A revision of the revision: the next step for the Copyright Law

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The NCAC has received 1560 replies to the opinion-seeking draft for the new Copyright Law it sent out in March. These involved 81 of the draft’s 99 articles, with a significant portion directed at the provisions of Article 46, 48, 60 and 70, which were disputed by the music industry. The NCAC will now compose a new draft, which it hopes to present for a second round of commentary at the end of May. Sina reported that reactions were received from industrial organizations and enterprises from the US, the UK, the EU and Japan, as well as Hong Kong and Macau. Focus issues in the revision of the draft will be statutory licensing systems, collective copyright management systems, network service providers’ investigation duties, the legal responsiblities of non-exclusive licence users, compensation as  well as registration systems for copyright and related rights. In a meeting of the expert group on the Copyright Law revision, it was stressed that the revision must be based on the Chinese national cirmcumstances, reflect Chinese characteristics and resolve Chinese problems, and must at the same time consider the acceptance capacity of and the extent of identification by all walks of society.

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