Report concerning the Work Situation in Deepening Cultural Structural Reform and Promoting the Grand Development and Grand Flourishing of Socialist Culture

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Given on 24 October 2012 at the 29th Meeting of the 11th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress

Minister of Culture: Cai Wu

Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress,

I have been entrusted by the State Council to report to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the work situation in deepening cultural structural reform and promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. Cultural structural reform and development work involve culture, radio, film and television, press and publications, and various other areas, and for this report, the opinions of the Central Propaganda Department as well as SARFT, the General Administration of Press and Publications, the Information Office and other departments were sought, in order to as much as possible, completely reflect the comprehensive situation of cultural structural reform and development work, please consider it.

I, The progress and achievements of cultural reform and development work since the 16th Party Congress

The 16th Party Congress has, in the magnificent blueprint of completely planning the construction of a moderately well-off society, prominently stressed the strategic position and extreme importance of cultural construction, and made a strategic deployment to move cultural structural reform forward. The 17th Party Congress has, from the height of the general arrangement of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, put forward the necessity to completely deepen cultural structural reform, raise national cultural soft power, promote the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, and arouse a new high tide of Socialist cultural construction. The 6th Plenum of the 17th Party Congress passed the “Decision concerning Some Issues in Deepening Cultural Structural Reform and Promoting the Grand Development and Grand Flourishing of Chinese Culture”, which provided a rare historical opportunity to accelerate cultural structural reform, and symbolizes that our country’s cultural construction has entered a new flourishing development stage. The progress and achievements of cultural reform and development work in these years have the following aspects:

(1) Prominent focus, resolve difficult points, major results obtained in cultural structural reform and innovation. All departments and all regions have, according to the requirements of “innovating systems, transforming mechanisms, facing the market and strengthening vitality”, and revolving around the objectives and tasks determined by the Centre, grasped focus points and attacked difficulties, and have incessantly realized new breakthroughs in incessantly moving cultural structural and mechanism reform and innovation forward. First, First, the task of State-owned commercial cultural work units transforming into enterprises has been completed. According to the objective of remoulding cultural market subjects, and with transformation into enterprises as central links, resource integration has been accelerated, and the task of State-owned commercial cultural work units transforming into enterprises completed. At present, more than 50 publishers, more than 3.000 Xinhua Bookstores 850 film production, distribution and screening work units, 57 television drama production organs subordinate to the radio and television system, 38 Party newspaper and Party periodical distribution work units, etc., that undertook reform tasks nationwide have completely transformed into enterprises; all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) have basically completed the integration of cable television networks; nationwide, 2013 State-owned literature and art theatres and troupes in the cultural system were charged with reform tasks have, according to the reform trajectory of “transforming a batch, merging a batch, cancelling a batch, planning the transformation of a batch and preserving a batch”, and 2100 theatres and troupes have completed reform tasks, 99,86% of total, among those, 61% transformed into enterprises; nationwide, among 3388 non-current politics-type newspapers and periodicals that should change into enterprises, 3271 have already completed reform tasks, 96,5% of total. Nationwide, in total, more than 6900 commercial culture undertaking work unit legal persons have been cancelled, and 290.000 undertaking staff allocation positions have been cancelled. Second, public interest-type cultural undertaking work unit reform has incessantly deepened. In connection with State classification to move undertaking work unit reform forward, and according to the requirements of “transforming mechanisms, facing the market, strengthening vitality and improving systems”, the reform of public interest-type cultural undertaking work units has been vigorously promoted, provincial-level Party newspaper distribution organs have basically completed separation and system reform, and recording and broadcast separation reform, with television dramas as focus point, has obtained clear achievements, the majority of provincial (regional, municipal), prefecture-level city and all county-level radio and television stations have merged the two stations, the theatres and troupes that represent national levels and maintain an undertaking structure have incessantly deepened reform in aspects of management,  programme creation, etc. Public interest-type cultural undertaking work units’ public interest attributes and service consciousness is strengthening daily, and service levels have been clearly raised. Third, cultural market law enforcement reform has been completed. The formation of comprehensive cultural administrative responsibility subjects by merging culture, radio and television, press and publications and other relevant departments in vice-provincial and lower level cities comprehensive has been moved forward, constructing unified comprehensive cultural market law enforcement organs, the reform tasks of comprehensive cultural market law enforcement organs has been completed. The separation between government and business, government and undertakings, as well as the separation between management and operations has been vigorously moved forward, in the radio and television area, the separation between bureaus and stations has been realized, in the publishing area, the separation between bureaus and publishes has been realized.

