrepreneur teams with complete mastery of political qualities and strong business management abilities, bringing up a batch of famous distinguished cultural business persons. Encouraging all localities to formulate strategic cultural industry talent guidance catalogues, vigorously promoting chosen talents enjoying to enjoy the same treatment as State high science and technology talents, prioritizing planning for recommending all sorts of talents to enter the country. Completing talent use, circulation, encouragement ad guarantee mechanisms, adopting many kinds of methods such as contracts, programme cooperation, intellectual property rights sharing, etc. Perfecting cultural industry talent category demarcation, moving professional capacity appraisal and professional qualification accreditation forward. Forcefully attracting overseas high-level talents. Expanding policy support to private cultural enterprises’ excellent talents, resolving real problems such as settlement, residence, medical care, education, etc.

(1) Promoting cultural industry “marching out”

According to the principle of “government guiding, enterprises at the core, and marketized operation”, fully giving rein to the government’s leading function and service function, forcefully promoting the organic integration of foreign cultural exchange and foreign cultural trade stimulation work, vigorously promoting cultural enterprises and cultural products to march toward international markets, fostering a batch of foreign-oriented cultural enterprises and intermediary organs having international competitiveness, forging a batch of internationally famous cultural brands, strengthening Chinese culture’s inspiration strength influence at the global level.

1. Stimulating cultural product and service export

Perfecting policy measures supporting cultural product and service export, utilizing government foreign-oriented culture work platforms to vigorously promote the cultural industries to “march out”. Supporting cultural enterprises and products representing the excellent ethnic culture of China, and having indigenous intellectual property rights and brands to enter into international markets, focusing on supporting the export of products and services such as performance, cartoons, games, artworks, arts and crafts, network culture, etc., having ethnic characteristics. Establishing cultural product and service “arching out” resource databases, revising and perfecting the “Cultural Product and Service Export Guidance Catalogue”, issuing cultural export focus enterprise and programme catalogues together with departments such as the Ministry of Commerce, etc. Incessantly perfecting foreign culture trade statistics work. Simplifying examination and approval procedures, promoting export facilitation, establishing foreign cultural trade bases in focus export regions.

2. Encouraging cultural enterprises to expand into foreign markets.

Encouraging cultural enterprises to initiate cultural entities or establish branch organs abroad in many ways such as exclusive investment, joint venture, share control, share participation, etc., realizing the landing and operation of cultural enterprises abroad. Strengthening in-depth analysis of overseas cultural industries and markets, establishing international cultural market information gathering, editing, research and publication mechanisms, assisting enterprises to understand international market trends, expanding overseas retail networks. Vigorously supporting cultural enterprises to participate in foreign international large-scale exhibitions and cultural activities, assisting and raising domestically organized cultural exhibitions and trade fairs’ internationalized operation capacity. Fully giving rein to the function of cultural organs abroad such as cultural departments (groups) of embassies and consulates abroad, etc., vigorously guiding and assisting cultural enterprises to expand into international markets.

3. Strengthening international cultural industry exchange and cooperation

Implementing an international market and regional development strategy, vigorously participating in international cultural industry dialogues, establishing and participating in intergovernmental and international, bilateral and multilateral dialogue and cooperation mechanisms in the cultural industry area, participating in international cultural trade rule formulation, incessantly strengthening international power of discourse. Encouraging cultural enterprises to conduct programme cooperation with foreign powerful cultural organs, encourage the attraction of foreign excellent cultural products suited to our country’s market demand, enriching our country’s cultural markets, simultaneously vigorously learning from foreign advanced production technology and management experience, incessantly raising our country’s cultural industries’ comprehensive capacity to face international markets.

III, Focus sectors

Renovating and upgrading traditional cultural industries such as performance, entertainment, cultural tourism, arts and crafts, etc., accelerating the development of burgeoning cultural industries with extreme vitality and potential such as cartoons, games, network culture, digital cultural services, etc., building modern cultural industry systems with rational structures, complete categorization, high science and technology content and strong competitiveness, realizing the objective of redoubling with the speedy development of focus sectors, shaping a desirable picture of letting a hundred flowers bloom, and joint flourishing of all sectors, promoting the leapfrogging development of the cultural industries.

(1) Performing arts

Accelerating the construction of basic performance infrastructure such as theatres, stages, electronic ticketing, etc., creating conditions for expanding performance consumption. Establishing performance product creation and production subsidy mechanisms, expanding production of originally-created performance products. Accelerating the integration of performance with corresponding industries such as tourism, etc., fostering tourist performance markets, enriching tourist performance products, avoiding homogenization. Establishing and developing derivative performance products, extending performance industry chains.

BOX: Performing arts development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, establishing about 10 nationwide or interregional cultural performance theatre chains covering the main cities in the entire country, forging a batch of excellent plays that the popular masses are deeply fond of, and that can stand the test of time, shaping one or two internationally renowned performance industry concentration regions, forcefully expanding rural performance markets, basically satisfying the performance consumption demand of town and country residents, establishing a basis for realizing the leap from a large performance country to a strong performance country.
Main measures
– Accelerating the pace of State-owned culture and art troupes’ transforming into enterprises, guiding and supporting private capital to enter into the performance sphere, striving to foster a batch of backbone performance enterprises with relatively strong competitiveness.- Developing some interregional performance theatre chains with large-scale theatre groups as leaders, with central city theatres as support point, with two or three chain city theatres as network- Accelerating the renovation or renewal of basic performance infrastructure, focusing on encouraging producing new audio, lighting and stage technology equipment having indigenous intellectual property rights.

– Vigorously moving the construction of a nationwide cultural ticketing network forward, forging culture and art performance ticketing platforms.

– Relying on the cultural and artistic resources of all localities, giving rein to the radiation effect of already-formed local characteristic performance brands, fostering ethnic and folk performance industry bodies.

