Speech at “The Road to Rejuvenation”

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Xi Jinping

29 November 2012

We just visited the exhibition “The Road to Rejuvenation”, this exhibition reviews the yesterday of the Chinese nation, displays the today of the Chinese nation, and announces the tomorrow of the Chinese nation. After I saw it, I had many thoughts and feelings, it brings deep education and enlightenment.

The yesterday of the Chinese nation can well be called “an impregnable pass like a wall of iron”, this nation of ours suffered very gravely after the beginning of the modern era, it made enormous sacrifices, such as been rarely seen in the history of the world. But because the Chinese people have never surrendered, and incessantly rose with force and spirit to resist, we grasped hold of our own fate in the end. We began the magnificent process of arranging the construction of our own country. This has fully displayed the magnificent national spirit with nationalism at the core.

The today of the Chinese nation can well be called “the right human way brings great changes”. Since reform and opening up, we have summarized historical experience, incessantly and arduously explored, and in the end, found a correct path to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This path is Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The tomorrow of the Chinese nation can well be called “a time will come to brave the wind and ride the waves”. Since 1840, we have struggled continuously, and have unfolded a brilliant prospect for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the territory of China. All of us can feel that we are closer to this objective of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any other time in history, and we have more confidence and more ability to realize this objective than at any time in history.

Looking back at the past, comrades in our entire Party must keep firmly in mind: if we are backward, we will take a beating, only development enables self-strengthening. If we look at the present, the entire Party must keep firmly in mind that the path decides destiny, and looking for a correct path is not easy at all, we must unwaveringly keep going. Looking into the future, comrades in the entire Party who make blueprints into reality must still march a very long road. We must still make long-term and arduous efforts for this.

Every person has ideals and pursuits, we say every person has ideals, now, everyone is also discussing the Chinese dream, what is the Chinese dream? We believe that realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest Chinese dream of the Chinese nation in modern times. Because this dream has concentrated and endowed the long cherished wish of many generations of Chinese, it reflects the comprehensive interests of the Chinese nation and the Chinese people, and it is a common expectation of all sons and daughters of China.

History tells us, the historical destiny of every person is closely connected to the future destiny of the entire country, and with the future destiny of this nation. Only when the country does well, and the nation does well, can everyone do well. Our historical task of fighting for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is glorious and arduous, and requires generation after generation of us Chinese to unwaveringly make common efforts. Therefore it is said that empty talk harms the country, solid work brings rejuvenation. This generation of Communist Party members of ours, must carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future, inherit the past and usher in the future, and build our Party well to unite the people of all ethnicities in the entire country, we must construct our country well, must develop our nation well, and must continue to unwaveringly look towards the historical struggle of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in forging valiantly ahead. I firmly believe that at the time of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, the objective of constructing a moderately prosperous society in a comprehensive manner can absolutely be realized; I believe that at the time of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, the objective of building our country into a modern Socialist country that is rich, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious can absolutely be realized; I believe even more firmly, that the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can absolutely be realized!


刚才我们参观了《复兴之路》展览,这个展览回顾了中华民族的昨天,展示了中华民族的今天,也宣示了中华民族的明天。观看以后感触良多,给人以深刻的教育与启示。 中华民族的昨天,正可谓“雄关漫道真如铁”,我们这个民族在近代以后遭受苦难之深重,付出牺牲之巨大,这在世界历史上都是罕见的。但是中国人民从不屈服,不断奋起抗争,我们也终于掌握了自己的命运。我们开始了安排自己国家建设的伟大进程。这充分展示了以爱国主义为核心的伟大民族精神。 中华民族的今天,正可谓“人间正道是沧桑”。改革开放以来,总结历史经验,不断艰辛探索,终于找到了一条实现中华民族伟大复兴的正确道路。这条道路,就是中国特色社会主义。 中华民族的明天,正可谓是“长风破浪会有时”。 自1840年以来,我们是持续奋斗,在中国大地上展现出了中华民族伟大复兴的光明前景。我们大家都能感到,我们现在比历史的任何时期都更加接近中华民族伟大复兴这个目标,我们现在比历史上任何时期都有信心、都有能力实现这个目标。 回首过去,我们全党同志都要牢记:落后就会挨打,发展才能自强。 我们审视现在,全党要牢记,道路决定命运,找到一条正确道路是多么不容易,我们必须坚定不移地走下去。
展望未来,全党同志把蓝图变成现实,还将走很长的路。我们还必须为之付出长 期艰苦的努力。 每个人都有理想和追求,我们说的每个人都有梦想,现在大家也在讨论中国梦, 何为中国梦?我认为实现中华民族伟大复兴,就是中华民族近代最伟大的中国 梦。因为这个梦想,它凝聚和寄托了几代中国人的夙愿,它体现了中华民族和中 国人民的整体利益,它是每一个中华儿女的共同期盼。 历史告诉我们, 每一个人的历史命运都是和整个国家的前途命运、 和这个民族的 前途命运密切关联。国家好、民族好,大家才会好。我们为实现中华民族伟大复 兴去奋斗的历史任务光荣而艰巨, 是需要我们一代又一代中国人不懈地为之共同 努力。 所以说,空谈误国、实干兴邦。我们这一代共产党人,就是要继往开来、承前启 后,建设好我们的党团结全国各族人民,我们要把我们的国家建设好,要把我们 的民族发展好,要继续坚定不移地朝着中华民族伟大复兴的历史目标奋勇前进。 我坚信,中国共产党成立100周年时,全面建成小康社会的目标一定能实现;我 坚信,中华人民共和国成立100周年时,把我国建设成富强、民主、文明、和谐 的社会主义现代化国家的目标一定能实现;我更坚信, 中华民族伟大复兴的梦想 一定会实现!


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