Internet Instructions – June 2006 (I)

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1 June 2006, 10:27, Chen Hua

Please use the Xinhua Net text “Wang Xiaochu: Network Operators Must Always Keep the Relationship Between Civilization and Money in Mind” (link: to replace the text “Minors Network Pulse Project Started” in the special subject section on “initiating the wind of network civilization”, please acknowledge receipt!

1 June 2006, Network Management Office, Duty manager 1

Please place this People’s Daily Net article in the special subject section on running the web in a civilized manner on your website

2 June 2006, 9:45, Fan Tao, Municipal Network Management Office

Please issue the Xinhua Net text “Our Country Begins a Special Campaign on Six Kinds of Mobile Information Service Price Swindles in June” on the main page of websites and the important news sections of news centres, and leave it there for 24 hours, please acknowledge receipt!

3 June 2006, 22:00, Chen Hua

Continue to expand search and arrangement strength: concerning the 17th Party Congress, the 4 June topic, etc. (Tomorrow’s content), Every channel, every blogging group, every edition must strengthen on-duty supervision and control strength, guarantee that where problems occur, they are rapidly dealt with.

5 June 2006, 9:36, Network Supervision Office, Duty manager 1

In order to convenience the masses to report online unlawful and harmful information, all websites are requested to link to the “Unlawful and Harmful Information Reporting Centre” website ( on their front page. The Reporting Centre website logo may be downloaded from the Internet. Please grasp implementation.

5 June 2006, 18:14, Network Management Office, Duty manager 1

In order to guarantee the smooth conduct of the higher education exam, before and after the examination period, do not publish negative reports on education exam migrants, leaking if questions, mistakes in organization work, etc., during this period, give first place to positive propaganda.

Please pay attention, all websites are to speedily delete reporting of the “Yanzhao Metropolitan Daily” and other media on forums and websites concerning Tianjin higher education exam migrants, with main titles: “The Incident of Tianjin Returning Higher Education Exam Migrants and Investigation Behind the Scenes”, “More than 100 Students from the Huabei Oilfield Have Hukou Problems, Higher Education Exam Migrants Returned”, “Tracking Tianjin Returning Higher Education Exam Migrants”, “How Many More People Are Gaining Ill-Gotten Wealth through the Higher Education Exam”, “On the Higher Education Exam, Tianjin Clears up Hundreds of Higher Education Exam Migrants”, “Focus on the Incident of Tianjin Clearing Up ‘Higher Education Exam Migrants'”. Please pay attention, absolutely do not report on the matter of “higher education exam migrants” in the near future. Please acknowledge receipt!

7 June 2006, 12:36, Fan Tao

All websites are required to use these two articles from Qianlong Net: Citywide, 6 Unlawful Internet Cafés’ Permits Cancelled, 30 Black Internet Cafés Banned. (, and Internet Café Management and Coordination Small Group Praises the Good Results of Beijing Internet Café Governance (, to replace the old articles in the special subject section on “initiating the wind of network civilization”. Please acknowledge receipt!

7 June 2006, 13:20, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Everyone, the article “The First Cartoon Worldwide with Olympic Mascots as the Theme is Born in China” published on 6 June does not conform to reality, all websites may not reprint it, where it has been reprinted, please delete it immediately.

8 June 2006, 17:13, Network Management Office, Duty manager

Everyone, do not reprint information on “netizens sending posts are summoned by police, and required to write and examination” and corresponding articles, where it has been reprinted, immediately delete it.


2006年6月1日10时27分 陈华

请用新华网“ 王晓初:网络运营商要时刻牢记文明与金钱关系”一文(链接:替换现“大兴网络文明之风”专题内“未成年人网脉工程启动”一文,收到请回复!

2006年6月1日14时58分 网管办值班1


2006年6月2日09时45分 范涛 市网宣办


2006年6月3日22时00分 陈华


2006年6月5日09时36分 网管办值班1


2006年6月5日18时14分 网管办值班1


请注意,各网迅速删除新闻、论坛中《燕赵都市报》等媒体近期有关天津高考移民的报道,主要标题有《天津遣返高考移民事件及幕后调查》、《华北油田百余名学生户口被查出问题 高考移民被遣返》、《天津遣返高考移民追踪》、《还有多少人在发高考的不义之财》、《高考前天津清退数百高考移民》、《关注天津清退“高考移民”事件》。请注意,近期一定不要报道“高考移民”的事情。收到请回复!

2006年6月7日12时36分 范 涛



2006年6月7日13时20分 网管办值班


2006年6月8日17时13分 网管办值班


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