Ministry of Culture Directly Subordinate Organs’ Discipline Inspection Work Focus Points for 2012

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In 2012, the general requirements for discipline inspection work of the Ministry of Culture’s directly subordinate organs are: according to the deployment of the7th Plenum of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee, 5th clean government work conference of the State Council, earnestly implementing the spirit of the 2012 Ministry of Culture Party spirit and clean government construction work conference, persisting in the policies of treating both root causes and symptoms, comprehensive administration, combining the development of punishment and opposition, and stressing prevention, strictly enforcing Party discipline, deepening anti-corruption and pro-clean government education with promoting clean government culture construction as focus, strengthening work style construction with improving leadership organs’ and leading cadres’ work style as focus, strengthening punishment and anti-corruption system construction with moving clean government risk prevention mechanisms construction as focus point, providing forceful discipline guarantees for completing central tasks.

I, Deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the 7th Plenum of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the 5th clean government work conference of the State Council

(1) Earnestly grasping the implementation of the spirit of the 7th Plenum of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the 5th clean government work conference of the State Council. Organizing Party members, cadres and discipline inspection cadres to deeply study the important speech of Comrade Hu Jintao at the 7th Plenum of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the work report of comrade Jia Qinglin, deeply studying the important speech of Comrade Wen Jiabao at the 5th State Council clean government work conference, unifying ideological understanding and clarifying tasks and requirements. Integrating the reality of all work units, putting forward concrete measures to implement the spirit of the meeting, strengthening supervision and examination, promoting the Ministry of Culture’s Party spirit and clean government construction, and anti-corruption work to be deeply launched.

(2) Strictly enforcing Party discipline. Creating a fine atmosphere for the convocation of the 18th Party Congress Strengthening political discipline education, guiding and supervising Party members and cadres to consciously preserve a high degree of consistency with the political and organization actions of the Party Centre with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, persisting in safeguarding the Party’s unity and uniformity. Strictly implementing Party political discipline, strengthening supervision and examination over the implementation situation of Party political discipline, acts of violating Party political discipline, creating and disseminating political rumours, participating in illegal organizations or illegal activities, etc., must be strictly investigated and prosecuted according to discipline and law. Vigorously coordinating organs’ Party Committees to perform Ministry of Culture representative selection work for the 18th Party Congress well, guaranteeing that the selection happens in a clear and correct atmosphere.

(3) Strengthening supervision and inspection of Central major policy decision and distribution implementation situations. Persisting in rectifying phenomena of decrees not being implemented and prohibitions that are not enforced, guaranteeing the implementation of the spirit of the 6th plenum of the 17th Party Congress and the distribution of major Centre policy decision. Integrating supervision and inspection with special campaigns, investigating and prosecuting cases, and investigating responsibilities, formulation prevention measures aimed at positions and segments where corruption propagates easily, incessantly raising the scientization, systematization and standardization levels of supervision and examination.

II, Realistically strengthening work style construction of organ and Party member leading cadres

(4) Further strengthening work style construction. According to the requirements of Comrade Hu Jintao at the 7th Plenum of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee concerning persisting in a pure Party member and cadre work style, realistically strengthening the construction of organs’ and cadres’ work styles. Forcefully varying forward a good work style of closely linking with the masses, seeking truth and being pragmatic, working diligently in spite of difficulties, criticism and self-criticism. Further closely linking the Party-mass and cadre-mass relationship, stimulating a governing style and driving a style of action with a good Party style, establishing an image of serving the people, being pragmatic, honest and upright.

(5) Expanding work style discipline rectification systems. Strengthening supervision and inspection of the work style construction situation. With preserving the flesh and blood relationship with the popular masses, as focus point, with preserving the ideological Party line of seeking truth from facts as starting point, with ideology education, perfecting systems, work style rectification and strict discipline as handholds, incessantly expanding the rectification strength concerning prominent problems in aspects of organs’ and cadres’ work styles. Earnestly clearing up problems of common negligence, strictly punishing acts of non-achievement or disorderly actions. Bringing the work style situation into the Party style and clean government construction responsibility system assessment scope, strengthening supervision and inspection, and timely investigating and prosecuting problems of grave infringement of work style discipline.

III, Deeply launching anti-corruption and pro-honesty education, forcefully strengthening organs’ clean government culture construction

(6) Deepening anti-corruption and pro-honesty education. Earnestly implementing the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress and the “Opinion Concerning Strengthening Anti-Corruption and Pro-Honesty Education of Leading Cadres”, forcefully strengthening political quality and moral quality education, continuing to deepening demonstration education, warning education and position clean government education, building ideological and moral defence lines that firmly resist corruption and are ready for any emergency. Continuing to bring Party discipline education into the Ministry of Culture Party member concentrated training, earnestly summarizing the practice and experience of anti-corruption and pro-honesty education in the cultural work sphere under new circumstances, continuing to give rein to the vigorous function of using “Party Building Online” and other burgeoning media in stimulating anti-corruption and pro-honesty construction.

