National Cartoon Industry Development Plan for the “12th Five-Year Plan” Period

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Table of Contents


I, Basic experience and the circumstances that are faced

(1) Basic experience

(2) Circumstances that are faced

II, Main tasks

(1) Guiding cartoon creation and production

(2) Innovating profit models, perfecting cartoon industry chains

(3) Optimizing cartoon industry composition and structures

(4) Moving cartoon industry innovation forward

(5) Implementing backbone enterprise and major programme driving strategies

(6) Strengthening talent grasping

(7) Promoting the cartoon industry to “march out”

III, Guarantee measures

(1) Expanding financial input

(2) Protecting intellectual property rights

(3) Perfecting investment policies

(4) Implementing fiscal preferences

(5) Strengthening organizational implementation


The cartoon industry is a burgeoning cultural industry that is extremely full of vitality and energy. Developing the cartoon industry has an important significance for satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual culture requirements, disseminating advanced culture, enriching the lives of the masses, stimulating minors’ healthy growing up, further optimizing industrial structures, expanding consumption and employment, and fostering new economic growth points. The 5th and 6th Plenums of the 17th Party Congress have clearly put forward that it is necessary to promote the cultural industries to become pillar industries in the national economy, and for the cartoon industry to become an important component part of the cultural industries, that is deeply loved by the masses, and also broadly serves society, with very vast development prospects.

In order to completely implement the spirit of the Plenum of the 17th Party Congress, promote the leap-frogging development of the cartoon industry, according to the “Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Decision Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform”, the “Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Outline of the Cultural Reform and Development Plan during the National “12th Five Year Plan” Period” and the “Some Opinions Concerning Promoting Our Country’s Cartoon Industry Development”, based on the development reality of the cartoon industry, and integrating market requirements, the basic thinking line of and main objectives for cartoon industry development during the “12th Five Year Plan” have been determined: with Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important “Three Represents” thought as guidance, deeply implementing the scientific development view, persisting in the progressive direction of advanced Socialist culture, completely putting social interest first, abiding by the development rules of the cartoon industry, strengthening construction and guidance of cartoon content; establishing a development line of thinking with a “large cartoon view and complete industry chains”, optimizing industrial structures, perfecting industry chains, giving rein to the vigorous function of markets in resource allocation, fostering a batch of cartoon enterprises full of vitality, with strong specialization, forging some cartoon brands having Chinese styles and international influence; strengthening government policy guidance and public service, striving to shape a cartoon industry development structure with rational composition and structuring, correspondingly integrated industry chains, advanced overall technology levels, orderly market competition and clear economic benefits, promoting cartoons to give rein to an even larger function in enriching the masses’ lives and the ideological and moral construction of minors, and to obtain even broader dissemination and application in all areas of social life. In order to realize the above objective, promote our country’s leapfrogging development from a large cartoon country to a small cartoon country, this Plan has been compiled.

I, Basic experience and the circumstances that are faced

Since the “11th Five-Year Plan”, our country’s cartoon industry has developed vigorously, and many beneficial experiences have been obtained in aspects such as raising ideological understanding, innovating structures and mechanisms, satisfying consumption demand, vigorously studying and learning, persisting in Chinese characteristics, etc. At present, our country’s cartoon industry development on the one hand faces beneficial circumstances, but many difficulties and challenges exist as well, requiring further clarification of lines of thinking, rational guidance, scientific planning, and overall raising our country’s cartoon industry development levels.

(1) Basic experiences

1, Persisting in the mutual adaptation of development concepts and industry practice, incessantly raising and deepening understanding of cartoon development. Following the incessant perfection of cartoon industry development concepts, the understanding of cartoons by all walks of society has become more complete, and it has become a common understanding that cartoons are not only art, but are also an important cultural industry category. Cartoon consumption age levels have progressively expanded, the social spheres of cartoon application have become broader, the “large cartoon view and complete industry chain” development line of thinking has largely expanded the development space for the cartoon industry.