(2) Government dominance, public interest for the benefit of the people, highly effective public culture service structure construction. According to the requirements of reflecting the public interest nature the basic nature, the equal nature and the convenient nature, government dominance has been persisted in, input strength has expanded, resource allocation has been adjusted, public interest-type cultural undertakings forcefully developed, and the beginnings of a basic framework for public cultural service structures covering town and country have been established. First, public cultural service operation mechanisms have been innovated. All levels have widely promoted museums, libraries and other public cultural organs meeting conditions to launch mobile services, vigorously explore government procurement tendering, contract outsourcing, social volunteer services and many other methods to strive to realize the greatest efficacy of public culture infrastructure. Public culture infrastructure joint building and joint sharing has been moved forward, at present, museums, memorial halls and patriotic education bases under the specialized management of nationwide culture and cultural heritage departments have implemented free opening, the free opening work of fine art galleries, public libraries and cultural centres (stations) nationwide has been completely implemented. Second, focus project construction for culture benefiting the people has been moved forward. The five major projects of culture benefiting the people have completed their phased objectives, and a public cultural service network has been established and completed. At present, the radio and television covering all villages project already covers all administrative villages and all natural villages of 20 household or more that are connected to electricity, the central wireless radio and television coverage project has been completed, the construction of digital terrestrial television transmission infrastructure in more than 300 district-level or higher cities has been completed, of 200 million cable television users nationwide, 110 million have already been digitized, and great efforts are being made at the moment to adopt direct satellite broadcast to move forward from “connecting all villages” towards “connecting all households”; the cultural information resource sharing project basically covers all administrative villages, the total amount if resource construction in the whole of 2011 has reached 28.4 terabytes (1 trillion bytes), serving 160 million people; the objective of “every village having a comprehensive cultural station” has been basically realized; 600.000 rural book rooms have been constructed, covering all administrative villages having basic conditions nationwide; in the rural film screening project, 80 billion screenings have been organized in the year, and the objective to ensure that every village has a free film screening every month bas been basically realized. Third, all sorts of mass cultural activities have been enriched. Revolving around all sorts of major anniversaries and events, traditional holidays and other themes, mass songs, exhibitions and displays, cultural performances lectures and many other kinds of cultural activities have been broadly organized and launched, enriching the cultural life of urban and rural masses. 528 counties (cities, districts), and townships (neighbourhoods) have been named “China Folk Culture and Art Town”, and the flourishing and development of folk culture and art has been promoted. The five-year plan for the entire people’s reading project has been implemented, all localities in the entire town have caused a book-reading activity upsurge, in 2001, there were in total more than 700 million people in the entire country who participated in the entire people’s reading project.

