Internet Instructions – August 2006 (II)

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10 August 2006, 9:09, Chai Yue

Today at 9:30 in the morning, Guangming Net will broadcast the “Expert Forum on Preventing Online “Wrongdoing” Becoming Common Practice” (, all websites are requested to link to corresponding reporting of Guangming Net on the front page of websites, please use the content of this Forum to replace the article on “Rubbish Short Message Reporting Hotline” in the important news section of the front page of the news section.

10 August 2006, 14:00, Chai Yue

All search engines are requested to direct all search results including the three characters of “baby soup” to news websites, and manually delete harmful content in search results.

10 August 2006, 16:17, Chai Yue

“Clash Between Shanxi Taiyuan Railway Bureau and Commissioned Selling Points – 2 Yuan to Be Received Per Ticket” is false information, all websites are requested to delete this article.

10 August 2006, 17:52, Chai Yue

Recently, media reporting on the excessively high income in some monopoly sectors has been relatively concentrated, netizen discussion has been extremely ardent. After inspection, some reports and discussions do not completely conform to facts, and furthermore, continued reporting and hot discussion brings a certain influence on social stability. Against this, all websites are requested to achieve the following few points:

I, On reports and articles concerning excessively high income in monopoly sectors, only transmit Xinhua and People’s Daily articles, no longer transmit copy from other sources.

II, Do not actively guide netizen discussion in forums, do not conduct themed discussion, also, do not organize VIP interviews concerning this issue.

III, Existing reports, articles and forum posts online are to be pushed to the backstage without exception.

IV, Rumours, incitement as well as harmful information attacking the Party and the government must be timely blocked and deleted.

11 August 2006, 14:09, Chai Yue

All websites and forums are requested to make “selected works” into a keyword for screening

11 August 2006, 17:30, Chai Yue

It is reported that the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi is preparing to visit the Yasukuni Shrine again within the next few days. Concerning this visit, all websites are requested to achieve the following few points when reprinting or reporting: (1) timely reprint the consistent position of our country’s government in opposing the visit of Koizumi and facing up to historical issues. In the near future, information related to Japan is not to be put in headers, do not make special subjects, do not open trackers, do not issue mobile short messages; (2) timely reprint relevant comments from Xinhua, People’s Daily, Global Times and the China Youth Daily; (3) public opinion is only to be directed at Koizumi individually, persons other than Koizumi or successors may not be involved, and the talks or writing of the Japanese Emperor may not be involved. (4) Strengthen effective supervision and control over forums, blogs, news trackers and other interactive columns. Discussions that incite troublemaking, successive name-signing, rumour-mongering, abuse and other extreme discussions must be timely deleted and blocked.

At the end of August, the president of Venezuela, Chavez, will conduct the 4th State Visit to our country, all websites shall stress the objective reporting of the visit activities itself when they reprint or report this. The anti-American discourse of Chavez may be appropriately and objectively reported, but it may not be excessively played up, do not comment on it, do not link it up with formulations of the sort of “the Great Anti-America Link-Up”. All websites must, at the same time as timely reprinting copy form main central news work units, strengthen management over forums, news trackers, blogs and other interactive columns, timely block and delete all sorts of harmful information that do not conform to the above requirements.

11 August 2006, 22:03, Chen Hua

Everyone, posts related to “secret of Lin Biao’s diaries and files uncovered” are to be deleted, and it is to be made into a keyword for screening; concerning the matter of an urban management cadre in Haidian, Beijing being stabbed, no reports are to be made without exception. This has already been sent to online service platforms, please receive this and deal with it.

12 August 2006, 11:20, Huang Jing

Recently, a few overseas media reported some information concerning the Beijing Municipal Grain Bureau purchasing 290.000 tons old grain, and selling it again in 2006. The Beijing Municipal Grain Bureau news spokesperson pointed out: this information is gravely inconsistent with the facts. All websites are required to timely investigate whether or not rumours with corresponding information are present on their sites, and timely delete it. Keywords include “Beijing Municipality”, “Grain Bureau”, “old grain”, “Lu Hao”, etc.

12 August 2006, 12:00, Huang Jing

Everyone, please immediately begin to clean up classifieds concerning illegal installation of household satellite television in your websites, forums and blogs. All search engines will make “Beijing household satellite television installation” and “household satellite television installation” into keywords for screening.