2, Persisting in the integration of social interest and economic interest, taking satisfying the people’s spiritual culture requirements as starting point and stopover point. Persisting in putting social interest first in cartoon industry development from beginning to end, persisting in the progressive direction of advanced Socialist culture, striving to realize the integration of social interest and economic interest. Guaranteeing that the consistency of cartoon industry development with the progressive direction of advanced Socialist culture is maintained, and that it is adapted to the popular masses’ daily increasing spiritual culture requirements. Broad consumption demand has expanded the development space of the cartoon industry, our country’s cartoon product quantity, production value scales and profit levels have obtained a major advance in comparison with the beginning of the “11th Five-Year Plan”.

3, Persisting in integrating indigenous innovation with learning from international experience, marching the path of cartoon development with Chinese characteristics. On the basis of vigorously studying and learning from international successful experiences, our country’s cartoon world has persisted in giving first place for ourselves, using what is useful to us, striven to excavate excellent ethnic culture resource, persisted in marching the development path of originally-created cartoons with Chinese characteristics, and based on both international and domestic markets, has raised the overall strength and international competitiveness of the Chinese cartoon industry.

4, Persisting in integrating technology innovation and talent fostering, providing forceful support for cartoon industry development. The trend of high integration of artistry and technology has emerged in cartoon development, certain breakthroughs have been obtained in key cartoon technology research, development and application, and the rise of cartoon production efficiency and product quality has been effectively stimulated. Carton talent fostering work has been steadily moved forward, a batch of excellent creative and business management talents and large numbers of specialized technology talents have established a firm basis for cartoon industry development.

5, Persisting in the integration of government promotion and market operation, striving to create a desirable environment for cartoon industry development. The system of interministerial joint conferences supporting cartoon industry development has mustered the vigour from all sides to the largest extent, all member work units have united and coordinated, formulated policies, established platforms, and organized activities. All localities and all walks have given it high regard, social forces’ enthusiasm for investment in the cartoon industry development has surged, and cartoon industry development environments have been optimized.

(2) Circumstances that are faced

At present, our country’s cartoon industry development momentum is swift, production values have gone from less than 10 billion Yuan at the end of the “10th Five-Year Plan”, to 47.084 billion in 2010, an annual growth exceeding 30%; original creation capacity strengthens incessantly, product quantities expanded substantially, quality rose incessantly, during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, domestically produced television cartoon production quantity expanded from 80.000 minutes to 220.000 minutes; cartoon television approval and filing quantities rose from 12 to 46, domestically produced cartoon film box office records smashed through 100 million continuously; comic periodicals’ annual distribution rate rose from 40 million copies to more than 100 million copies, comic books’ annual distribution rate rose from 30 million volumes to more than double; a batch of cartoon enterprises and cartoon products have burst into the limelight, cartoon industry chains are perfected daily, the pace of cartoons “marching out” has accelerated, the function of cartoons in all areas of social life has broadened, the development of the cartoon industry faces extremely beneficial conditions and trends.

At the same time, large differences still exist between our country and strong cartoon countries worldwide: understanding of the development rules of the cartoon industry remains to be raised; excellent products with market competitiveness are few; cartoon brands with international influence are lacking; industry structures are incompletely rational, a part of the enterprises continues to have weak profitability, industrial chains are still not completed; the phenomenon of infringement and piracy still exists; high-end creative planning and business management talents are insufficient, etc., we must grasp the strategic opportunity, be enthusiastic and press on, strive to realize leapfrogging development in our country’s cartoon industry, and contribute strength to promote the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture.

II, Main tasks

During the “12th Five Year Plan”, striving to promote our country’s originally-created cartoon creative, research, development and production capacity to substantially rise, excellent cartoon products and masterpieces to incessantly emerge, technological innovation capacity to strengthen sustainedly, international competitiveness to rise greatly, giving rise to the vigorous function of market mechanisms in cartoon culture resource allocation, striving to forge five to ten famous domestically produced cartoon brands and backbone cartoon enterprises, fostering a batch of cartoon artists and entrepreneurs having a relatively strong market sense and fame at home and abroad, the cartoon industry’s influence, radiance and driving strength are to strengthen sustainedly, the dissemination and application of cartoons in all areas of social life is to become broader and deeper, becoming an important growth point in cultural industry development.