(3) Strengthening guidance, giving forceful support, further letting cultural product creation and production flourish. The orientation of serving the people and serving Socialism and the principle of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend have been completely implemented, strengthening guidance and stimulating vitality, culture and art creation and production has continued to produce radiant splendour, excellent products and masterpieces continuously emerge in large numbers, which has provided even better and even more spiritual nourishment for the people. First, guidance over cultural product creation and production ahs been strengthened. The unification of carrying forward the main melody and advocating diversification has been carried forward, the broad cultural workers and cultural work units have been guided to consciously practice the Socialist core value system, completely putting social interest in the first place, and the guidance strength and effect over cultural creation and production has incessantly strengthened. Culture and art criticism theory and team construction have been strengthened, mass appraisal, expert appraisal and market testing have been integrated. Special funds for letting literature and art creation flourish, awards and funds for excellent dramas have been established, a series of award activities, such as the “Excellent Cultural Work Award”, “Memorial Pillar Award”, “Flying Goddess Award”, “Galaxy Award”, etc. have been organized and launched, new award mechanisms have been incessantly innovated, the award and propaganda strength for excellent works and talents has been expanded, their guidance function is even more clear. Second, cultural product quantity and quality has been substantially increased. The spiritual civilization construction “one of five” project and the State major historical theme fine art creation, stage art masterpiece, focus literary work support and other cultural masterpiece projects have been completely moved forward, with substantial achievements, cultural products are rich and varied, the popular masses cultural needs have been satisfied even more and even better. In 2011, our country’s novel publication amount exceeded 3000, newly created and first-performed dramas exceeded 1000, literature and art theatre and troupe performance numbers reached 1.550.000, 558 feature films were produced, 15.000 television drama episodes, 260.000 minutes of television cartoons, 4.000 hours of television documentaries, 37.000 books were published, 7.71 billion copies (volumes) were printed in total, 1928 newspapers were published, with a total print amount of 46.74 billion, 9849 periodicals were published, with a total print amount of 3.29 billion. Our country had become the first global television drama production country and the third film production country, book publishing variety and newspaper distribution quantity are also listed in first position worldwide.

(4) Adjusting structures, transforming methods, cultural industry scale and strength has incessantly increased. According to the requirements of rational structuring, complete categories, high science and technology content, rich creativity, and strong competition, industrial structures have been adjusted, development methods transformed, and cultural industries have become more of a new economic development growth point every day. First, cultural industry structures have been optimized. Guidance over the scale of cultural industry development has been strengthened, at present, the Ministry of Culture has named 273 national cultural industry demonstration bases, 8 State-level cultural industry demonstration bases and 8 State-level cultural industry trial parks, SARFT and the General Administration of Press and Publications have respectively named a batch of film, television and publishing industry parks, etc. Channels have been unblocked, environments optimized, in order to support and encourage social capital to invest in cultural industries in many forms, non-public cultural enterprises’ vigorous function is given more rein every day. Second, backbone cultural enterprises have been fostered. The 4th’ 30 Strong Cultural Enterprises” selection event has been organized and launched, excellent backbone cultural enterprises’ strength and influence strengthens incessantly. Cultural enterprises are encouraged and supported to merge and reorganize or integrate resources with capital as the link, cultural enterprises are vigorously promoted to go on the market for capital, and a batch of large-scale State-owned or State-controlled cultural enterprises with total assets and total incomes exceeding or being close to 10 billion Yuan has emerged. Up to the end of August 2012, 38 cultural enterprises in total were listed among the A-shares and the H-shares in Hong Kong. Third, modern cultural market structures have been built. Cultural innovation industry development, cultural business model renewal and industrial transformation and upgrading have been promoting, chain operation, e-commerce, performance theatre chains and other modern circulation methods have been perfected, markets for capital, assets, talent, information, technology and other factors have been fostered, the construction of sector organizations in the cultural sphere has been fostered, the beginnings of uniform, open, competitive and ordered modern cultural market structures have been established. Fourth, the integration of culture with science, technology, finance, etc., has been fostered. State cultural science and technology innovation projects have been started and implemented, cultural science and technology concentrated innovation and scale innovation have been strengthened, 62 programmes have been supported through the State science and technology support plan, with input funding of 620 million Yuan. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Culture, SARFT and the General Administration of Press and Publications have accredited 16 State level culture, science and technology integration demonstration bases nationwide, cultural creation, new audiovisual media, digital publishing, cartoons, games and other burgeoning cultural business models with high technological content have been forcefully developed, and culture enterprises have been vigorously promoted to march a path of integrating technological innovation with market expansion. 69 focus cultural enterprise credit programmes have been completed at present through the Ministry of Culture ministry-industry cooperation mechanism, involving a financial amount of 18.891 billion Yuan, and remaining credit sums of 9.732 billion Yuan.

