Internet Instructions – August 2006 (I)

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1 August 2006, 10:12, Yang Le

All websites must bring up the special subject of propaganda on the Long March, put it at the top of the important news section, put it side by side with the scientific development view, and jointly line up the three matters of the scientific development view, running the web in a civilized manner and the 70th anniversary of the victorious Long March.

1 August 2006, 11:00, Yang Le

All websites are to transmit the People’s Daily Online articles on the Long March, march carrying the special subject, the position is to be the second line of the important news section.

1 August 2006, 14:24, Chen Hua

On information related to the grave illness of Cuban leader Castro and corresponding matters, websites are only to reissue Xinhua articles, they are not to set up news trackers, and those already having news trackers must delete them as quickly as possible.

2 August 2006, 22:36, On-Duty MSN of the Internet Management Office

Concerning the People’s Daily Online article on “Zhou Jinhuo” (the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee has dismissed Zhou Jinhuo from his duties as a National People’s Representative), all websites are not to reprint this on the main page of the website or the important news section of their news centres, do not set up trackers, do not make corresponding news links, do not send short messages, do not handle it prominently, it may be put at the bottom of the domestic news sections of news centres.

7 August 2006, 9:00 Yang Le

All “Two Years Count-Down to the Beijing Olympics” special subject sections are to go online today in the morning, put them on the front page of websites and the second line of the main news page, lay this out in red colours, timely reprint corresponding reports from all news media.

7 August 2006, 19:22 Chen Hua

Everyone, concerning the matter of the Beijing Police successfully dealing with the case of hijacking long-distance passengers with guns and explosives today, do not send short messages without exceptions, do not write articles from the time being, wait until our office wires copy before issuing matters.

7 August 2006, 19:30

Everyone, 1, Approaching 15 August, please handle management of Japan-related news and posts according to the following principles: do not disseminate posts related to Anti-Japan signing activities; block up all information on anti-Japan activities having a mass action nature; do not disseminate activities conducted by anti-Japan groups that might easily attract attention; if related activities occur, do not make reports without exception, do not issue short mobile messages; if activities of the type of important cabinet members visiting the Yasukuni Shrine occur on the Japanese side, adopt Xinhua copy without exception, do not issue short mobile messages; strengthen management over news tracking, extreme language must be deleted.

2, Don’t continue to play up recent news related to the government hitting dogs, pay attention to the use scope and source of relevant news, corresponding images are to be deleted without exception.

3, Henceforth, if epidemics occur in provinces and regions close to Beijing, all websites must wait for notification, and report this according to the instructions propagated by our Office.

4, Do not report and do not disseminate the matter of Zou Tao running for the Luohu District People’s Congress.

7 August 2006, 20:38, Chai Yao

Do not issue the article that was just notified on the Beijing Police successfully uncovering the West Station Case, tomorrow morning, wait for information from Qianlong Net. Requirements: not appearing on main pages of websites, the position on news centres is in the lower half of the domestic news section, do not make special arrangements, manage forums well, it is not permitted to send short messages.

8 August 2006, 14:20, Internet Supervision Office

1. At the internal CCTV Party (the complete version of the Dongfang Hong)

2. River Elegy (Full text)

3. Flash minigames … Koizumi falls to death

Information with the following content is not allowed to be carried, please self-examine, if these articles are present, they must be deleted.

8 August 2006, 17:14, Chai Yue (Internet Management Office)

Concerning the matter of Yue Chengtong challenging Peking University’s attracting false talents, please don not play this up, it may not be recommended on the main page of forums or main page of blogs, if there are too many forum posts, they must be deleted.

9 August 2006, 15:21, Chai Yue (Internet Management Office)

Make “China’s Third Reform Controversy and Its Trends” into a key word, please clean it up if it is reprinted

If it appears on forums, please delete it

9 August 2006, 17:34, Chai Yue (Internet Management Office)

All websites are requested to not reprint the article of Red Online “The Mass Public Order Incident of 25 July in Xiangyue County Has Been Put Down, Urban Order is Normal, People’s Lives are Stable”.


2006年8月1日10时12分 杨乐

2006年8月1日11时00分 杨乐


2006年8月2日22时36分 网管办值班MSN

2006年8月7日09时00分 杨乐

2006年8月7日19时22分 陈华





2006年8月7日20时38分 柴钥

2006年8月8日14时20分 网监处




2006年8月8日17时14分 柴玥(网管办)

2006年8月9日15时21分 柴玥(网管办)




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