(1) Guiding originally-created cartoon creation and production

Persisting in the correct creation and production orientation, strengthening content guidance and construction, encouraging original creation, forging excellent products, stimulating the creation, production and dissemination of cartoon products carrying forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, with vigorous and healthy content, that stick close to the masses.

1, Strengthening content guidance

Persisting in the progressive orientation of advanced Socialist culture, guiding the broad cartoon workers to consciously practice the Socialist core value system, inherit and carry forward excellent culture of the nation, attract and learn from excellent world culture, encouraging and supporting cartoon workers and cartoon enterprises to create, produce, disseminate and popularize cartoon products that stick close to reality, stick close to life, stick close to the masses, that are rich in Chinese cultural spirit, and contain the characteristics of the times. Incessantly raising product research, development and original creation capacity, striving to raise product content, quality, art and technology levels, expanding support strength for content innovation, satisfying the popular masses’ spiritual culture life requirements, creating a good environment for minors’ healthy growing up.

2, Perfecting appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms

Perfecting cartoon product appraisal systems and incentive mechanisms, doing the reporting and selection work for the China Cultural Industry Government Award Cartoon Prize well, perfecting selection standards, establishing open, fair and just selection mechanisms, achieving the unification of mass appraisal, expert appraisal and market testing, rewarding excellent cartoon products with healthy content, strong artistry, high innovation, that are deeply loved by the people, raising authoritativeness and credibility, guiding the development orientation of the Chinese cartoon industry.

3, Expanding excellent cartoon product support and marketing strength

Implementing State excellent cartoon product projects, domestically-produced film and television cartoon support programmes, the “prime mover” originally-created cartoon publishing support plan, supporting originally-created cartoon products’ creation and production, establishing industrialized marketing platforms in for excellent cartoon creativity and products in aspects such as production, capital, licensing, propaganda and other aspects. Continuing to implement originally-created cartoon marketing plans, supporting and encouraging the screening, broadcast, publishing, competition, exhibition and all other dissemination and marketing activities of excellent originally-created cartoon products, through exhibition marketing, border popularization, media marketing, campus marketing and foreign marketing, forcefully propagating and marketing originally-created excellent cartoon products and excellent talents, raising their influence and fame.

BOX 1:

Programme name Programme content Responsible work unit Development objective
China cultural industry government award scheme Through a three-year award period, rewarding, selecting and honouring excellent cartoon works, brands, images, talents, organs and technological achievements, etc. Ministry of Culture, SARFT, General Administration of Press and Publications, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Becoming the State awards and highest awards for Chinese cartoons, guiding cartoon art creation and industrial development orientations
State excellent cartoon product project Supporting the creation and production of originally created cartoon products, selecting a batch of excellent cartoon creations and works having industrial value, establishing an industrialization and marketing platform for them Ministry of Culture, SARFT, General Administration of Press and Publications Becoming the State-level permanent programme in the cartoon area, promoting cartoon products’ further branding, marketization and industrialization
Domestic film and television cartoon support fund Selecting and rewarding annual excellent cartoon works, creative talent, and production organs, rewarding excellent cartoon broadcast organs, propagating and marketing excellent cartoon works SRFT Guiding film and television cartoon content creation to march the path of excellent products, fostering excellent cartoon talents, encouraging creative organs to vigorously throw themselves into excellent product creation, expanding the social influence of excellent cartoon works, talent and enterprises
“Prime mover” originally created cartoon publishing support plan Annually supporting the creation and publication of a batch of excellent originally created cartoon works having relatively good market potential General Administration of Press and Publications Concentrating support of originally created cartoon publishing organs, products and creators, guiding the excellent products and masterpieces in creating and publishing cartoons.