(5) Innovating mechanisms, expanding channels, forcefully promoting Chinese culture to “march out”. According to the requirements of “government dominance, enterprises as the main core, folk participation, cooperation and joint benefits”, the both domestic and international markets and both sorts of resources have been comprehensively planned, foreign cultural exchange and trade has been comprehensively planned, and Chinese culture’s marching out has been forcefully promoted. First, foreign cultural exchange mechanisms have been incessantly perfected. “The Foreign Culture Work Interministerial Joint Conference” system has been established and perfected, strategic planning and regulatory construction has been strengthened, focus brans for foreign cultural exchange have been jointly built up and strengthened, and at the same time, the construction of other supplementary mechanisms has been driven forward, gradually shaping a foreign culture work system network with rich platforms, diverse methods, clear tasks and consistent objectives. Second, the influence of foreign cultural exchange activities has been upgraded. Sino-foreign cultural dialogues have been vigorously opened up, the “China Cultural Year”, “China Cultural Week”, “Happy Spring Festival” and other foreign cultural activities are run well, foreign cultural exchange channels have been further broadened, incessantly expanding influence. At present, out country has established good cultural exchange relationships with more than 160 countries and regions nationwide. Third, foreign cultural exchange platforms have been forged. 9 foreign Chinese cultural centres have already been built, and the centres in Thailand, Singapore, Russia and Spain will also be put into use this year. The quantity of Xinhua branch offices abroad has exceeded 160, realizing complete coverage in the main global countries and regions. CCTV has opened up 7 international channels in 6 languages, and lands now in 171 countries and regions, mainstream media’s foreign dissemination strength and influence clearly increases. Fourth, foreign cultural trade has been stimulated. The cultural “Marching Out” project has been implemented, support strength to foreign cultural export focus enterprises and programmes has been expanded, our country’s cultural product and export trade deficit is being gradually alleviated. In shanghai, our country’s first State-level cultural trading base has been established. At the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Trade Fair that was organized this year, the total business volume exceeded 143.29 billion Yuan, of which export trade exceeded 11.52 billion. In 2011, in total 55 gained 82 awards in 18 film festivals, 55 domestic films were sold to 22 countries and regions. Our country’s books, periodicals and other publications have already entered libraries in 193 countries and regions, periodical distribution covers 89 countries and regions, and there are more than 6000 periodicals that enter Western countries through electronic platforms. Book copyright import-export balances dropped from 15:1 in 2002 to 2.1:1 in 2011. Our country’s core cultural product export value grew from 3.085 billion U.S. Dollars in 2001 to 18.688 billion U.S. Dollars in 2011, more than a fivefold increase.

(6) Strengthening protection, use matters rationally, cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage protection has seen clear progress. The relationships between protection and use, inheriting and development have been appropriately dealt with, cultural heritage protection strength has incessantly expanded, excellent traditional culture has been inherited and carried forward. First, cultural heritage protection work has been steadily moved forward. The third nationwide cultural heritage survey work has been satisfactorily completed, and in total, nearly 77.000 immobile cultural heritage sites have been registered. Focus cultural heritage protection projects, large ruins protection and archaeological site park construction have been vigorously moved forward. The Great Wall survey and data publication have been completed. Heritage conservation work and China’s World Cultural Heritage survey and inspection, monitoring and advance warning structure construction is steadily moving forward. Cultural heritage protection science and technology levels are incessantly rising, the “Chinese Civilization Source Exploration Project”, the “Compass Plan” and other major special cultural relic protection science and technology programmes have achieved clear results. The cultural heritage protection day, world museum day, Chinese history and culture famous street protection and other major special subject propaganda has attracted people’s attention. Second, major progress has been made in intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance. The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Law of the People’s Republic of China” is now officially promulgated and implemented, intangible cultural heritage protection has seen substantial legal protection. An integrated protection line of thought has been formed with “rush-to-save-type protection”, “comprehensive protection” and “productive protection”. Nationwide, intangible cultural heritage survey work has obtained phase-type results, and more than 290.000 precious objects and materials have been collected in total, 2 billion characters of written records were surveyed, 4.77 million photographs were taken, and in total 870.000 sources were surveyed in total. Intangible cultural heritage protection registration and representative inheritor protection structures are being incessantly perfected, protection levels incessantly rise, achievements have become even more clear. Ancient book protection and the Qing History compilation work has seen gratifying progress. At present, our country has 43 World Heritage sites, is in third position worldwide, and is in global first place in terms of matters chosen for the UNESCO “Representative Directory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind” and the “Directory of Intangible Cultural Heritage Urgently Needing Protection”

