Internet Instructions – September 2005

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30 September 2005

On 1 October, the main media in Guangdong Province will publish a news article on “The Earlier Motion to Dismiss the Village Committee Chair in Taishi Village Has Become Invalid, Safeguarding the Lawful Rights and Interests of the Villagers of Taishi According to the Law”, all websites are requested to not transmit this news article, forum trackers are also not to post this article.

30 September 2005

1: It is not permitted to publish “Zhuhai Municipal People’s Congress Launches Appraisal and Judgment Activities, Designs Dismissal Rules” and other reports, existing reports must be promptly removed. Do not disseminate or discuss the viewpoint that “major matters must go through the National People’s Congress”.


2: The Yannan Community has already been closed, no website may discuss this topic!

29 September 2005

1, Concerning the “Wang Binyu Case” and the “Panyu Taishi Village Incident”, only use Xinhua copy, it is strictly prohibited to use copy from any other source. Concerning the Wang Binyu case, only positive guiding posts can be issued, and these may only been posted after the Foreign Propaganda Office appoints a special person to examine and verify the, keeping the gate, other posts must be completely cleaned up. Concerning the incident of recalling village officials in Taishi Village, Panyu, all posts already on forums are to be completely deleted without exception.

2, Concerning matters of “civil servant salary system reform”, the following requirements are reiterated: websites are only to reprint Xinhua copy, without permission, they may not reprint information from any other source. Articles concerning this matter are not to be dealt with prominently, do not set up news trackers, do not set up special subject pages, forums are not to discuss this.

3, Concerning the matter of “the Suicide of the Major of Korla City, Xinjiang”, without permissions, websites may not report this without exception. They must strengthen management, and timely block and delete relevant information.

28 September 2005

Do not report or play up the “Minister of Communications Zhang Chunxian Welcomes Information on Honest and Clean Government Supervision”, corresponding reports and commentaries must be immediately deleted.

28 September 2005

This week, focus on inspection and control of: online information aimed at the Beijing “Aircom” company withholding donations from netizens to the plaintiff in the Harbin “Japanese Army Gas Shell Case”.

This week, focus on inspection and control of: domestic and online information concerning incidents on the strike of workers of Special Steel in Chongqing, the incident of the rally of Anshan Steel workers in Liaoning, the incident of student protest of Sichuan Science and Engineering Institute students, and on the cholera epidemic in Fuzhou.

Matters concerning the Anshan Steel worker rallies may not be reported online without exception, timely block and delete corresponding information.

26 September 2005

1, It is prohibited to explore the 17th Party Congress (The 17th National People Congress); note: regardless of whether netizens themselves start discussion or news media reports are reprinted, it is to be deleted without exception.

2, Content related to foreign reports on any epidemic happening in our country is to be deleted without exception. Note; regardless of whether it is foreign or domestic, all media reports concerning disease epidemics (past ones that the masses know about are not included, such as SARS, etc.), are to be deleted first, afterwards, obey Notices.

25 September 2005

Matters related to the construction of a luxurious schoolhouse in Linhai, Zhejiang are not to be reported without exception!

22 September 2005

On 25 September, Xinhua will issue the “Copy concerning Website Clean-up and Rectification, this may not be transmitted and may not be discussed. Content related to this is to be deleted without exception once discovered.

20 September 2005

The recent matter of a Henan person hijacking a taxi in Wangfujing, killing the driver and hitting some people, is not to be reported without exception.

10 September 2005

1. Do not report on the event concerning the walkout of Peking University student Liu Jianfeng anymore. Existing content is to be deleted, forums are not to discuss it.

2. Xinhua foreign-oriented copy concerning the Chinese Catholic leader responding to journalists’ questions may not be reprinted.

2 September 2005

During supervision, if the text “Notes from Birth Planning Investigation in Linyi, Shandong” is encountered, it is to be immediately deleted!




10月1日,广东省主要媒体将刊发”太石村原罢免村委会主任动议失效 依法维护太石村民合法权利”新闻稿,请各网站不转发此新闻稿,论坛跟帖也不贴发此稿







本周重点监控:网上针对北京“易索得”公司截留网民对齐齐哈尔“日军毒气弹案” 原告团捐款的相关信息。










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