Notice concerning Launching Topical Research for 2012

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All member work units of the Nationwide Cultural System Ideological and Political Work Research Association:

On the basis of the tasks and requirements of the Grass-roots Organization Year concerning strengthening topical research on Party building, and in order to raise the theoretical level of grass-roots Party building, and even better serve grass-roots Party organizations to launch ideological and political work, after research, topical research on ideological and theoretical work is launched within the nationwide cultural and heritage system. Hereby, relevant matters are notified as follows:

I, General line of thinking

With Deng Xiaoping theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implement the scientific development view, earnestly implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, the previous Plenums of the 17th Party Congress, and the Ministry of Culture Party work meeting for 2012, with welcoming the 18th Party Congress, studying and implementing the spirit of the 18th Party Congress as main line, persist in revolving around the Centre, analysing and explaining difficult issues, striving to strengthen the focus and effect of Party building work policies, and even better providing ideological and political guarantees for the grand development and grand flourishing of culture, and welcoming the victorious convocation of the 18th Party congress with excellent achievements.

II, Topical orientation

1, Research on Party member and cadre models practicing the Socialist core value system.

2, Research on ideological and political work innovations since the 16th Party Congress.

3, Research on strengthening and improving Party leadership over cultural work.

4, Research on strengthening ideological, political and moral cultivation among leading cadres in the cultural sphere.

5, Research on grass-roots Party organizations in the cultural area.

6, Research on strengthening the Party’s public opinion propaganda and guiding function.

7, Research on strengthening education about Party cadres’ contemporary knowledge and historical cultural knowledge.

8, Research on establishing and completing cleanliness and honesty mechanisms for Party members and teams.

III, Concrete requirements

(1) Launching topical research is an important task of the research association, all member work units must give high regard to this work and realistically strengthen leadership and guidance, provide financial, personnel and other support for topical research, and guarantee the completion of article writing on time.

(2) Articles must have viewpoints, analyses, materials and examples, so that they can have a theoretical function in stimulating cultural work; articles must have clear scientific principles, unaffected writing styles, and standardized composition. 4000-5000 characters is proper.

(3) Please report the selected topics as well as topical responsible persons, contact persons and contact telephones to our secretariat (Ministry of Culture-subordinate Organ Party Committee Office) before 16 March; and send an electronic copy of the topical research achievements before the end of August to our mailbox (

It is foreseen to convene a nationwide cultural system ideological and political work conference somewhere in September of this year, at that time, the research achievement of all member work units are exchanged.

It is hereby notified.

Contact person: Tang Jianjun

Contact telephone: 010-59882039

Nationwide Cultural System Political Research Secretariat (Stamped)

27 February 2012



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