(7) Strengthening legislation, perfecting guarantees, further transforming government functions. Long-term objectives and phased tasks have been persistently integrated, flourishing has been grasped with one hand and management has been grasped with one hand, cultural legal system construction has been strengthened, cultural regulatory structures and policy guarantee mechanisms have been perfected, the vigour, initiative and creativity of cultural workers has been fully mustered, further transformation of government functions has been realized. First, the progress of cultural legislation has been accelerated. Laws and regulations have been formulated and perfected in public cultural service guarantees, cultural industry promotion, cultural market management and other areas, raising the legal structuralization level of cultural construction. The “Intangible Cultural Heritage Law of the People’s Republic of China” has been promulgated and implemented, the “Provisional Internet Culture Management Regulations” have been revised and rolled out, the “Public Library Law”, the “Ancient Book Protection Regulations” and other legislative projects have been smoothly conducted. Administration according to the law has been forcefully moved forward, the specially invited legal consultancy expert system has been implemented, trial work for intellectual property rights protection research bases has been launched, etc., which have all had good results. Second, planning structures and policy guarantees have been incessantly perfected. The formulation of cultural reform and development plan outlines for the “11th Five-Year Plan” and “12th Five-Year Plan” periods has promoted all localities and all relevant departments to research and formulate cultural reform and development plan outlines for their localities and within their systems, which incessantly perfected supplementary policies in finance, taxation, funding, land and other areas, and further optimized the planning situation for cultural reform and development. The “Categorization of the Cultural Industries and Corresponding Industries (2012)” had been formulated and issues, which provided a scientific basis for further strengthening and improving our country’s cultural industry statistics work. Third, strengthening cultural team construction. Cultural famous artist projects, the “one batch of four” (a batch of theorists who completely grasp the theoretical system of Socialist with Chinese characteristics, and are acquainted with China and the West, and who link up with reality, a batch of famous journalists, famous editors, famous commentators and famous presenters who persist in the correct orientation, deeply reflect life, and are loved by the popular masses, a batch of publishers who understand Party and State principles and policies, have a strong sense of social responsibility, and master professional knowledge, and a batch of writers and artists who march in step with the times, deeply love the motherland and the people, and have exquisite artistic levels” talent fostering project, the high-level international broadcast talent fostering project, the intangible cultural heritage programme representative inheritor support project and the grass-roots cultural talent team construction plan have been implemented, talent structures become optimized incessantly, all levels’ cultural talents compete and emerge, all put their talents to best use, all give full play to their merits, at present, our country’s cultural talent teams’ general scale has already exceeded 14 million people, and an environment that benefits the development of cultural talents who produce excellent works and the produce benefits. This path is an important component part of the development path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, conforms to our country’s basic national situation, conforms to the development requirements of the times, guides culture to thrive and prosper, and is a path of scientific development, reform and innovation, of a cultural strong country.

II, Problems existing at present

Generally speaking, the achievements of cultural reform and development are clear, and the situation is good. But there still are certain difference with the overall requirements of cultural reform and development, and there are still some new situations and new problems in cultural development that urgently need to be resolved.