Policy support
– Researching, formulating and implementing economic policies supporting performance industry development.- Giving rein to the function of all sorts of State funds for culture and art, mustering the forces from all sides including the State, society, etc., promoting performance product innovation, encouraging the production of excellent stage works reflecting real life and displaying the spirit of the times.- Encouraging localities meeting conditions to establish “Special Performance Industry Development Funds”, focusing on supporting original performance programme creation, stage equipment renewal, theatre construction or renovation, performance chain construction, touring abroad, etc.

– Formulating and perfecting policies and regulations for performance industry market access and exit, market supervision and management, intellectual property rights protection, employment standards, etc.

(2) Entertainment

Stimulating song and dance entertainment venues and touring entertainment venues’ healthy development, vigorously developing burgeoning entertainment methods having ethnic characteristics, that are healthy and upward, and have advanced technology, innovating entertainment business models. Stimulating the entertainment sector to integrate with the leisure industry, expanding the development space for the entertainment sector. Adjusting and optimizing entertainment venue structures, encouraging entertainment enterprises’ chain operation. Promoting entertainment venue brand construction, strengthening the attractiveness of the Chinese entertainment sector in domestic and foreign markets.

BOX: Entertainment sector development objectives and main policy measures
Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, forging 5 to 10 entertainment sector brands having a relatively large industrial scale and relatively strong competitiveness, promoting the indigenous innovation of the entertainment sector, making domestic entertainment equipment and domestic originally-created entertainment content occupy a proportion of more than 60% of the domestic market.
Main measures
– Supporting domestic entertainment equipment production enterprises to vigorously develop entertainment equipment having indigenous intellectual property rights, encouraging entertainment product content providers to vigorously develop entertainment products having indigenous intellectual property rights and healthy content.- Vigorously developing comprehensive entertainment facilities uniting performance, leisure, tourism, food and drink, shopping, fitness, etc., in large and mid-size cities.- Scientifically planning and appropriately developing entertainment parks with high science and technology content, that are rich in Chinese cultural characteristics, persisting in reasonable development, order and standardization, preventing blind construction.

– Strengthening entertainment venue guidance and management, expanding law enforcement strength, standardizing entertainment sector business order, cleaning up the entertainment market environment.

Policy support
– Encouraging all localities to lower entertainment sector business tax rates, stimulating mass entertainment sector development, enriching the popular masses’ spiritual culture life.- Promoting entertainment venues standardization construction, establishing entertainment venue hardware and equipment standard systems, technology standard systems and service standard systems.

(3) Cartoons

Optimizing cartoon industry structures, raising cartoon product quality, forging excellent cartoon products, progressively shaping a uniform, open, competitive and orderly cartoon industry system and mutually supporting and mutually interacting cartoon industry chains. Strengthening creation, fostering excellent products, initiating and supporting the cartoon industry to march the path of original creation integrating ethnic style with the characteristics of the times, persisting in marching the industrial development path of integrating technological innovation and market development.

BOX: Cartoon development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
Striving to ensure that by 2015, the added value of the cartoon sector exceeds 30 billion Yuan, cartoon creation and product quality to rise greatly, striving to forge 5 to 10 domestically produced cartoon brands and backbone cartoon enterprises having relatively strong competitiveness and influence, fostering a batch of internationally famous cartoon entrepreneurs and cartoon artists, realizing the qualitative leap of the cartoon industry, making it into a major growth point in cultural industry development and an important support point for minors’ ideology and moral construction.
Main measures
– Formulating the “12th Five-Year Plan” development plan for the cartoon industry.- Selecting Chinese culture and art government awards’ cartoon prizes, standardizing and guiding the healthy development of the cartoon industry.- Implementing State excellent cartoon product projects, setting up industrialized platforms for excellent cartoon creations and cartoon products, protecting intellectual property rights, promoting the shaping of cartoon industry chains developing jointly from top to bottom.

– Implementing originally-created cartoon marketing plans, including cartoon and game overseas marketing, exhibition marketing and neighbour country marketing.

– Strengthening key cartoon technology research and development, public cartoon technology service platforms and State public cartoon source material database programme construction, providing technological support to cartoon industry development.

– Strengthening management over existing State cartoon industry bases and parks, optimizing base and park distribution, raising bases and parks’ incubation, concentration, trading, exhibition and exchange functions.

– Implementing originally-created cartoon talent training plans together with the Ministry of Education, organizing State cartoon industry high-level advanced research and study classes, fostering high-end talents for industrial demand.

– Strengthening cartoon industry theory research work, issuing annual cartoon industry development reports and industry data.

Policy support
– Launching cartoon enterprise accreditation together with entities such as finance, taxation, etc., perfecting preferential tax policies facing cartoon enterprises- Continuing to implement preferential policies in tax areas such as business tax, value-added tax, income tax, import tariffs as well as import segment value-added tax, etc., supporting cartoon industry development.- Promoting and rolling out public cartoon industry technology service platform accreditation management and import duty preference policies.

(4) Games

Strengthening the core competitiveness of the game industry, promoting the development of originally-created games with ethnic characteristics, that are healthy and upward, raising the cultural content of game products. Encouraging the research and development of network game technology, electronic game software and hardware equipment having indigenous intellectual property rights, optimizing game industry structures, stimulating the coordinated development of game types such as network games, electronic games, etc. Encouraging gaming enterprises to forge Chinese gaming brands, vigorously expanding into overseas markets.

BOX: Games development objectives and main policy measures
Development objectives
By the year 2015, gaming sector market income scope to reach 200 billion Yuan. Encouraging network enterprises to invest overseas, shaping 10 backbone gaming enterprises with comprehensive strength to reach world levels, fostering a batch of excellent gaming products with healthy and upward content, and rich in ethnic characteristics, striving to roll out 100 network games to the world every year, of which 3=5 excellent network games are ranked among the 10 most well-liked network games internationally.
Main measures
– Promoting ethnic originally-created network game industries to quickly develop, forging excellent network game products with profound cultural content, that the masses are deeply fond of.- Strengthening tackling of key questions in science and technology, researching network game technology and electronic game hardware and software equipment having indigenous intellectual property rights, building public technology service platforms.- Adjusting and optimizing product structures and market structures, enriching network game categories, encouraging new products to fill market niches. Coordinatedly developing all gaming categories, raising the gaming industry’s core competitiveness.