BOX 2:

Programme name Programme content Responsible work unit Development objective
Originally-created cartoon marketing plan Through launching exhibition marketing, border marketing, campus marketing, media marketing, overseas marketing, translation subsidy and other methods, supporting cartoon enterprises to vigorously explore international and domestic markets, striving to shape domestic and foreign famous cartoon brands and images Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, SARFT, General Administration of Press and Publications During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, supporting 30-50 enterprises to participate in domestic and international famous cartoon exhibitions, organizing cartoon marketing activities in Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other border ethnic regions, supporting cartoon products’ foreign language and ethnic minority language translation. Supporting cartoon products to enter international markets.

4, Strengthening domestically produced cartoon broadcast structures

Cartoon broadcast organs must abide by the principles of “high quality and high price, high quality at excellent times, high quality and high rewards”, incessantly expand the scope of domestically-produced cartoon broadcast. All levels’ film and television cartoon broadcast organs must openly publish cartoon broadcast purchasing standards and procedures, establish and perfect purchase systems for film and television cartoons with price based on quality. A domestically produced cartoon film screening scale must be formed, creating good conditions for domestically produced cartoons to be pushed towards mainstream cinema chains and important cinemas.

(2) Innovating profit models, perfecting cartoon industry chains

Fully giving rein to the vigorous function of the market in cartoon culture resource allocation, raising cartoon industry profit capacity. Completely grasping the internal relationships in all links of the cartoon industry, and with cartoon creativity and images at the core, build mutually supporting and perfected cartoon industry chains, shaping positive interaction between upstream and downstream industries.

1, Giving rein to the vigorous function of markets, innovating profit models

Creating good market environments, encouraging all categories of ownership system subjects to engage in fair competition, guiding cartoon enterprises to vigorously explore innovative industrial profit models, forcefully developing cartoon factor markets and product markets, encouraging all sorts of factors to circulate in high efficiency through markets, raising cartoon enterprise profit capacity. Strengthening the cooperation of the cartoon industry with the apparel, toy, foodstuff, stationery and other industries.

2, Giving rein to the basic function of comic creation.

Giving high regard to the basic function of comic creation in cartoon industry chains, expanding support and guidance strength, encouraging the creation and production of even more excellent comic products carrying forward the Socialist core value system, that have characteristics of the nation. Promoting the integration of excellent comics with the cartoon, gaming, derivative product and other sectors, vigorously developing cartoon image authorization, forging comic images and products that the audience welcomes, and have market bases.

3, Establishing and perfecting cartoon publishing structures

During the “12th Five Year Plan”, implementing the “prime mover” cartoon publishing support plan, with backbone cartoon books, periodicals, audiovisual and electronic publishing work units as handhold, focusing on forging a batch of excellent cartoon publications with good social effect, high economic effect, that the audiences love to see and hear, laying down cartoon creation, publishing, distribution and other segments, raising the scale, intensification, and specialization levels of cartoon publishing, providing even smoother publishing channels for the cartoon industry.

4, Vigorously developing film and television cartoons

Maintaining smooth development of film and television cartoons, by the end of the “12th Five Year Plan”, annual television cartoon production quantity is to be maintained at about 5000 hours, annual film cartoon production quantity is to be maintained at about 30. Encouraging the creation and production of excellent television cartoon and film cartoon products that are rich in the characteristics of the nation, reflect the characteristics of the time, and are deeply welcomed by the masses, with quality at the core, striving to raise television and film cartoon writing and creative capacity. It is necessary to strive to establish multi-level, diversified broadcast structures with central and local television stations jointly participating, satellite channels and terrestrial channels mutually coordinating, specialized channels and non-specialized channels mutually supplementing, traditional media and burgeoning media vigorously participating, television platforms and cinema chains jointly stimulating, build stable and effective broadcasting markets, strive to shape the novel broadcast forms of interactive broadcast, characteristic broadcast and multimedia broadcast. Implementing certain encouraging measures for domestically produced cartoon film screening.