(1) Cultural market subjects are still not mature, backbone cultural enterprises’ power remains to be further strengthened. Commercial cultural undertakings transforming into enterprises is only the first step of reform. The problem that our country’s cultural enterprises are “weak, small, scattered and excessive” is relatively prominent, excellent products, masterpieces and famous cultural brands are still few, international competitiveness is relatively weak, large-scale and high-level driving enterprises with integrated industrial chains and powerful strategic investors in the cultural area remain to be further fostered, the science and technology innovation capacity in cultural enterprises remains to be further raised.

(2) Public cultural service structures are still not complete, regional development is not balanced. Through many years of effort, the beginnings of a public cultural service structure framework covering town and country has been established, but many real problems still exist. For example, town and country public culture resources are imbalanced, there are insufficient guarantees for the basic cultural rights and interests of peasants and workers, etc., these are all prominent contradictions and issues that exist in cultural public service system construction. Furthermore, public culture service input guarantee mechanisms need to be further perfected, public cultural infrastructure use efficiency and public culture service quality levels urgently need to be raised.

(3) There is a certain difference between cultural industry development and the demands of the popular masses, and the difference with developed countries on overall scales is still relatively large. Contradictions between supply and demand of cultural products and services is prominent, “effective supply” is insufficient, and there still is a certain difference with the popular masses’ rapidly growing spiritual culture needs. In comparison with developed countries, our country’s cultural industries’ proportion of the national economy is relatively small, for cultural industries to truly become pillar industries of the national economies, powerful measures must still be adopted to push this forward.

(4) Talent teams are not matched to the requirements of cultural development thus far, talent guarantees need to be further strengthened. There are insufficient high-quality cultural talents, and especially compound talents who both are well-acquainted with domestic and international market rules and understand corresponding cultural knowledge, but also have high scientific and technological accomplishments are lacking. Marketization mechanisms for the scientific allocation of human resources are still not perfected, talent fostering and incentive guarantee measures remain to be perfected.

(5) The cultural trade deficit is still relatively large, the pace of culture “marching out” remains to be further accelerated. In recent years, our country’s cultural “marching out” still has had foreign cultural exchange in first place, the proportion of cultural trade is still clearly insufficient, channels for Chinese culture to “march out” remain to be broadened, methods and means remain to be perfected, the capacity to promote cultural enterprises and cultural products to “march out” remains to be raised. Furthermore, the phenomenon of the cultural trade deficit has not yet seen a basic transformation, export prices are far lower than import of similar kinds of products, the international competitiveness and dissemination strength of our country’s cultural products remains to be further raised.

III, Next steps in work arrangement

At present, our country finds itself in an important strategic opportunity period for reform and development and a key period for completely constructing a relatively well-off society. We must, in order to strengthen cultural consciousness and cultural self-confidence, unswervingly march the development path of Socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, and spare no effort to pioneer a new picture for the construction of a strong Socialist culture country.

(1) Further deepening structural and mechanism reform, planning good arrangements for culture’s long-term development. According to the requirements of accelerating the construction of structures and mechanisms that benefit cultural development and flourishing, continue to completely deepen the reform of State-owned cultural enterprise and undertaking work units, incessantly perfect macro-level management, incessantly move structural and mechanism innovation forward, establish a sound foundation for the long term development and sustained development of culture. First, continue to deepen cultural structural reform. Promote that the small number of theatres and troupes that have not yet completed reform to accelerate the pace of reform, ensure that supervision, examination, inspection and commendation work, etc., is done well, stimulate theatres and troupes that have already completed reform tasks to “look back”, raise reform quality and consolidate reform results. Continue to move the structural reform work of non-current affairs-type newspaper and periodical publishing work units, stimulate Central and local non-current affairs-type newspaper and periodical work units to grasp the completion of the tasks of transforming into enterprises, they must especially focus on moving the structural reform work forward of newspaper and periodical editorial departments that do not have independent legal person qualifications. Strengthen focus news website construction, establish a State-level cable television network company, construct integrated State new media broadcast control platforms, move three network integration (telecommunications networks, radio and television networks, the Internet) forward, realize interconnection and interflow. Second, move cultural science and technology innovation forward. Give rein to the mutually stimulating function of culture, science and technology, deeply implement the scientific driving policies, expand State cultural science and technology project implementation strength, strengthen indigenous innovation capacity. Grasp a batch of major comprehensive and strategic science and technology questions, strengthen core technology, key technology and public technology assaults, accelerate science and technology result transformation, strengthen integrated science and technology innovation and commercial scale innovation in the cultural area, strengthen the construction of an environment for cultural science and technology innovation and development. Rely on State high and new technology parks, bring major cultural science and technology programmes into State science and technology development plans. Third, perfect modern dissemination structure construction mechanisms. Accelerate the building of modernized dissemination systems with advanced technology, convenient dissemination and broad coverage. Strengthen the construction of Party newspapers and Party periodicals, press agencies, radio stations and television stations, and important publishers, further perfect editing, distribution and dissemination systems. Strengthen international dissemination capacity construction, raise original creation levels, first issuance levels and landing levels of news information.