– Strictly attacking activities infringing the intellectual property rights of network games such as “private servers”, “add-ons”, etc.

Policy support
– Stimulating gaming product export, encouraging our country’s gaming products to participate in international competition, building international exchange platforms for the gaming industry.- Perfecting laws and regulations corresponding to the gaming industry, building supervision and management interaction platforms, vigorously guiding sector and enterprise self-discipline.- Innovating talent fostering models, moving the integration of industry and learning forward, shaping gaming-related education and professional training systems suited to industrial development, fostering a batch of expert talents.

(5) Cultural tourism

Stimulating the integration of culture with tourism, raising tourism content with culture, expanding the dissemination and consumption of culture with tourism. Forging a series of activity brands for cultural tourism, supporting characteristic culture tourism programmes. Encouraging the integration of performance with tourism resources, launching excellent performance product programmes having local characteristics and ethnic styles. Strengthening research, development and design of tourism souvenirs and handicraft products, expanding cultural tourism industry chains.

BOX: Cultural tourism development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, further expanding the scale of the cultural tourism industry, protecting cultural tourism resources, standardizing cultural tourism market order, shaping comprehensive structures integrating cultural content with tourism carriers, that are mutually supporting, making cultural tourism become a new economic growth point and an important support for the cultural industries and tourism industries.
Main measures
– Scientifically editing cultural tourism development plans, vigorously planning excellent cultural tourism circuits, establishing famous cultural tourist streets and famous times, forging characteristic industrial concentration areas for cultural tourism.- Accrediting a batch of nationwide cultural tourism experimental regions having clear cultural features, great market influence, strong development vitality and a high level of openness, giving rein to their demonstration and guiding function.- Deeply excavating historical culture and local culture resources, forging a batch of tourist performance brands having indigenous intellectual property rights, having broad dissemination strength and international influence.

– On the basis of effective protection, conducting scientific and rational utilization of historical and cultural famous cities and cultural relics, rationally utilizing, inheriting and developing traditional handicraft skill-type and performance-type intangible cultural heritage, deeply developing cultural tourism handicraft products, broadening markets.

– Forging cultural tourism activity series brands, supporting cultural tourism programmes having local and ethnic characteristics. Starting from 2010, the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Tourism roll out a Chinese culture tourism theme year once every four years, and organize a China international culture tourism week once every two years.

– The Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Tourism regularly issue a “National Cultural Tourism Focus Programme Catalogue”.

– Strengthening cultural tourism market management, creating desirable cultural tourism environments.

Policy support
– Further supporting State cultural tourism focus programmes, broadening financial input channels, guiding social capital to invest in the construction and development of cultural tourism programmes.- Expanding government input, focusing on use for cultural tourism propaganda and marketing, and construction of basic infrastructure such as for traffic.

(6) Artworks

Making artwork creation flourish, promoting the healthy development of the modern artwork industry. Building art development systems with mutually supporting art creation, academic appraisal and artwork markets. Guiding, fostering and constructing A-grade markets for artworks. Perfecting art region management models, encouraging artwork industry concentration development. Establishing Chinese artwork sector registration and certification databases. Vigorously supporting new media art.

BOX: Artwork development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
By the year 2015, artwork market exchange value to reach 200 billion, shaping 2 to 3 art industry concentration regions with global influence, constructing China to become an important global artworks exchange centre.
Main measures
– Encouraging original artwork creation, promoting the development of the art gallery sector, encouraging all localities to integrate their own resources to establish art industry concentration areas.- Encouraging the establishment of new media art centres and visual laboratories, encouraging the development of originally-created new media art.- Forging electronic artwork commerce platforms with high credibility, convenient exchange and rich product varieties.

– Supporting two internationalized, branded, high-grade artwork industry exhibitions.

Policy support
– Perfecting artwork market policies, laws and regulations, strengthening artwork market supervision strength, establishing artwork market credit management systems, safeguarding the regular order of artwork exchange markets- Perfecting artwork broker systems, market access and exit systems.- Fostering artwork industry leading talents, artists, appraisers and brokers.

(7) Arts and crafts

Excavating ethnic cultural elements, giving prominence to regional characteristics, strengthening brand consciousness. Effectively protecting traditional skills, incessantly launching new technologies, new crafts, and new products, stimulating the close integration of protection and inheritance with innovation and development, developing modern arts and crafts. Accelerating traditional arts and crafts products to integrate with creative design, modern technology and the elements of the times, increasing cultural content, science and technology content, raising the added value of products. Encouraging enterprise concentration, focusing on supporting arts and crafts industry concentration areas with clear characteristics.

BOX: Arts and crafts development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
By the year 2015, added value of the nationwide arts and crafts sector to exceed 600 billion Yuan, export value to exceed 20 billion Dollars. Establishing a batch of characteristic arts and crafts industry concentration regions and arts and crafts research and development, design and creation bases. Excavating rich ethnic cultural content, raising product added value, strengthening market competition, forging a batch of arts and crafts brands having broad influence, driving the complete development of the arts and crafts industry.
Main measures
– Supporting traditional arts and crafts to face the market, encouraging arts and crafts skill innovation and raising products’ science and technology content, developing even more products having indigenous intellectual property rights, expanding influence on the international level.- Relying on rich traditional ethnic and folk handicraft product resources, with small and mid-size cities and villages in which handicraft resources are correspondingly richly concentrated as core, strengthening creation and technology support, fostering traditional ethnic and folk handicraft product collection and distribution regions integrating creation, research and development, production and retail, and cultural experience.- Promoting rural handicraft sector development, encouraging peasants to expand their income and become rich through handicrafts, and foster a batch of characteristic cultural industry towns, peasant expert cooperatives, small cultural private enterprises and village cultural industry pioneers through industrial concentration, realizing that culture enriches the people.
Policy support
– Promoting and rolling out preferential taxation policies aimed at the arts and crafts sector, establishing financial input systems adapted to arts and crafts sector development.- Strengthening protection of valuable and rare mineral resources and raw natural resources especially needed for producing traditional arts and crafts products, providing support for traditional handicraft research, development and production.- Expanding resource input strength, strengthening traditional arts and crafts skills arrangement and inheritance, talent protection and skill protection work.

