Internet Instructions – July 2006 (III)

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23 July 2006, 14:30, Network Management Office, Chen Hua

“The ‘Problem Loan’ of 3.2 Billion Eliminates Shang Rongkun” in the “21st Century Economic Report” is not to be reprinted without exception, or to be discussed in forums. It cannot be put on blogs. Where it is discovered, delete it immediately. Make “Zhang Rongkun” into a keyword on blog networks. No corresponding content may appear on forums, columns and individual blogs.

25 July 2006, 10:00, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

Please direct all search results for “Hu Haiqing” and “Lang Xianping” towards news websites, clean up all information about these two persons, including forums and blogs, which must be cleaned op, only maintain the content of news websites.

26 July 2006, 10:11, Chen Hua

1, Concerning the issue of the North Korea nuclear crisis, forums are no longer to actively set up discussion topics; 2, discussions concerning the household situation of Kim Jong-Il or against South Korea may not be played up, lower the temperature on forums; 3, Please remove the First Financial Daily report concerning reform of undertaking work units from the front page of news and the front page of websites; 4, it is strictly prohibited to gather news or translate foreign news dispatches about the attack on United Nations observers, manage posts and forums well; 5, do not play up the incident of the Italian woman who was murdered in Chaoyang Park.

26 July 2006, 14:06

Propaganda and reporting requirements for activities to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake

I, Give prominence to propaganda and reporting focus points. Propagate the magnificent achievements of the recovery and rebuilding in Tangshan in the 30 years since the earthquake and changes in economic and social development, propagate the “quake-proof spirit” of “being selfless in official duty, going through tough times together, keeping fighting in spite of setbacks and advancing bravely”.

II, Report important events online well. On 27 and 28 July, Xinhua and the People’s Daily will respectively transmit news reports reflecting the huge developments and changes in Tangshan’s economy and society in the 30 years since the Tangshan earthquake and especially since the 16th Party Congress; on 28 July, Xinhua will transmit copy concerning a large remembrance conference for the 30th anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government; on 28 July, China National Radio and China Central Television will respectively produce and broadcast special subject programmes, reflecting the huge economic and social developments and changes in the 30 years since the Tangshan earthquake and especially since the 16th Party Congress; at the end of July, main Central news work units will issue information about Hebei provincial leaders meeting with and consoling orphans who survived the Tangshan earthquake and people who were disabled. All websites must timely and fully report the important above activities well, and must timely transmit information, comment and remembrance articles from the People’s Daily, Xinhua and other main central news work units.

III, Strengthen online public opinion guidance and management. For all websites’ corresponding copy, only copy from main central news work units and main Hebei provincial news work units may be used, important copy must be checked and inspected by the responsible person himself, it is strictly prohibited to translate and issue foreign media copy, instructions must be requested for issues of uncertainty. A good atmosphere must be created for remembrance activities, do not discuss and do not play up predictions of the Tangshan earthquake in that year, the level of the earthquake, the refusal to accept foreign aid, the fact that casualty numbers have not been officially published, etc., prevent that there are people who slander the image of the Party and there government under the guise of so-called “rethinking” “uncovering”, etc. Management over forums, blogs, news trackers and other interactive columns must be strengthened, timely block and delete rumours, attacks, distortions and all other kinds of harmful information.

26 July 2006, 17:31, Network Management Office

Concerning the matter of the closure of Century China, is not to be reprinted or discussed without exception.

26 July 2006, 21:04, Network Management Office

Everyone: concerning the matter of Chinese peacekeeping personnel being killed in Israeli air raids, pay attention to grasping the following six points in reporting:

1, Strictly use standard sources, it is prohibited to self-gather news, do not engage in VIP chats, continuous interviews, etc.

2, Strictly manage posts, do not point fingers at the Israeli people.

3, Focus on reporting our leaders’ comforting and caring for the killed personnel and their relatives.

4, Confirm the spirit of our peacekeepers of devotion to duty in the chaos of war, and brave contributions and sacrifices, as well as the contribution made in preserving peace.

5, According to the central theme of the talks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, condemn the action of bombing. Pay attention not to point fingers at the Israeli people.

6, Objectively report the declarations of the United Nations and relevant countries.

27 July 2006, 20:55, Network Management Office, Duty Manager MSN

“The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Infrastructure Operation Situation Is Good, There Are A Few Sections Where the Trackbed Subsides”

1, Do not issue it in the important news section

2, Do not issue it on the main page of websites

3, Do not open trackers

4, No longer send short messages

5, Deal with this in a low-key manner.

Please immediately deal with this.

28 July 2006, 16:20, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

“Beijing Puts Forward Design Plan for a Capital of Five Colours – Central Park to Be Built in Wangfujing”, this articles is only an internal discussion paper, and is not the final plan, reports are inaccurate. All websites are requested to immediately delete it.

31 July 2006, 18:51, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

1, All websites will make “democracy course” and “democracy course – electronic version” into keywords and block it;

2, Concerning reporting on the periodical elections of district and county people’s congresses, all websites are only to report matters once, do not set up special subjects.

3, Continue to earnestly block and screen out the article “Nine Criticisms of the Communist Party”

31 July 2006, 21:10, Network Management Office, Duty Manager

Netease Community: concerning the survey of the ethnic emotions in China in the near future, there are 11 problems in total, please delete it, other websites may not reprint it.

2006年7月23日14时30分 新闻办 陈华


2006年7月26日10时11分 陈华





2006年7月26日17时31分 网管办

2006年7月26日21时04分 新闻办







2006年7月27日20时55分 新闻办值班MSN

青藏铁路设备运行情况良好 有个别地段路基下沉”






2006年7月28日16时20分 网管办值班

“北京提五色之都设计方案 王府井建中央公园”,该稿件只是内部讨论稿,并不是最后方案,报道失实。请各网站立即删除
2006年7月31日18时51分 网管办值班





2006年7月31日21时10分 网管办值班



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