Notice concerning Launching a Special Campaign “Attacking News Blackmail and Dealing with Paid-For News”

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On 13 June, SARFT issued the “Notice concerning Launching a Special Campaign ‘Attacking News Blackmail and Dealing with Paid-For News'” (GF NO. [2012]46 to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio, film and television bureaus, the Xinjiang Production-Construction Corps Radio and Television Station, the three central stations, film channels, and China Educational Television, the Notice says that, according to the uniform deployment of the Central Propaganda Department, in order to further standardize newsgathering order, safeguard the credibility and authority of news workers, create a good  atmosphere for the victorious convention of the 18th Party Congress, the General Administration of Press and Publications and other relevant departments will launch a special campaign to “attack news blackmail and deal with paid-for news” for three months, starting now. The basic tasks of the special campaign are: strictly attacking false news organs and newsgathering personnel launching “news blackmail” activities and using “newsgathering” activities for extortion and racketeering. Dealing with newsgathering personnel using newsgathering activities to seek personal gain, or other bad phenomena such as receiving “red envelopes” from newsgathering counterparts, work units, interested parties and related companies, etc. Dealing with news organs and their work personnel publishing advertising under the form of news reporting, engaging in paid-for news and paid-for non-news activities, standardizing newsgathering activity order, eliminating bad tendencies existing in news work.

In recent years, the national radio and television system earnestly organized activities on “three studies and educations” and “marching towards change”, straitened relevant systems and standards, strengthened professional moral education construction, and established a good social image for radio and television media. But, a number of lawbreakers often emerge from society that utilize or feign radio and television newsgathering activities to engage in blackmail for personal gain, which damaged the good reputation of radio and television; a small number of radio and television employees violated discipline and regulations, and became black sheep in their teams. The nationwide radio and television system must earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the deployment for this special campaign, and integrate their own sector’s characteristics, vigorously perform propaganda, reporting, system construction, internal management and other work well. The concrete matters are notified as follows.

I, Deeply propagating guidance, providing powerful public opinion support for “attacking news blackmail, dealing with paid-for news”.

(1) The three central stations, all satellite radio stations’ and television stations’ channels and frequencies and all provincial-level radio stations’ and television stations’ main terrestrial channels (frequencies) must give prominence to propagating the importance, objectives, tasks and work arrangements of the special campaign in programmes at important timeslots, introduce relevant management regulations concerning news organs and newsgathering personnel launching newsgathering activities, display the effective methods and achievements of relevant departments in attacking news blackmail and dealing with paid-for news and paid-for non-news, establish a correct image in the mainstream media of strictly implementing relevant regulations and obeying professional moral norms, shaping a strong public opinion momentum for attacking news blackmail and dealing with paid-for news.

(2) All radio stations and television stations must vigorously propagate relevant departments and news work units standardizing systems and regulations, and strengthening effective management, timely report new experiences, new methods and new model cases of dealing with paid-for news, paid-for non-news and other acts violating regulations.

(3) The Central People’s Radio Station and China Central Television must vigorously launch public opinion supervision, and may organize journalists to engage in deep investigative journalism, expose instances of false media journalist deceptions in society, and may according to uniform arrangements and deployments, expose model cases the few media personnel in news work units violating laws and regulations.

II, Strictly implementing all management regulations, strictly investigating and prosecuting acts violating laws and regulations.

All levels’ radio and television broadcast organs must earnestly implement the “Some Opinions concerning Prohibiting Paid-For News” (ZXF No. [1997]2) issued by the 4th department of the Central Propaganda Department and the “Central Propaganda Department, State Administration of Radio and Television and General Administration of Press and Publications Regulations concerning Newsgathering Personnel Professional Management” (ZXF No. [2005]29). At the same time, they must incessantly perfect internal management mechanisms and realistically adopt powerful measures to persist in resisting paid-for news, paid-for non-news and other acts violating laws and regulations on the basis of new situations and new problems.

(1) In radio and television news-type programme newsgathering, editing, broadcast and any other segment, radio and television organs and their work personnel may not in any way receive any monies from any side or individual involving the programme.

(2) Radio and television news-type programme work personnel may not engage in or participate in commercial activities, and may not hold concurrent remunerated positions in enterprises or other commercial organizations.

(3) News reports and advertising must be strictly separated, news reports may not receive any monies, and no advertising may be made for enterprises or products in the form of news reporting.

(4) News reports and sponsoring must be strictly divided, newsgathering and news reporting may not be used to attract sponsoring.