– Establishing scientific and perfected arts and crafts talent fostering mechanisms and education systems, creating desirable conditions for arts and crafts talents’ growing up.

(8) Cultural exhibitions

Scientific distribution, rational division of labour, raising content, giving prominence to characteristics, developing comprehensive and specialized differentiated cultural exhibitions. Transforming cultural exhibition sector operation methods, realistically raising the trading function and effect of cultural exhibitions, stimulating cultural exhibitions to integrate with tourism, urban construction and trade cooperation, raising the benefits of organizing exhibitions. Establishing and completing exhibition appraisal mechanisms, perfecting exhibition appraisal and feedback systems. Strengthening guidance over the standardization of cultural holiday activities, excavating the cultural content of traditional holidays, raising the cultural quality of burgeoning holidays.

BOX:  Cultural exhibition development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
– During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, shaping 3 to 5 cultural exhibitions covering the entire country and having international influence, progressively establishing and structuring cultural exhibition sector systems with rational structures, clear characteristics and mutually supporting functions.
Main measures
– Focusing on fostering important exhibitions such as the China International Cultural Industry Exhibition and Trade Fair, etc., forging excellent exhibition product brands.- Transforming government functions, perfecting exhibition operation models, coordinating the development and upgrading of the exhibition sector and their corresponding industry chain.- Further excavating the cultural content of traditional holidays, raising the cultural quality of burgeoning holidays, fostering a batch of holiday activities with high mass participation, great social influence and good economic and social effects.

– Strengthening the social marketing and propaganda on brand-type cultural holiday activities, expanding brands’ influence and economic drive.

Policy Support
– Establishing and completing exhibition appraisal mechanisms, perfecting exhibition appraisal and feedback systems, stimulating the sustainable development of cultural exhibitions.- Accelerating standardization and guidance of local cultural exhibitions and holiday activities.

BOX: Focus development cultural industry exhibitions and holidays

Exhibition name – Development objective – Place or organization

Exhibition name

Development objective

Place or organization

China International Cultural Industry Exhibition and Trade Fair

Forging a comprehensive and internationalized cultural industry exhibition and trade fair enjoying relatively high international recognition and relatively great international influence


China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition

Giving rein to the demonstration function of the capital as the cultural centre for the entire country, forging a distinguished international cultural trade and exchange gathering concentrating cultural and creative resources, reflecting industry orientations and trends and stimulating industrial cooperation and product trade


China Performing Arts Industry Exhibition

Building a comprehensive service platform integrating “exhibition, cooperation, trade and development” into one for the domestic and foreign performing arts world, making the performing arts flourish and develop.


China International Cartoon and Game Exhibition

Supporting it to become an exhibition activity that is first-rate domestically and well-known in Asia


China International Network Culture Exhibition

Guiding network culture industry development orientations, leading innovation trends in the digital content industry


China (Beijing) Artwork Industry Exhibition

Forging a nationwide, specialized and branded artwork industry exchange platform


China Western Region Culture Industry Exhibition

Building an important platform for displaying excellent cultural resources from the Central and Western regions, boosting cultural exchange between the Eastern, Central and Western regions, and promoting cultural industries from the Western regions to match towards the international area


China Yiwu Cultural Product Trade and Exhibition Fair

Becoming a platform for cultural industry investment, trade and technological cooperation with clear internationalized characteristics and correspondingly mature marketized operation models


China Northeast Cultural Industry Exhibition and Trade Fair

Building a national-level cultural industry exchange, display, trade and cooperation platform with prominent themes, rich content, novel forms, clear characteristics, perfected functions and broad participation


China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival

Forging a national-level well-known cultural brand exhibition with flowers at the centre, merging cultural exchange, tourism and sightseeing, and trade and cooperation into one, and having broad international influence, becoming an engine for promoting regional economy development method transformation


China Originally Created Mobile Telephone Cartoon and Game Competition

Fostering excellent mobile telephone cartoon and game products, excavating excellent creation talent, becoming a first-rate competition activity for the domestic mobile telephone cartoon sphere


(9) Creative design

Perfecting corresponding policy measures, creating an atmosphere for creative design, incessantly raising creative design capacity, comprehensively planning and promoting the rapid development of the creative design sector, raising the creative design level of cultural products, fully giving rein to the stimulating function of creative design in all industrial spheres such as the cultural industries, the production sector, the service sector, etc. Expanding the packaging and export of creative design services.

BOX: Creative design development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, organizing 1 to 2 creative design exhibitions and competition activities having international influence, completely raising the creative design level of our country, supporting the forging of 3 to 5 globally known “designer cities”.
Main measures
– Vitalizing creative design markets, launching internationalized creative design marketing and creative design trade and branding exhibition activities.- Fostering and expanding creative design-type key enterprises having indigenous intellectual property rights and famous brands, having relatively strong competitiveness and good maturity.- Constructing creative design industry incubators, perfecting the incubating function of start-ups, creating conditions for university students to start enterprises or find jobs, promoting small and mid-size creative design enterprises to concentrate and mature.
Policy support
– Strengthening the intellectual property rights protection strength for creative design, shaping a desirable atmosphere respecting creative design and respecting creative design innovation.- Supporting creative design enterprises to establish creative design industry talent training bases together with higher education institutes, accelerating the fostering of creative design talent.

(10) Network culture

Vigorously implementing network content construction projects, promoting the network dissemination of excellent traditional cultural treasures and modern excellent cultural products, producing excellent products and masterpieces adapted to dissemination through the Internet and mobile networks, encouraging netizens to create network cultural products with healthy styles, raising original creation levels, raising cultural grades, giving rein to the important function of networks in cultural construction.