5, Focusing on fostering new media cartoons

Vigorously promoting traditional cartoon products’ dissemination through new media, encouraging cartoon creation and theory research aimed at mobile Internet and other new media channels and mobile telephone, tablet computer and other intelligent terminals, rolling out a batch of new media excellent cartoon products having relatively strong influence, developing and expanding new media cartoon industries. Researching and formulating mobile telephone cartoon sector standards, promoting corresponding production tool development, opening up new media industry chains, realizing cartoon content inter-platform sharing, lowering content production and product popularization costs.

6, Encouraging cartoon stage play development

Encouraging all categories of performing arts organs to deeply coordinate with cartoon enterprises, vigorously participate in the creation, production and performance of cartoon performance, forging even more originally-created excellent cartoon stageplay products, moulding cartoon performance model images. Encouraging cartoon enterprises to participate in the creation and operation of cartoon stageplays through brand licensing, realizing the popularization and rise of cartoon images and brands.

7, Forcefully developing applied cartoons

Implementing the “large cartoon” view of industry, stressing the social popularization and technical application of cartoons, forcefully developing applied cartoons. Continuing to promote the broad application of cartoon creativity and technology in education and popular science, medicine, aerospace, exhibitions, advertising, design, architecture, nuclear power and other areas. Stimulating the integrated development of the cartoon industry with the manufacturing sector, the service sector and other related industries, making cartoon creativity and technology become boosters for the transformation and upgrading of related industries.

8, Expanding the market scale of derivative cartoon products

Stimulating the production and operation of apparel, toys, foodstuffs, stationery, electronic games and other derivative products related to cartoon images, extending cartoon industry chains, expanding the profit space and market scale of the cartoon industry. Forcefully developing cartoon brand licensing business, promoting enterprises’ interaction and cooperation in all segments.

(3) Optimizing cartoon industry composition and structures

According to the principle of comprehensive planning and sustainable development, accelerating the strategic adjustment of cartoon industry composition and structures, shaping a coordinated development structure with rational distribution, outstanding characteristics, clear effects of concentration, with high-efficiency resource use.

1, Stimulating the coordinated development of regional cartoon industries

Strengthening comprehensive planning, giving prominence to focus points, integrating resources, organically integrating cartoon industry development with regional superiorities and characteristics, stimulating the rational allocation of resources and industrial division of labour and cooperation, supporting regions meeting conditions to develop cartoon industries having clear regional and ethnic characteristics, avoiding blind development and disordered competition. Integrating all regional special plans of the country, doing implementation work of all policies related to the cartoon industry well in all localities.

2, Strengthening the construction and management cartoon industry bases and parks, and theme parks

Comprehensive planning, giving prominence to characteristics, controlling overall quantities, raising levels, focusing on constructing 35 national-level cartoon industry demonstration bases and parks having demonstration and guidance functions, optimizing base and park distribution, strengthening cartoon-type theme park construction and management. Perfecting the functioning of cartoon industry bases and parks in promoting industrial concentration, product exhibition, talent fostering, enterprise incubation, technological support, copyright trade and international cooperation.

3, Rationally developing cartoon exhibition and trading activities

Strengthening management over cartoon exhibitions, festivals, competitions, forums and other activities, controlling and compressing government-participated and organized exhibitions, distributing scientifically, raising content, giving prominence to characteristics, stressing practical results. Giving rein to the function of platforms for exhibition, exchange and trade of cartoon exhibition and trading activities, forging 35 cartoon industry exhibition brands that are first-rate in Asia, and famous globally. Focusing on supporting the China International Cartoon and Game Fair, the China International Cartoon Festival, the China International Comic Festival and other exhibition and trade activities.

Promoting the application of burgeoning technology in the cartoon industry, accelerating the formation of a cartoon technology innovation system with enterprises at the core, the market as guidance, integrating industry, learning and research, strengthening key technology research and development in the cartoon area, strengthening common cartoon industry technology service platform construction and management.

1, Strengthening key technology research, development and popularization.