(5) All levels’ radio stations and television stations must persist in the principle of news truth, fraud and deception are not permitted, using individual or small group interests to divide news selection is not permitted, the conveniences of work or the conditions of news reporting may not be used to engage in trade.

(6) During the process of editors and journalists of all levels’ radio stations and television stations gathering, editing, producing and broadcasting news, they must be honest, clean and self-disciplined, act without selfish considerations, and may not utilize the conveniences of their position to seek personal gain, they may not accept banquet invitations or gifts, may not engage in extortion or racketeering under the name of news reporting, may not practice favouritism or conceal news facts that should be reported.

(8) All levels’ radio stations’ and television stations’ income-earning activities are to be operated and managed uniformly by the advertising department and management department, editors and journalists may not engage in advertising work or gain advantage from insider status.

(9) In cases of violating relevant regulations and engaging in paid-for news, apart from recovering the monies and objects obtained through violating regulations, the directly responsible persons must also be subject to the corresponding administrative and Party discipline punishment according to the law, and in view of the size of the amounts and the gravity of the circumstances; where Criminal Law is violated, it is to be transmitted to the judicial organs for handling.

(10) In cases of broadcasting organs where news blackmail, paid-for news, paid-for non-news and other acts violating laws and regulations occur, the responsibility of the directly responsible persons and their leader in charge must be investigated according to laws and regulations. In cases of repeated occurrence of news blackmail, paid-for news, paid-for non-news and other acts violating laws and regulations, gravely damaging the image of Party and government, and damaging the public interest or creating nasty social influence, the responsibility of the broadcasting organs’ main responsible persons must also be investigated.

III, Constructing long-term mechanisms to attack news blackmail, and deal with paid-for news

(1) Strengthening ideological education and system construction. All levels’ radio and television broadcasting organs must, with this special campaign as juncture, integrated with deeply launching activities of “three studies and education”, universally launch a one-time ideological education activity on strict propaganda discipline, observing professional ethics and putting an end to unhealthy tendencies in the news sector. All levels’ radio and television broadcast organs must utilize lectures, reports, training classes, discussion classes, study  inspections, experience exchange, case warning s and other methods, completely launch study of the news and propaganda work regulatory systems, news workers’ professional norms and the requirements of cleanliness, honesty and self-discipline, strengthening the sense of responsibility and sense of self-discipline of the whole body of cadres and personnel. All radio and television broadcasting organs must perfect corresponding systems and mechanisms, such as advance reporting and approval systems for embedded journalists to participate in newsgathering activities organized by enterprises, guarantee systems for journalists’ newsgathering expenses, etc. to fundamentally eliminate the soil for paid-for news to breed.

(2) Accepting social supervision. All radio stations and television stations must publish a list of names of all accredited news journalists that have newsgathering powers, and a social supervision telephone number and contact telephone number to society, to convenience all walks of society to conduct supervision over newsgathering activities, conduct reporting over unlawful news activities, and verify newsgathering personnel’s identities. They must establish and publish a reporting telephone number and mailbox for unlawful news activities, complete report and complaints acceptance, verification, processing, feedback and other procedural mechanisms, arrange special departments and personnel to deal with mass reports and complaints, timely provide feedback on the investigation results, and timely publish the situation of dealing with news activities violating laws and regulations.

(3) Launching self-examination and self-rectification. All levels’ radio and television broadcast organs, cadres and personnel must earnestly launch self-examination and self-rectification work with reference to some regulations of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television concerning prohibiting paid-for news, the regulations concerning newsgathering personnel professional management and other documents. Self-examination and self-rectification mainly revolves around the following aspects: whether or not problems of asking for or accepting monies or objects from newsgathering counterparts, corresponding interested parties or public relations enterprises, exist among the work unit’s newsgathering personnel, whether or not problems of covertly publishing advertising in the form of news advertising, or using newsgathering activities to demand or receive monies or objects from newsgathering counterparts exist in the work unit, whether or not problems of news reporting and advertising, distribution and commercial activities are not separated in the work units, whether problems of engaging or participating in commercial activities exist among the work units’ newsgathering and editing personnel, whether or not they hold concurrent remunerated positions in enterprises or other commercial organizations, etc., search for the source of existing problems and put forward measures for rectifying work.

(4) Timely communicating situations. The three central stations and all provincial (regional, municipal) administrative radio, film and television departments must earnestly perform special campaign summary work well, and report this according to requirements after the conclusions of the special campaign. All work units, if having newsgathering personnel receiving criminal or administrative punishments because of violating news laws and regulations, must report the corresponding individual situations timely.