BOX: Network culture development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, raising the original creation capacity and cultural grade of network cultural products such as network music and entertainment, network artworks, network cartoons, network performance, network literature, etc., developing healthy and upward network culture, further strengthening culture core competitiveness.
Main measures
– Encouraging the integration of cultural content with network technology, incessantly innovating cultural business models, enriching cultural display forms, moving cultural industry structure adjustment forward.- Stimulating the integration and linking of segments corresponding to network cultural industry chains, innovating retail and marketing models, researching and establishing even more standardized and rational division models.- Encouraging and supporting digital technology enterprises, network technology enterprises, computer hardware enterprises and communications enterprises to participate in the production and operation of cultural content products.

– Continuously and steadily moving forward with Internet café chain forming, upscaling, specialization and branding operations.

Policy support
– Strengthening macro-level planning, perfecting policy support systems, supporting network cultural enterprise development.- Strengthening the construction of intellectual property rights protection systems, vigorously adopting new science and technology means to strengthen the protection of network cultural works.

(11) Digital cultural services

Promoting the broad application of high and new technology, such as digital technology, etc., in the cultural sphere, stimulating the digitization transformation and development of cultural content as well as products, accelerating the digitization process of cultural product production, dissemination and consumption, strengthening cultural content and digital technology’s integrated fostering of burgeoning cultural business models.

BOX: Digital cultural services development objectives and main policy measures

Development objectives
During the “12th Five-Year Project”, utilizing digital technology to completely raise the informatization service levels of all categories of cultural industry, accelerating the speed of reform and upgrading of traditional cultural industries, fostering burgeoning content industries based on digital technology, shaping a batch of cultural service enterprises using digital technology to provide services such as production, dissemination, sales, marketing, etc., providing support for the integration of the cultural industries with high and new technology.
Main measures
– Encouraging the integration of cultural content with digital and other high and new technologies, incessantly innovating cultural business models, enriching cultural display forms, providing cultural content for all sorts of display terminals.- Fostering high and new technology culture enterprises with informatized services, digitalized production and networked dissemination as specialty points.- Accelerating the digitalization and informatization process of cultural resources and products, establishing and completing shared cultural networks covering town and country. Encouraging and supporting the digitalization transformation and development of stage programmes, music, fine arts, cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage and literary resources.

-Strengthening the transformation of science and technology innovation achievements, raising the technological equipment level in areas such as performance, cartoons, games, network culture, etc, strengthening the cultural industries core competitiveness.

Policy support
– Strengthening intellectual property rights protection strength, strengthening digital content supervision and management, guaranteeing national cultural security.- Vigorously constructing digital cultural product asset trade platforms, perfecting financial investment mechanisms and corresponding economic policies.

IV, Guarantee measures

Implementing the spirit of “expanding policy support strength to the cultural industries in areas such as finance, taxation, funding, land use, etc.”, put forward by the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, vigorously coordinating with relevant work units, progressively perfecting cultural industry policy, law and regulation frameworks, rolling out workable policy sets, accelerating the legislation process for promoting the cultural industries, deepening structural reform, standardizing market order, strengthening public service, completely creating a desirable environment benefiting the leapfrogging development of the cultural industries.

(1) Expanding government input strength

Strengthening the input strength of public finances into the cultural industries, raising the proportion that cultural industry expenditure occupies in financial expenditure, fully giving rein to the leveraging function of financial administration funding, promoting leapfrogging cultural industry development. Expanding the scale of the special fund for cultural industry development and the cultural industry investment fund, rationally determining support orientation, raising the application efficiency of the special fund for cultural industry development. Innovating policy input methods, through methods such as government procurement of services, programme subsidy, and replacing subsidies with awards, encouraging and guiding social forces to provide public cultural products and services, stimulating cultural industry development. Vigorously striving for Centrally=financed State-owned capital operation budgets expand support strength to the cultural industries, supporting and fostering cultural market subjects. Supporting the construction of major strategic, pioneering and driving cultural industry programmes, supporting cultural science and technology, research, development and application, and raising the technological equipment level of cultural enterprises. Encouraging and supporting localities meeting conditions to establish cultural industry investment guidance funds, striving to explore new forms of cultural industry investment models with government input as guidance, and mobilizing social participation.

(2) Perfecting policy, law and regulation systems

Further implementing taxation support policies concerning promoting commercial cultural undertaking work units to transform, supporting cultural enterprise development, supporting cultural product and service export, and encouraging technological innovation. Striving to bring the cultural industries into the “Western Region Encouraged Industry Catalogue”, Western region cultural enterprise income tax to be collected at a lower rate of 15%. Vigorously coordinating with relevant departments, earnestly researching the problem of the relatively high tax burden reflected by a part of the sector, progressively perfecting corresponding taxation policies. Supporting all localities to integrate the real situation, and bring cultural industry land use into town and country development plans and general land use plans, within the scope permitted by State land policies, striving to prioritize guaranteeing land use for concentrated cultural industry development. Coordinating with sector controlling departments, expanding land use supervision systems, incessantly raising cultural industry land use efficiency, strictly prohibiting the occupation of land under the name of cultural industries in violation of regulations. Incessantly lowering the production and operational costs of cultural enterprises, promoting and realizing that cultural enterprises conforming to the encouraged-type service categories pay the same price as industry for electricity, water, gas and heating. Accelerating cultural industry promotion legislation progress, striving to bring cultural industry policies that are effective in practice into State laws and regulations, providing legal guarantees for cultural industry development.

(3) Deepening cultural structural reform

Through deepening cultural structural reform, building structures and mechanisms benefiting the flourishing and development of the cultural industries, further liberating and developing cultural productive forces, arousing the cultural creation vitality of the whole society. Accelerating and moving forward the reform of commercial culture work units, moving the transformation into enterprises of standard State-owned culture and art theatres and troupes forward, promoting undertaking work units such as culture and art theatres and troupes representing ethnic characteristics and national levels, etc., to implement enterprise-type management, strengthening their service provision ability in facing the market and facing the masses. Deepening administrative culture management system reform, accelerating the transformation of government functions, strengthening the government’s coordinating, market supervision, social management and public service functions, promoting the separation of government and enterprises, and government and undertakings, rationalizing the relationship between the government and cultural enterprises and undertaking work units.