Expanding technological research and development support strength, supporting cartoon industry key technology, core technology and general technology research, development and industrialized popularization and dissemination. Encouraging enterprises, higher education institutes and scientific research institutes to provide cartoon creation tools and related services to relevant work units, supporting and launching cooperation between industry, learning and research, aiming at key areas and weak links in industrial development, researching and developing key patens and technology standards having indigenous intellectual property rights, completely raising our country’s cartoon technology application capacity and overall technological equipment levels.

2, Perfecting general technology service support structures.

Establishing cartoon technology equipment and general technology service support structures and sharing mechanisms, optimizing and elevating the function of existing cartoon general technology service platforms, realizing resource interaction and joining and information sharing, raising resource utilization rates. Constructing State cartoon general source material databases and State cartoon industry public information platforms, perfecting sharing mechanisms, effectively educing enterprises’ creation costs.

BOX 3:

Programme name Programme content Responsible work unit Development objective
Cartoon industry general technology service platform Providing production, equipment lease, research and development, training and other technological support services to cartoon enterprises The office of the interministerial conference supporting cartoon industry development Constructing 5-10 focus cartoon industry general technology service platforms, annually serving more than 100 enterprises
Cartoon area core and key technology research and development Deploying the research and development of a batch of key general technologies with indigenous intellectual property rights in cartoon modelling, motion capture, operational processing, rendering and compositing and other key technologies, and stressing cartoon production and high-level computing, cloud computing and other advanced technology integration, researching and developing cartoon technology indigenous to our country The office of the interministerial conference supporting cartoon industry development Completing 2 to 3 core and key cartoon technology research and development programmes, and realizing industrialized popularization and application
State cartoon common factor database Constructing common cartoon factor database conforming to production standards and the requirements of the times, providing specialized factor services for domestic cartoon enterprises and production teams The office of the interministerial conference supporting cartoon industry development A common cartoon factor database that is the largest in domestic scale
State cartoon industry public information service platform Providing policy information dissemination, consulting and statistics services to the industry, launching e-government services Ministry of Culture The most authoritative information dissemination and sharing platform for the domestic cartoon industry

Implementing backbone enterprise and major programme driving strategies, with industry and programmes as link, spurring the synchronized development of small and mid-size cartoon enterprises, raising cartoon industry scale, intensification and specialization levels, stimulating industries to rise from quantitative to qualitative growth.

1, Fostering and expanding market subjects

Expanding policy support strength, fostering backbone enterprises, supporting small and mid-size enterprises, forging a batch of cartoon enterprises with influence, brands and competitiveness. Supporting and expanding State-owned cartoon enterprises, making them give rein to a guiding function in developing industry and letting markets flourish. Supporting cartoon enterprises’ healthy development in all categories of ownership systems. Supporting all categories of small and mid-size cartoon enterprises to develop through credit support, strengthening service and many other ways. Improving cartoon enterprise business environments, helping to resolve problems of funding and other bottlenecks.

2, Implementing major programme driving strategies

Vigorously allying relevant departments, accelerating the construction of a batch of major cartoon industry programmes having a demonstration effect, reflecting policy orientations, raising industrial scales and overall quality, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment. Constructing State cartoon industry programme resource databases, providing excellent programme resources to all departments and localities. Moving the construction of State cartoon industry comprehensive demonstration park, China cartoon and game city, cartoon area core and key technology research and development and other major programmes forward. Coordinating relevant departments, supporting State focus cartoon enterprises’ launching major programme construction.

(6) Strengthening talent support

With fostering high-end creative talents and business management talents as focus point, implementing cartoon high-end talent fostering plans, incessantly perfecting talent fostering mechanisms, completely raising cartoon industry talent team overall quality, providing strong talent support for cartoon industry development.

1, Building cartoon industry talent fostering structures.

