More information about the Weibo real-name registration system

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The real-name registration system for microblogs announced earlier will take effect on 16 March, but already, Sina has started to see a decline in user numbers, as protested by Weibo CEO Cao Guowei. Also, Twitter user mcxiaoke posted a number of other requirements in an implementation notice that has apparently been circulated to microblog furms. I haven’t found this original document yet (any tips are welcome), so I can’t vouch for the source, but here is the translation of the twitter posts.

The canopy of the real-name system is going to come down, let’s quickly flee domestic microblog services, the real-name system implementation notice requires: information posted by microblog users with more than 100.000 followers must be examined and verified item by item, and a system of examination before posting is instituted; information posted by blacklisted users must be examined and verified item by item, and a system of examination before posting is instituted; information indicated to be unlawful must be deleted within five minutes; technological interfaces must be opened for search engines specially used by public security organs; screening or filtering measures for specific keywords must take effect within ten minutes; a “one-keystroke delete” function must be provided concerning specific text, images, videos or links; control functions for reprint and comment on information from specific users or in specific microblogs must be provided, control functions must be provided for information posted from specific regions, specific IP addresses or specific sources; a 24/7 information inspection system must be established, a complete function to cease all individual even posting must be provided; user registration information must be preserved long-term, user log-in information must be preserved for one year, client software or mobile phone registration telephones are to be used to distinguish mobile telephone serial number information; daily record information must be provided to public security organs in real time, advance evaluation and consultation systems must be set up with public security organs.

实名制的天幕将要降下,赶快逃离国内微博服务吧,实名制实施通知里的要求:对粉丝数超过10 万人的微博用户发布的信息进行逐条审核,实行先审后发制度;对黑名单用户发布的信息进行逐条审核,实行先审后发制度;指定违法有害信息5分钟内删除;向公安机关专用搜索引擎开放技术接口;指定关键词的屏蔽过滤措施10分钟内生效;具备特定文本图片视频链接“一键删除”功能;具备特定用户或指定微博信息的转发评论控制功能;具备特定地区、特定IP或特定来源信息发布控制功能;建立7×24小时信息巡查制度;具备全部单项发布服务停止功能;用户注册信息长期保存;用户登录信息保存一年;使用客户端软件或手机的记录终端识别和手机串号信息;日志信息向公安机关实时提供;与公安机关建立事前评估及报备制度。

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