Ministry of Culture Notice concerning Deeply Launching Learning from Lei Feng Activities in Public Cultural Organs

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus), the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Culture, Radio and Television Bureau, the National Library, the Chinese Art Gallery, the nationwide Ministry of Culture cultural information resource construction and management centres:

In order to implement the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress and the “CCP Central Committee Secretariat Opinions Concerning Deeply Launching Learning from Lei Feng Activities”, solidly and deeply move learning from Lei Feng activities in public cultural organs forward, the following matters are hereby notified as follows:

I, Raising understanding, making deeply launching learning from Lei Feng activities into a focus task in the cultural system at present and conducting deployment and arrangement. Lei Feng is a model for practising Socialism and Socialist ideology and morals, and is a glorious example for the people in the entire country to learn from. The Lei Feng spirit is the epochal crystallization of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and is a lively reflection of the Socialist core value system. Deeply launching learning from Lei Feng activities is an important task put forward by the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Committee, and has an important significance in moving the construction of the Socialist core value system forwards, strengthening the ideological and moral education of the popular masses, raising public cultural service capacity and levels, promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. All levels’ administrative culture departments must give it high regard, persist in sticking close to reality, sticking close to life and sticking close to the masses, list learning from Lei Feng activities into the important matters agenda, earnestly formulate work plans, carefully arrange deployment, meticulously organize implementation, fully give rein to the characteristics and superiority of public culture organs, vigorously innovate content, innovate forms and innovate methods, guide the broad cultural workers into becoming students, practitioners and disseminators of the Lei Feng spirit, and promoting public culture service system construction, in order to welcome the victorious convocation of the 18th Party congress with outstanding achievements.

II, At all levels’ public culture organs, broadly launching learning from Lei Feng activities. All levels’ administrative culture departments must pay high regard to deeply launch learning from Lei Feng activities in public culture organs, and through special reports, research exchange, exhibitions and shows, soliciting articles and lectures and many other methods, organize public culture organ acres to earnestly learn from Lei Feng’s meritorious deeds, correctly grasp the content of Lei Feng spirit, deeply understand the epochal value of the Lei Feng spirit. We must fully give rein to the model and leading functions of cultural system and public culture organ Party members and leading cadres, through the leading example of Party members and leading acres, and their practicing what they preach, establish examples for normal cadres and the masses. We must, through establishing “Lei Feng Model Posts”, launching comparing and rewards and many other methods, guide cadres and personnel to compare contributions, compare their respect of work, consciously come through in the purpose of serving the people. We must integrate public service facility free opening work, launch “building excellent service windows (programmes)”, “learn from Lei Feng, let dignity shine” and many other kinds of activities, grasp window work units’ learning from Lei Feng activities, obtain breakthroughs in excellent service levels, and establish desirable social images. We must forcefully excavate, select, propagate and report advanced collectives and model personalities of the Lei Feng mould emerging in large numbers in the culture system, summarize and disseminate lean from Lei Feng activity advanced experiences, fully give rein to the demonstration and leading functions of models, guide cadres and personnel to practice the Lei Feng spirit, strengthen a service consciousness, raise service capacity and improve service quality.

III, Fully giving rein to the superiority of public cultural organs, strengthen propaganda and dissemination of the Lei Feng spirit. All levels’ public culture organs are important battleground for propagating and carrying forward the Lei Feng spirit, bear an important responsibility to propagate and carry forward the Lei Feng spirit, must integrate the functions and characteristics of that work unit, fully utilize talent, technology and resource superiority, in a focused manner, launch propaganda and education activities of the Lei Feng spirit. Public libraries must fully utilize the present book collection to establish special Lei Feng spirit bookshelves, make it convenient for the masses to borrow and read them, and at the same time organize special theme lectures, focusing on launching Lei Feng spirit education and guidance activities for the broad minors; art galleries may, on the basis of their own conditions, revolve around the Lei Feng spirit to organize exhibitions and show activities in many forms and public education activities, and display the epochal values of the Lei Feng spirit through the form of art; culture sharing project must fully utilize resource and equipment superiority and integrate the cultural information resources integrating the Lei Feng spirit, with “practising the Lei Feng spirit, promoting culture to benefit and serve the people”, rely on project networks to set up special Lei Feng activity columns, and establish information exchange platforms for Lei Feng activities.

IV, With lean from Lei Feng activity activities as juncture, strengthening cultural volunteer service work. All levels’ administrative culture departments must earnestly summarize the experiences of launching cultural volunteer service practice in their area, make cultural volunteer service into an expansion and innovation of lean from Lei Feng activities, formulate and perfect cultural volunteer recruitment, training and management rules, mobilize even more public culture talents to participate in volunteer service, make cultural volunteer service become a regular practice of public culture organs’ lean from Lei Feng activities. We must deeply launch the “spring rain project” – nationwide cultural volunteer border work, broadly organize all localities’ cultural volunteers to go to border and ethnic regions to launch cultural volunteer service in a focused manner, incessantly raise service capacity, strengthen service effect, expand service influence, making border work become the link of inland and border ethnic region cultural exchange. We must broaden cultural volunteer service areas, make older people with empty nests, left-behind children, rural workers, masses with difficult lives and other special groups into focus targets for cultural volunteer service, guide the broad public cultural workers to go deep down to the countryside and grass roots, neighbourhoods and communities, and launch cultural volunteer service activities in many forms and ways, letting the Lei Feng spirit be carried forward in cultural volunteer service activities.

V, Innovating forms, strengthening lean from Lei Feng activities’ real effect. We must adapt to the new changes in social environments and the new requirements of the popular masses, vigorously innovate the content of lean from Lei Feng activities, forms, methods, design activity carriers with diverse forms, that are rich and varied, strengthen lean from Lei Feng activities’ real effect. We must closely integrate lean from Lei Feng activities with cultural “three going to the countrysides”, traveling performances, traveling exhibitions, blogs, microblogs and other burgeoning dissemination methods and cartoon and mobile phone clops and other burgeoning cultural forms, rely on digital libraries, public electronic reading rooms and other public digital culture networks, launch lean from Lei Feng activities that are rich in characteristics of the time, strengthen the infectiousness and influence of the Lei Feng spirit.

VI, Establishing long-term mechanisms, promoting lean from Lei Feng activities’ regularization. All levels’ administrative culture departments and public culture organs must incessantly explore channels, methods and ways to deeply launch lean from Lei Feng activities, integrate lean from Lei Feng activities with implementing the spirit of the 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, and with the creation, advancing, superiority and vitality activities of that work unit and study-type Party organization construction, etc., bring it into overall work arrangements, strive to shape long-term mechanisms for lean from Lei Feng activities. We must bring the Lei Feng spirit into grass-roots cultural cadre training course systems, merge it into public cultural organ cadre and staff professional moral standards and behavioural norms, change it into a concrete work position requirement, to normalize lean from Lei Feng activities.

All provincial (regional, municipal) cultural offices (bureaus) must, according to the requirements of the Notice, integrate the reality of their localities, deploy public culture organs to deeply launch lean from Lei Feng activities, and before 31 March 2012, report the lean from Lei Feng activity work implementation plans of their locality to the Ministry of Culture Social Culture Department (contact persons: Bai Xuehua, Zhu Chunlei, contact telephone:010-59881741).

It is hereby notified

15 March 2012




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