Internet Society of China Proposal Letter on Resisting Online Rumours

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Following the rapid development of information and telecommunications technology, the Internet has become an important platform for the expression of the popular will, and has a positive influence on the economy, politics, culture, and the people’s lives and production. At the same time, it should be noted that harmful and untrue information still exists online, which influences the healthy development of society, especially the communication of online rumours recently has become a major social nuisance, which gravely harms citizens’ rights and interests, harms the public interests and endangers national security and social stability. Jointly resisting rumours and creating a healthy and civilized online environment have become problems attracting the common concern of all walks of society. In order to resist online rumours and create a healthy and civilized online environment, and to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Internet sector, the Internet Society of China puts forward the following proposals to the Internet circles of the entire country.

I, Establish a consciousness about the law, strictly respect all laws and regulations formulated by State and sectoral management departments, as well as the sectoral self-discipline conventions promulgated by the Internet Society of China, do not provide communication channels for online rumours, cooperate with relevant government departments in attacking the use of the network to disseminate rumours according to the law.

II, Vigorously respond to the strategic deployment of “strengthening national cultural soft power, carrying forward Chinese culture, striving to build a strong Socialist culture country”, formulate and disseminate lawful, true and healthy online information, build the Internet into a platform for the propagation of scientific theory, the dissemination of advanced culture, the moulding of beautiful souls and carrying forward a right social atmosphere.

III, Strengthen a sense of responsibility, implement the responsibilities of media, assume corporate social responsibility, protect the right of netizens to use the network according to the law, strengthen management of forums, microblogs and other interactive sections, vigorously guide netizens in going online in a civilized manner, speaking in a civilized manner, and firmly cut off the communication chain of online rumours.

IV, Persist in self-restraint, strengthen sectoral self-discipline. Establish and complete websites’ internal management systems, standardize information production, publication and dissemination workflows, strengthen internal supervision and management mechanisms, vigorously use websites’ technology management conditions to strengthen screening and handling of websites’ content, timely and actively delete clear online rumours.

V, Strengthen professional ethics education of website employees, demand that website employees earnestly carry out their legal responsibilities and abide by social morals, raise employees’ ability to differentiate online rumours, urge employees to cultivate good professional habits.

VI, Enterprises providing interactive information services shall respect the government’s demands concerning real-identity authentication on the Internet, and must at the same time do netizens personal information security protection work well, remind all kinds of information publishers that the information they publish must be objective and accurate, and the author has sole responsibility, ensure that every netizen bears the social responsibility they must bear.

VII, Consciously accept social supervision, establish unimpeded channels to hear netizens’ opinions, earnestly rectify problems reported by the public, raise social credibility.

VIII, It is hoped that the broad netizens vigorously support Internet enterprises in their operations to resist online rumours, consciously ensure that they do not create rumours, do not disseminate rumours and do not believe rumour, do not foment the circulation and spread of rumours, be upholders of a healthy online order, and vigorously report the rumours they discover.

Internet Society of China

8 April 2012













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