According to market requirements and industrial development trends, building cartoon talent fostering structures covering higher education, professional education, continuous education and other different levels. Bringing cartoon talent fostering into State culture and art-category talent fostering plans, granting vigorous support in scientific classification, degree programme setup, teaching and research funding. Continuing to organize State cartoon industry development high-level research classes, striving to foster comprehensive high-end talent both understanding creativity and good in business management, which are urgently needed by the industry. Fully giving rein to the vigour of higher education institutes, cartoon enterprises, scientific research institutes, sector associations and training organs, vigorously launching social training at all sorts of levels. Accelerating the process of talent fostering standardization, giving assessment titles to cartoon employees conforming to conditions.

2, Raising cartoon education quality

Strengthening special comic, cartoon, and digital media art standard formulation, special cartoon standardization processes and teaching material development, striving to shape a cartoon-type teaching material structure having Chinese characteristics and global levels. Promoting higher education institutes’ use of the superior resources of domestic and foreign enterprises, with cxxi requirements as guidance, strengthening cooperation with enterprises to jointly build extracurricular practical education bases for the university students of the country, vigorously employing domestic and foreign enterprises’ creative, technological and business management experts to teach, fostering high-quality cartoon talents through many channels.

BOX 4:

Programme name Programme Content Responsible work unit Development objective
State Cartoon Industry High-Level Research Classes With the high-end talents of cartoon enterprises and institutes as target, organizing market, management, editing, production, direction, screenwriting, technology and other research classes The office of the interministerial conference supporting cartoon industry development During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, focusing on organizing 8-10 series of high-level research classes, training more than 500 high-end talents
Cartoon talent fostering standardization project Researching cartoon talent fostering rules, formulating standardized training material structures, launching standardized talent social training Ministry of Culture Organizing some low, middle and high-level standardized training classes, fostering more than 10000 employees in all categories
Cartoon high-end talent joint experiment class plan Under the joint interuniversity body established by the Beijing Normal University, Communication University of China and the Beijing Film Academy, annually selecting a batch of undergraduates to enter into the experiment class to conduct joint fostering. Conducting focus exploration of four aspects: talent selection methods, teaching structures, talent fostering models, practical education segments Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture Exploring the establishment of new mechanisms for higher education institutes to jointly foster cartoon talents with research institutes and sector enterprises associations, striving to foster a batch of high-quality specialized cartoon talents
Comic, cartoon and digital media art special standardization investigation, research and formulation programme Launching comic, cartoon and digital media art specialized standardization investigation, research and formulation of specialized standards. Ministry of Education Guiding higher education and science to establish cartoon-type specializations, raising specialist talent fostering quality
Higher education cartoon-category teaching material construction programmes Strengthening cartoon-type specialized teaching material construction: newly editing, selecting and translating cartoon-category excellent teaching materials, promoting their use in higher education institutes’ cartoon-type specializations in the entire country Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture Moving cartoon-category textbook editing and import work forward, striving to build cartoon-type teaching material structures having Chinese characteristics and world levels

(7) Promoting the cartoon industry to “march out”

Fully utilizing both domestic and foreign markets, through information sharing, policy consulting, propaganda and popularization, domestic and foreign exhibition participation, honours, awards and other methods, promoting cartoon enterprises, products and services to march towards international market, completely raising our country’s cartoon industry’s internationalization levels.

1, Stimulating the export of cartoon products and services.

Vigorously encouraging the export of excellent cartoon products and services, striving to clearly increase export quantities and effects, clearly raising the competitiveness on international markets and market share. Vigorously encouraging cartoon enterprises atom apply for State focus culture export enterprises and focus programmes on the basis of the “Cultural Product and Service Export Guidance Catalogue”. Continuing to perfect service and outsourcing personnel support structures, strengthening support strength for cartoon talent fostering and training. Encouraging our country’s enterprises to accumulate experience and foster talent through accepting service outsourcing, raising cartoon industry creation levels. Constructing State cartoon and games’ overseas market databases and information support platforms.