(2) Accelerate the building of high-level public culture service systems, provide reliable guarantees for the popular masses, basic cultural rights and interests. According to the requirements of a public interest nature, basic nature, equal nature and convenience, accelerate the completion of a public cultural service system with public finance as support, covering town and country, with rational structuring, complete functions and high practical efficiency, through increasing input, transforming mechanisms, strengthening vitality, and improving service. First, explore new forms of public culture service management operations mechanisms, Guide and encourage all walks of society to set up public culture entities, construct public cultural service infrastructure, and launch public interest-type cultural activities. Adopt government procurement, programme subsidy, directed financial support and other policy measures to encourage all sorts of cultural enterprises to participate in public cultural services, establish public cultural service management and operations mechanisms that conform to the Socialist market economy. Second, strengthen public cultural facilities construction. Comprehensively plan the construction of grass-roots public cultural service facilities, perfect public cultural service facilities aimed at minors, the elderly and the disabled. Strengthen the construction strength of cultural centres, museums, libraries, patriotic education demonstration bases, etc., accelerate the building of press and publications public service networks, perfect press and publications public service infrastructure. Third, stimulate the unified development of urban and rural culture. Strengthen rural cultural service amounts, reduce the cultural development difference between town and country, with the countryside, Central and Western regions as focus points, deeply implement focus projects for culture benefiting the people, expand support and assistance strength for cultural service network construction in old revolutionary regions, ethnic regions, border regions, and poor regions.

(3) Accelerate moving structural adjustment and innovation forward, establish a form basis for realizing that the cultural industries become pillar industries for the national economy. According to the requirements of complete coordination and sustainability, with the development methods of upscaling, intensification and specialization, with structural adjustment as the main line, with backbone enterprises as support, with science and technological innovation as driver, promote that cultural industry scale power rapidly expands, and that quality and productivity clearly rise. First, complete a modern cultural market structure. Foster cultural product trading markets, forge a batch of nationwide and international cultural product trading platforms in a focused manner. Vigorously develop modern circulation organizations and circulation methods, break through regional and sectoral boundaries, build a cultural product circulation network with large cities at the centre, supplemented by middle and small cities, that penetrates into town and country. Second, expand and strengthen backbone cultural enterprises. With establishing modern enterprise systems as the focus point, accelerate companies’ shareholding system reform. Encourage powerful cultural enterprises to realize cross-regional, cross-sectoral and cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions with capital as the link, shape a batch of influential, brand-holding and competitive enterprises or enterprise groups, forge a batch of “cultural aircraft carriers” having a relatively high science and technology level and relatively strong international competitiveness. Third, foster a batch of excellent talents who are wonderful in morality and artistry. Further liberate thoughts, pioneer and innovate, expand fostering and guidance strength towards excellent talents, strive to forge a line of cultural talent teams merging ability and integrity, who eagerly innovate, with rational structures, and on a large scale, provide powerful talent support for the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture.

