Internet Instructions – August 2005

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26 August 2005

1: Close news trackers on “Anti-Corruption: More than 10.000 Leading Cadres Actively Handed Over More than 60 Million Yuan in Cash, Etc.) Existing ones are to be deleted, it is not to be discussed.

2: Search websites, if there are articles such as “North Korea’s Fall-out with China”, these are to be deleted.

23 August 2005: Heading: Corpse of Old Person Discovered Exposed on Hospital Roof, Ten Days After Hospitalization (Images), the content of this article is about an incident of a violent struggle between the hospital and relatives after an old person died in Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital. This incident may not be reported, if discovered, immediately delete it!!

22 August 2005

Everyone, a small number of people in Meishan Town, Changxing, Zhejiang used the masses’ emotions of appealing to enterprises to protect the environment, and took advantage to create a mass disturbance, at present, the situation has already calmed down. It is only permitted to reprint Xinhua copy, forums and other interactive columns may also not disseminate or play up this matter. Our websites do not have news qualifications, no channel may disseminate this news, please immediately delete this when examining and verifying matters.

18 August 2005

Gong Xiantian’s “Open Letter on the ‘Property Law’ (Draft)” may not be reprinted by any website without exception. Concerning “Li Datong’s Open Letter on the China Youth Daily’s New Assessment Methods to Editor-in-chief Li Erliang and the Editorial Committee” and corresponding content inspection of forums must be strengthened, and relevant information timely blocked and deleted.

13 August 2005

The incident of the Heilongjiang Higher Procuratorate Director’s suicide may not be reported.

13 August 2005

Phoenix Net issued three articles on the 11th, with the respective titles: 1, Japan and the US Plan to Use Military Exercises to Probe China and Encircle China’s March to the Oceans; 2, Japan Blocks China’s Gas Exploration in the East China Sea, Related Persons Point Out China and Japan May Comte to Blows Within the Year; 3, Chinese Ex-diplomat in Japan: China and Japan May Come to Blows Within the Year Because of the East China Sea Dispute. Content corresponding to this and netizen discussion must be deleted without exception.

11 August 2005

“China’s Ten Worst Cities”, this article is pure foreign fabrication, and is to be deleted without exception.

The article “SARFT Notice concerning Further Strengthening Radio and Television Channel Management” must be deleted.

7 August 2005

Concerning the mass attack on the Huangshi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government building that took place in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, networks may not report without exception, corresponding information on forums is to be deleted without exception.

2 August 2005

1. Online information related to demobilized military personnel. (Information referring to treatment and corresponding demobilization systems must be deleted)

2. Domestic online information concerning hotspots and commentaries that shareholders pay attention to, as well as information concerning inciting and arousing netizens to conduct rallies and demonstrations. (Apart from incitement of rallies and demonstrations, it is permitted to not delete this)

3. Online matters related to Japan, activities and trends of organizations and individuals to protect the Diaoyutai Islands. (Where language is radical and destructive to the Sino-Japanese relationship)

4. Online information related to rights defence and petitioning by workers and peasants. (To be deleted where the cause of the matter is related to the government)

5. Online information on activities concerning Tibetan independence and Xinjiang independence, East Turkestanists planning terror activities during the 50th anniversary celebrations. (All pieces containing this information are to be deleted)

6. Online information concerning network real-name systems. (Maintain the positive side, delete the negative side)

7. Online interest paid to information concerning the Sichuan illness that has no clear cause. (Do not manage the past, delete the pieces maliciously playing this up this week)

8. Foreign websites’ attention paid to peasant land rights defence at the South China Sea, as well as the level of domestic attention. (Those clashing with the government are to be deleted, others are provisionally not to be deleted, but must be reported)

9. Online information related to unemployed labourers’ rights defence as well as the issue of the Three Rurals.





标题:老人住院十日后被发现暴尸于医院天台 [组图] ,此文章内容是一老人死于西安高新医院后发生的医院和家属的暴力纠纷事件。此事件不准报,发现即删!!





凤凰网11日发了三篇稿子,标题分别为:1、日美拟借军演试探中国围堵中国走向海洋 2、日阻华东海采气 相关人士指出中日年内或动武 3、中国前驻日外交官:中日年内或因东海纷争动武。与此相关的内容及网友讨论一律删除.













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