(4) Standardizing cultural market order

Completely combing out cultural market laws and regulations, doing legal system creation, reform and abolition work well. Fully using legal, economic and necessary administrative means to adjust market distribution and optimize market structures, guide and adjust cultural markets. Accelerating cultural market credit system construction, standardizing the relationships between market operation subjects, and operators and consumers, creating a fair and competitive market environment. Perfecting cultural market subject and product access systems, strengthening cultural market subject and content management, conducting content examination of cultural products according to the law. Deepening comprehensive cultural market law enforcement team construction. Vigorously utilizing information network technology, innovating cultural market management means, establishing and completing unified and high-efficiency nationwide technological cultural market supervision systems. Deeply launching “sweeping away pornography and striking illegality”, strengthening cultural market management, strictly investigating and prosecuting acts of unlawful cultural business, cleaning up the cultural market environment, safeguarding an honest, fair, competitive and orderly market order.

(5) Strengthening public industry services

According to the requirements of constructing a service-type government, incessantly perfecting cultural industry public services, planning and constructing a batch of comprehensive cultural industry public service platforms comprising functions including enterprise incubation, public technology support, financial investment services, information distribution, resource sharing, statistical analysis, etc. Constructing incubation bases for small and mid-size cultural enterprise establishment, lowering start-up costs and start-up risks, raising start-up efficiency. Incessantly perfecting cultural industry statistical target systems, innovating statistical methods, providing reliable statistics guarantees for promoting cultural industry development. Establishing cultural system and cultural industry statistics platforms, timely distributing statistical data. Relying on cultural industry demonstration parks and demonstration bases, establishing statistical systems focusing on cultural enterprises, timely and correctly reflecting the sector’s development trends and circumstances, providing data support and information services to all levels’ Party Committees and governments for policymaking.

(6) Strengthening organization and implementation

All levels’ administrative culture departments must, under the leadership of Party Committees and governments, unify thoughts, raise understanding and list cultural industry development on the important matters agenda, earnestly grasp the organization and implementation of the “Cultural Industry Redoubling Plan”, strengthen supervision and examination of the Plan’s implementation situation. They must earnestly implement their responsibilities, actively strengthen their communication and coordination with entities such as development and reform, finance, taxation, science and technology, commerce, education, land, banking, etc, strive to establish corresponding work mechanisms, jointly research and implement the development objectives and tasks put forward in this Plan, and guarantee that all policy measures are implemented satisfactorily, stimulating cultural industry leapfrogging development. Filly giving rein to all levels’ and all sorts of cultural industry associations’ important function in providing policy consultation strengthening sector self-regulation, stimulating sector development, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of enterprises, formulating sector standards, etc., making them become bridges and bonds connecting the cultural industry world, striving to shape desirable interaction between cultural enterprises, sector associations and government departments.



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专栏  文化产业重点工程
































3. 加强国际文化产业交流合作






专栏 演艺业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,建设10家左右覆盖全国主要城市的全国性或跨区域的文艺演出院线,打造一批深受人民群众喜爱、久演不衰的精品剧目,形成1-2个国际知名的演艺产业集聚区,大力拓展农村演艺市场,基本满足城乡居民对演艺的消费需求,为实现从演艺大国到演艺强国的跨越奠定基础。
主要举措 ● 加快国有文艺院团转企改制的步伐,引导支持民营资本进入演艺领域,着力培育一批有较强竞争力的骨干演艺企业。

● 发展以大型演艺集团为龙头,以中心城市剧场为支点,以二三线城市剧场为网络的若干个跨区域演出院线。

● 加快演艺基础设施改造更新,重点鼓励生产具有自主知识产权的新型音响、灯光和舞台技术装备。

● 积极推进全国文化票务网络建设,打造文艺演出票务平台。

● 依托各地文化艺术资源,发挥已形成的地方特色演艺品牌的辐射效应,培育民族民间演艺产业群。政策支持● 研究制定和落实支持演艺产业发展的经济政策。

● 发挥国家各类文化艺术基金的作用,调动国家、社会等各方面力量,推动演艺产品创新,鼓励创作反映现实生活和表现时代精神的优秀舞台作品。

● 鼓励有条件的地方设立“演艺产业发展专项资金”,重点支持演出节目原创、舞台设备更新、剧场建设改造、演出院线建设、出国巡演等。

● 制定完善演艺产业市场准入和退出、市场监管、知识产权保护、从业规范等政策法规。



专栏 娱乐业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,打造5至10家具有较大产业规模和较强竞争实力的娱乐业品牌,推动娱乐业自主创新,使国产娱乐设备、国产原创娱乐内容占据国内市场60%以上份额。
主要举措 ● 扶持国内娱乐设备生产企业积极开发拥有自主知识产权的娱乐设备,鼓励娱乐产品内容提供商积极开发拥有自主知识产权、内容健康的娱乐产品。

● 在大中城市积极发展集演艺、休闲、旅游、餐饮、购物、健身等为一体的综合性娱乐设施。

● 科学规划、适度发展科技含量高、富有中国文化特色的娱乐园区,坚持合理布局,有序规范,防止盲目建设。

● 加强娱乐场所引导和管理,加大执法力度,规范娱乐业经营秩序,净化娱乐市场环境。政策支持● 鼓励各地调低娱乐业营业税税率,促进大众娱乐业发展,丰富人民群众精神文化生活。

● 推动娱乐场所标准化建设,建立娱乐场所硬件设施标准体系、技术标准体系和服务标准体系。



专栏 动漫业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 力争到2015年,动漫业增加值超300亿元,动漫创意和产品质量有很大提升,着力打造5至10个在国际上具有较强竞争力和影响力的国产动漫品牌和骨干动漫企业,培育一批国际知名的动漫企业家和动漫艺术家,实现动漫产业质的飞跃,成为文化产业发展的重要增长点和未成年人思想道德建设的重要支点。
主要举措 ● 制定动漫产业“十二五”发展规划。