(4) Accelerate the promotion of Chinese culture “marching out”, providing support for raising national cultural soft power. According to the requirements of “government guidance, enterprises as the main part, folk participation, cooperation and joint benefits”, persist in overall planning and proceeding step by step, comprehensively plan both domestic and international markets and both resources, comprehensively plan foreign-oriented cultural exchange and foreign cultural trade, raise the inspiring strength and influence of Chinese culture in the world. First, innovate foreign propaganda methods. Incessantly raise foreign image creation and public opinion guidance levels, strive to realize “Chinese content, global expression”. Learn from the experience of other countries, draw support from high and new technology and new media, timely occupy burgeoning cultural battlefields. Launch state cultural years, Chinese cultural festivals, “Feel China” and other branded activities, forge “Happy Spring Festival” and other new cultural exchange brands. Second, forcefully develop cultural trade. Perfect policy measures to support cultural products and services to march out, expand cultural trade networks. Foster a batch of foreign-oriented cultural enterprise having relatively high science and technology levels and international competitiveness, deeply excavate the nation’s cultural resources, produce and make cultural products oriented at foreign needs. Expand copyright trade, support the export of publications, films, television dramas, cartoons, documentaries, etc., progressively change the situation of a cultural import-export deficit. Third, expand foreign exchange channels. Strengthen international cultural product trade platforms and international sales network construction, vigorously participate in the formulation of international trade rules. Accelerate the construction of overseas Chinese cultural centres and Confucius Institutes, formulate marching out plans for excellent philosophy and social science results and excellent talents. Establish awards for contributions to the international dissemination of Chinese culture, establish cultural exchange mechanisms aimed at youth, encourage international friends to translate and introduce excellent Chinese culture.

(5) Strengthen cultural legislation and policy guarantees, create a good environment for cultural reform and development. According to the requirements of long-term planning in cultural construction, fix eyes upon long-term development, strengthen cultural legislation, perfect policy guarantees, promote the further transformation of government functions, create a good environment for the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. First, strengthen cultural legislation work, vigorously move cultural legal system construction forward. Strengthen the overall planning and design of cultural construction on the legal level, accelerate cultural legislation for public cultural services, the cultural industries, the cultural market, Internet information dissemination, radio, film and television and other aspects, formulate and perfect laws and regulations public cultural service guarantees, cultural industry promotion, cultural market management and other areas, and provide even firmer and more powerful legal system guarantees for the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture. Second, completely implement the “Outline of the Cultural Reform and Development Plan during the National “12th Five Year Plan” Period”. Strengthen comprehensive planning and coordination, comprehensively starting and grasping the organization and implementation of major projects and programmes. Strengthen macro-level guidance, promote all localities and all departments to integrate their realities and formulate concrete plans and implementation schemes that are scientific and rational, realistic and feasible. Strengthen supervision and stimulate inspection, regularly report on work progress situations, timely research and resolve existing problems. Third, promote the transformation of government functions. According to the requirements of building a rule of law government and a service-type government, move the separation of government and enterprises, the separation of government and finance, the separation of government from undertakings, and the separation of government form market intermediary organizations forward, promote administrative culture departments to truly realize a transformation from “running culture” to “managing culture”. Raise the proportion of cultural expenses in financial outlays, strive for the growth rate of public finances’ input into cultural construction to be higher than the growth rate of regular finance input. Strengthen comprehensive cultural law enforcement organ construction, raise cultural market management effects, progressively construct new cultural management systems that correspond to the Socialist market economy.

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has heard and considered the report concerning the work situation of deepening cultural structural reform and promoting the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture, and has reflected a great concern and powerful support for cultural construction. We will earnestly research and implement the opinions and suggestions of the leading comrades in the Standing Committee of the National Peoples’ Congress and all committee members, in order to persevere in the struggle to promote the grand development and grand flourishing of Socialist culture even more tenaciously and construct a strong Socialist culture country with firm beliefs.



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