6月13日,广电总局向各省、自治区、直辖市广播影视局,新疆生产建设兵团广播电视局,中央三台、电影频道、中国教育电视台发出《关于开展“打击新 闻敲诈、治理有偿新闻”专项行动的通知》(广发〔2012〕46号),通知说,按照中宣部统一部署,为进一步规范新闻采编秩序,维护新闻工作公信力和权威 性,为党的十八大胜利召开营造良好氛围,国家新闻出版总署等有关部门将从现在开始开展为期3个月的“打击新闻敲诈、治理有偿新闻”的专项行动。专项行动的 基本任务是:严厉打击假冒新闻机构和采编人员开展“新闻采访”活动及利用“新闻采访”活动敲诈勒索的行为。治理新闻采编人员利用采访活动谋取利益,或接受 采访对象、单位、利益相关方和公关公司“红包”等不良现象。治理新闻机构及其工作人员以新闻报道形式发布广告,搞有偿新闻、有偿不闻的行为,规范新闻采访 活动秩序,清除新闻工作中存在的不正之风。

近年来,全国广播电视系统认真组织“三项学习教育”和“走转改”活动,严格有关制度和规范,加强职业道德建设,树立了广播电视媒体的良好社会形象。 但是,社会上不时出现一些不法分子利用或假借广播电视新闻采访活动进行敲诈牟利,损害了广播电视的良好声誉;个别广播电视从业人员违纪违规,成为队伍中的 害群之马。全国广电系统要认真贯彻落实专项行动的有关部署要求,并结合自身行业特点,积极做好宣传报道、制度建设、内部管理等工作。具体事项通知如下。


(一)中央三台、各上星播出广播电台电视台频率频道和各省级广播电台电视台地面主频率(频道)要在重要时段节目突出宣传报道专项行动的重要意义、目 标任务和工作安排,介绍新闻机构和采编人员开展新闻采访活动的有关管理规定,展示有关部门打击新闻敲诈、治理有偿新闻、有偿不闻的有效做法和成效,树立主 流媒体严格执行有关规定、遵守职业道德准则的正面形象,形成打击新闻敲诈、治理有偿新闻的强大舆论声势。




各级广播电视播出机构要认真贯彻执行中宣部等四部门印发的《关于禁止有偿新闻的若干规定》(中宣发〔1997〕2号)和《中宣部、国家广电总局、新 闻出版总署关于新闻采编人员从业管理的规定(试行)》(中宣发〔2005〕29号))等规范性文件。同时,要根据新形势和新问题,不断完善内部管理机制, 切实采取有力措施坚决抵制有偿新闻、有偿不闻等违法违规行为。












(一)加强思想教育和制度建设。各级广播电视播出机构要以此次专项行动为契机,与深入开展“三项学习教育”活动相结合,普遍开展一次严肃宣传纪律、 遵守职业道德、杜绝新闻行业不正之风的思想教育活动。各级广播电视播出机构要运用讲座、报告、培训班、研讨班、学习考察、经验交流、案例警示等形式,全面 开展新闻宣传工作规章制度、新闻工作者从业规范和廉洁自律要求的学习,强化全体干部职工的责任意识和自律意识。各广电播出机构要完善相关制度和机制,如跑 口记者参加企业组织的采访活动事先报批制度、记者采访经费保障制度等,从根本上消除有偿新闻滋生的土壤。

(二)接受社会监督。各广播电台、电视台要向社会公示所有持新闻记者证、有新闻采访权的人员名单、社会监督电话和联系电话,方便社会各界对采访活动 进行监督,对新闻违法活动进行举报,对新闻采访人员身份进行核实。要设立并公布新闻违法活动的举报电话、邮箱,健全举报及投诉的受理、核实、处置和反馈等 程序机制,安排专门部门和人员处理群众举报、投诉,及时反馈核查结果,及时发布处理新闻违法违规活动情况。

(三)开展自查自纠。各广播电视播出机构及干部职工要对照国家广电总局关于禁止有偿新闻的若干规定、关于新闻采编人员从业管理的规定等文件,认真开 展自查自纠工作。自查自纠主要围绕以下几个方面进行:本单位及采编人员是否存在索要、收受采访、报道对象或相关利益人、公关公司财物的问题,本单位是否存 在以新闻报道形式变相发布广告、利用新闻采访活动索取或收受采访报道对象财物的问题,本单位是否存在新闻报道与广告、发行经营活动未分离的问题,本单位采 编人员是否从事或参与营利性活动,是否在企业或其他营利性组织中兼职取酬的问题等,查找存在问题的根源,提出改正的工作措施。


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