● 评选中国文化艺术政府奖动漫奖,示范、引导动漫产业健康发展。

● 实施国家动漫精品工程,为优秀动漫创意和动漫产品搭建产业化平台,保护知识产权,推动形成上下游共同发展的动漫产业链条。

● 实施原创动漫推广计划,包括动漫游戏海外推广、展会推广和边疆推广。

● 加强动漫关键技术研发、动漫公共技术服务平台和国家动漫公共素材库项目建设,为动漫产业发展提供技术支撑。

● 加强对现有国家动漫产业基地园区的管理,优化基地园区布局,提高基地园区的孵化、集聚、交易、展示、交流功能。

● 联合教育部实施原创动漫人才培养计划,举办国家动漫产业高级研修班,培养产业需要的高端人才。

● 加强动漫产业理论研究工作,发布动漫产业发展年度报告和产业数据。政策支持● 与财政、税务等部门共同开展动漫企业认定,完善面向动漫企业的财税优惠政策。

● 继续在营业税、增值税、所得税、进口关税及进口环节增值税等税种实施优惠政策,扶持动漫企业发展。

● 推动出台动漫产业公共技术服务平台认定管理及进口税收优惠政策。



专栏 游戏业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 到2015年,游戏业市场收入规模达到2000亿元。鼓励网游企业到海外投资,形成10家综合实力达到世界水平的骨干游戏企业,培育一批内容健康向上、富有民族特色的游戏精品,力争每年向世界推出百款网游,其中3-5款精品网游跻身国际最受欢迎网游前十位排名。
主要举措 ● 推动民族原创网络游戏产业快速发展,打造具有深厚文化内涵、深受群众喜爱的网络游戏精品。

● 加强科技攻关,研发具有自主知识产权的网络游戏技术和电子游戏软硬件设备,搭建公共技术服务平台。

● 调整优化产品结构和市场结构,丰富网络游戏类型,鼓励新产品填补细分市场。协调发展各游戏门类,提高游戏产业的核心竞争力。

● 严厉打击网络游戏“私服”、“外挂”等侵犯知识产权的行为。政策支持● 促进游戏产品出口,鼓励我国游戏产品参与国际竞争,搭建游戏产业国际交流平台。

● 完善游戏产业相关法律法规,构建监管互动平台,积极引导行业和企业自律。

● 创新人才培养模式,推进产学结合,形成与产业发展相适应的游戏类教育和职业培训体系,培养一批专门人才。



专栏 文化旅游业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,进一步扩大文化旅游产业规模,保护文化旅游资源,规范文化旅游市场秩序,形成文化内容与旅游载体相互融合、相互支撑的总体格局,使文化旅游成为文化产业和旅游产业新的经济增长点和重要支撑。
主要举措 ● 科学编制文化旅游发展规划,积极策划文化旅游的精品线路,建设旅游文化名街、名镇,打造文化旅游特色产业集聚区。

● 认定一批文化特征鲜明、市场影响大、发展活力强劲、开放程度高的全国文化旅游实验区,发挥引领示范作用。

● 深入挖掘历史文化和地域文化资源,打造一批拥有自主知识产权、具有广泛传播力和国际影响力的旅游演艺品牌。

● 在有效保护的基础上,对历史文化名城、文物古迹进行科学合理利用,合理利用、传承发展传统手工技艺类和表演类非物质文化遗产,深度开发文化旅游工艺品,提升品位,拓宽市场。

● 打造文化旅游系列活动品牌,扶持具有地方、民族特色的文化旅游项目。从2010年开始,文化部、国家旅游局每4年推出一个中国文化旅游主题年,每两年举办一届中国国际文化旅游周。

● 文化部和国家旅游局定期发布《国家文化旅游重点项目名录》。

● 加强文化旅游市场管理,营造良好的文化旅游环境。政策支持● 进一步扶持国家文化旅游重点项目,拓宽投融资渠道,吸引社会资本投资文化旅游项目的建设开发。

● 加大政府投入,重点用于文化旅游宣传推介和交通等基础设施建设。



专栏 艺术品业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 到2015年,艺术品市场交易总额达2000亿,形成2-3家具有世界影响的艺术产业集聚区,将中国建设成为世界艺术品重要交易中心。
主要举措 ● 鼓励原创艺术创作,推动画廊业发展,鼓励各地结合自身资源建立艺术产业集聚区。

● 鼓励建立新媒体艺术中心和视觉实验室,鼓励原创新媒体艺术发展。

● 打造诚信度高、交易便捷、品种丰富的艺术品电子商务平台。

● 扶持两个国际化、品牌化、高品位的艺术品产业博览会。政策支持● 完善艺术品市场政策法规,加强艺术品市场监管力度,建立艺术品市场信用管理机制,维护艺术品交易市场的正常秩序。

● 完善艺术品经纪人制度、市场准入与退出制度。

● 培养艺术品产业领军人才、艺术家、鉴定人才和经纪人才。



专栏 工艺美术业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 到2015年,全国工艺美术业增加值超过6000亿元,出口额超过200亿美元。建设一批工艺美术特色产业集聚区和工艺美术研发、设计、创意基地。挖掘丰富的民族文化内涵,提升产品附加值,增强市场竞争力,打造一批具有广泛影响力的工艺美术品牌,带动工艺美术产业全面发展。
主要举措 ● 支持传统工艺美术面向市场,鼓励工艺美术技艺创新和提高产品科技含量,开发更多具有自主知识产权的产品,扩大在国际市场的影响力。

● 依托丰富的传统民族民间手工艺品资源,以工艺资源相对富集的中小城市和村镇为主体,加强创意和技术支持,培育集创意研发、生产销售、文化体验为一体的传统民族民间工艺品集散区。

● 推动农村手工艺业发展,鼓励农民通过手工技艺增收致富,通过产业集聚培育一大批特色文化产业乡镇、农民专业合作社、文化个体户及乡村文化产业带头人,实现文化富民。政策支持● 推动出台针对工艺美术行业的税收优惠政策,建立适应工艺美术产业发展的投融资体系。