(7) Launching clean government culture foundation activities. Persisting in taking leading organs and leading cadres as focus point, taking the establishment of value concepts of justly using official powers and engaging in clean politics with leading cadres as crux, solidly launching organ clean government culture foundation activities. Integrating clean government culture construction with strengthening organ culture construction and doing ideological political work well, launching educational activities with rich content, prominent topics and diversified forms, building an atmosphere of “seeing cleanliness as honourable, and corruption as shameful” within the Ministry of Culture, making the broad Party members and cadres turn an incorruptible political consciousness into a spiritual pursuit, a norm for action and a conscious action.

IV, Strengthening anti-corruption and pro-honesty system construction

(8) Earnestly inspecting the implementation situation of work unit anti-corruption and pro-honesty system construction tasks. Strengthening anti-corruption and pro-honesty system implementation situation supervision and inspection, strictly implementing all systems, realistically raising the implementation strength of systems, safeguarding the seriousness and authoritativeness of systems.

(9) Completely moving clean government risk mechanism construction forward. Earnestly implementing the spirit of the Centre’s documents concerning strengthening clean government risk prevention and control work, vigorously coordinating with discipline inspection groups inside the department to integrate clean government risk prevention and control work with strengthening education, perfecting systems, strengthening supervision, investigating and handling cases, integrating it with moving government matters openness and Party matters openness risk prevention and control forward, further implementing the requirements of strictly punishing and preventing corruption in all aspects.

V, Further strengthening supervision work

(10) Strengthening intra-Party supervision work. Earnestly implementing intra-Party supervision regulations, further raising the focus and effectiveness of supervision. Strengthening communication and coordination with discipline inspection groups, supervision bureaus, human resources, finance, auditing and other departments, vigorously exploring and innovating supervision methods such as organ discipline inspection committees participating in programme examination and approval, cadre selection and appointment, project construction bidding, government procurement, etc., establishing and completing work mechanisms, further raising the capacity and level of supervision.

(11) Strengthening supervision and inspection of leading cadres’ clean self-discipline implementation situation. Continuing to grasp the implementation of the “Regulations Concerning Implementing Party Style and Clean Government Construction Responsibility Systems”, the “Some Standards for Chinese Communist Party Members and Leading Cadres’ Clean Politics” and the related “Implementation Regulations”, striving to resolve prominent problems existing in aspects of Party member and leading cadre clean self-discipline. Together with human resources departments, earnestly implementing systems for leading cadres to report relevant personal matters and strengthening management over State workers whose spouses or children have moved their residence outside the country (borders).

VI, Strictly investigating and handling cases according to discipline and according to the law

(12) Doing letters and petitions reporting work well. Earnestly implementing the Central Discipline Inspection Committee “Opinions Concerning Strengthening and Standardizing Discipline Inspection Network Reporting Work” and the “Opinions Concerning Further Strengthening Discipline Inspection Supervision of Letters and Petitions Reporting Case Handling Work”, etc., strengthening examination and supervision work over problems reflected in incoming letters and petitions, further standardizing letters and petitions reporting procedures, focusing on doing real-name reporting and on-line reporting acceptance, examination and reply work well, further standardizing letters and petitions reporting communication, supervision, inspection and examination, realistically strengthening and improving letters and petitions reporting work.

(13) Expanding special clean-up strength. Assisting relevant departments to continue to grasp prominent problems in the project construction sphere, problems of official cars, problems of “slush funds”, and other special clean-up work, striving to labour with complete and long-term mechanisms. Strengthening supervision and inspection of special clean-up work situations, strictly investigating and prosecuting cases violating regulations.

VII, Forcefully strengthening discipline inspection groups’ self-construction

(14) Strengthening grass-roots discipline inspection group construction. Earnestly implementing the “Opinions Concerning Strengthening and Improving Anti-Corruption and Pro-Honesty Construction Work of All Centre and State Organs’ Directly Subordinate Work Units in Beijing”, with the grass-roots organization construction year as juncture, vigorously striving for the attention and support of all levels’ Party organizations, establishing and completing discipline inspection organs within directly subordinate work units, incessantly substantiating and strengthening grass-roots discipline inspection group construction.

(15) Strengthening discipline inspection cadre team construction. Integrating activities of creating advances and striving for superiority, striving to establish a line of discipline inspection cadre teams that are loyal and reliable, serve the people, are upright and not given to flattery, and justly implement discipline. Organizing the launch of anti-corruption and pro-honesty theory research, solidly moving study-type discipline inspection group construction forward. Continuing to persist in discipline inspection cadre annual training work, enriching training content, innovating training methods, completely raising inspection cadres’ ideological and political quality, professional quality and discipline implementation capacity, safeguarding the fine image of discipline inspection groups.



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