13 August 2006, 12:50, Chai Yue

Everyone, please speedily clean up rumours concerning Vice-Mayor Lu Hao purchasing old grain according to propaganda requirements, at present, large amounts of rumour articles can still be searched for on many websites, please use keywords to screen for this in searches, naturally keywords cannot only be old grain, the propaganda requirements for platforms have been written clearly, these are also Beijing Municipal Grain Bureau and Lu Hao. Deal with discussions related to Lang Xianping, etc.

13 August 2006, 13:03, Chai Yue

1. All websites are requested to change “Hunan Provincial Committee Collects the Popular Will from the Entire World” into “CCP Hunan Provincial Committee Collects the Popular Will Broadly from the People in the Entire Province”.

2. Concerning the matter of an urban management cadre being stabbed in Haidian, Beijing, please strictly control posts, the orientation absolutely must be to condemn the murderer, fingers may not be pointed at urban management cadres.

13 August 2006, 15:50, Chai Yue

“Private Reception of Foreign Television in Beijing May Be Subject to Criminal Liability”

Please control negative comments on trackers concerning this news item.

14 August 2006, 16:34, Network Management Office

All websites are required to pay attention: please do not transmit reports concerning ticketing issues during the Beijing Olympics Period; if ticketing issues are touched upon in reports concerning the Olympics, please only transmit them after deleting the part concerning the issue of ticketing; where it cannot be deleted, do not reprint the said report with the part involving ticketing issues.

15 August 2006, 8:30, Network Management Office

All websites are requested to publish this article on the top of the domestic news section of the main page of the news centre, and manage posts well., Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Liu Qi visits the relatives of urban management personnel who died in the line of duty.

15 August 2006, 9:01, Network Management Office

All websites are requested to put the two articles “Koizumi Visits Yasukuni Shrine Again Today” and “Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Protests Strongly” on the main page of websites and a large header in the news centre. Only use Xinhua and People’s Daily copy. Manage trackers well.

15 August 2006, 11:23, Network Management Office

All websites are requested to add the following keywords again: large dish receiver, large dish, large satellite dish, television reception dish, television dish, non-dish receiver, non-dish satellite receiver, satellite dish, little ear satellite aerial, satellite antenna installation, please ensure that there are no search results for all keywords that require to be screened.

18 August 2006, 9:14, Network Management Office

Information concerning Jung Chang’s book “Mao: The Unknown Story” is to be deleted without exception!

18 August 2006, 17:23, Network Management Office

Please search for and delete the post “Statement concerning the Demand to Immediately Cease the Detention of Doctor Xu Zhiyong” in forums.

18 August 2006, 19:58, Network Management Office

Matters related to the book “The Spring of Weeping Blood” of which the Beijing Municipal Ruibo Times Cultural Centre organized the compilation, are not to be disseminated or reported, all search organs shall make “Beijing Municipal Ruibo Times Cultural Centre” and “The Spring of Weeping Blood” into keywords for screening.

2006年8月10日09时08分 柴玥

2006年8月10日14时00分 柴玥

2006年8月10日16时17分 柴玥

《山西太原铁路局与代售点起冲突 每张票要收2元》为假消息,请各网删除此稿。
2006年8月10日17时52分 柴玥





2006年8月11日14时09分 柴玥



2006年8月11日22时03分 陈华

各位,有关“林彪日记档案揭秘”相关贴文删除,各搜索设为关键词屏蔽; 有关今天北京海淀一城管干部被刺伤一事一律不报道。已发网上服务平台,请查收并办。
2006年8月12日11时20分 黄婧

2006年8月12日12时00分 黄婧

2006年8月13日12时50分 柴玥

2006年8月13日13时03分 柴玥




2006年8月14日16时35分 网管办

2006年8月15日08时30分 网管办

请各网站将此稿发在新闻中心首页国内新闻上部,管好跟贴 北京市委书记刘淇看望殉职城管家属
2006年8月15日09时01分 网管办

请各网将《小泉今日再次参拜靖国神社》、《 中国外交部强烈抗议》两稿放在网站首页,新闻中心大头条。只用新华社、人民日报稿件。管理好跟帖。
2006年8月15日11时23分 网管办

请各网再添加以下关键词:大锅接收器 、大锅、 卫星大锅 、电视接收锅、 电视锅 、无锅接收器、 无锅卫星接收器、 卫星锅 、小耳朵卫星天线、 卫星天线安装,请将所有要求屏蔽的关键词做到搜索无结果。
2006年8月18日09时14分 网管办

2006年8月18日17时23分 网管办

2006年8月18日19时58分 网管办


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