● 加强对制作传统工艺美术产品特需的珍稀矿产资源和天然原材料的保护,为传统工艺美术的研究、开发和生产提供支持。

● 加大资金投入力度,加强传统工艺美术技艺整理传承、人才保护和技艺保护工作。

● 建立科学、完善的工艺美术人才培养机制和教育体系,为工艺美术人才的成长创造良好条件。



专栏 文化会展业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,形成3-5个覆盖全国并具有国际影响力的文化会展,逐步建立结构合理、特色明显、功能互补的文化会展业体系。
主要举措 ● 重点培育扶持中国国际文化产业博览交易会等重要会展,打造精品会展品牌。

● 转变政府职能,完善会展运作模式,协调会展业及其相关产业链条的发展和提升。

● 进一步发掘传统节庆文化内涵,提升新兴节庆文化品质,培育一批群众参与度高、社会影响力大、经济和社会效益好的节庆活动。

● 加强品牌性文化节庆活动的社会推广和宣传,扩大品牌影响力和经济带动力。政策支持● 建立健全会展评估机制,完善会展评估和反馈体系,促进文化会展业可持续发展。

● 加强对地方文化会展和节庆活动的规范和引导。

            专栏 重点发展的文化产业展会节庆


                发展目标 举办地
中国国际文化产业博览交易会 打造享有较高国际知名度和较大国际影响力的综合性、国际化文化产业博览交易会。 深圳
中国北京国际文化创意产业博览会 发挥首都全国文化中心示范作用,打造集聚文化创意资源、反映产业动向和趋势、促进产业合作和产品交易的国际文化经贸交流盛会。 北京
中国演艺产业博览会 为国内外演艺界搭建集“展示、合作、交易、发展”于一体的综合性服务平台,繁荣发展演艺产业。 天津
中国国际动漫游戏博览会 支持成为国内一流、亚洲知名的动漫游戏会展活动。 上海
中国国际网络文化博览会 引导网络文化产业发展方向,引领数字内容产业创新趋势。 北京
中国(北京)艺术品产业博览会 打造全国性、专业化、品牌化的艺术品产业交易交流平台。 北京
中国西部文化产业博览会 搭建展示中西部地区优秀文化资源、助推东中西部文化交流、推动西部文化产业走向国际的重要平台。 西安
中国义乌文化产品交易博览会 成为国际化特色明显、市场化运作模式相对成熟的文化产业投资、贸易和技术合作的平台。 义乌
中国东北文化产业博览交易会 构建主题突出、内容丰富、形式新颖、特色鲜明、功能完善、参与广泛的国家级文化产业交流展示和交易合作平台。 沈阳
中国洛阳牡丹文化节 打造以花为媒,融文化交流、旅游观光、经贸合作为一体的具有广泛影响力的国家级知名文化品牌节会,成为推动区域经济发展方式转变的引擎。 洛阳
中国原创手机动漫游戏大赛 培育手机动漫游戏精品,发掘优秀创作人才,成为国内手机动漫领域的一流赛事活动。 长沙



专栏 创意设计业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,举办1-2个具有国际影响力的创意设计展会和赛事活动,全面提升我国创意设计水平,支持打造3-5个世界知名的“设计之都”。
主要举措 ● 搞活创意设计市场,开展国际性创意设计推广、创意设计交易和品牌展示活动。

● 培育壮大拥有自主知识产权和知名品牌、具有较强竞争力、成长性好的创意设计类龙头企业。

● 建设创意设计产业孵化器,完善创业孵化功能,为大学生创业就业创造条件,推动中小创意设计企业集聚和成长。政策支持● 加强创意设计知识产权保护力度,形成尊重创意设计、维护创意设计创新的良好氛围。

● 支持创意设计企业与高等院校联合建设创意设计产业人才培养基地,加快培养创意设计人才。



专栏 网络文化业发展目标和主要政策措施




● 鼓励文化内容与网络技术结合,不断创新文化业态,丰富文化表现形式,推进文化产业结构调整。

● 促进网络文化产业链相关环节的融合与沟通,创新营销推广模式,研究建立更规范、合理的分成模式。

● 鼓励和支持数字技术企业、网络技术企业、计算机硬件企业和通讯企业参与网络文化内容产品的生产和经营。

● 继续稳步推进网吧连锁化、规模化、专业化、品牌化经营。


● 加强宏观规划,完善政策支持体系,支持网络文化企业发展。

● 加强知识产权保护体系的建设,积极采用新的科技手段加强对网络文化作品的保护。



专栏 数字文化服务业发展目标和主要政策措施

发展目标 “十二五”期间,利用数字技术全面提升文化产业各门类信息化服务水平,加快传统文化产业的改造提升速度,培育基于数字技术的新兴内容产业,形成一批采用数字技术提供制作、传播、营销、推广等服务的文化服务企业,为文化产业和高新技术融合发展提供支撑。
主要举措 ● 鼓励文化内容与数字等高新技术结合,不断创新文化业态,丰富文化表现形式,为各种新兴显示终端提供文化内容。

● 培育以信息化服务、数字化生产、网络化传播为特点的高科技文化企业。

● 加快文化资源和产品的数字化信息化进程,建设完成覆盖城乡的文化共享网络。鼓励扶持对舞台剧目、音乐、美术、文物、非物质文化遗产和文献资源进行数字化转化和开发。

● 加快科技创新成果转化,提高演艺、动漫、游戏、网络文化等领域技术装备水平,增强文化产业核心竞争力。政策支持● 加强知识产权保护力度,加强数字内容的监督管理,保证国家文化安全。

● 积极建设数字文化产品的产权交易平台,完善投融资机制和相关经济政策。















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    […] in 2008 and general cultural industry development in 2009) did not mention this at all. The Ministry’s Five-Year Plan for the cultural industries, published in February of this year, did allow for closer cooperation with “foreign powerful […]

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