2, Supporting cartoon enterprises to “march out”

Encouraging cartoon enterprises to directly invest or purchase abroad, or establish joint venture branch organs. Through capital operations, fully utilizing foreign talent, resource and technology superiority, moving our country’s cartoon industry’s internationalization forward. Vigorously supporting cartoon enterprises to participate in foreign international cartoon exhibitions, festivals, competitions and other activities, assisting and promoting domestically organized cartoon exhibition and trade fairs’ internationalized operation capacity. Fully giving rein to the function of foreign embassies’ cultural offices (groups), commercial offices, overseas Chinese culture centres and other organs abroad, vigorously assisting cartoon enterprises to expand overseas markets.

3, Strengthening international cartoon industry exchange and cooperation

Fully utilizing our country’s official foreign culture exchange channels and platforms, strengthening exchange and cooperation with foreign developed cartoon industry regions, encouraging cartoon enterprises to engage in programme cooperation with foreign powerful cartoon enterprises and production organs. Vigorously studying foreign advanced production technology and management experience. Fully excavating our country’s rich cultural resources, entering international mainstream markets through cooperation.

III, Guarantee measures

Further perfecting policy structures supporting cartoon industry development, continuing to give rein to the important function of the interministerial joint conference system for cartoon development to promote cartoon industry development, accelerating and perfecting financial, fiscal, financial and other support policies, strengthening intellectual property rights protection, creating good environments beneficial to leapfrogging cartoon industry development.

Continuing to give rein to the leverage function of finance and funding, expanding the scale of the special central financial fund supporting cartoon industry development, raising capital use efficiency. Focusing on supporting the creation, production, popularization and dissemination of originally-created cartoon products, high-end talent training, core and key technology research and development, industrialization as well as cartoons “marching out”, supporting focus cartoon enterprises’ major programme construction.

Encouraging cartoon creators to conduct cartoon product and image copyright registration and trademark registration, expanding the intellectual property rights protection strength of domestic originally created cartoon images, brands and derivative products. Protecting excellent ethnic cartoon brands, standardizing intellectual property right trade procedures, strengthening cartoon market supervision and management, strengthening protection over excellent famous cartoon products and digital copyright protection, launching special discipline campaigns for the cartoon market, strictly investigating and prosecuting acts of infringing cartoon intellectual property rights, establishing a fair and competitive market order, creating a desirable market environment.

Encouraging and guiding the expansion of all categories of cultural industries’ investment funds, small and mid-size enterprise start-up investment funds towards cartoon industry investment, encouraging powerful large-scale enterprises to enter into the cartoon industry through shareholding, share control, mergers or other methods. Guiding social capital to invest in the cartoon industry through many kinds of methods, and participate in the research, development, creation and production of all categories of cartoon products, and participate in major programme implementation. Promoting policy banks’ provision of financial support for cartoon enterprises meeting conditions. Bringing cartoon enterprises conforming to conditions into the scope of corresponding policy funding assistance. Supporting cartoon enterprises to go on the financial markets.

Revision and perfecting the “Cartoon Enterprise Accreditation Management Rules (Trial)”, doing cartoon enterprise, focus cartoon product and focus cartoon enterprise accreditation work well. Implementing  all State preferential fiscal policies for cartoon enterprises. Promoting and rolling out preferential fiscal policies for cartoon industry general technology service platform equipment import. Enterprises exporting cartoon products enjoy export tax rebate (exemption) policies provided uniformly by the State. Foreign income over which tax has already been paid may be deducted according to regulation.

All localities and all relevant departments must uniform thoughts, raise understanding, strengthen leadership, plan matters scientifically, earnestly organize implementation, and carry the implementation of all policies out well. The member work units of the joint conferences supporting cartoon industry developments at all levels must mutually support each other, strengthen coordination and cooperation, guide and promote the development of the cartoon industry. All levels’ joint conference offices must raise comprehensive coordination capacity, coordinate closely with all departments, undertake all daily work matters, and guarantee that all tasks put forward in the “Plan” are carried out satisfactorily. Encouraging all localities to establish different levels of cartoon sector organizations on the basis of the level of concentration of the cartoon industry, promoting the establishment of the China Cartoon Sector Association, fully give rein to the function of sector associations in aspects such as sector coordination, self-discipline, training, standard formulation, etc.






























































































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