China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Self-Discipline Convention

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(Passed at the 1st meeting of 2012 of the China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association Council on 13 July 2012)

Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to stimulate the sustainable development of our country’s network audiovisual programme service business, let network culture flourish, safeguard a healthy and orderly sector order, this Convention is formulated.

Article 2: Network audiovisual programme service organs and work units acceding to this Convention, commit to abide by the articles on self-discipline in this Convention.

Article 3: The China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association is responsible for organizing the implementation of this Convention.

Chapter II: Self-discipline articles

Article 4: Consciously abide by the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Service Management Regulations and other State laws, regulations, rules and policies concerning internet culture construction and management, consciously accept government supervision and management and social supervision, launch network audiovisual programme service according to the law.

Article 5: Firmly observe social responsibilities, persist in giving priority to social effects, forcefully carry advanced culture forward, vigorously promote industrial development, and strictly implement sector self-discipline.

Article 6: Vigorously produce and disseminate network audiovisual programmes with healthy content, novel forms, that are vivid and vigorous and stick close to the masses, including network dramas, microfilms, film-type cartoons, documentaries, etc.

Article 7: Do not disseminate programmes prohibited by laws and regulations, jointly resist degenerate and backward ideologies and cultures, do not disseminate programme content harmful to the physical and mental health of minors, violating social morals, or harming excellent ethic culture and tradition.

Article 8: Strengthen technological innovation, exchange and coordination, strengthen core technology, key technology and common technology research and development related to network audiovisual programme service areas, forge indigenous technology brands; provide specialized and excellent technology services aimed at the different needs of users; adopt effective methods to eliminate risks and hidden dangers to information and cultural security, guarantee the content security and dissemination security of network audiovisual product content.

Article 9: Abide by State laws and regulations concerning copyright management, vigorously adopt copyright protection measures, respect and protect the lawful rights and interests of copyright holders and network audiovisual programme service work units.

Article 10: Protect users’ rights and interests, respect users’ privacy, adopt technological measures to avoid divulging of users’ information. Establish complaints acceptance mechanisms, timely accept, handle and give feedback on the opinions and suggestions of the masses.

Article 11: Strengthen internal management, perfect corresponding systems:

(1) implement network audiovisual programme content general editing responsibility systems;

(2) implement “examination first, dissemination afterwards” programme content systems, establish and perfect rapid handling and response mechanisms;

(3) substantiate management personnel, content examination personnel and technological personnel, establish and perfect security guarantee systems.

Article 12: Strengthen intra-sector coordination, establish common sector mutual assistance mechanisms, vigorously participate in exchange and cooperation, strengthen sector mutual trust, it is prohibited to engage in malicious competition by slandering the commercial reputation or divulge commercial secrets of other work units in the sector and other improper means, jointly safeguard a good sector order and sector development environment.

Article 13: Establish common Internet audiovisual programme sector information sharing and mutual assistance mechanisms, complete the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Information Database” system, vigorously recommend excellent programmes, timely delete harmful content. Concerning information in the information database system that should only be grasped by contracting work units, bear the responsibility for secrecy.

Article 14: Strengthen employee training and education, vigorously participate in training organized by sector associations, and incessantly raise employees’ overall quality and professional abilities.

Chapter III: The implementation of the Convention

Article 15: The China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association is responsible for supervising and inspecting the implementation of this Convention, and regularly publishes a list of names of work units that have acceded to or withdrawn from this Convention.

Article 16: The China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association, under the guidance of the State administrative department for radio, film and television, is responsible for daily management and safeguard of the “Internet Audiovisual Programme Information Database”, and timely transmit information relating to network audiovisual programme service management.

Article 17: If contracting work units violate the agreements of this Convention, the China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association may remind or interpellate them in written or oral form, and issue a warning or publish it to society in view of the circumstances.

Chapter IV: Supplementary provisions

Article 18: This Convention becomes effective after the legal representatives or their entrusted representatives of contracting work units sign their name, and takes effect on the date of publication.

Article 19: The responsibility for interpreting this Convention is with the China Network Audiovisual Programme Service Association.



第一章 总则

第一条 为促进我国网络视听节目服务业可持续发展,繁荣网络文化,维护健康有序的行业秩序,特制定本公约。

第二条 加入本公约的网络视听节目服务相关机构和单位,承诺遵守本公约自律条款。

第三条 中国网络视听节目服务协会负责本公约的组织实施。

第二章 自律条款

第四条 自觉遵守《互联网视听节目服务管理规定》等国家关于互联网文化建设和管理的法律、法规、规章和政策,自觉接受政府监管和社会监督,依法开展网络视听节目服务。

第五条 坚守社会责任,坚持社会效益优先,大力弘扬优秀文化,积极推动产业发展,严格实行行业自律。

第六条 积极生产制作和传播内容健康、形式新颖、生动活泼、贴近受众的网络视听节目,包括网络剧、微电影、影视类动画片、纪录片等。

第七条 不传播法律法规禁止的节目,共同抵制腐朽落后的思想文化,不传播危害未成年人身心健康、违背社会公德、损害民族优秀文化传统的节目内容。

第八条 加强技术创新和交流协作,加强网络视听节目服务领域有关核心技术、关键技术、共性技术研发,打造自主技术品牌;针对用户不同需求,提供专业、优质的技术服务;采取有效手段,消除信息与文化安全风险和隐患,确保网络视听产品的内容安全和传播安全。

第九条 遵守国家关于著作权管理的相关法律规定,积极采取版权保护措施,尊重和保护著作权人和网络视听节目服务单位的合法权益。

第十条 保护用户权益,尊重用户隐私,采取有效措施,避免用户信息泄漏。建立投诉受理机制,及时受理、办理和回复公众的意见建议。

第十一条 加强内部管理,完善相关制度:




第十二条 加强业内协作,建立行业共享互助机制,积极参与交流合作,增进行业互信,不得以诋毁行业其他单位商业声誉、泄露商业机密等不正当手段进行恶性竞争,共同维护良好的行业秩序和产业发展环境。

第十三条 建立互联网视听节目行业信息共享互助机制,健全“互联网视听节目信息库”系统,积极推荐优秀节目,及时删除有害内容。对信息库系统中仅应由缔约单位掌握的信息,负有保密责任。

第十四条 加强从业人员培训和教育,积极参加行业协会组织的培训,不断提升从业人员综合素质和业务能力。

第三章 公约的执行

第十五条 中国网络视听节目服务协会负责监督检查本公约的执行,并定期公布加入及退出本公约的单位名单。

第十六条 中国网络视听节目服务协会在国家广播影视行政部门的指导下,负责“互联网视听节目信息库”的日常管理维护,及时传递有关网络视听节目服务管理的信息。

第十七条 缔约单位如违反本公约约定,中国网络视听节目服务协会可以书面或口头形式提醒或质询,并视情况给予警示或向社会公布。

第四章 附则

第十八条 本公约经缔约单位法定代表人或其委托的代表签字后生效,自公布之日起施行。

第十九条 本公约由中国网络视听节目服务协会负责解释。


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