Internet Instructions – November 2005

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30 November 2005

A notification from Information Office director Chen Hua has been received: The case of “A man issued a threat from the Henan Commercial Daily to detonate explosives on his body, and was shot dead by police”, all websites may not report this without exception, already reported matters must be deleted.

It is prohibited to publish or reprint the book “An Exploration of Hu Yaobang’s Thoughts on Reform”, published by the Hong Kong Kunpeng Publisher. Already issued content is to be deleted immediately.

25 November 2005

A notification from Information Office director Chen Hua has been received: for online reporting on the pollution in the Songhua river created by the explosion in a Jilin chemical factory and Harbin cutting off the water supply, only use copy from Xinhua and the main provincial media in Heilongjiang, reports on this matter must be simplified and played down. Online, rethinking articles and article on pursuing responsibility may not be reprinted, this sort of reports must, in the end, have the conclusion made by relevant State departments as the norm, unsuitable reporting triggering social instability and dissatisfied emotions on the masses is to be prevented. Management over forums and news tracker must be strengthened, and all sorts of harmful information timely deleted.

22 November 2005

1, The death of National Investment Corporation Board Chairman Liang Yuncai during a period of shuanggui.

2, The rallies and disturbances created by personnel of the Shenzhen “Great Wall” and “Golden Masses” companies.

3, The Beijing lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s “rights defence”, etc.

The above incidents may not be reported or reprinted without exception.

16 November 2005

In recent days, there have been reports again about the new “spirit” of the Paris riots: objectively report it, do not censure the French government because of it, and do not link it up to domestic “reality”.

16 November 2005

1, Recent discussions on the American president’s visit to China, involving his route in China, the judicial assembly, or harming social security and other content may not be touched upon;

2, Recent activities commemorating Hu Yaobang may not be reported on the main page of websites, it may appear on forums, but only Xinhua Net reports can be reprinted;

3, If the above content appears on websites, IP addresses and other information are to be absolutely recorded, and reported daily to the Haidian Public Security Office (General Police Office 82519319, 13911837664) and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Supervision Bureau.

11 November 2005

Everyone: where information appears concerning terror attacks that will occur in Beijing are to be immediately deleted; tonight, the Olympic mascots are unveiled, strictly implement earlier requirements, keep post numbers within 200, mainly report positive appraisal, do not let negative public opinion emerge, do not engage in surveys and interview.

11 November 2005

1, The annual exam will soon take place, pay attention to supervising content such as stealing questions, cheating methods, etc.;

2, recently, comments of residents and personnel in some localities on content related to their localities (services, construction, government cervices, basic infrastructure, etc.) have emerged, if you come across local governments or relevant local departments requiring deletion of this content, the counterpart may be required to contact the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Supervision Bureau, explain the matter, and the deletion of this content is only to occur after corresponding permission is received from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Supervision Bureau. At the same time, pay attention to grasping this sort of content, if you come across content about which there is uncertainty, timely ask for instructions with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Supervision Department; (pay attention to judgment on this content)

3, recently, a number of the American magazine “Forbes” has published a cover leading article “Attack of the Blogs”, this article extremely acutely attacked the phenomenon of a group of American blogs in which defamation and other criminal phenomena emerged. This article has already given rise to heated arguments in the media, on the internet and among personalities in the legal sphere. At a time where blogging activities spread like wildfire in America and across the globe, this article gave rise to a great disturbance. This matter may spread domestically, and deserves attention. In short, keep the gate of blog content well, avoid blunders, this may be extremely important at present.

10 November 2005

I, Today, in the afternoon, we attended the “Work Conference on Governing Websites Providing Obscene, Sexual and Violent Games” organized by the Beijing Press and Publications Bureau concerning the “Notice concerning Conducting a Limited Time of Rectification of Websites Providing Obscene, Sexual and Violent Gaming Content”, the following spirit is transmitted:

1, games having clear content inciting ethnic emotions;

2, gaming having content of  hating State leaders;

3, gaming having content sowing discord among ethnic sentiments;

4, content of obscene, sexual and violent games;

5, cases where the above content is disseminated through forums and blogs are focus targets for supervision and management.

10 November

Concerning sexual and violent games not being permitted for publication,, existing searches are deleted, where they emerge in the future, they are to be deleted without exception, the games that have concretely been determined as sexual are: “Idiots Are Criminals”, the “Tail” series, “Lula 3D”, “Game 2 Taboo Trial”, “Love Sister”, “Man-made Girl”, “Stink”, “Posthumous”, “Pretty Girl Yakyuken”, “24 Hour Nurse”, “The Guilt of 7 Generations”, the “Happy Sex Life” series, “3Feel Online”, and “Bloodrayne 2”

10 November 2005

Yesterday, a notice from the Information Office was received, the matter of “the statue of Qin Hui is removed from exposition” may not be played up. The details of the reason are unknown. For reference only.

10 November 2005

At present, relevant departments’ management over the Internet has further strengthened, from the middle of October, a “rapid supervision and management mechanism” concerning online public opinion has been officially and completely started up. All higher-level instructions concerning network content are also correspondingly concrete. For example, the recent strict prohibition of publishing of “The Rights Defence Incident in the Red Sea Gulf”, “Reports on Japan” as well as the so-called “42 Bank Presidents Who Fled Abroad” and other false news, the requirement that content not conforming to the spirit of the Centre must be determinedly deleted and blocked, and putting forward that blogs, forums and websites with “relatively much harmful information”, gravely violating regulations and “that do not hear the call” must be firmly investigated and prosecuted or even closed.

Information Office director Chen Hua notifies: everyone, concerning the report that South Korean capital Seoul officially changes its Chinese name, do not play this up, do not put it in the important news section, do not place it on the front page of websites, close news trackers, forums are not to discuss this.

Our website’s supervision and control is to not have any channel on the front page, and delete forums without exception!

10 November 2005

1, The Network Supervision Office issues a Notice: Articles concerning the production and sale of monitoring devices, bugging devices, etc., are to be deleted without exception.

2, Matters concerning the adult game “Guilt of Seven Generations” must be deleted.

10 November 2005

A notice from Chen Hua was received: “How Can A Kept Woman Become Section Director?”, corresponding matters are to be deleted without exception

Concerning the matter of the White Paper on Chinese Democratic Politics (that will be published tomorrow by the State Council Information Office), no VIP interviews are to be made without exception, do not set up trackers, forums are not to discuss this.














3、如在网站上出现以上内容,一定记录IP等信息,每天向海淀公安局(董警官 82519319,13911837664)、北京市公安局网监处报告。













关于色情暴力的游戏不准发表,已有的搜索删除,以后发现的一律删除,现具体已明确为色情暴力的游戏有:《痴汉是犯罪》、《尾行》系列、《露拉3D》、《游具2禁忌试玩》、《爱姐妹》、《人工少女》、 《臭作》、《遗作》、《美女野球拳》、《护士24点》、《七宗罪》、《性福人生》系列、《The 3Feel Online》、《吸血莱恩2》













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